what is this

okay..so I was on pic collage..and I did the internet search thing and just typed in ‘Ryan Ross’ and this comes up. I have never seen this photo before?? It looks recent?? Where did it come from?? Who’s legs are those?? I have a lot of questions and concerns about this picture.

some high school AU where Lovelace is captain of the track team who psyches up her team to crazy levels And maintains her single-minded determination to destroy the enemy to the point where all that matters is the victory of her team no matter the means, also a campus activist who petitions for better cafeteria lunches and better student support services
• her adopted brother Eiffel off smoking on the sidelines or macking on some cheerleader or quarterback in the gym cupboard, but still turns up to every competition Lovelace takes part in and cheers the loudest til his throat hurts
• Eiffel somehow passing all his classes even tho he spends a large majority of the time passing notes to the polyglot exchange student who writes conspiracy and expose columns in the school newspaper under the pseudonym ‘Hera’
• Jacobi being the loner kid who wears a leather jacket cos he thinks it’s cool and is trying to deny he has feelings for the class slacker whilst also doing private chemistry tutoring during lunchtimes behind the bike shed where he shows you how to make explosions for $5
• Minkowski the prefect, the straight A student, the unlucky social sciences desk partner of Doug, the one who wins academic achievement awards and gets the lead in the school play but forms a friendship with Lovelace who ends up recording hype messages for her to listen to before big solo performances


ok so sexuality crisis. I tell people I’m pan, which is true, I’m generally attracted to all people regardless of gender identity. But i crush on girls SO MUCH MORE EASILY. To the point where I’m like “ lesbian or no lesbian ?????” ah basically I’m pretty gay but I feel like I could technically date a guy if he was super super cool IDK. What is this why am i posting this at frickin 11 pm.

Listening to Hurricane:

Me: *Almost in tears*
Hamilton: “I couldn’t seem to die-”
Me: *Practically sobbing*
Burr: “Wait for it.”
Me: im sorry wha-



Yuuri’s posters

Disclaimer: Content discussed is subjective. My interpretation is not the only interpretation.

Ok so we all know that Yuuri looks up to Victor as his skating idol, but I personally think that Yuuri was attracted to Victor beyond simply his skating abilities as well. 

Just look at the posters in his room.

Like sure, you have pictures like these,

where Victor is doing whatever he does on ice, but a great majority of Yuuri’s posters are these,

These posters are Victor OFF ice. Victor posing, being happy, looking sexy. Victor, in these pictures, could pass off as a model instead of a figure skating legend. The fact that a lot of Yuuri’s posters are of Victor not skating implies that Yuuri finds Victor attractive for more than his skating abilities. Yuuri just genuinely LIKES Victor and LIKES how he looks off ice. The feelings Yuuri had towards Victor wasn’t just an admiration of how well Victor skates, but a crush towards him as a person. This might also be why Yuuri was so hurt when Victor mistook him for a fan (or just didn’t give Yuuri the response he anticipated). Because Yuuri has had nothing less than A HUGE GAY CRUSH on Victor for so long.