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Tyler Seguin- let’s get out of here

Request:  Can you write one about t segs where you guys are good friends who live together and there’s extreme sexual tension between you guys when you both get ready for and during casino night? And you guys act on it once you get home.

Author’s note: I hope this is what you wanted!

Warnings: steamy? Maybe possibly cuss words

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I cleaned a lot of my room today and I even washed my sheets which I’m pretty sure is a step in the positive direction of my mental health, especially since I can’t remember the last time all my clothes were picked up off the floor. Or quite honestly the last time I washed my sheets, which is totally gross and disgusting and don’t worry it’s only been a few months not that long!!! and i can’t wait to sleep in all my fresh sheets tonight. it’s the baby steps that are pushing me through these days. yay for doing something. 

Take your time to heal. We are still going to be here through whatever and whenever. We will never think of leaving you. We are a family. You are not alone in this battle. It wasn’t your fault, and nobody wanted that to happen. Stop blaming yourself. You deserve nothing but the best. The love of the world is greater than hatred and violence. That’s what your music taught all of us.
We will keep those beautiful and innocent angels in our prayers. We will pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and send them comfort. Our prayers could bring change to our hurting and broken world. We will keep on praying.
We need you to be strong and hold on. We are so excited to see you again with a big smile on your adorable face. We will wait for the time that you are completely healed and ready to inspire people through your God-given talent. We will wait to see the moonlight in your eyes again.
This world can be a dark place, but fear will never control us. Even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again. Better days are coming. Just hold on, everything’s gonna be alright.
—  E.J. Cenita, An Open Letter to Ariana Grande

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Hey! Could you do one where the reader is dating Tim and whenever she visits the manor, Damian clings to her because he has this huge crush on her and basically just Damian sneaking in between the Tim and reader's fluff? Thanks! Love ya! ✨

Hi, sorry for the long wait! I feel like I diverted a lot from what you wanted… but nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this!

The moment Damian hears the front door open and Pennyworth’s voice greeting you, he casually gets off the sofa he had been laying on and walks out from the living room, just in time to see you. The smile on your face when you see him is very bright – he feels smug about it – and you pad towards him.

“Hello, Damian.” You wrap your arms around him and Damian smiles in to the hug before wrapping his own arms around you too. If this was somebody else, Damian would have hiss and scowl at them, before threatening to take off their hands permanently for even thinking about touching him. “How are you?”

Damian pulls away to answer your question. “To pass time I read a few books just now.” In other words, he had been bored while waiting for you to arrive. You knew Damian well enough to understand his roundabout way of telling you about his feelings honestly. You laugh warmly at that.

“Can you show me what you read? I finished the book you recommended a week ago and now I am itching to get another book.” You tell him excitedly – surprisingly (though by this point, you really should not be surprised by anything Tim’s family procures) Damian has some really good tastes in books.

Damian huffs his chest with pride and nods his head. “Of course – we should go to the library! Father managed to buy me a few more books too. I think you might quite enjoy the new readings as well.” You nod your head and glance at Alfred who is watching the exchanged with bemused eyes. You wave your hand at him and he nods his head at you. The two of you left for the library, with you forgetting the first reason you came to the manor.

That is how Tim finds you a good half an hour later. You were supposed to meet up with him so the two of you can spend some time together and then have hi-tea but when you did not come knocking on his door the moment you texted him you had arrived, that is when he knew something was up.

This lead to him leaving his bedroom to look for you. He had been about to go to the garden – because that is also one of the places you like to go to whenever you visit the manor – when Alfred had kindly led him to the library, keeping a small smile on his face when Tim finally realizes just who had taken away all of your attention.

The moment you spy him though, all of his worries, bubbling annoyance and little tinge of jealousy disappear because the smile on your face looks incredibly bright and there is just something about the way you look at him that made him extremely happy. “Tim!”

Damian shoots him a glare and Tim does his best to ignore the youngest Wayne and heads to his girlfriend instead. He presses a kiss at the top of your head before putting an arm around you, sneakily giving Damian a smirk. He can see Damian gritting his teeth before picking another book to give to you.

Your attention is immediately back on Damian. “Oh, I have heard great reviews about this one; are you sure it is alright for me to be borrowing this much?” You look away from the book Damian handed to you to the growing pile of books. You are so going to have your hands full for the upcoming weeks.

“Tt.” Damian nods his head affirmatively. “Of course – father would not mind and Drake certainly would not stop you from reading.” Damian looks at your boyfriend. “He knows how much you love to read.” He smirks knowing how he had just effectively cut short any possible interactions he would have with you.

This was probably one of the reasons why Tim and you got so well together. You were obsessed with reading books, books in general just as much as he is with his work and his technology.

You laugh. “Thank you, Damian; I will make sure to return all of them in one piece.” You tell him as you gather the books in to your arms. Tim, seeing how you are struggling with the amount of books, took a couple with him. “Thank you, Tim.” You press a kiss close to Tim’s mouth.

“Should we ask Alfred to make a few sandwiches and head to the gardens?” Tim asks you as he stare at you. You smile brightly and nod your head. “The weather is really good too. Come on.”

Damian huffs and crosses his arms quietly. He knows your time with him is coming to an end.

You turn to look at Damian and smile before ruffling his hair with your free hand. “Thank you for this, Damian! Come see me later before I leave yeah?” You tell him and when he smiles at you, you grin back at him happily. Damian is such an adorable little kid; really makes you miss your own little brothers.

Tim wraps his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him, sticking his tongue out cheekily at Damian.

“Tim, love, stop aggravating Damian and let’s go.” You swat playfully at your boyfriend – it’s not like you were unaware of this weird rivalry the two of them have got going. You just choose to ignore it most of the time.

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Hi there! I'm not sure if you've answered something similar to this, but I'm wanting to write an autistic character. She's very severe, and has trouble communicating (slurred speech), her personality is also very spacey and oblivious. Any tips, or things to learn about writing an autistic character when I myself am not autistic? Thank you! Take your time!

Thanks for your question, love!  I apologize for the wait, but I’m happy to finally get to answer this :)

So first, I’ve got a a note on what you’ve described about your character.  For one thing, it’s preferred among most autistic people that there be no “sliding scale” of severity – because there are so many different symptoms and combinations of symptoms, and “severity” seems to only relate to symptoms that bother allistic people most.  Here’s a masterpost on how to handle this topic.

So now that this is out of the way, here are my official tips for writing autistic characters!

How to Write Autistic Characters

So it took me some time to prepare for this question, primarily because I saw so little information out there for writing about autism!  And that’s understandable, since it’s such a complex topic – after all, no two autistic people have exactly the same symptoms and coping mechanisms.  Plus, since autism is basically a top-to-bottom different living experience, it’s difficult for allistics to identify with.

But I’m going to discuss this in a few different parts: symptoms, coping mechanisms, positive qualities, and stereotypes to avoid.  I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible without sparing any information :)

Symptoms of Autism

There are many different symptoms of autism, although the mental/emotional aspects of the disorder is most often overlooked by the general public.  It’s important to recognize that every autistic person’s experience and symptoms are different.  Some people have few social problems but they can’t handle the sensory experience of a restaurant; some have few physical problems, but they struggle with OCD and can’t maintain a conversation.  The only difference between symptoms is that some are talked about and some are not, which makes them seem “uncommon.”

Physical Symptoms

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) – SPD is defined as the struggle to process different sensory input – visual, auditory, tactile, taste, olfactory, proprioception, vestibular and interoception.  SPD causes hyper- or hyposentitivities to certain sensory stimuli (e.g. certain clothing textures, food textures, scents, and lighting – especially fluorescent lighting.  Ugh.)
  • Dyspraxia – A result of SPD, dyspraxia makes it difficult to control one’s physical movement.  It creates problems with planning and executing actions, as well as speaking or judging spacial proximity.
  • Sleep Disorder – Many autistic people struggle with sleeping for various reasons – hypersensitivity seems to be the greatest cause.  Offensive sheet fabric, noises, or lighting can cause sleep problems, as well as racing thoughts or anxiety.
  • Lack of Energy (or Spoons) – Often caused by sleep problems or SPD, a lack of energy intensifies normal symptoms.  Understand that when an autistic person engages in a stressful or energy-consuming experience (prolonged socialization, insomnia, bad sensory environments, anxiety, etc.)
  • Nonverbal Communication – This type of communication is used by nearly one-third of autistic people, either because they aren’t able to use language in a meaningful way, because it requires an excessive amount of mental/social energy, or because they suffer from a learning disability.  Some people go temporarily nonverbal in times of stress to conserve energy.  Most nonverbal autistic people learn other means of communication, like writing, sign language, or scripting/echolalia.

Mental Symptoms

  • Executive Dysfunction – This dysfunction makes it difficult for some autistic people to start, finish, and quit tasks; to make decisions and switch activities; and/or create, organize, and follow through with plans.  This should not be confused with procrastination, as it is not a decision – it’s a result of low energy.
  • Alexithymia – Alexithymia can cause autistic people to struggle to identify their own emotions, or separate physical feelings from emotional feelings.  It’s closely tied with lowered interoception, which is defined as the struggle (or inability) to define and assess physical sensations like hunger, thirst, tension, etc.
  • Meltdowns – Meltdowns are an emotional response to overstimulation and stress, causing some autistic people to “lose control” of visceral emotional responses (e.g. shaking, kicking, crying, shouting, etc.).  There is another type of meltdown called a shutdown, which causes an opposite reaction: dissociation and lack of external response.  It’s a flight reaction rather than a fight reaction.
  • Increased Likelihood for Other Mental Disorders – Since the world isn’t exactly built for autistic people, there are plenty of everyday challenges and stressors (as well as difficulty maintaining supportive relationships) that can cause other comorbid disorders, such as OCD, anxiety, and depression.
  • Learning Disability and Late Childhood Development – While autism itself is not classified as a learning disability, it’s often comorbid with different types of learning disabilities.  Autism can also cause late development of speech and motor skills, among other things.

Social Symptoms

  • Hyperempathy or Low Empathy – On two ends of the spectrum, autistic people often struggle with the “right balance” of empathy – being either unable to identify, express, and empathize with emotions, or unable to shut off or control their own emotions as well as to separate themselves from other people’s emotions.
  • Impulsive Behavior – Because of a (sometimes) weak understanding of social rules and/or imbalanced empathy, an autistic person may struggle to stop and think before they say or do something impulsively.  This can cause interpersonal issues, as impulsive speech may offend or hurt others, while impulsive actions may feel too “out-of-control” or “hard to manage” for loved ones.
  • Difficulty Interpreting or Expressing Social Cues – Autistic people often struggle to understand facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, sarcasm, flirting, or figures of speech – and because of this, they can often come off as “oblivious” or “simple” (although this is inaccurate and contributes to a lot of misrepresentation).  It can also be difficult to express social cues, which is why some autistic people can appear to be awkward, clingy, aloof, or uninterested in friendship/romance.
  • Social Anxiety – Social situations can be especially stressful for autistic people, due to the amount of thinking it requires – to interpret cues, to “pass” as allistic, to express themselves clearly, to curb impulses, to handle sensory challenges – and this leads to social anxiety.
  • Social Isolation – As a result of social anxiety, some autistic people experience isolation, as they may feel more comfortable in their own environment, alone.  This is an unfortunate result of ableist culture, and may be worsened by executive dysfunction which can make it difficult to reach out to others.
  • Struggle with Change – Whether in routine, environment, appearance, or the natural changes of life (such as graduation, moving, marriage, death in the family, new job, etc.), change can cause great stress for some autistic people.  This is why many autistic people enjoy comfort objects, old music, childhood memories/interests, or specific, consistent colors, styles, or textures for their belongings.

Coping Mechanisms for Autistic People

There are many methods of coping with the negative aspects of autism, but there are a few that are most popular:

  • Behavioral & Occupational Therapy – Therapy (often combined with medication) is a continuous process of reducing symptoms, coping with stressors, and learning how to function in an allistic world.  (The most common method of behavioral therapy, ABA, has reports of being abusive, so be mindful of this if you’re researching/writing about therapy!)
  • Stimming – “Stimming” or self-stimulating is a physical coping mechanism for sensory overload and similar stress.  Stimming can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the action involved (some unhealthy stims include skin-peeling or hitting one’s head), and it can be conscious or subconscious.  It’s often seen as “weird” or “bad” by allistics (especially parents), so some autistic people train themselves out of the habit from a young age.
  • Special Interests – Special interests are half a coping mechanism and half a natural part of autistic people’s lifestyles.  It’s defined as a devoted interest to one or two subjects or activities – special interests can reduce stress, help focus, and provide motivation against executive dysfunction. 

Positive Qualities of Autism

Now that we’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of the way, I’m gonna list a few common positive qualities of autistic people.  Remember that these do not apply to all autistic people, but may be a natural consequence of autistic traits:

  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Divergence (from trends and social expectations)
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Uncritical nature
  • Attention to detail
  • Good memory
  • Logical reasoning
  • Active imagination
  • Integrity
  • Understanding of what it’s like to be judged or left out
  • Skilled with children

Autistic people, of course, have many other great qualities, and may struggle with many of the above.  Creating a character with all these qualities will yield you a stereotype, so be mindful!

Stereotypes of Autistic People

Finally, there are a few popular stereotypes of autistic characters, which should be avoided at all costs:

  • Autistic People are Psychic – We get this courtesy of shows like Touch, where the (usually nonverbal) autistic child suddenly starts speaking because they see ghosts or are somehow connected to “another world”.  Autistic people joke about themselves being “aliens”… but allistic people really shouldn’t.
  • Autistic People Need Caretakers – While some autistic people do struggle to manage their lives alone, it’s a pretty harmful stereotype in media considering the lack of positive representation autistic people get.  Plenty of autistic people (whether you consider them high- or low-functioning) lead successful lives on their own, and they deserve representation.
  • Autistic People are Burdens – The most stereotypical portrayal of autistic people is that they are the weight pulling on their parents’ ankles – that they destroy parents’ sex lives and make teachers crazy and their friends need a “night off” from their autistic friends.
  • Autistic People are Childlike – While many autistic people enjoy activities geared toward children, and while meltdowns can resemble an allistic child’s temper tantrum, autistic people are not childish or unintelligent.  Autistic adults are adults, no matter their struggles.
  • Autistic People Look Different – Autistic people don’t all look a certain way from birth – this is a myth that has been debunked time and time again, the same way that the Vaccines Cause Autism myth has been debunked, time and time again.  Don’t perpetuate these myths in your writing.
  • Autistic People are Like Robots – Autistic people may not express their feelings well, but they have feelings.  Being nonverbal, being dissociative, being aloof or awkward – none of these things make an autistic person unfeeling or non-human.  Be mindful to show the emotional side of your autistic character, even if they struggle to express it to others.

Final Note: You may notice that none of these links are affiliated with Autism Speaks, which is for a purpose.  Autism Speaks has a long history of promoting eugenics, abusing autistic children and adolescents, silencing the voice of actual autistics, and promoting a “find a cure” narrative that’s harmful to the minds of both autistic people and potential parents of autistic children.  When doing research, I’d advise you to refrain from using their resources.

Anyway, this was hugely long but I wanted to really go into it, since I didn’t see many other extensive guides on writing about autism.  Note that while I, myself, am autistic, this is only the perspective of one autistic person.  Either way, I hope this helps you with your character!  If you have any further questions, my inbox is open and waiting :)

Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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if clowns are weak to cowboys, but strong to wizards, what about rodeo clowns?

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f̶̘͙̤̘̼͎͚̀̀͑͗͌̂̕͟͡ͅẽ̵̬̪̫̜̪̪͎̈́̉̏̔̄͡ę̖̱̞͎̣̦̉͊͆͐̇̾͟d̸̨͉̰̖̻̭̠͙̀̆͗͑̕ ĭ̡̲̲̫̞̅͗̀̒͛̅̅n̶̢̢̪̥̮͌͂͆̓̈͛̃̇͞͞ͅt̛̼͖͓̳̞̀͐͊̍̾͟ͅe̛͎̜̤̫̯͙͉̅̐̎̄̒̈͌͝ŗ̵̛͔̞̣̫̔̀̎̈́ͅͅu̧͓̞͍̤̥̜̲̤͗̌̀̽͒̀́͂̀͝p̴̘̩̲̭̱̤͌́͆̒͒̎̕̚͠t̢̯̦̝̱̉͛̍̒̾͜͡ę̣̖̭͆͊̐͆̌̔̈́̇̅̑͢͜ͅd̨̢̩̱̰͛͐̓̿̅

all will be explained, you must wait

Your Savior - 35

At least after a huge cliffhanger like the one from the last chapter I try to keep time between postings short! Though many of you may wish I had waited longer. I cried writing this par. You have been warned. I advise you not to read this in a public place. Be careful what you wish for.

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Chapter 35


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

“Ok Doll, I’m not very good at this kind of thing, but I think it’s time that you and I cleared the fucking air.”

Negan’s words rattled through your brain like a tank, leaving waves of apprehension in their wake. “Ok.” You finally managed to gulp, sitting up more comfortably and pulling your knees to your chest and hugging them tightly. “Clear away.”

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(( hey hey what’s up guys !! a little odd and impromptu I know but I wanted to give a quick shoutout to @ponderingduo !!! if you like animaniacs/patb you’ll Absolutely love their stuff so go check them out if you’re into those cartoons (or even if u aren’t)!!

ALSO in other news school is finally out for me and finals are over so I’ll be able to get back to regular asks very soon!! thank u all for being so patient! ))

every time i go to make a post about bb headcanons or what not
i stop myself
because deep down i know i’ve already made said post
probably over a year ago
and i dont want to be repetitive or drive old mutuals and friends off with such

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I'm moving to a new school and people think I'm only there because I fucked someone from the school I'm moving to. how do I prove I'm not

You don’t. One thing people need to realize and accept is that NO MATTER WTF YOU DO PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS FORM THEIR OWN OPINION OF YOU, SO TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE’S MINDS SHOULD BE IRRELEVANT TO YOU. the only opinion of you that really matters is your own. Don’t pay them any mind, sooner or later they’ll find someone else to talk shit about cuz that’s what kids do. Focus on your education and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, in 5- 10 none of this shit will mean anything to you and neither will all the dumbasses you go to school with. It may sound like a long time to wait, but trust me, IT ISN’T. There’s 2 types of people in this world, people who control their own destiny, and people who let others dictate what their destiny will be. You’re NOT destined for such an empty life, NONE OF US ARE. We exist for adventure, NOT listlessness. Think about it, You are literally aoens worth of the resulting efforts strived by thousands of your ancestors that died making sure that YOU possess all their strengths and talents because YOU are the pride that they had for the future in living form. You, the apex culmination of your bloodline, must accept this as truth and conduct your life accordingly so you too can watch how quickly disrespect transforms into utmost respect. In this society we live in, if you don’t think and act like you are the shit, people WILL treat you like shit. This isn’t some shit I read in a book, this is life knowledge I’ve learned from pain that I’d like to spare you the suffering that went into developing this philosophy on dealing with human behavior. Quest with confidence warrior. No one can defeat you but yourself.

  • I can’t believe we’re back on the ark this is wild
  • I still don’t understand how we’re getting air back on the ark but that’s okay I guess I don’t need to
  • air?
  • nice. 
  • oh my god they actually made it I don’t believe this
  • and now…piano moments with bellamy blake
  • she’s waiting for them omg she’s been doing this every day 
  • did she say “we?” 
  • wait but something’s going to be wrong right
  • knewwww it she found people where did she find a kid?
  • whoaaaa what the heck 
  • crap it’s not them 
  • aaaand it’s over. it was a wild ride. see you guys next february. 

1.  I think I’m gonna wait a few days to give everyone a chance to let me know if they’re interested, then based on the art you send me I’ll narrow it down to a few people, and then we’ll hash out logistical details one on one and go from there.  Whether you get the position or not, I will still reply to your email so you know what’s going on.

2.  We’d be working on pages a few weeks in advance, so that everyone has enough time to do their part and not feel rushed.  And if somebody can’t do the inks/colors one week for whatever reason, of course I can pick up the slack myself.  But since there are going to be 3 people involved in this process from now on instead of just me, we can’t really do things last minute anymore.

So.... Anyone else literally dead?

This time jump is killing me. Bellamy and the space crew are a year late? Why? What happened? Who the hell is that kid. He/she was older than 6. So its not hers… But then she said others? So theres more night bloods? And who the hell was on that ship!? Why isnt anyone coming out of the bunker? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!! How am I, well all us that love the 100 supposed to wait to find this out. Im so frustrated and I dont know how to go on like this.

So, we know that this intergalactic hostage ship is going to come to play somehow. What if

A) Space squad spent their time becoming space hunters and they got this ship to get to Earth.
B) The ship is actually intergalactic bad people that come to look if they can take people from heart to slave them. So Clarke obviously gets kidnapped and Bellamy (with space squad) has to go save her.

I feel so robbed of 6 years and 7 days of my son in space again, back on
the Ark. Like just imagine, after the initial shock of everything. After storing
away what they need, getting their plant supply set up, all of that, just
imagine him returning to his old home, going back to that place where life
had taken so many ups and downs for him. Remembering the first time
he ever held Octavia in his arms. Feeling each piece of personal items that
were still left there, waiting for what was suppose to be, him never returning.
Imagine those memories of happier times hitting him when he walks through
the threshold. Octavia’s childish laugh filling his ears as he used to carry
her around the loft on his shoulders. The tears coming to him with the sting
of raw emotion as he remembers his mom, remembers Octavia under the
floor, the random house checks. Remembering the bad things, like when
his mother was floated and Octavia was stolen from him. I bet he has an
attachment to so many of the community used rooms on there and each
time he stepped back inside of them, those memories slapped him hard
in the face.
I feel robbed of 6 years and 7 days of Bellamy Blake working on himself.
On him learning that there is no threat here like there had been. That as
the days tick by, there was no threat against his survival. That he could
just live and be a person again. Knowing that the could let go and relax.
He can actually sleep without leaving one eye open. Without worrying when
the next attack or threat of war will be. When the next person will try
and change him to their side. He can literally learn to love himself again
in those passing years, those passing days. He can learn that he’s not
the monster he thought he was on Earth. He has the chance to make
peace with his demons, especially the demons he never faced in the
walls of the Ark.
I bet in the beginning, there were days where he’d lock himself away
and scream and cry. Where he’d just lose it all and himself in the anger
and thought of loss and wanting to do good by, not just Clarke, but Octavia
as well. Where he’d just lay awake at night staring at the metal ceiling
unable to relax because it’s not the same feeling Earth gives him. It’s not
the openness he had grown used to. He literally has to re-learn how to
live again. How to let go of that survival instinct and be a person. He has
to learn that every day won’t hold another threat for survival. He doesn’t
have sleep with a weapon at his side. He can actually sleep longer than
two hours at a time. He has to learn to shut his mind off again. He has
to learn that he can’t constantly be worried for Octavia or Clarke but
at the same time, know that it’s okay to hold on to that shred, that little
piece of hope that Octavia is still leading those 1,200 people and that
maybe, just maybe, Clarke survived somehow. Most importantly, he has
to learn how to be a leader again and survive in a different way than how
he was on Earth.

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Ok so get me a ladder for this reach but Strip that down = TIO. Wait for it = Still Got Time. Is any of this deliberate? What does it meeeean?

I don’t think it’s a reach to say those song titles are pretty similar. Being the logical to a fault hoe I am, I would need to see Zayn make a similar move on his side of the fence before I would say it was a twinning thing, though? I will say, I have noticed that some of Loammy’s photoshoots have used a similar aesthetic to Zayn, too - it’s worth keeping a watchful boob on it.