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My, my…

How long has it been? And yet, every SINGLE one of you remains what pitiful creatures you initially were.

I suppose that there is just no room for improvement, sometimes. ”

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So what were each of those serpents inspired by? Like what creature and or depiction were you thinking about when you made them? I feel like the Ur-Serpent and the Basilisk were TT originals, but what about the rest? Especially that Gliding Serpent.

The Ur Serpent is basically a slightly more draconic komodo dragon.

The Great Iron Dragon, like all the members of the Great Dragon clade of Greater Drakes, is inspired by D&D’s dragons and also, like, the general feel I get for what pop culture considers a “standard” dragon nowadays.  There’s a bit of Dragon Age and other video game dragons mixed into it.  I didn’t know at the time that this dragon would be the Great Iron Dragon’s design - it was originally just of rough concept of how Great Dragons would look compared to other Greater Drake clades, and was thus a little vanilla.  I thought it would make a good example of Dragonkind for the Serpents Overview, but I also wanted the example dragon to be red, which created a bit of a problem since this design is a bit too vanilla to be the Great Red Dragon.  The Great Red Dragon needs to be more than just standard - it needs to be ICONIC.  Eventually I settled on it being the Great Iron Dragon, and concocted the idea of them having a rare Rust color morph so it could also be red (most Great Iron Dragons are a dark grey).

Sir George’s Dastardly Hoogah is a standard Hoogah design.  I knew I wanted the example Hoogah to be green so it would stand out against the example Dragon’s red colors (playing on the “Hoogahs are foils to Dragons” thing), but I stumbled into a similar problem here as I did with the example dragon.  The ICONIC Hoogah - the one based on my childhood toy that was the first Hoogah I imagined - is pure green, and I knew this design wasn’t quite up to being that.  So I gave it red sails and chose a name from my list of Hoogah species that I thought would fit.  My idea is that Sir George, in his quest to kill as many dragons as possible and name as many of them after himself as he was allowed, at one point slew a Hoogah by mistake.  Undaunted, he gave it a name that implied it was a truly vicious beast so no one would know he killed a harmless creature.

The Garter Stripe Basilisk was sort of defined in contrast to Gorgolisk - I wanted it to feel similar to her without being an exact copy.  I chose to go a bit more purple to play up the “royalty” aspect of Basilisks, since purple is the color of royalty - the little gold spots on its frill are likewise supposed to remind us of jewelry.  The stripes kind of reminded me of frilly garters, hence Garter Stripe Basilisk.

The Common Francobreton Amphisbaena was a result of many, MANY sketches that didn’t get very far before I decided they were garbage (not even worthy of a sketch dump on Patreon).  It took me ages to figure out how to make it feel like more than JUST a conjoined snake/lizard monster.  The pointy nostril horn is what made everything click.  Since the Amphisbaena here is very much a vanilla, generic example of the clade (since it was the first one I felt had figured out the basics of what would make them unique monsters), I decided to give it somewhat earthy, dull colors - but they also clash because this particular Amphisbaena has nasty venom.

The Striped Thrall Serpent, like the Amphisbaena, was the first of sketch after many shitty ones where I felt I had captured the look of a standard member of the clade.  Since Gliding Serpents run the risk of looking like, well, just another dragon, it was really important to emphasize their non-dragon elements.  Their arms are more lizardy, their heads more snakey, their sails not truly wings, etc.  The little guy here looked kinda pathetic as a result, which made it a good fit for a Thrall Serpent (one of the monsters suggested by @bugcthulhu).  I took the colors from a medieval depiction of a Jacculus.

The Canyon Cerastes is basically just a snake with horns.  I tried to make it clear that there’s a lot of muscle at the base of those horns - a cerastes’s horns are supposed to be articulate, after all.  I imagine this fellow is big for a Midgaheim horned serpent - I was trying to go for an Onix vibe, even though nothing about its design is particularly similar to the big rock snake pokemon.

Finally, the Assassin Dispsas was my attempt to make a fantastical venomous snake that could almost be a real snake.  Since Dipsas…es are defined by their RIDICULOUSLY lethal bites, I wanted to emphasize that by giving it more fangs than is normal, and also giving it the black mouth of a Black Mamba, since that makes it look a little diseased.  I then gave it “FUCK OFF!” colors designed to be as garish and repulsive as possible, like many real life venomous creatures but more so.  I chose green as the main one to have a sort of Hollywood acid/radiation feel, and then added orange and yellow because they’re often used in “CAUTION” signs.

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What is a Hobgoblin?

It’s a fae type creature that can be fairly mischievous but if handled well can be protective of your home.

Also it’s a cute little clay creature that I make to help protect your home.

But what about vampire history teachers. Vampires who read something from a text book then proceed to light the book on fire and throw it out the window because “No. that’s not even close to what really happened. Listen up nerds I’m about to teach you what really happened in France during the revolution”

tea witch.

Chupacabra (at the least the Puerto Rican version) is described as reptilian in appearance, with scaly or leathery skin, black or glowing red eyes, mostly bipedal, with a row of quills on its back
Related sightings mention feathers or wings
It’s not a naked coyote we have on our hands
Open ur eyes people

harry continues to remain ambiguous abt the meanings behind his songs and has said multiple times now that he wants ppl have their own interpretations and doesn’t want to ruin what they mean to anyone so maybe…just…maybe ppl could not be aggressive assholes abt ppl’s interpretations of a song. if u don’t agree w/someone’s opinion…great. maybe just try to stay hydrated n in ur lane and enjoy your interpretation and don’t go @ them abt how wrong and bad their interpretation is bc u don’t get to tell anyone what a song means to them !


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien