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There’s been a conversation about the comparison between Korra and Asami with Kara and Lena… but, I mean… is there some kind of content with them… interacting??

I mean… imagine the possibilities…

Korra and Kara talking about their powers, their families, their workouts routines, their really pretty and smart girlfriends.

Or Asami and Lena inventing something together, while sharing little smiles while looking at their sunshine girlfriends running over the window.

Now… I can’t stop thinking in a story where Kara and Lena are stuck in the Avatar World for a while. And it can also come with a Reveal AU… or something like that…

Still gotta think a lot about this. Feel free to add with your own headcanons.


“I’ll uh…I’ll sit in the back.” Sam walked away after letting go of Castiel, and sat in the backseat, but Dean didn’t notice. He only noticed Cas’ head tilting slightly to the right when Dean stood in front of him in silence for 2 minutes. He only noticed Cas’ feet perfectly paced with his, until he finally stepped more than 2 feet from him, and got in the car.

For the entire ride Dean only noticed two things, the road, and Cas, but more the latter than the former. He noticed the way the moonlight hit his face. He noticed the way he was breathing and memorized it, in for five, out for four. He noticed the way that everything he did was with an air of calm, and then Dean felt it too.

He noticed the way Cas looked out the window, and then he noticed the way he felt like nothing could go wrong. That he had gotten a win, and that maybe, the world would be okay after all.

A couple times he noticed the way Cas looked at him. Dean felt like Cas was just as glad he was there, as Dean was. Even if maybe not for the same reasons.

He noticed how every so often Cas would smile, or look over at Dean as Dean looked at him, an involuntarily, Dean would smile back.

Dean took his time driving. He didn’t break every speed limit, like he had done on the way to Cas, but instead he took the side streets he knew, and watched Cas’ expression change as the scenery did.

Dean noticed the sigh of content when the scenery became the door to the bunker. He noticed the way Cas smiled to himself and glanced at Dean with the purest of hope in his eyes, and he noticed the way his face lit up brighter when Dean said, “We’re home.”

Then Dean noticed the way Cas slowed down, when they reached the bottom of the stairs, scared to continue. Dean rested a hand on his shoulder, and they stayed that way until Dean noticed a curious look form on Cas’ face, and they walked toward the library.

And Dean couldn’t help but notice what seemed to spark between the half-angel and his best friend, and he couldn’t do anything but notice the jealousy rising up in him.

Before the night was over though, Dean noticed the way Cas said goodnight to him, and gave him another smile.

And amid all the noticing, there was still the feeling, that it would be okay.

unusual character stuff? part 2
  • doesn’t know the official names for dogbreeds but has their own names for them (etc. grumpy dog, big snowfluff, golden boy, spot™)
  • collects patches for their signature piece of clothing
  • refuses to run
  • mainly draws one collection of things (etc. mushrooms, gadgets, backs, dinosaurs, statues, sea creatures, clothing, trees, goats…)
  • horrible at spelling
  • gullible as heck
  • always has small wounds on their hands
  • flinches at loud sounds
  • knows way to much about how to get away with murder
  • always has to make a cool entrance
  • gets nauseous a lot but never pukes
  • stress sweats a lot
  • asks inappropriate questions without realizing they’re inappropriate
  • not good at showing sympathy or comforting people (still can be a good person!! just not their area okay)
  • writes notes and to-do’s on their hands and arms
  • collects blackmail and secrets about everyone
  • has a really loud laugh (bonus: and gets self-conscious about it)
  • has an obsession with words
  • has a very strange google history
  • cuts their own hair
  • uses a lot of 1920′s slang (bee’s knees, heebie-jeebies, cat’s pajamas…)
  • doesn’t understand how to use chopsticks
  • super innocent when it comes to sexual stuff and is very easily traumatized
  • makes jokes out of every situation
  • needs a few minutes every morning to calm down after their bad dreams
  • the ultimate loyal friend™
  • wants to be a detective
  • should not, under any circumstances, be trusted behind the wheel
  • irresponsible when it comes to their body and injuries (”eh, it’ll heal on it’s own” “at least put a bANDAID ON IT!”)
  • cheats at every possible game
  • has to take very long bus-rides to their work/school
  • Gets so occupied with examining their surroundings that they often walk into things
  • has a super good sense of smell
  • likes to put their feet up on things
  • wears glasses that make their eyes look smaller/larger
  • has a dad™ look
  • only owns 1 pair of shoes
  • has a habit of doodling on every surface they can find
  • always the first one to wake up
  • Talks a lot, even when nobody’s listening
  • Somehow gets away with the weirdest crap
  • makes up words and just expects others to understand what the hell they’re talking about
  • gets easily out of touch with reality
  • addicted to stationary
  • can draw a perfect circle (that’s a flippin’ superpower)
  • looks like a certain cartoon character and hates when people point it out
  • overuses the word ‘hate’
  • never ties their shoelaces