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  • *Going to a Haunted House*
  • Jackson: If you get scared, you can hold my hand
  • Mark: O-okay
  • *Enters House*
  • Jackson: *Clings to Mark* D-don't w-worry, none of this is real.
  • Mark: ...
  • Mark: I'm not scared.
  • Jackson: well, I wasn't talking to you.

guys, you can’t just do that to the emperor of the known universe


After Glow by Sharon
Via Flickr:
© 2017 Sharon Boswall

Sometimes I get it all wrong but it’s all right.

  • ATLUS guy 1: You know what? In a game where you refuse society's standards we need to accept that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love"; Let's make it possible to date the teacher.
  • ATLUS guy 2: What if we let the protagonist, who's a boy, date other boys?
  • ATLUS guy 1: Unrealistic. Impossible. Blocked. Get out of my sight.