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After I saw that GIF set of Sana after Vilde throws up on her when she's getting out of the bathroom I noticed she's wearing all white and I was wondering if that's on purpose or is just a coincidence. What do you think?


Honestly? It may just mean nothing but lbr, it was to show in that moment, Angel Sana being the Softest tbh.

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How To Never Get Rejected

 Detachment teaches us not to be attached to outcomes of events, but rather to separate ourselves from them and respond to them in a way that serves us. Instead of reacting to the outcomes and allowing temporary emotions to dictate our futures.

Whether you’re going for an interview, asking someone out on a date or releasing a project you’ve been working on - think about what the purpose of the interaction is. Experience in any field is what provides the basis of understanding ourselves in the process of living life.

If you get turned down or the response isn’t what you anticipated ask yourself - what now? Are you going to be deterred from reaching your goal because you encountered a setback along the way? Detachment from the outcome allows us to keep in mind what is important - the journey.

Indeed, it can be difficult to remove your emotions from the outcome - feel what you feel in the moment and understand that there is no such thing as rejection. I like to say that I was deflected, not rejected, because this outcome has changed the course of my journey - not stopped me in my tracks.

When we become attached to a certain outcome of an interaction we are placing unnecessary pressure on ourselves to achieve this outcome. This pressure builds resistance to our emotional body - detachment allows us to accept any outcome without trying to maintain control over the situation. 

Regardless if you get the job, date or success - understand why you put yourself out there in the first place. When your why is strong enough - your how becomes irrelevant. You will keep going until you reach your end goal - the road in between will be bumpy but a strong why will keep you moving forward.

Regardless of the outcome - remember why you started & keep going.

Peace & positive vibes.

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imagine turning to another human being and saying 'i have no use for you so i'm going to kill you but don't worry it will be too quick to hurt' like?? murder doesn't become acceptable just because it's relatively painless or because happens to a species you think is beneath you. and it happens on such a mass scale i don't understand how people can justify it to themselves

I totally agree. These people would be absolutely horrified if the principle that you have rights only insofar as you are useful were applied to them. What purpose do humans have? What use are most of us to any other creature besides our pets? Defining the worth of other beings according to what they can do for you is just about the most deeply harmful and selfish perspective I can think of.

First Meetings - derek morgan x reader

@milkandcookies528 requested: Could you do one where morgan is jogging with clooney and he sees the reader and wants to talk to the reader but doesn’t know what to say the reader so clooney purposely bumps into derek so that he has a excuse to talk to her. Thanks.

I hope you like it!! sorry it’s short ):

(not my gif)

It was no secret that Derek Morgan was fit. He worked out all the time to stay in shape. One of the ways that he did so, was jogging in the park in the mornings some days with his dog, Clooney.

As he was jogging, you caught his eye. You were wearing a tank top, workout leggings, and sneakers, and your hair was in a ponytail. He stopped jogging and pretended to be catching his breath and taking a sip of water to get a better look at you as you stretched your legs, as you always did before a run.

Clooney was not happy to be stopped, once that dog was running he didn’t ever want to stop. The dog tugged on the leash, Derek tugging back to get him to stop. Clooney disobeyed, the leash slipped, the dog ran over to you and jumped up to try to say hi. You smiled, petting the dog’s head, “Hi, buddy. What are you doing? Where’s your owner?” you always loved dogs, so this was a blessing. He was a sweetheart.

As you were about to check his tag to get a name, a man rushed over, grabbing a hold of Clooney’s leash and sighing heavily. “I’m sorry, he tugged too hard on his leash and ran.” he explained briefly. You did a double take when you looked up at him. He was hot.

He held his arm out for a handshake, and you shook his hand. “I’m Derek Morgan, and you are?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

And that was the beginning of someone new. After this first meeting, you and Derek jogged together multiple times a week, which blossomed into more than a friendship. A few years later, you bought (another) dog together. If it weren’t for Clooney, you’d have never met the love of your life.


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That Moana discourse is something else... a Disney movie made in California for kids who are majority non-Polynesian, but based on Polynesian culture, is definitely something that we need to wring our hands over children "appropriating." Man I'm so glad that my parents liked that I was interested in like the non-white Disney princesses and the black American girl doll and fostered that rather than wringing their hands over if an 8-year-old was engaging in "appropriation"

like god what do these people think the purpose of representation is??

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how does overlord take control of Zane?

Zane becomes more and more corrupted by the Overlord over a period of time. 

Zane tries to hide his struggles at first. He doesn’t want to worry his brothers, and he really fights back the idea that the Overlord can grow stronger when he’s contained in one body.
How wrong Zane would be.

Zane’s human-like in both body and mind, and feels plenty of emotions. And anyone would break down after a while of having someone in your head.
Overlord takes advantage of that human side of Zane in order to get his control.
He knows that if he wears Zane down enough then Zane’s malware protection would wear down as well.

So, he tells Zane things. Awful things.
“You can’t protect them like you did before.”
“Eventually, they’ll all die. And what purpose would you serve then, as the lone ninja? How could you protect all of Ninjago alone?”
“It’d be bad if they knew you lied to them and didn’t tell them about me… Think of how mad and betrayed they would be.”
“Think of all the times they made fun of you for being weird… for being strange… or different… wouldn’t you like to get back at them for that?”

And just as the Overlord plans, Zane starts wearing down. His mind becomes conflicted between doubting himself, and worrying about telling the others anything that he’s dealing with. 
He can’t handle it. Everything’s building up without a proper way to let it all out.
And so, the Overlord breaks down the first wall Zane has.
And he takes control of Zane for the first night. 

But the Overlord is smart. He plots.
He wouldn’t just go out as Zane and attack innocent people. 
That’s not how he wants the Ice Ninja to pay for defeating him.
No, he wants Zane to suffer and break down slowly for his actions at the end of Rebooted.
So, he hides Zane’s identity and commits crimes. Starting with small thieveries and arsons in abandoned buildings. And he slowly grows to more serious robberies. 
And he uses it as blackmail for Zane. 
He tells him that at any point he could end everything for Zane by just taking control of him and telling the others about his events. Zane’s body would be able to show memories of the actions themselves.
Which causes Zane to get paranoid. Because he knows that Overlord could do just that.
And because of Overlord’s growing control over him, he can practically talk to Zane at any point in time now. Before it was just an occasional weak whisper.

Eventually, the Ninja start to catch onto a pattern with the robberies. And they go after the robber when they see spot him running.
At this point, the Overlord has good control over Zane. 
And despite Zane desperately fighting back to get control again, he fails.
So he attacks Lloyd. And then Kai. And Zane can only watch silently in the background as the Overlord uses Zane’s body to almost kill his brothers. 
The only thing that saves them is Jay and Cole running up to them. And the Overlord running away from the two to save Zane’s identity for further use.

And now, Zane just struggles to keep himself from breaking down on a daily basis.

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What are your thoughts on an 18 year old girl studying design at university? Is it unnecessary and should I get on youtube?

Follow your heart.

I know youtuber crew who earn incredible money but they really fucking hate it and you see it in the way the treat their fans by means lack of local meet ups, free retreats, potlucks and or daily content despite having wi-fi at home.

Doing anything just for the money/fame = rotting heart.

Do every day what you would do for free. Everyone’s life purpose should be their profession.

  • Rantarou: Can I ask you a question?
  • Hoji: Yeah, sure.
  • Rantarou: Why do you put up with Wakiya?
  • Hoji: Oh, you know because we're friends.
  • Rantarou: Why?
  • Hoji: Wow, you ask really hard questions. Look, I know he can be aggravating, but what you have to remember is he's not doing it on purpose, it's just how he is. But he's also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together.
  • Rantarou: You know you're describing a dog?
  • Hoji: He did bite me once. But in his defense, I came up behind him while he was eating.
  • Rantarou: They hate that.
  • Hoji: Wakiya is the smartest person I have met. He's a little broken and he needs me. And I guess I need him too.
  • Rantarou: Why is that?
  • Hoji: You will not let this go, will you?
  • - (Beyblade Burst, Episode 28)

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hello Grey~ hope yr doing well. c: ive got a question: do u think clans that live far enough away from each other would find gatherings just as important, if not more than, the canon clans? my clans just spread out far away from each other, thanks to disputes + shifts in the environment, so i thought that gatherings might be more important to them,, what do ya think?

Hello, Ruddles! I am doing well and I hope you are too.

I think there are multiple answers to the question, depending on why your clans meet. What is the primary purpose of the gathering? 

If the primary purpose, as I suggest here, is to negotiate issues as peacefully as possible, then it’s unlikely clans who are far away from each other would have much use for it. Once they’re not longer in competition, the gathering loses its purpose.

However, if the primary purpose of the gathering is to keep Starclan happy, that will remain relevant no matter how far the clans separate from each other. Their beliefs will compel them to continue the ritual, even if it doesn’t fill an evident need anymore. 

If the gathering is purely for social reasons, that’s something that can be heavily influenced by the priorities of the cats in the clans at the time of deciding to continue or not. If enough cats in a clan like the gatherings, they’ll probably continue to go along, but if the majority doesn’t see the value in the gathering tradition, that clan will most likely quit attending–regardless of whether or not the other clans do. Potentially, it would become something of a prisoner’s dilemma, trying to guess if the other clans will go or not. 

The gathering tradition includes all three of these aspects–practical, social, and spiritual–but the particular ratio of those three will vary for each writer. I recommend you consider how the ratio works out for each of your clans, because that’ll give you a good idea of how each clan is going to view the gathering tradition. I hope this helps!

Blaming one specific person or thing for a complete failure of a game is such a lazy opinion and argument. Tuukka had a bad night, and it sucks that when he does have a bad night, the entire rest of the team has a bad night as well, because there are plenty of times where Tuukka is the only reason they won. Tuukka is also a main reason the Bruins are not down with the Red Wings in the standings. However, he can also be to blame, but he shouldn’t get all the blame, especially for last nights game. Same with defense. We can’t blame one player on defense or just generalize our defense as bad. Yes the puck went off McQuaid and in. How the fuck is that really his fault. It’s unfortunate that he was standing there but he doesn’t do this stuff on purpose. What about the millions of times where he put his body on the line by blocking slap shots with his neck, legs, knees, face, and even head. Offense is also not the ONLY issue here. We have too scorers in this league. We have players who make beautiful plays, and are smart with the puck, but all of them tonight just could not handle the puck correctly. All of them, let’s not pick a few here and there. This entire team is the reason for their struggles, let’s stop pushing the blame on one person because then we will never actually see the real problem. They can’t do that to themselves either because how is that ever going to help them. They will never play like a team if they keep blaming themselves.

be unapologetically you.

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.