what is this coloring style

art cheats

hello i am here today to not lose track of the art cheats i have discovered over the years. what i call art cheat is actually a cool filter/coloring style/way to shade/etc. that singlehandedly makes art like 20 times better

80’s anime style

glitch effect

glow effects

adding colors to grayscale paintings

foreshortening ( coil )

foreshortening ( perspective )

clipping group (lines)

clipping group (colors)

dramatic lighting ( GOOD )

shading metal

lighting faces

that is all for today, do stay tuned as i am always hunting for cool shit like this

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: marvel took full advantage of the color characterization and editing styles they introduced for each of the four defenders and use the lighting design as an actual sort of intrinsic cast member in this ensemble series and they show qualities of them influencing and conflicting one another by lighting them in each other's colors and it's just it is simple beautiful clever production thank you for that you did good
cute crush asks

ok, send me a question and your answer to that question in regards to your crush or significant other then i’ll answer about my crush (bc don’t we all just wanna talk about our people??)

1: Do they drink coffee?
2: Are they left or right handed?
3: How do they do their hair? Facial hair? (If they have it)
4: What’s their favorite animal?
5: What is their relationship status?
6: What is their favorite band/singer?
7: Are they more a cat or dog person?
8: What does their laugh sound like?
9: Do they know multiple languages? Which ones?
10: How old are they? How old are you?
11: One word that describes them.
12: Do they have any pets?
13: What is their favorite TV show?
14: What is their favorite movie?
15: What car do they drive?
16: What ethnicity and/or nationality are they?
17: Where did you meet them?
18: What was your first meeting like?
19:  What is their zodiac sign? Are your signs compatible?
20: What month is their birthday?
21: What is your favorite outfit on them?
22: Are they good texters?
23: Your favorite feature about their appearance.
24: Your favorite thing about their personality.
25: Do they make you laugh?
26: Do you make them laugh?
27: Are they good huggers/ kissers?
28: What is your favorite “flaw” that they have?
29: Are they nice to strangers?
30: What is the funniest thing they have ever said?
31: Saddest?
32: Weirdest?
33: Cutest?
34: Ever dreamt about them? What happened in the dream?
35: How tall are they? How tall are you?
36: Do they have a booty?
37: What are their hobbies?
38: What are their talents?
39: What would your dream date be with them?
40: Does anyone know about your crush/love?
41: What do you guys have in common?
42: Do they go to the gym?
43: Do they go by their given name?
44: What is their favorite color?
45: How far apart do you live from them?
46: What song reminds you of them?
47: Do they listen to a lot of music?
48: What do they smell like?
49: If they were in a book (protagonist or antagonist or supporting character, up to you) how would the writer describe them?
50: How often do you see them?
51: The last text/ message they sent you?
52: The last thing they said to you in person?
53: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in front of them?
54: Do they have any tattoos or piercings?
55: What color are their eyes?
56: What is their clothing style?
57: What is one thing that makes them really special?
58: Will you tell your crush your feelings?
59: How long did you know them before you started falling for them?
60: Was there a defining moment when you knew you liked them?

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I saw your tags on your BNHA/Baccano! crossover, and I'm so excited to know you love Baccano! as well!! After seeing what you said about Claire (who is probably my favorite from that show as well), I was wondering if you've ever drawn him before! If so, I'd love to see it!!

Never had before!!!! But he’s my fav and there’s always a first time I guess, so here you have him anyway!

haha future print for sc 2018 <3

  1. How and when did you get into BTS?
  2. Did you make new friends thanks to BTS?
  3. Has Bangtan influenced your life in any other way?
  4. Top 10 Songs?
  5. Favorite album?
  6. Favorite lyrics?
  7. School trilogy, HYYH era or WINGS?
  8. Which Cypher part do you like best?
  9. Your favorite AGUST D and RM track?
  10. Your favorite cover of BTS? (Doesn’t matter if it’s one of Jungkook, Taehyung, Jin, etc.)
  11. Is there any BTS song that has a special meaning for you?
  12. Your favorite live performance?
  13. Your bias?
  14. Your favorite ships/interactions?
  15. Favorite fansite(s)?
  16. What is your favorite hair color for each member?
  17. Whose fashion style do you like the most?
  18. Which member matches with your personality the most?
  19. Who do you think would be your best friend in BTS?
  20. Which member caught your attention first?
  21. Name the feature you like the most about each member!
  22. Your favorite photo of each member?
  23. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Jin?
  24. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Yoongi?
  25. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Namjoon?
  26. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hoseok?
  27. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Jimin?
  28. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Taehyung?
  29. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Jungkook?
  30. Rank the dance line in terms of favorite dancing style!
  31. Rank the vocal line in terms of favorite singing style!
  32. Rank the rap line in terms of favorite rap style!
  33. Who’d win in a dance battle? Jin or Namjoon?
  34. Jungkook’s thighs, abs, arms or veins?
  35. Holly, Soonshim, Micky or Rapmon?
  36. American Hustle Life, Rookie King, Bangtan Gayo or RUN BTS?
  37. What variety show do you want BTS to be featured in?
  38. What accessory would you bring for a fansign and for which member?
  39. Have you ever been to a fansign or concert of BTS?
  40. Have you ever sent a fan letter?
  41. Did you ever join a fansite’s birthday project?
  42. Are you a member of the fancafe?
  43. Do you talk openly about BTS in front of friends and family?
  44. If you were given the chance to say one sentence to all of them, what would you tell them?
  45. If money, distance and the like weren’t a problem, what kind of gift would you give them to their birthday?
  46. What subunit would you look the most forward to?
  47. Do you prefer Hip-Hop BTS or the more Pop-ish BTS?
  48. Do you watch their appearances on shows live or do you wait for subs?
  49. What kind of concept would you like to see in the future?
  50. Your thoughts on BigHit?