what is this coloring omg


hp ladies ↠ house gryffindor

gryffindor, where the brave dwell at heart

Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

(there is also one actual word in his book but it’s in arabic and written terribly so props if you find it)

edit: Keef is here

break time 🍓 🍓 this friendship is something merlin needed tbh. oh well!

(percival) (leon) ( gwaine ) (elyan) (arthur)

asdfhkahladfhkl… but rose hair tho

“Gordon, what is going on with you lately? I know you like jokes but if I start to notice them, it means they are getting out of hand.”
“How did you even find that many frogs?”
“I got bored and they were all over the place.”
“I see. … So, are we talking about this, or not?”
“Gordon…is everything alright with you?”
“…I don’t know…”
“…Fine. I’ll just sit with you here while you’re stuck in time-out then.  Until you’ve figured it out that is.”
“…okay.  …John?”

For @zeitara!!! They asked for anything christmas related with dad Reigen with the esper kids anD I TOOK IT REAL LITERALLY!!! I hope you enjoy this gift! Happy Holidays!! ^^ 

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  • SJM : the curtain was blue
  • the fandom : om g what could this mean? does this mean Aelin's water magic saved the world?? is it blue for Dorian's eyes? O mg what if it's blue for the ocean like the ocean Rowan sailed across to save Aelin Fireheart, his MATE, his wife. Wait is blue the color for Fenharrow, Melisande, or Eyllwe? Does that mean we get allies from them? Omg what if blue is the color for the Wastes!! Or the FROZEN wastes omg guys omg,, who else has blue eyes o m g guys guys guys !! what if Maeve is just tricking us and it isn't really blue!?!? what if erawan's blood is actually blue!! Like witch's blood guys guys guys I think we're getting somewhere ,, wait ,, wait ,, wait. wHAT IF it means the beautiful blue of Rhys's hair? or the blue in feyre's eyes? oH GODS WHAT ABOuT thE bLUE drESS sh E w O RE to thE c O URT OF NIGHTMARES!?! the n ig ht court colors a re blue and black right?? ,, right ?? omg om omg o m g we're getting somewhere again !! what about the blue waters of the summer court? ARE WE GOING BACK TO THE SUMMER COURT !?! oh gods the bone carver's eyes were b LUE. AZRIEL'S SIPHONS ARE BLUE!? IS AZRIEL GOING TO BE O K A Y !!! the Rainbow has blue in it, does that mean Feyre wont be able to save the Rainbow the second time ?? will theRE BE A SECOND TIME ?? ahh! TIME OUT : both EoS and ACOMAF have blue covers. IT WAS A SIGN ALL ALONG RHYS AND ROWAN WERE GOING TO LOSE THEIR M A T E S AND WI V E S !,!, ! guys guys guys this theory is the best yet om g high five guys high five
  • SJM: I just meant the curtain was blue!!!