what is this gross coloring i know

  • Clarke: did you know that everyone wants us together
  • Bellamy: what?! haha that's so gross
  • Clarke: gross?
  • Bellamy: well I mean not gross as in I'd never want to date you gross like gross as in those people need to get a life gross but I mean like you're really pretty and you smell nice and I really love the color of your eyes and I think we'd be a great couple actually but like I mean only if you wanted to and-
  • Kane: Bellamy breathe
  • Jaha: Thats embarrassing
  • Roan: haha told you he had the hots for Clarke

Simon. Don’t forget, okay? This is the woman who put up with your endless band practices, your incurable hypochondria, who made you those gross mustard sandwiches when you refused to eat anything else. If she can accept you for all that, I’m pretty sure she can accept you for who you are.

Hollerfield Moodboard - orange & blue

Okay, maybe orange and blue is not the best. You know, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination that end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination. Like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together. Ever.


Did you know about Ramsay?

Literally I’m so tired of this whole European American Horror Story coven I bought $32 spell book at Urban outfitters trend cause it’s so a gross and inaccurate as fuck
Like as mentioned in that post I reblogged not only is it anti-Semitic (the association of wearing Black to witchcraft and it’s relation to anti Semitic caricatures) but like I’m not fucking with all these white girls trying to claim they’re “Brujas” and how they got the colored candles and the Florida water and claim they got the brujeria on these bitches like first you don’t know what real brujeria/Afro-Caribbean/Latinx voodoo just because you listen to one princess Nokia song like don’t fuck with me if you ain’t never slaughtered a chicken for magic, don’t fuck with me if your mom ain’t never send you to school with garlic in your pants when you were young, don’t talk to me if you weren’t taught to wash your head with basil and other tea leaves like this some real witch shit not no candy colored friend colored friendship bracelet type shit

Lmao you know what’s gross.

Skin color mods and sexuality mods.

As much as I talk about wanting to romance Cassandra as a woman, I know that’s not Cassandra’s sexuality. But of course there are people modding her to be bisexual when she’s not.



Like if you wouldn’t do it to a non-white character, why does that make it okay to do it to a white/light-skinned character.

If you wouldn’t do it to a gay character, why does that make it okay to do it to a straight character- although again Dorian’s a big target for the bisexual mod lmao.

anonymous asked:

I offer white heads and black heads that are so gross and won't leave yet no matter how bad I think I look he always saids things that make me go such a color of blood. I love him so but we are so young and I know our chances are slim, what do the stars say about us?


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My friend sent me a lot of screenshots of AoKise whenever they appear in the KnB game Mirai he Kizuna 3DS. Unfortunately, they're all in Japanese and I don't understand a single word. I really want to know what the conversations were about (well, thanks to your post that i knew Kise did made onigiri for Aomine in the game > v < ). Can you translate them or do you know anybody who can translate Japanese?

Is it really the Mirai e no Kizuna game, or is it the mobile game? Because the one with Kise offering onigiri to Aominecchi was from the Cross-Colors game if I’m not mistaken! But the one your friend is playing could be Mirai e no Kizuna though if your friend plays on the 3DS!

It could be either one because AoKi have always been gross in most of the games anyway so //3// 

If it were Mirai he no Kizuna game, I only know of one scene that has been translated here, and yes it is very heavy with the AoKi (at least through my eyes LOL they’re an old married couple).

But OTL I’m sorry, I would love to translate for you if only my Japanese level isn’t so limited ORZ I barely know the basic so I don’t think I can help you with translating the thing! ;3; 

I can tag this post under the AoKi tag though, and see if anyone would be willing to translate or summarize some of the AoKi scenes from the game! I would redirect you to the person if anyone respond, mmkay? 

But right now, I don’t have any say in this because while I do know some people who are capable of understanding Japanese in the AoKi fandom, they might be not available and/or busy in real life at this moment too, so we can just wait for the willing one, okay? ;3; 

teen wolf things I will NEVER get over or forget
  • what the fuck is stiles’ real name
  • stiles’ sexuality: we all know he is bi can you please stop being so gross and “baiting” it seriously 
  • why are all the scenes darker than the nogitsune’s soul
  • pls make tw brightly colored again
  • pls my eyes hurt
  • the berg that is green
  • isaac randomly leaving
  • derek randomly leaving
  • wtf was season 4 and who was the benefactor lol
  • the lack of humor after 3b
  • is malia a feral child or not?? how is she doing advanced math when she lived in the woods for 8 years with no education?? not hating but idgi
  • killing allison and erica. pls resurrect 
  • so for 5 seasons have stiles and lydia been friends or hated each other make up yo damn mind jefferey before the stydia fandom kills u
  • just tell us who greenberg is please
Little advice for my girls with colored hair...

Hello lovelies!

I get asked A LOT how I keep my purple for so long, and how it doesn’t completely fade after the first time I wash my hair.

So here’s what I personally do and what works for me:

1) I do not shampoo my hair I only use conditioner, shampoos tend to strip the color from my hair and I find them too harsh, my hair needs to be hydrated so a good conditioner it’s what it needs

2) I do not wash my hair often, once or twice a week and I know you might think this is gross but my hair is bleached aka very dry and it literally never gets greasy

3) I put purple dye (just put the color your hair is) in my conditioner so everytime I wash my hair the color will last a bit longer and I always leave the conditioner in for at least 5 mins

And this is pretty much it! I hope you found this helpful!


You know what’s dangerous about you? It’s not that you make people take risks, it’s that you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don’t want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.

She is like a “Sister.”

A few weeks ago I got a salty IR fan comment on one of my posts, and when I tried to find the post again they deleted it. I won’t mention names but I will write what they wrote, vaguely.

“They are like siblings and it’s gross.”

Siblings?  Well, I didn’t know that Orihime and Ichigo were siblings, let me guess was it the hair color or…perhaps these scenes that show how much they care about each other like-you know-siblings.

Her love isn’t too deep though, because she totally loves his appearance only.

She doesn’t need to care about his well-being, because come on not like he means anything to her besides infatuation.

It’s just admiration toward a boy her own age, a crush.

Nothing wrong, just Orihime looking up to a replacement for her brother Sora.

After all, they act like siblings.

Ichigo only regards her as a sister he needs to protect, just a friend like everyone else. His heart doesn’t decide for him.

He is only acting like the big brother he is.

Plus, she is more like a friend than a sister. Nothing more…

No one ships them, after all they are so gross.

There bond is nothing compared to his-soulmate-obviously.

And her love is so superficial, it’s so pitiful to look at a love that won’t bloom.

A love that is so delusional and fruitless.

But whatever-you know-if you couldn’t detect the sarcasm.


Ichigo has orange hair and Orihime has chestnut brown, if they look like siblings blame it on your conclusions.

Read the manga properly, lovely. Because this makes me so very sad.

Essentially, Donald Trump has given permission to the GOP base to finally be themselves. “Hey, you thought saying these awful, racist, sexist things out loud would lead to you being shunned from polite society? They won’t.  Look at me! I say these offensive things and am more popular than ever!” That’s what Trump has done:  He’s allowed certain people be their true selves. But, you know, it turns out their ‘true selves’ are fucking hideous, gross and awful.