what is their ship name orz

On Oikawa Tooru and “Tobio”

So I was rewatching the Haikyuu anime because I couldn’t fall asleep and noticed something peculiar during the Seijoh vs. Karasuno match. It turns out Oikawa always calls Kageyama by his first name. To his face, it’s “Tobio-chan”, a sort of teasing meant to clearly be humiliating/condescending, since high school-level boys don’t normally refer to each other by their first names, much less using a suffix that’s reserved for girls or children, unless they’re extremely close to each other. He doesn’t even call Iwaizumi, his best friend since they were kids, by his first name, granted he does have a cute/silly nickname for him. 

But that’s not all of it. 

Oikawa also refers to Kageyama as simply “Tobio” when talking about him to others. 

Which leads me to my original reason for writing this: what if Oikawa slipped up and referred to him as “Tobio” to someone who doesn’t know Kageyama’s first name? For example, someone who hadn’t been present during the two matches they first played against Karasuno? Someone like Kyotani Kentarou. 

Now, just picture the Seijoh team having a meeting right before their last match against Karasuno, and Oikawa mentioning something like “Beware of Tobio” or whatever. And Kyotani’s there looking puzzled and wondering out loud just who the hell is this “Tobio” that Oikawa talks about so much? 

“Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“What?! Why would you say that?!”

“Well, for starters, you call him by his first name, and you talk an awful lot about him. And you also call him your ‘cute underclassman.’ You’ve got to at least have a crush on him.”

Silence fills the room. Everyone seems to slowly realize the truth in Kyotani’s words. Oikawa runs away crying. 

Forgive me for making this so long and silly orz. Y’all already know I’ll forever be OiKage trash, and even if you don’t ship them, you gotta admit those two have a very peculiar kind of relationship.

oneforalls  asked:

hey.. hey..... ask meme......... todoroki .................

  • do I like them: yep!!
  • 5 good qualities: keep this short bc 5 is a lot: he Strong, he Smarts, his hair is cool, he blunt but hes also a meme
  • 3 bad qualities: hmm i personally dont really like his hero costume i think it could be more flashy but other than that idk
  • favourite episode/etc: the tododeku fight tbh
  • otp: tododeku what a surprise
  • brotp: momo or uraraka
  • ot3: iidatododeku idk the ship name
  • notp: any of the girls tbh
  • best quote: “never forget who you want to become” - i literally cannot explain how much i love this quote okay
  • head canon: he Gay

send me a character?


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Yeahhhh I don’t know what to say 8’D except that DIS BE MY NEW SHIP♥ ladynataliestark yeahh hahaha so I saw your reply on my post xD lol! Tagging you so that you wouldn’t miss it xD are we shipping the same thing again-

Multishipper FOREVAR 8D yeahhh see what I did there lol

Will try to draw a better MakoKisu / KisuMako next time x’D had to rush for this one orz oh and I had to include my orca mode Mako lol♥ couldn’t resist.

白鬼のつもりだったバレンタイン漫画 | A Valentine's Manga That Was Supposed To Be Hakutaku x Hoozuki

Here is a random Hoozuki no Reitetsu translation from うな丼 for Valentine’s Day! I don’t know how many fans there are out there on Tumblr, but enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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Omg okay so like I just have to say, I am not normally one who ships video game characters, but I stumbled across many pictures when looking up mercy that were ship pictures and then I ended up stinking on yours that I thought were soooo cute and I'm dying xD what is this hell that is Gency? I kind of like it here.... I think I'll stay... Would I be able to?

[[Aaaaa Thank You! ;u; Honestly I didn’t expect myself to be so invested into OW characters either but here I am in OW hell 8^) (wake me up inside) I just couldn’t help but to eventually fall for them one by one Orz]]

[[Well Gency is just the shipping between Genji and Mercy, though theres another name the ship goes by as well something like “emergency?”]]

[[Enjoy your stay in gency sub fandom ;^)]]

so i was reading me some good old kent/bitty fics when my brain stopped and i was like, wait. what’s their ship name again? bitparse? bittyparse? bent?!?!

and then i was like. oh, what about kitty?