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DeanCas Coda to 12.06: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox. Special thanks to @dudewheresmypie​ for that line.

There’s a buzzing against his thigh, and Dean barely has to do acrobatics to fish the damn thing from his pocket.  One look at the Caller ID makes him light up from the inside out. “Uh, sorry, I gotta—”

Jody smirks at him as he all but trips out of his Tim Horton’s chair, cursing the Canadians and their weird obsession with this dumbass Dunkin’ Donuts wannabe. What’s wrong with swivel chairs and goddamn diner booths? Making a huge show of clearing his throat in an attempt to cover his beet red face, Dean nods awkwardly at his mom and Sammy before stumbling towards the door.

“Cas?” Even to his ears, he sounds breathless and excited, but he barely has time to be embarrassed because Cas is murmuring his hello Dean, and Dean is a total goner.

“Hey,” the hunter smiles. He makes his way across the parking lot and leans against his Baby’s side. “What’s up, Sunshine?”

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Just some more thoughts

I think something to into account here is that Yuri on Ice was a show that wasn’t based off any pre-existing media. It wasn’t a game, or a visual novel, or a manga or a light novel. It was a completely original concept made by a small company. A company that while it had made a few pretty good productions (Days, Kids on the Slope, Zankyou no Terror) none of them, to my knowledge were ever on the level that Yuri on Ice is now.

Making an anime isn’t easy, unless you’re UFOtable or Kyoani or another one of the really well known studios. You aren’t given that big of a budget, which you need when making animation. So you make do with what you have! And honestly what MAPPA did with Yuri on Ice, from a budget given to a show that was a anime only original concept is pretty fucking impressive! So that’s why i’m inclined to forgive animation goofs and decreases in quality (which will be fixed in the blu rays I have no doubt!).

And also because their concept was original, its highly unlikely that they were granted any more than one cour to work with, which is 12 episodes (thirteen if you push it). And to be honest there’s only so much you can do in 12 episodes! I do screenwriting and the hardest thing I’ve found when planning out a series is minimizing it to 12-13 episodes because that’s all you’re gonna get unless your show does take off the ground! Heck, sometimes that’s if you’re lucky. Look at some live action shows that only get 5-6 episode seasons to work with!

Its hard to fit so much story, and so many characters, and their character arcs and development into 12 24-25 minutes episodes,  Unless you’re a writing god, you’re gonna have flaws and bumps and maybe even plot threads that need to be left open in the hopes of another season (because thats what you want when you make a show, assurance that your audience DOES want to stick around and watch more!) in your final episode.

 And here’s the thing, no matter how great your story is, your ending will ALWAYS be the weakest part.  Look at Naruto, look at Bleach, look at Free!, Look at Dangan Ronpa 3, HECK LOOK AT NEARLY EVERY VIDEO GAME IN EXISTENCE. Their endings are the most descive parts, and they’re a BITCH to write, and lucky for YOI it does have another season to hopefully clear up some remaining questions everyone has.

But you know what, for what we did get. With all the constraints and limitations Mappa had when creating an Anime original concept, that was going against some pretty good stuff this season. IT DID A PRETTY FUCKING GOOD JOB AT IT. 

So maybe you liked the ending, maybe you didn’t, maybe you liked some parts and you didn’t like others. But i think one thing we can all agree on is that Mappa did a pretty good job creating this show from nothing! Kubo and Yamamoto worked their asses off creating a show thats gonna be remembered and with any lucky season 2 will be just as great, if not better!

I certainly enjoyed the ride this show gave me, and I hope the rest of you did too!

LOL I'm watching Lying Detective again

Like, with what we’ve seen now, with the “I love you” scene… think of all that came before, in the episode that aired right before this: they’re talking about romance so fucking much in these last scenes, and Sherlock is totally denying that’s his thing and John is telling him to go for it cuz it would complete him as a person…

And I’m supposed to think that him having a realization while saying “I love you” to Molly (a second unnecessary time) is somehow NOT about romance?

People denying the romance aspect 100% must be shipping something else specific and therefore cannot except the reality, which is SHERLOCK HAS ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR MOLLY. The internet is full of weird fucking people because every single human I’ve showed this series to in real life is completely convinced that he feels romantic feelings for her and that that was the entire point of that scene. Y'all are making me batty with all this denial of the presented facts.

I’m relatively new to the Voltron fandom but I just want to point out that if you’re sending hate to other people because of shipping reasons, you are pathetic.

Yes, I know how it feels to fall-in-love with a ship and want to scour the internet for every bit of fanart and fanfiction.. it’s a great feeling. However, at the end of the day people need to realise that these characters are fictional. There is no need to tell people to kill themselves over a cartoon or harass them. 

Let people ship what they want as long as it’s not hurting anybody. 

honestly whatever u can say abt the current lazytown revolution- that it’s cringey, that we’re ‘ruining’ a kids tv show (which I find ridiculous because all I’ve seen is very sweet sfw sportarobbie and gay does not automatically equal sex, coming from an ace lesbian), what have you, I am just so goddamn glad that it’s not a show with moral complexity which means no goddamn dISCOURSE
i have not seen a single serious lazytown discourse post, only the ironic 'ur fave is problematic’/that one post that says lazytown is a communist dictatorship and honestly after being inundated nonstop for several years with SU and HS and more recently UT discourse I’m so fucking relieved

I’ve only been reading the TVD spoilers thread for season 8, and I cant even do that anymore. It’s so damn upsetting. What a goddamn shit show. 

Two years of coffin porn to lead up to a complete rewrite of Bamon canon, a senseless plot about sirens, a black man playing the devil, Enzo is still pointlessly alive, humanity switches again, and STILL TALKING ABOUT FUCKING ELENA.


“Katherine never compelled me. I knew everything.”

I’m not sure if writers are purposely ignoring the first season and its flashback episodes or if they literally can’t remember and have no idea what happened on their own goddamn show.

In 1x13 “Children of the Damned”, Katherine shows Damon how to “hunt” humans and drink from them then kill them, and Damon actually helps her and lies on the road doing nothing while she’s killing innocent men. Then he asks her what to do with the bodies after, like he’s legit thinking this through. And after all of THAT, after knowing this is a vampire lifestyle and THAT is how they survive, by KILLING PEOPLE and DRINKING THEIR BLOOD, he still declares that “he’s ready” to become one and that he WANTS Katherine to turn him. He kisses her with the victim’s blood still all over her mouth, Damon is bothered by it for like a second and then she tells him that he should get a taste and so he does. Damon’s soul and morals were corrupt WAY before he became a vampire. Everything horrible thing he did later on is just who Damon is. Arguing that he was ready to kill himself after finding out Katherine died and Stefan “forced” him into this life is wrong, and even if it wasn’t, it’s still a weak argument. He could’ve still let himself die even after Stefan made him complete the transition.

Yet, 8 seasons later and it’s still a running theme that everything Damon does and who he is is Stefan’s fault. I’m so tired of the show making it seem like he’s a victim and innocent in all of this and Stefan is the worse brother. That’s not even remotely true. It’s actually the complete opposite. 

Tumblr and YoI hung ups
  • Episode 1: fucking Victor. Just. All of him. All that skin. And nipples in a sports anime. And the animation was great of course. Mustn't forget the animation
  • Episode 2: angry kitten Yurio and his obsession with animal prints and cautious hopes for a canon gay ship
  • Episode 3: fucking Katsudon. Seriously what is this anime. The tastiest Katsudon. What. Also why is Victor always showing so much goddamn skin in every goddamn episode is he afraid Yuuri would forget his existence if he doesn't flash him once in a while
  • Episode 4: head boop head boop head boop how cute head boop caNCER
  • Episode 5: it's a healthy, evolving, and mature relationship and we should focus on that but. That. Goddamn. TIE. (And Victor's goddamn expensive tastes)

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Hello love :) I've restarted my tumblr not long ago and inevitably (!!) stumbled into TJLC and it was just what I was thinking about the whole time watching this goddamn show. You are all so sweet and I love you. By the way, is it just me or they never show us John's bedroom? Do you think there's a reason for that? Lots of love from Russia :)

Hi Lovely!



Thank you lovely!! Lots of love to you from Canada!! :D

So there’s a porn documentary up on Netflix called X-Rated and I started watching it because I assumed it would include some criticism of the porn industry, in the vein of Hot Girls Wanted and After Porn Ends, and the first thing they talked about was Deep Throat and so I thought “Yeah, they’ll probably talk about how Linda Lovelace was forced to do Deep Throat by her abusive pimp husband” but they just talked about the movie and how much money it made and how it had a big impact on society and I’m just so angry because people deserve to goddamn know what Linda Lovelace went through, they even showed the part where you could see the bruises on her legs from Chuck’s beatings but they didn’t bother to mention how she got them, just that she was good at sucking dick and I’m just so fucking mad I hate porn I hate the industry I hate movies like this that glorify that shit I just hate it so much like there’s no way that anyone who did any kind of research wouldn’t know about what happened, the woman wrote a fucking book about it. I’m just so sick of this pornified society that ignores the rape and abuse of women I hate it I hate it I hate it

Thoughts During YOI ep.4

-im doing this at 12am wtf @ self

-these thoughts are not in order bc I cant remember stuff for shit

-blondie got them ballet moves tho


-did anyone else notice that Jesus sleeps wiTHOUT A SHIRT ON-

-“boyfriend” BRB SCREAMING

-beach scene. there’s always a beach scene in gay anime.


-damn, piggy used to be rude to people. although mind you that gurl hugging him was definitely over the line-

-victor ya gotta stop with the savagery bc you’re KILLIN ME HERE-

-I had the weird heavy metal song “WTF IS GOING ON” plaing in my head throughout angry blondie’s ballerina thing. it fit a lot more than it should.

-holy everything Prima Ballerina looks like freaking Mistress Moganagall from HP-


-what am i doing with my life