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A Thousand Won Bill (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: fuck my ass. I’m like 90% sure the universe doesn’t want me to post this. for well over a week when I was supposed to be working on this I was hit with an odd combination of stunning lack of motivation and a shit-ton of things I had to do that brought me away from my computer. and over the last two days, when I finally had both the time and the motivation to work on it, I was smacked with technically difficulties. my laptop randomly shutting down and restarting, causing me to lose what I had worked to hard on because autosave is bullshit. the ending is nothing like I originally planned; I had to cut it short to save myself from having a heart attack or a stroke, and because I need this to finally be posted. I need it for me and I need it for you. you all need something to read, and I finally need this to be finished. so here it is, in all it’s meak, unfantasticness. I hope you enjoy it anyway. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

You didn’t want to go first. You didn’t want to play at all. The idea of fleeing still sounded much more appealing but you damned social pressure because you just couldn’t bring your feet to move with everyone’s eyes on you.

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