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206!!! ^O^

She entered anyways and he buried his face into his hands with a groan.  “I just want to talk,” she said.  “I want to understand.”

“And I want you to leave me the fuck alone!”

“I will after this,” she said, grabbing a chair and sitting across the desk from him.  “I want to see this situation from your point of view.  Please.  You have to understand that I’m very young; I was born only three years ago.  Lord Dominus and our Most Holy are all I’ve known.”

“Even a three year old knows that what happens in this city on a day to day basis is wrong,” he spat.

Dismas and Gabriel had a bit of a rocky start.

I hit 5k followers so time to give back some love!

What can you win?

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  • This is a giveaway for followers, so you must be following to win. No giveaway blogs please. New followers welcome.
  • Likes and reblogs both count as 1 entry each. Multiple reblogs will only count once.
  • The winner will be picked at random, please have your inbox open for me to message you. Also must be willing to give an address to ship prints to. Also must be 18 or older.
  • Once messaged, winners must respond in 24 hours or another random winner will be drawn. 

Deadline: May 14th, 2017

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Could you do 2 and 14 with Bucky? I love your writing!

14. “Take me home… please?”- Bucky Barnes

You’d been dating Michael for 9 months, and although your relationship wasn’t exactly perfect, you stuck by it. That’s why, when he began withdrawing from both you and your relationship, you just put in more effort. When he made some lame excuse for bailing on you last minute, you just blew it off and tried to rearrange whatever you were meant to be doing.

Sitting, alone, in the restaurant you couldn’t help but feel completely humiliated. Michael was meant to be here 2 hours ago, but was still yet to show. Pulling your phone out of your pocket and clicking on Michael’s contact. Letting the phone ring, you sucked in a sharp breath as the receiver clicked on, Michael’s slurred voice sounding in your ear.

“What?” He drawled, voice muffled by the sound of loud music in the background

“Michael? Where are you? You were meant to be here two hours ago?” You sighed, trying to keep your voice even as you spoke.

“I’m out, having fun for a change.” He laughed, the sounds of high pitched giggles and shrieks ringing in your ear.

“But… we had plans? Did you forget?” You murmured, trying to hold back the tears that sprung to your eyes.

“Probably! What does it matter? Not like it was anything important.” He slurred, his voice muffled as he turned his head away from the receiver.

“Michael, this is the third time this month… Do I even matter to you?” You sniffled, opening the door to the restaurant as the cold air ruffled through your clothes.

”No, not really.” He laughed, clearly preoccupied by whatever he was doing. Bringing your hand up to our mouth you held in a sob, adamant to not let him hear you break down.

“Fine.” You whispered, “Don’t bother coming home.”

Hanging up the phone, you lent back against the brick wall, letting your tears run down your cheeks. Scrolling through your phone you clicked on another contact, bringing the phone up to your ear.

“Hey… can you come and get me?” You whispered, voice shaky from your tears.

30 minutes later

Sitting on the curb, you curled your fingers in the fabric of your dress. Hearing the engine of a car, you looked up to be blinded by the beam of headlights. Pushing yourself off the ground, you brushed the dirt off your clothes as the sound of a car door shutting sounded in the background.

“Doll?” The familiar deep voice murmured, their hand cupping your cheek.

“Buck…” You sniffled, burying your face into his neck and letting the tears once again fall freely.

“It’s okay… shhh… I’m here.” Bucky whispered, arms wrapping around your middle and pulling you closer, “I’m gonna kick that crapbag’s ass.” He growled, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

Shaking your head, you fisted your hands in his shirt. “Just… take me home… please?” You asked, E/C eyes peering up into his grey ones.

“Of course.” He murmured, arm still around your waist as he guided you to the car.

Your now ex-boyfriend may be a piece of shit, but at least you always knew you had one guy who had your back.

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Internet finally stopped being a tremendous pile of hot garbage and I can finally upload pics!

I was playing around with natural lighting today and got some pics I`m happy with. Numbers one and two are just experimenting with different handguard/magazine combos on my Bulgarian AKS-74. Number three isn`t anything specific, and four is an airgun with a few AK74 mags. For number five I pulled my French surplus FELIN T4 smock out of the closet to act as a background. Still unsure what I was going for but I nailed it! Last pic, number six, was a spur-of-the-moment thing, I was putting the S74 away when I decided I`d grab my shotgun and trusty leather jacket. I laid the jacket out on the floor, set the shotgun on it and tossed on a handful of Winchester`s Super X buckshot and a few wads from the bucket. I think it gives off a very “Terminator” vibe, and I`m thinking of adding a photo effect or two to see what I can do with it.


these aren`t the full-resolution pics, I had to get a little creative to get them to upload.

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what the fuck my new laptop immediately already has the same desktop background as my old one

what the fuck microsoft that is not necessary information

TalesFromRetail: "I AM THE CUSTOMER!!!"

I have worked in retail for roughly 10 years and never in my life have I ever witnessed a return go oh so very wrong like it did today. I am currently employed at grocery store that has the fairest return policy known to man: If you need to return an item without a receipt, you get your money back. If you return an item that we normally carry in our store with a receipt, you get your money back and the item is replaced for free (as long as it is of equal value). Even though this is a god-tier return policy, some customers tend to take advantage of the company and this is what leads me to my story.

Background: You know those customers that ALWAYS have a problem with something they’ve purchased? This is exactly the type of customer I deal with every time she shops at my store. She is never satisfied with anything she ever purchases and always wants to replace her items. The first time she shopped at my store she had purchased ground beef. Some time passes and she comes back to my store and explains to me that she found wood chips in the ground beef and our store needs to notify corporate of this hazard. She did not have the product with her, but had a receipt. Horrified, I told her I would make an exception and replace her item, as well as give her the money back for the extreme inconvience. Turns out she had already approached the store manager about the issue and the manager told her that we were unable to replace the ground beef without the item brought back to us. This is where I fucked up and I will tell you why–this caused a chain reaction. From then on, she continued to bring back items either half consumed that went bad or items that she did not like and usually I was the one that had to return it for her. Some of the times she did have the receipt and item with her, so I gladly gave her the replacement items and her money back. Other times, she complained about bad produce she purchased and even though she didn’t have the item, I gave her an even exchange just to keep her happy. She is the type of customer that is very abrasive, but I have always been nice to her to reduce any tension. All of this leads to the nuclear situation that occurred because she had to complete her return with a different associate other than myself.

Story: The customer, who we will call Manic Lady (ML for short), came up to me and brought two items to return. I told her if she would like to exchange them, we can complete the return once she finished shopping. After my line was cleared, I went on the sales floor and was speaking to my Supervisor (S) when the Associate (A) at the register started to frantically call for S for assistance. Immediately following, I was asked by A to line up customers at my register. Walking up to the front, I could hear ML yelling at S.

ML:…I’m returning these two items so I get my money back and my free items.
S: No, you don’t have your receipt, so we can only offer you your money back.
ML: Look at this! (holds up the item) It has mold on it.
S: Okay, but you ate half of it and without a receipt I have no idea the last time you purchased it and how long you have had the item open.
ML: SO?! And this one tasted disgusting. You need to give me my money back and my free products.
S: I cannot offer you your money back and replace the items without a receipt. This is company policy.
ML: This is ridiculous! I have shopped here for a while and always got my money back with free items.

This goes on for another 5-10 minutes until the customers behind her become increasingly angry with her blatant disrespect for S. Finally, a hero rises. After ML accuses A of being rude to her the last couple times she shopped at my store and how she is going to contact corporate, Hero Customer (HC) steps in a calls out ML for causing a scene.

HC: Look, I am just try to check out and you are being so rude to this woman. You need to have some respect.
ML: I have respect, but she won’t give me what I deserve.
HC: You need to go away.
HC: Go away, old lady.
ML: Do you hear how disrespectful you are being?!
HC: (laughing) I was behind you at another store just earlier and you did the same thing to the cashier so just go so the rest of us can check out.

At this point, this altercation had been going on for about 15 minutes and S started to get tired of holding everyone up and allowing ML to throw her temper tantrum. To avoid anymore melt downs, S returned the items, gave her the money back and replaced them even though the items ML picked out were way above the price of the original items. Then it came down to paying for another item that ML wanted to buy. ML thought that she could replace and get refunded for two items that cost about $5 with three items that cost over $15. Even though she continued to argue that she shouldn’t have to pay for the final item with her refunded money, she gave in. But wait, there’s more!

ML: Where’s my $5? Did you give me that $5?!
A: Yes I did. I handed it to you with your receipt.
ML: (frantically searching through her purse) It’s not here, I don’t think you gave it to me.
A: (Puts hands up) Ma'am I don’t have it. I gave it to you.
ML: Well, I’m not calling you a thief, but you need to have your manager check the cameras to make sure you gave it to me.

S is called back and tells ML that the cameras can only be checked by the general manager. ML is set off once again and A agrees to at least count the drawer. While A and S are counting the drawer, ML decides it’s a good idea to openly vent to other customers that witnessed this catastrophic return. One person that she turns to must of been in the military or an off-duty cop. We will call him P.

ML: Can you believe how that girl (HC) was talking to me?
P: Well, she was a lot nicer than I would have been.
P: You are being a public nuisance.

Finally realizing that everyone in the store is sick of her, she finally shuts up and waits for A and S to return. They come out of the office and inform ML that the drawer was only short a few cents and she did indeed receive her refund. S even printed out the balance sheet to prove that A did not have her $5. ML pays for her final item, but not without yelling how she is going to return tomorrow to get her money back. This would be the end, except now she wants to replace a refrigerated item that is now warm due to her having to wait so long. She goes back, replaces her item, and begins to leave the store while yelling, “I AM THE CUSTOMER!!!”

By: anarchvolk

Imagine: a handsome bearded man arrives on the train cart you’re on. You two meet eyes, and he slowly makes his way over to you. Maybe you’re straight, maybe you’re not, but you can’t stop looking at the man, he so beautiful. Before you can say anything, he looks you straight in the face and says, “My bow will be my guide!” And shoots you point blank in the face with an arrow.
This is what is playing in the background as someone calls the police:

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Again, my problem isn't that the group exists. In fact, lots of fandoms probably have similar groups. It's just the fact that your first thought was to advertise for it publicly BEFORE thinking that maybe you should let more people than just artists join. Which is just rude and insulting to lots of people including people close to me. Sure, you edited it later, but it was probably cause you felt guilt or whatever. The artists you love so much only got famous cause the masses shared their art.

yo plus this other ask:

Aight so I’m going to go ahead and assume (with 100.00% confidence) that this is all the same anon and that this is also that same anon who sent that other ask. For background, let’s go ahead and review what I posted!

let’s just zoom in a little closer over there

just a little closer

y’know what let’s just go ahead and laser focus in

Note that this is above the edit, and that I added the edit in order to strengthen this point rather than to make this point - because the point has already been made. Now I know that I did add at the bottom “Please tag other Billdip artists!” I apologize if this made you and others feel excluded but

The reason I asked to tag the artists was so that more people could see it.

I am aware that, generally, more people follow art blogs directly than reblog-heavy blogs. I wanted people to tag artists so that the artists could see it and hopefully reblog - so that more people can see it.

I did not say tag the artists so that more artists can be invited. I did not say tag the artists because I only want them to be invited. I said tag the artists so that more people can see the post and get to join. Note also that I have not and have never invited anyone specifically to join it. Everyone who is in the Billdip skype chat requested to be added and range from artists to fic-writers to roleplayers to people who simply love Billdip and Gravity Falls such as yourself.

2 days of existence, 36 members so far, and 10k+ messages. Members from all over the globe from different time zones and countries who all banded together for love of Billdip.

How could I want to exclude anyone from that?

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Tbh I think Reiner's inability to read the new language was genuine. He and Ymir seemed to be raised differently and by different crowds. Since the Eldians originally adopted Ymir as a token to their salvation, they'd probably grant her knowledge of a little known past language that may have been more present 60 years ago. RBY were implied (at least Annie) to be voluntarily offered to the Marleyan army therefore their families may have kept the language from them to avoid scrutiny.

But that’s just my guess. It seems clear that Reiner was at least aware of what the language was, whether he was fluent or not. Would also explain why Zeke would know the language fluently as well.

I do like the idea that Reiner only recognized the language, and I hear what you are saying. Ymir’s background would certainly have afforded her a different sort of education.

But the reason I believe the language is a modern one is because if the supplies are Zeke’s, he likely gathered them as he was leaving the mainland. If the products were military issued, they would be labelled in Marleyan.

I know canned products have a long shelf life, but I wouldn’t touch decades old canned herring if it was the last thing in the room. If the products were labelled with a little known language that only Ymir and a few others could understand, I’d have to wonder how old they were and who manufactured them. It would mean the supplies weren’t Zeke’s and would make this a much bigger mystery.

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im working on a comic rn but im stuck with the backgrounds. do you have any tips for backgrounds?

Oh hey!
Best of luck Anon!!

You’ve probably already realized this, but comics are really hard work!

Backgrounds are my weaknesses too, and I am not an ultra super master on environments, but I hope this can help you out :’)

What works for me is, first of all, figuring out what kind of vibe and/or feeling I want the scene and environment to have.

For example, if you want a background to look mighty, important or intimidating, I recommend an angle that looks up to the structures or buildings the background has; and so on.

Just be sure to use vanishing points! That is what makes the backgrounds have  sense of depth!

There’s a pretty cool and handy guide on vanishing points and/or perspective grids here

OR, if you’d rather just make a background in 3D or something similar:  SketchUp, a 3D software that gives you a lot of advantages on building an environment. (I recommend using this for a sort of environment establishing shot, rather than using it for a dialogue panel or something similar)

Hope this helps you out, and good luck on your comic!

I’m feeling extra naughty today x
You can drop me some naughty asks
Or non-naughty questions to know more about me
Or you can tell me what you’d like to see me doing and I’ll try to give you what I can x

A rough background about myself,
My name is Angelica cos I’m such an angel hehe
I’m Singaporean born and bred
I’m 21, graduated from polytechnic at 19
I’ve been a full time tuition teacher ever since :)
Not going to disclose my center name duh.
I’ve a boyfriend who just got into army
Hmmm, I’m tall with an average weight
Got a crazy sex drive but usually shy when talking to someone new I guess haha
I’m a submissive
I’m into….
Soft bdsm
Rough sex
Name calling
Being humiliated
Or treated like a whore

At the same time I’m also into
Fantasizing about cuckolding my bf
Cheating (just on Tumblr not irl tho)
White dick
Or big dicks in general
Or dicks that can fuck me better than my bf can :)

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(1) Hey, I messaged you a while ago; I have a question about exoplanets. I've been working for a long time to calculate the approximate surface temperature on four exoplanets that could potentially be the real life setting for my fictional planet Usei. Before I ask my question, I want to give a little bit of background on what Usei is. Usei is a planet relatively close to earth; at .7c, a ship could easily reach it within a human lifetime. On Usei, rain always falls. It's home to Udai, or Usei

University, and several other major cities. When humans arrived, they found extensive life in the oceans, analogous to animals, but only analogous plants on land. The four current planet candidates are Kapteyn b Gliese 832c Gliese 3323b Gliese 273b (Luyten b) Each of these have issues, specifically with gravity, but I’m focusing on temperature and atmosphere, specifically greenhouse gases right now. Using a method that is probably less than 100% sound, I determined their average surface temperatures. I recorded their temperatures, equilibrium and surface, in Kelvins and degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I’m from the US) in a chart that I’ve submitted to you. Mars, Earth (Sol b), and Venus are included for comparison. Now, I’m confident that Gliese 832c and Gliese 273b are both tidally locked, while Kapteyn b and Gliese 3323b may or may not be. Though none of these seem to have surface temperatures comfortable to humans, it’s important to note that these are the averages. Because of tidal locking, one side or the other may be comfortable. For example, the day side of Kapteyn b may be warm enough, or the night side of the others cool enough, for humans to live on the surface unaided. This is only true with the relatively recent discovery that some tidally locked planets may have weather patterns that distribute the heat from the day side evenly enough with the night to be habitable. Tidal locking may complicate matters, but it’s also desirable, in some ways. The continuous colliding of fronts would produce winds and storms conducive to a constantly raining environment, as well as allow wind to be a plausible power source. All of this is contingent upon one side or the other of these potentially tidally locked planets being hospitable to humans. My question is this: Using information available such as my surface temperature data, distance from star, radius, orbital period, or eccentricity, do you have any do you have any ideas on how to find the temperature or range of temperatures on either side of a tidally locked planet? If not, do you know of anyone who does? Thank you so so much for reading! 

Hi there!

Wow! Your extensive research is admirable. I think what you’re doing is incredibly interesting! 

Up front, I’ll have to admit that your question is far outside my area of expertise. I wish very much that I knew enough astronomy to be of more help to you. You might consider asking @scriptastronomer​, who has extensively answered my sciencey asks before and does a fabulous job with all the technicalities and possibilities. I can answer you some basic astrophysics stuff, but most of my knowledge serves to bolster the cultures, functionalities, and characters within your worlds. 

I have a few thoughts for you, and some links, though I’m sure you’ve done your research, perhaps others might find this information useful.

Worldbuilding on tidally locked planets:

  • The distance from the sun will make a difference, of sun-side or dark-side habitability, but you could also consider twilight-zone habitation, your peoples living in a band around the middle of the planet where the sun is always shining on the horizon.
  • In a setting like that, think of the folklore that could emerge from SO MUCH of the planet being almost a complete mystery!
  • Since the winds of the planet would be what would make or break survival (dispersing hot/cold air), I imagine the people could easily have a omnipotent wind-deity, or perhaps multiple deities as the head god(s) of the pantheon…language and lifestyle could revolve around the wind.


Sorry I couldn’t answer your question directly, but I hope this is at least somewhat helpful to you. 

Happy writing!

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I really hope Zenix doesn't casually join the crew in mcd considering he murder Levin's father and forced Matilda to hide and abandoned her own child.

Now hold on. Zenix has his reasonings, doesn’t justify them but he’s redeemable yo and also you’re talking to the wrong person because I love Zenix wholeheartedly still.

TBH we should see what his dealio. Because we got 0 background.


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So from what I know, you screenshot the following: pass-code screen, phone background, song that you’re listening to, and a selfie of yourself

1. The black smudge is me “blurring” my name and email XD
2. I like the song “Marvelous Light” and the album picture is beautiful~
3. Just a “flower tattoo” that I gave to myself
4. My trusty viola, tablet, and headphones
5. You’ve caught the wild Joey while he’s programming!
[I do wear glasses in real life, but I thought I should make myself look funny]

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