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Can We Stop Grouping People?

I seriously hate the mentality Tumblr has created. I mean really. I support equality on all levels, honestly. But what isn’t equality is when people say stuff like, “He’s a white cisgender male. His opinion and speech doesn’t matter. He hasn’t seen what we’ve seen.” And you know what else isn’t equality? When people say, “All black people have done nothing wrong. They are an oppressed people. They need our help, every single one of them. They are all so poor and oppressed.”

Like, can we stop? Not every single minority is a blessed angel who cannot and has not done anything wrong in their entire lives. Not every white person is a spawn of Satan who’s only wish is to use minorities to further their evil plots.

That all being said, minorities are still minorities, and AS A WHOLE need our help. Believe me, I get that white straight people tend to have it better, and are the reason that basically everyone else is struggling. And I want to help. But “helping” isn’t labeling every single person based on their orientation or skin color. It’s actually funny, really, that Tumblr talks such talk about ending racism and judgement, and protecting everyone - but actually just wants to protect minorities, and is totally blind to the fact that there are some honestly awful people in the groups they’re calling saints. And there are people in the groups they scrutinize who legitimately want to help end racism, and sexism, and gain equality, but are immediately shut down whenever they try to talk because they’re white. Or straight. Or okay with their gender.

Ridiculous. Shame on any of you people who claim to support equality on all levels but then turn around and say people aren’t allowed to talk because of their color or sex or sexuality. Fucking ridiculous.

I dreamt about you again last night…
Like every time before, I woke up only to squeeze my eyes shut hoping to reenter that same world I had just left…
Waking up can be such torture at times like this.
Why can’t my reality involve holding you the way I do in my dreams?
While I am grateful for the lies my mind has told me as my body was recharging
I am no fan of this….this bed that doesn’t have you slumbering in it next to me
Those days where you aren’t laughing by my side…
Those silly arguments we’ll never have before we make up
Those tears that will never stream down my cheeks for you to wipe away
Every tender moment we’ll never have is a punch in the gut
But maybe it’s for the best
I am not here any more than you aren’t…
Drifting through the daze of every broken day
Waiting for the night to take me back to where I belong

I made people cry
Do my homework
And climb 7 flights of stairs to get the lunch I wanted
I never did anything to harm them
I don’t know why they did what I said
Some said I was a bully
Some said I was charming

That was until 7th grade
I shifted schools then

I became someone who helped
All the time
I became empathetic
I became kind
I wasn’t a bully
But I didn’t have my charm anymore either

What happened?
My friends from my previous school asked me totally stunned.

I think it was little bit of karma but majorly hormones and stepping out of the life which was privileged and safe.

Sometimes I want to go back
Because then I never cried
Then I was never hurt
Then I never felt anything
I knew the price of everything but the value of not a single thing.

The best thing about Wonder Woman is that it’s being released in my country at the same time as the rest of the world. I never complained about this here, but I had to wait an extra !!!!!!5!!!!!!! weeks to see Beyond last year. Every exclamation mark is a year of my life that I lost because of it.