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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELIA ( @evakviigmoon )

Dear Delia. I just wanted to wish you all the best!! You only deserve the good things in life. You are an amazing human being and I am so glad that you started writing me (i was too shy to start and talk to anyone). I absolutely love talking with you, you make me laugh and I can always ask for your advice and you won’t judge me, instead you support me!! I hope you have the most amazing day because you deserve it. Love you. Shola


    the grumpy cat and her blond baes who’ll fly foot-/fist-first into a fight to protect her

Slowly beginning to doubt that Yang and Sun aren’t just not-so-secretly the exact same person.


All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.


And here we go, a quick screencap redraw with the picture of the cuttest yugi suggested by @kudalyn

you can definitely tell just how lazy i got, i guess i wasn’t really in the mood to put much effort into it and neither was my tablet


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?


Inside Look: Octopus’s Garden | The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

A vibrant underwater world. A sea of possibilities. An ode to Ringo’s bubbly personality. Immerse yourself in the “Octopus’s Garden"! 


Oh would you look at that.

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Relationship status:  ❤️️Pizza ❤️️ (single, so very single)

Favorite colors: Red, Aqua and Green

Pets: One Dog, who lives with me. However I have claimed 4 of my families dogs so.

Last song I listened to: This Is Why We Fight

Favorite TV Show: Hmm… Probably Voltron: Legendary Defender at the moment. But I don’t really have a favorite since I’ve just been focusing on Schoolwork in recent years.

First fandom: … Warrior Cats? I’m… disgusted with myself too it’s okay

Hobbies: Video Games (DST; OVW; LoZ etc.) Crying into a sketch book, making stories, singing and trying to learn how to do different things like dance or shoot a bow and arrow.

Favorite book: Welcome to Nightvale it’s a weird read but I enjoyed it.

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten: Worst tasting or worst looking? I mean I once drank chocolate milk mixed with cheese, hot dog and spaghetti for five bucks. But I would still have to say, cooked spinach is the worst thing this world has to offer.

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anonymous asked:

What is your favorite chanyeol hair color and style? Do you have some gifs/ pictures of said style?

I feel like I answer this at least once a month or so (I’ve answered it /here/ previously) BUT I never pass up a chance to use gifs/pictures of Chanyeol so here we go~ ^___^ xo

Warning, this is going to be a bit long. Also I feel the need to express that I do not own any of these gifs/pictures

I’m going to go a bit more in depth than usual because I’m using pictures too. So, to start, I love red hair on Chanyeol. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like, honestly. If he styled his hair in the ugliest way possible but dyed it red, I would still love it.

Red. Just red. 

But I do have a soft spot for whatever you’d call the color that he had for Exo Next Door.

Brown? Red? Brown-red? Red-brown? I don’t know. But I liked it.

Also orange. Bless the orange.

He looked like a giant baby pumpkin.

As for style… anything where it’s out of his face is my favorite.

Because I think it makes him look mature & adorable at the same time.

Like, just… ugh. Yas.

But I do also love when it’s all fluffy. 


/Chanyeol, put your tongue away. I’m trying to talk about your hair. -___-/

Also long-haired Chanyeol is one of my top 3 favorites. Especially when it’s in the monytail thing.

Seriously. Monytail. 

& then any combo of the things I’ve mentioned. Red & up.

Long & orange

Brown-red & fluffy.


Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout out to his weird gray hair that he had for Call Me Baby because it was gorgeous~

/yes it is, Chanyeol, yes it is/

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i swear, Jack says he's a squirrel. Mark is the king of the squirrels. this is too kinky i swear

“Sire, we’ve just received word from the Eastern Wall. Our defenses have fallen; the city is lost. We must ride for the border at once.”

Mark does not turn from his place at the balcony, fingertips brushing the ornately-carved stone. His rings throw off sparkles of brilliant color in the slanted light of the setting sun. 

“Your majesty,” the voice insists, the voice of Mark’s most trusted adviser. It’s the voice of a man Mark counts as a brother, a man whose loyalty never falters. A man with Mark’s greatest interests at heart, a man who–if Mark truly knows him at all–has already ordered the horses saddled. “Your majesty, please, I must insist–”

Mark raises a hand without turning around, and the voice behind him falls silent, waiting.

“I know that I might die here today, but I will not run and hide like a coward. Let the rebels come to me. They shall not have my throne without a fight.”

“But my king,” pleads the voice, strained and shaking with stress. Mark finally turns to catch the man’s gaze, two pairs of brown eyes locked in meaningless battle. Mark, for the moment, is still the king. When his mind is made up, his will is like iron.

The adviser drops his gaze to the floor, surrender in the set of his shoulders. Mark softens, deep fondness touching his voice. This man is his last loyal friend, after all.

“Shut up, Wade,” Mark says with a smile.

Jack’s nimble fingers dart over the wires, attaching them swiftly yet with caution. His earpiece buzzes with endless instructions, issued at a steady, rapid clip. Bob is perhaps their greatest ally, despite the royal blood in his veins. The werecat king is a master of explosives.

“Got it,” Jack says as the light blips red, indicating the bomb’s armed status. A final switch initiates the countdown, and Jack sets the case near the last main support, strategically placed for maximum destruction.

Bob’s voice crackles into his ear. “Good, now get outta there. You don’t wanna be standing there patting your own back when all those timers hit zero, man.”

Jack laughs and fluffs his tail out behind him, adrenaline jittering through his limbs. “I’m goin’, I’m goin’. Get blown sky-high and I’d miss all the fun!”

“You’re the only being in the entire realm who would call a bloody rebellion fun.”

Despite the scolding tone, Bob’s laughter betrays him, giddiness pervading their radio channel. This is real; this is happening–they are making history. If fortune continues to favor their cause, the castle will belong to the rebels by sundown.

“Sixty seconds,” Bob warns. “Wave Two in position. Are you in the clear?”

Jack burrows into his makeshift barricade, his tail wrapping around him like a quilt. “Ready and waiting. It’s the final countdown!

Bob tries and fails to muffle a snort, hissing sternly into the headset. “Stop singing, you moron. This isn’t the time.”

Jack quivers as the seconds tick by, anticipation twisting in his gut. He is buzzing with energy, ears straining at the silence. Any moment, now; they are close, so close…

The explosion roars beyond the barricade, shaking the ground beneath Jack’s paws. It takes him a moment to hear Bob’s voice, and another to focus on what he’s saying. When the words finally register, Jack feels his heart leap, a smile blooming across his face.

The Eastern Wall has finally fallen. The city belongs to the squirrels once more.