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And no one listens to her because she doesn’t have a pretty face to match her pretty mind.
—  Anonymous

We made a character sheet for Landon Hintermeister! The fella with a VERY THEATRICAL PRESENCE, (and rumor has it there’s a reason for this). 

Landon’s lived alone for quite awhile, but there’s nothing scary about a good, old-fashioned mad scientist, right?

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Nice Ranma 1/2 reference!! *holds hand up for a possible high-five*

*high-fives!*  =D  I’m so stoked that you guys caught that!  I felt like Ranma’s such an old anime/manga that no one was going to get the reference.  

Ranma was the first anime I obsessed over.  And when I was done with it, I jumped to Inu-Yasha.  Fun times! But I can still watch Ranma and get so excited over the hilarity of the tropes and the weird misunderstandings.  I think I need to go watch an episode before bed now.

maybe if i’d sent the text to her, i would’ve gotten a reply.

here is the text
that i never received a reply for
          ‘oh god of small mercies,
           was there any place at all
     for me and my body, a
            catalogue of wounds
   & unexpected love – ’
see, that’s the thing. i am very lovely
   but nobody can see it, i miss
 hugs after latin class,  a boy named joey
and a kangaroo girl and
         the maps i drew with sharpie
 against my veins because
    fortis est ut mors dilectio, after all.
here is the text, and
      here is my phone, i am
sitting at the park benches
  with a girl i wanted to kiss
        but never dared to, and she’s handing out
          jolly ranchers, and
i have never been happy
      in my entire life, but that’s not really
                               polite conversation
so i just tell her
that i prefer dum dum lollipops
                  instead. i get the feeling
that she understands what i didn’t say
and i wonder
         if i’d kissed her on that summer morning
      the jolly rancher would’ve made sense,
                                    after all.

divya @ antigoneblue , based off this discussion 


this is the best gifset I made in my whole life on tumblr!!!!!! sorry it isn’t loading for you because tumblr is fucking useless and won’t load shit but my best coloring so far (((:

I attended a writing clinic today which lasted about 5 hours. It was super intense but also super inspiring and I learned a lot about writing in general and my personal writing in particular. It was an overall amazing experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I got complimented on my final work in the end, which was amazing, since the teacher was a writer I really admire, so it was really great hearing good things from him about my writing and being so encouraging. And, since the last exercise was based on improvisation and combining multiple prompts (one new prompt every 5 to 7 minutes for about 50 minutes, all of them connecting on a whole piece of short fiction and being as cohesive as possible), it was very challenging for me, because I’m very analytical and don’t tend to improvise at all. It went much better than I expected. Anyway, I wanted to share this because not those many people around me care much about how I did and sometimes posting about stuff gives you a sense of sharing, whether people care or not lmao 

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i need someone to yell about my au to and you seem to like the clone wars so here goes: post-season 7, Rex has deserted the army after Kix goes missing (Jesse, Coric, and Echo go with) after a big-scale falling out with Anakin and is helped by a cool smuggler lady who also knows Dogma and Ahsoka and they go around subtly helping the Republic until the Republic doesn't exist anymore, and they pick up Sev from the Kashyyyk aftermath, and it's just this big found-family-fighting-the-evil-empire(1/)

- missing 2 D: boo tumblr wHY -

heads for Coruscant to kill Vader (who he doesn’t know is Anakin) and palpatine, but to do that he has to blow up the senate tower (b/c force powers) and Ahsoka tries to stop him but doesn’t succeed, but vader and palpatine are still alive so Rex basically has a breakdown aGAIN because woops, he’s a terrorist now, sorry about that, and when he and Ahsoka are running from the Empire he gets caught and sentenced to death but Ahsoka breaks him out and they almost make it to safety??? (3/) 

but then Inquisitor Barriss and one of the Sons (again from rebels - i like inquisitor barriss ok) intercept them in the tunnels underneath the prison and the two get separated when barriss brings down this wall of rock beneath them. Rex things Ahsoka is dead (she lost a lightsaber in the rockfall) and immediately goes at the Son for it, almost manages to kill him but then gets carved tf up by the Son because boi u don’t know lightsabers stop pls. Ahsoka saves him again by tapping into the (4/

Dark Side out of panicky instinct and she drags him to the shuttle waiting (Jesse is piloting) and manages to get Rex all hooked up to shit (he’s missing like half his body at least) while they try to fly away and (again) they almost make it - theres a lot of that - but they get shot down. And blow up. And die. And then wake up - as their pre-CW selves. 4 years pre-CW, to be exact. Much freaking out occurs and they proceed to Break Everything but Palpatine has Force Bullshit so he’s still (5/) 

a major problem and he’s a fantastic villain I love playing with him (and he brought out the Castellan Restraints from SWTOR so that was also fun) and basically more people survive but also more people die and overall this version is probably ‘better’ but not everyone gets a happy ending and I really love time travel AUs but buildup is also great and fun so thank you for letting me rant okbye (end/)   

ANON I’M SO SORRY tumblr ate the second ask and I’M SO ANNOYED because this sounds AMAZING it literally has everything?? Found families, Inquisitor!Barriss, Rex going up against one of the Sons (NO, Rex, what are you DOING), and TIME TRAVEL??? Oh my god, #5 literally made me clutch my heart like an old Southern lady, this AU has so many twists and turns and I LOVE it, thank you for me to rant to/yell at!!

Also I’m just. laughing. about the “you seem to like the clone wars” because you’re certainly not WRONG lmao