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“Remus!” Sirius threw himself into his arms. Remus gratefully wrapped his arms around him, embracing his lover in a hug to make up for all the ones he had missed in their two weeks apart. But Sirius broke away too quickly. “Fuck you.” He said. His eyes were bloodshot and angry. Remus was taken aback.
“What? Siriu-“
“Fuck you!” Sirius whipped out his wand, though he didn’t exactly know what he intended to do with it.
Remus raised his hands in surrender. “Si- Padfoot, you’re drunk,” he attempted to grab Sirius’ wrist but he pulled away sharply. “Let’s not do anything rash-“
“Rash? You’re talking to me about rash?!” Sirius’ voice was beginning to raise and Remus’ heart rate began to climb. Sirius could be uncontrollable when he got angry. “Leaving me here! For weeks on end! God knows what you’re up to, having shitloads of fun I suppose, considering how fucking long you stay away from me-“
“Sirius, don’t-“
“No! Let me speak!” Sirius gestured wildly with his wand and a few red sparks erupted from the end. “You have no idea how hard this is! Stuck in my parents house, when I left here at fifteen I thought I’d never return, I hoped I’d never return, and here I am, and I don’t even have my boyfriend for company?” Tears were welling up in Remus’ eyes and the image of Sirius was becoming blurred. He thought this must be a good thing, because he couldn’t bear to watch Sirius look at him with such contempt. “I’m locked up here, literally, for ages, no word from you, not even an owl sent with a fucking bar of chocolate so I know you’re okay and not dead or captured or being tortured!” He said all of this very fast, and it took Remus a moment to process it all. Sirius seemed to break. He collapsed on the bed and a dry sob erupted from his chest as he buried his head in his hands. Remus was beside him in an instant, cradling Sirius as he knew he should have been doing every night he undoubtedly woke up in the night from horrible dreams in this godforsaken house.
“I’m so sorry,” Remus’ tears were falling into Sirius’ hair as he clutched him as close as he possibly could.
“It’s just - so - h-hard…” Sirius’ breath caught in his throat as his chest shook with another sob.
“Shhh, I’m here, it’s okay,” Remus didn’t know whether he was comforting Sirius or himself more.
“I hate it here, Moons.” Sirius said quietly, then punching the bed with a shout and sending more sparks out of his wand.
“I know. I’m so sorry. Fuck, I’m sorry.” Remus didn’t know what else to say. He knew Sirius must resent him for it. “You should go to sleep, let’s sleep off that firewhiskey, okay? You’ll feel better in the morning.”
“Will you even still be here in the morning?” Sirius’ words were harsh and biting with dark humor.
Remus bit back a sob but he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. He suddenly felt as if he was too close to Sirius. He pulled away sharply and they sat a few feet apart, on the bed in silence. Everything in the room was a sick reminder of everything Sirius had tried to escape, and all the things Remus had inadvertently subjected him to. Remus hated himself for it. Nothing was more important than this. The empty bottles and candy wrappers on the floor sent pangs if guilt through the werewolf’s heart.

Her hair stretches across the seat / lipstick stain on her uniform / where would the bus take her curious mind? / school’s unattended / her wings unclipped / her eyes follow the road / where the running meets her feet / her freedom’s jumping / higher than her height / I let my own thoughts wander / my cue is here / but her destination is unknown / may she finds her solace / I hope her youth un-wasted / & her absence is only a temporary angst / – next stop.

D C de Oliveira

Hey MTV, Welcome to (Nick’s) Crib

A few anons were interested in a masterpost of Nick’s house like we have for his old place (pour one out for the old flat - gone but never forgotten). I’ve put together this house tour based on what we’ve seen on instagram. I would absolutely love it if one day Nick was featured in some sort of interior design magazine bc he has such eclectic taste and his place is very nice imo!

OK hopefully I have the layout right - if you spot any errors let me know. Tour behind the cut.

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Myungsoo giving advice to a fan during the Singapore fanmeet today. Her question was related to how to stay positive / think of positive things:

…Maybe you would think like it will never happen, (but) possibly it might turn out to be a positive one, maybe people around you will definitely help you to become positive minded, so please never give up and do it always…

Cr. SSYM Photography

Normally this is where I put some witty author’s note, but I really don’t have much to say about this fic. I started writing it months ago, and after a bit of a writing boost I decided to finally finish it.

Summary: After visiting her friends in Norende, Edea finds herself sitting alone in a small café. Though everything around her seems peaceful, her own emotions make a mess of things.

Word Count: 4510 Words

Spoiler Warning: Contains slight spoilers for Bravely Second’s ending and implied spoilers for late game events.

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edit: this post is directed at the general populace. Mlm clearly have more of a right to dislike this game if it makes them uncomfortable, these are my thoughts on the matter however and not intended to trample on mlm. also i am a qu**r person who uses that word as an umbrella term but have seen how it’s bothering a lot of the rebloggers so i’ve changed it to LGBT

maybe you folks should ask yourselves why youre trying so hard to find reasons to demonize and hate Dream Daddy, a game with actual pure non-fetishized representation of mlm and honestly GBT men of all sorts that you’ll even go as far as to twist around components of a datamine into something theyre not

its okay to dislike GG, theyve done some shitty stuff in the past  AND present, and i dont even watch them or like them, but this game isnt made by them. its released by them. it was made by a couple college art students who did a great job at putting representation and real experiences in this game and they worked so fuckin hard on it. you know what youre doing by trying to make this game fail, or torrenting it so it looks like it did worse than it actually did? assuring more games with positive representation aren’t made, or released, or even fucking bothered with. i fucking promise you, with GG’s youtube channel and band and whatever else they do, that you torrenting or boycotting the game isnt hurting them in the slightest. it’s hurting the creators, it’s hurting LGBT game-makers everywhere, and it’s hurting the genre of LGBT games made by LGBT people with good, unfetishized or sex-oriented stories/characters.

so maybe get your heads out of your cynical asses, accept nothing you consume will be perfect, and try to support something with a genuine and positive representation of both GB and trans men. its a fun, lighthearted game with good stories and relatable characters and frankly, im sick of yall trying to assure LGBT oriented games fail because of such miniscule shit.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

The Signs As Gemstones
  • Aries: Onyx
  • Taurus: Jade
  • Gemini: Emerald
  • Cancer: Pearl
  • Leo: Lapis Lazuli
  • Virgo: Peridot
  • Libra: Opal
  • Scorpio: Sapphire
  • Sagittarius: Ruby
  • Capricorn: Turquoise
  • Aquarius: Amethyst
  • Pisces: Moonstone

remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

proudly presenting your blog like:

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stop taking pictures or he’s gonna get grumpy