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  • Wade: I can say things that will haunt you
  • Peter: Sure, man.
  • Wade: An octopus is just a wet spider.
  • Peter: What?
  • [later that night]
  • Peter: [staring at the ceiling] ...fuck
This Spring Winter Weather

What springs into my mind
When I look at “Spring” outside
Not yarrow, under blankets lie
Forgotten, wilted, died

The weather man in the sky
Doesn’t like rules
He watches the mountains
Melt into pools
And he pulls a lever to freeze it
What Spring? I just don’t believe it

This is the game he plays
Freeze tomorrow, melt today
I watch from inside, scribbling
My complaints to his not listening

Folded into a paper plane
Shot towards oncoming rain
Rain, although just drizzling
Maybe, finally, he’s started listening

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As someone who took part in and survived superwholock.........The phandom is far smaller and safer on Tumblr than superwholock whom is spreading those lies

i know i was part of the superwholock fandom on instagram and got pretty popular there a few years ago and yikes! tis not the same..

So I wasn’t expecting to be able to say this, but the second night of Seoul Boom was even more incredible than the first

The boys were so excited and hyped up the whole show, and they wouldn’t stop laughing and goofing off with each other and fans, and it sounded like the most precious thing


like this concert I really REALLY wish I could have been at!!

random positivity hours

//i know i just got back but i wanna say!! i love every single one of you!! no matter what your story is, you’re good in my heart! whether you think you’re the most useless piece of shit in the universe or you’re as self loving as they come, i love and appreciate all of you! if it feels like a bad day, that’s okay! everyone has bad days, not everything can go according to plan. but please! just know that you affect so many people everyday,even if it doesn’t feel like it. you matter and ily k thnx for reading have a good day