what is their 'ship' name lolz

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why do you hate a/medot? (just wondering not a hate anon !!)

I’ve written about this quite a few times in the past; the posts are impossible to find though because they’re censored and not tagged.  But hey, I won’t say “no” to slamming my NOTP some more lol :p 

I might be covering some old ground again with this, simply because I can’t find my old posts on the topic.

(Going under a “Read More” for obvious reasons)

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why do you call it deancas as opposed to destiel?

I call it both interchangeably and tag it as both on my blog as well. But I started saying DeanCas when talking in public venues (i.e. twitter) because Destiel got such a bad name and became almost solely associated with porn. And while there’s nothing wrong with writing porn, that’s just not what they were only about for me. They’re about an endless and overcoming love that stretches beyond fate and destiny and heaven and hell and purgatory and even god because no matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other. To me they’re the greatest love story ever told and while sadly sometimes “Destiel” gets a “lolz ships lol gay u go but no homo lol” reaction, when you say “DeanCas” (or Dean and Cas) people know you’re talking about them as characters too and not just a ship to be associated with porn. 

Man that was way longer than I thought it would be, and I rambled so I hope it makes sense, nonny.