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Do you have any thoughts on how Coldwestwave would go? :D

With hilarious amounts of horror from Barry and Joe, I’d imagine. no the way they keep babying her against her will in the Flash totally does not piss me off beyond belief

But seriously, I always write Iris with a strong healthy wicked streak, not to mention a bit of daredevil, and I think that if she wasn’t predisposed against them for some other reason (Barry’s the Flash, they’re supervillains, etc.), she’d hit it off great with them and be willing/able to overlook the minor criminal issue.

They’d probably help her with her journalism career, getting her into places no journalist can safely go, too; she’d enjoy that.

Honestly, if Barry never told her about the Flash, and a certain two supervillains grabbed her as the Flash’s favorite reporter instead of Caitlin (say, if Caitlin had worn a mask when Cisco et al went after Cold with the vacuum, god that’s still such a dumb mistake), she probably would have ended up having coffee with them and playing the oh-woe-is-me damsel in distress on camera willingly. And helped cover their tracks, too.

…they would have so much fun is what I’m saying here.

(They’d probably also be more upfront with her about everything that Barry is, sad to say. “we are criminals” “we are supervillains” “Len’s childhood sucks, be careful about that”, etc. instead of “I’ve had a crush on you forever and I never told you, but I don’t like it that you’re dating someone new after I was in a coma for nine months with no expectation of waking up”, “you should stop writing about the Flash (who I totally am not familiar with and/or am) because it’s dangerous for you for unclear reasons because a blog writer/niche news aggregator is totally a first target”, “but your dad told me to keep you in the dark”, “I erased your memory of our first kiss, like, three times by now”, “we’re married in the future and meant to be, btw”….man, given the fact that I actually like westallen as a ship, the show REALLY does a bad job at convincing me it’s a healthy relationship)

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5 of salt meme ?

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(a ship everyone loves but you hate)
Every popular Voltron ship tbh. I mean, there’s a reason I write the aliens. Everything else is so slice-of-lifey in the way that I’d probably sooner cut off my fingers or fall asleep with my face on my keyboard than actually write it, whether it’s one ship or the other.  It’s probably a side effect of writing not-humans (mostly but not restricted to aliens) for like 5 years. Almost anything involving a human at this point is just the most boring.

But god, honestly, I don’t really like the way fanon Shen/dak is portrayed either. It’s just the “Evil Rape-y Bad Guy” cliche. And it’s not that that turns me away from it (like I can do dubious consent toxic ships fine as long as it’s written in a not blatantly fetishized light), but rather the fact that all and any personality is completely removed from the character (ie Sendak) in favor of that Protagonist Angst (ie Shiro). While I didn’t really mind it at first, the more character I added on to this guy the more it started making me just roll my eyes. Like man…. at least try a little harder? (Pretty much every Galra-Paladin ship does this though.)

(Tho I don’t actually HATE any ship I just…. don’t understand why they’re so popular because they bore or unimpress the everliving fuck outta me.)

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‘Who do you ship Swap!Sans with?” is an ask I’ve seen more than once, so…

And, of course, bonus:

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Take the courses. Brace the main and mizzen aback. Haul in the guns. Close all the gun ports. You’re letting up? With the damage done to the rig, I can’t maneuver our broadside around fast enough to be of any effect. The sloops are too nimble. But hauling in the guns? They’ll board us easily.