what is this even adam

okay hear me out, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and then there was this post and things kinda spiraled out of control;

  • So Adam is a southerner and after leaving for college and becoming more comfortable with himself, he starts letting the accent slip more often and ofc it shows the most when he’s really happy or talking to Ronan.
  • Usually those two things correlate.
  • Southerners are also known for using sweetheart, darling, and sugar a lot, and even though Adam makes it a point of using none of them usually; he still grew up hearing the words at the end of every other sentence
  • So one night Adam is in bed, tucked in and warm after a long day of lectures, and he’s got his phone pressed to his hearing ear as he sleepily tells Ronan about his day, voice soft and slow and his accent thick.
  • Adam is in that hazy place between sleep and wakefulness, and the murmur of Ronan’s voice when he starts speaking makes him feel safe and warm, so he dozes off for a few seconds and doesn’t catch what Ronan says. 
  • They don’t do pet names except for Ronan sometimes calling him babe but Adam is tired and content and he loves listening to Ronan speak, and the haziness of sleep loosens his tongue and so he sleepily asks; “What was that, sweetheart? I didn’t catch it” and the line goes silent for a bit
  • except Adam doesn’t notice it just then bc he’s too tired and Ronan sometimes needs to regroup his thoughts, so Adam is used to waiting for Ronan to find his words and he just closes his eyes and waits for Ronan to speak again
  • Meanwhile Ronan Lynch is having a religious experience on the other end of the phone, like his face feels so hot he’d be actually embarrassed if he weren’t too busy marvelling at Adam’s voice wrapped around the word sweetheart.
  • What he ends up saying, after several beats of silence, is “Jesus fuck, Parrish, just how tired are you? Go to sleep, fucker.” but his voice is soft and he’s smiling a little and Adam lets out a huff of quiet laughter.
  • Adam answers “Don’t wanna. I wanna talk to you. Miss you.” even as he can feel himself starting to lose the battle against sleep, and knowing he won’t be awake for much longer
  • He hears Ronan’s sigh of fond exasperation, followed by “Miss you too, asshole, but you need to sleep. I’ll just.. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” 
  • Adam nods without thinking, the warm feeling in his chest growing, growing, growing. And he breathes an I love you into the phone, Ronan returns the sentiment and disconnects with a “Good night, Adam.” 
  • The next morning when Adam is more awake, he remembers the phone call and figures out the reason behind Ronan’s prolonged silence and the smile in his voice afterwards. The memory and its following realisation leave him with flushed cheeks and a shit eating grin that he might have learned from Ronan himself
  • He makes a quick decision, picks up his phone, and dials his boyfriend’s number. Ronan answers on the second ring. 
  • Adam smiles and, with a voice slow as honey, he says; “Mornin’, Sugar.”

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Do we ever find out Church’s middle name?

He’s Leonard L Church. What’s the L stand for Church? Is it something more embarrassing then Leonard?

Please be something more embarrassing than Leonard.