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Jerome x Reader

“You should try talking to (Y/N), he was obsessed with her, you might get more answers.” One of the dancers pointed you out for Jim who hurried over and stuck his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m Jim Gordon, you’re friends with Jerome?” He asked and shoved his hand in his pocket when you glowered at it.

“No, he’s a nut job, why would I be friends with him?” You sighed, glancing at Lee when she hurried over.

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“Sneaky little one! When did you think of surprising me like this?” McCree dom, Hanzo sub

“Sneaky little one! When did you think of surprising me like this?” The cowboy purred in his ear, pressing up against him from behind to kneed a handful of his ass and push him against the wall. Hanzo bit his lip to keep from moaning, knowing full well their team mates were only a few yards away, close enough to hear their laughter from the mess room where they all ate. “You sure are a kinky fuck for someone who acts all high and mighty all the time, you know that?” He growled into Hanzo’s ear, making him nearly go weak at the knees. “You knew I was almost done eating and I told you to wait for me back in bed, what made ya change yer mind, honeybee?” 

Hanzo let out a shallow breath, trying to steady himself before answering, “I grew tired of waiting,” He growled back, though the smirk on his face was clear. He was loving every second of it as Jesse kissed and licked along the side of his neck, grinding against his  ass. “You were taking to long.” 

“Yeah but s’not fair for you to send me pictures like that, baby,” Jesse groaned into his ear, before dipping down to kiss across his shoulder. “Nearly dropped my com in the stew pot, had to make sure no one else saw how spread out you were ‘cept me. You looked so damn GOOD, Han. And then showin’ up and waitin out here for me, what’s a man supposed to do?”

Hanzo chuckled before turning his head enough to capture Jesse’s lips on his own, tongue seeking the other’s out. The kiss was rough, passionate, and dangerous as the rest of him before he pulled away and growled roughly. “I suppose we should move this to our room now, shouldn’t we?” 

Jesse couldn’t find the words, but nodded his agreement. There were hearts in his eyes as Hanzo took his hand and darted down the hall, leaving the voices of their team mates long forgotten.

Beth Phoenix to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2017!
[February 27th, 2017]

This is honestly a bit emotional for me to type. In 2005, I had a conversation with Beth Phoenix’s boyfriend, who was a friend of mine, and who informed me that Beth wasn’t feeling too hot about her potential future with the WWE. I waited until I saw her after the show and pulled her aside to give her some words of encouragement. I told her that one day, she’d be the WWE Women’s Champion, and that she would go down in history as one of the greatest female wrestlers of her time, and of all-time. This solidifies that statement.

Beth personified what it meant to be both beautiful and powerful. Citing herself as “The Glamazon”, Phoenix debuted in the WWE in 2006, after spending only a few years in OVW’s training facility, which was paid for by one of her heroes, Molly Holly (to Beth’s surprise). After being sidelined with an injury, Phoenix returned to OVW where she became the third ever OVW Women’s Champion. During her reign as champ, Phoenix faced fellow future WWE bound Diva Katie Lea in a Ladder Match, the first of its kind under the WWE umbrella.

In September of 2007, Phoenix returned to the WWE and began the era of “The Glamazon”. Defeating Candice Michelle, Phoenix gave an emotional speech that jumpstarted the career of the dominant Diva which would include three reigns as WWE Women’s Champion and one reign as WWE Divas Champion. In 2008, Phoenix was cited as WWE Diva Of The Year, which may or may not have had to do with her humorous relationship with Santino Marella, known under the portmanteau of Glamarella. In 2015, Phoenix was honored by the George Tragos / Lou Thesz International Wrestling Institute with the Frank Gotch Award.

As someone who watched Phoenix go from a newcomer at OVW and blossom into one of the most memorable WWE wrestlers of her era, it makes me proud to say that this April, Phoenix will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Way to go, Beth!!!

Yesterday (2/28) my 02 came up to the customer service counter and said to me, “I’m so glad you decided to get trained in kids. I appreciate it.”
And I’m thinking OK I guess they are thinking and want me to be cross trained in kids just incase they need me. (I’ve cover for the kids department about 4-5 times. So I’m okay with that.)
Then she says, “When I heard that Elizabeth was going to be out for 3 months I was worried. But knowing that you’re going to take it makes me feel better.”

I’m at that point thinking woah wait a minute what!!
I know that Elizabeth is going to have to have surgery on her foot but I didn’t know when and I thought they would get someone who has been there longer or just have the home supervisor step up. Not me with my year and half to do it. No one has talked to me about doing it or even mentioned it. Now my 03 has mentioned training me in other areas but never did so I wasn’t holding my breath.
Tonight (2-19) though my 1-3 asks if I can work thurs and fri 9-5 so I can get trained in merchandising kids. So for 3 months I’m going to be a temporary area supervisor. I am so nervous and anxious. I hate going into thing not knowing what I am doing. I can see myself failing so much. Plus, I’m a full time college student trying to be a teacher.

Service With a Smile CH 15

A/N: [Weak fanfare/jazz hands.]

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Quiet, low whistling filled her ears. They were sweet notes–slow, calming…

She didn’t know what she was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t a proposal.
A dance proposal, that is.


Either way, Astrid couldn’t find any reason to refuse–especially with the lovely song that was resonating throughout the marble interior of the reception hall. She was almost certain that she detected various parts of the melody that had been interwoven during the wedding march, and though her gaze was momentarily locked on the newlywed couple swaying to the tune of the music, it soon shifted up and towards the space at her side.

Towards Hiccup.

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gender is honestly such a Ride because like, while i identify as cis, it's not because i have any kind of strong affinity to it? i'm kinda not too fussed tbh, like if gender was suddenly not a thing it'd be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but at the same time it being a thing (and me being a cis boy) is also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (what is gender anyway if not all the societal norms/etc that people are made to conform to due to being either a ""girl"" or a ""boy""- can't wait for the day when gender norms aren't a thing)

I RELATE TO THIS!!! and i think that’s the case for a lot of cis folks? the sort of feeling where, for example, if i’d been assigned male at birth, i’d have been totally fine with that?? like i don’t really feel any sort connection to ‘being a girl’ if that makes sense. but yes 100% i’m always thinking about what gender really is because so much of gender and gendered behaviour comes from societal factors but obviously part of it is biology and in the brain because people do often tend to feel a strong affinity towards a specific gender…. it’s really interesting and weird to think about

The Honeymoon Suite - Salambo06 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Sharing a Bed, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Fake Marriage, Hotels, Masturbation, Bathtubs, First Time, Declarations Of Love, Frottage, minor case, First Kiss, Cuddling & Snuggling, Sleepy Cuddles, takes place after s4 but don’t go deep into what happened), (also no TFP)

“You’ll see,” the receptionist smiles, handing John the key to their room, “This honeymoon suite is quite spectacular. Our hotel has won many awards, most of them for these rooms.”

John forces himself to smile back at her as gently as possible, “We can’t wait to see it!” He glances back behind him where Sherlock is currently waiting for their suitcases before looking back at her, “What time do we have to return the key tomorrow?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” the woman replies, shaking her head slowly, “Whenever you’re ready to leave. Some of our guests chose to extend their stay for another day or two sometimes, and it’s really no trouble.”

John nods, licking his lips and playing with the key in his hand. We’ll probably be leaving first thing in the morning, he wants to tell her. As soon as Sherlock proves who robbed the previous couple who booked a room here, we’re out of here and stopping this happily married charade. “Thank you,” he says instead.


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I am waiting for jhope boyfriend ver. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡



J HOOOOPPPEEEEEEE BOYFRiEND VERSION!!!(I am literally going to be smiling the whole time l write this) 

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

- The very first time he met you, he had to look back at you twice cos he had to confirm what THE FUCK HE JUST SAW AND APPRECIATE THAT BEAUTIFUL ASS (lawl)

- He had approached you and immeditely asked what your name was. 

-’Well damn….a beauTIFUL NAME FOR A BEAUTIFUL ASS’ *cough cough* ‘I mean faceu’

- You two clicked sooooOOOOO DAMN QUICKLY. And he soon wanted you two to be in a relationship. 


- He would be clingy and would take you to every rehearsal so you can be his little motivator

-at the end of every rehearsal he would come up to you pick you up and swirl you around the room. Which would then end with him pinning you against the wall and passionately kissing you

Originally posted by mn-yg

- You would always have a rare Suga popping into your room every now and agaiN saYing how you need to look after His beLOVed wife

‘But suga, you were not together’

‘I will cut you Y/N’



And then you two would be talking about the perfection that is j hopes jawline


Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

- The sex is ammmAAAZZZZIINNNNGGGG. 

-For some strange reason, J hope does NOT FUCK AROUND

- He does like 2 minutes of foreplay, but THEN cANNOT resiST YOUR BEAUTIFUL ASS BODY and JUST GETS RIGHT TO IT

- The only he would tease you is waiting at home in a firefighters cosutme or whatever uniform you like best and stripping every bit of his clothing, bt bY BIT AND CHUCking his clothing onto you

- All you would smell is that BEAUTIFUL VANILLA SCENT

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

- Any time you are upset or sad, he would go out and spend about £400 on gifts, foods and DVDs just to make you feel better

-WhenEVER sOmething Bad happens to you, JHope automatically starts crying, because hE can NEver see his baby crying

-He would probably break down in the toilets and go to jimin for advce on what to do. He TRiEs his hardest to cheer you up

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok



- Everytime you are with BTS, jungkook always makes fun out of you for choosing JhOPe, 

‘Well darling at least he can look at a girl’




Min Yoongi:…



Jhope: And that is why she is my mother fucking girlfriend. 


- Lastly, he always talks about having kids. Its the one thING HE LOVES TO TALK ABOUT. He wants 2 of both genders, but youre like ‘no way babe’ and he says yes babe, then we can make a whole new bts gang and then Jimin will have more people who bully him :)

Overall, jhope is just this bUNDLE OF MOTHERFUCKING JOY. But he knows when to tone it down, and what to do to make you happier and what to do when you are Sd!!!! He goes to either Jimin or Min Yoongi for advice and thinks that you will become good friends with the gang straight away :)  Sexy time with this beast is when he transitions from this fulffy bunny to some FIFTYSHADES OF FUCKINGHOSEOK AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO COS HE JUST TAKES CONTROL AND LEAVES YOU BREATHLESS AND YOURE JUST DONE WITH LIFE

Originally posted by sugabeats

ANYWAYS i am donneeee, hope you enjoyed, sorry it is a bit rushed. I am trying to do as many answers as I can tonight :) x

~~ Love Admin M x

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What do you mean by this is Amy Adams revenge? Sorry Im kind of out of the loop

listen to me. amy adams just had enough. she was hiding in the shadows all night. she was waiting. like an animal on her prey. and then the category of best picture came up. amy adams knew her time has come. she switched the cards. and now she is sitting in a leather chair, one finger circling around a wine glass… she did it. and no one will ever find out.

Barista Boy || Yoosung X MC

You waltzed into the coffee shop as you did every other morning. There was something different this time, though. This time, you were heartbroken.

“ Hey! What can I get you ” a quirky blonde at the register gleamed.

“ Can I get an Affogato ” you sighed, checking your phone to see if an apology text would spontaneously arrive.

“ Rough morning? ” the barista frowned, grabbing a mug and writing your order on a small tag that was attached by ribbon.

“ Rough week ” you laughed, earning one from the blonde as well, “ I’m just waiting for my friend to get off of work. I can’t wait to get on my computer and talk to him. ”

“ I totally understand. If I’m not at school, I’m gaming my days away. Today is my first day so I didn’t want to make a bad impression coming in with dark circles from staying up all night ” he brewed the coffee and pulled the ice-cream out of the freezer.

“ Ah, that explains why I’ve never seen you here before. I come every Saturday ” you sat at the bar, attempting to make small talk.

“ I think the last guy got fired for throwing an Irish coffee at his girlfriend. The nerve of some people ” the barista hissed.

“ I was that girlfriend. I am now that ex girlfriend ” you huffed, recalling the stinging sensation of the hot coffee and whiskey dripping down your torso.

“ I am so sorry. I hope I can make happier memories for you here ” blondie shook his head, spooning the ice-cream into the cup and drowning it with coffee. Once you finished your drink, he pulled out his wallet and put some cash in the register, “ On the house. You really deserve it. ”


“ I missed you ” you dragged out, adjusting your headset and signing onto LOLOL, “ How was work, cutie pie Yoosung? ”

“ It was great, MC! I met one of our regulars and she seemed really nice ” Yoosung giggled. God this boy was precious. “ How was your day? Are you feeling better? Has the wood troll spoken to you? ”

“ Everything’s been good. The evil wood troll has yet to return ” you sighed happily, wishing there were more guys out there like Yoosung. Once you told him about your ex, the two of you made jokes and began to refer to him as the ’ wood troll. ’

“ Let’s kick some ass! Seven offered up a raid before I left for work ” Yoosung declared. The two of you spent all day on LOLOL making jokes, kicking ass, and what not. Talking to him really made you feel at ease. Yoosung was your escape from the harsh reality. He never cared about what you look like or what city you live, he just wanted someone to play games with. Someone who would laugh with him and be his partner.

“ Yoosung! ” you cried, “ My computer is heating up! ”

“ Can you still call me? Pretty please? ” Yoosung begged.

“ Oh, of course ” you logged off of discord and shut down your computer. Dialing Yoosung dragged out for what seemed like forever before his lovely voice rang through your ear.

“ Thank you~ Talking to you makes me so happy. I want to meet you one day. ”

“ Yeah… maybe one day ” you grinned to yourself, realizing how much you liked this guy.

“ It’ll happen! You’re my best friend, MC. We’re bound to meet. ”

Ouch. Friend zoned.

“ You’re mine too ” you yawned.

“ MC, am I keeping you awake? ” Yoosung quizzed.

“ I’m keeping myself up. It’s one in the morning now~ ” you giggled.

“ Go to bed, my warrior princess. You did well tonight ” Yoosung cooed.

“ Thank you, guild master. You did excellent as always ” you played along.

“ Good night ”

“ Rest well, cutie. ”


The next morning came a bit too quickly. You decided on going back to the coffee shop to wake yourself up a little.

“ Oh hey! I thought you come on Saturday’s? ” the same blonde barista from yesterday spoke up.

“ I gotta wake myself up a bit. I stayed up pretty late ” you yawned, sitting at the bar.

“ What can I get for you this time? ” the cute barista quirked, leaning over the counter.

“ Flat white, please ” you ordered. The barista boy grinned and nodded.

“ So what game you play that keeps you up all night? ”

“ LOLOL. I’m number four in my server ” you stated proudly.

“ I’m number two in mine ” the boy stuck his tongue out playfully.

“ What’s your screen name? I’ll be sure to add you ” you quizzed, watching him take a toothpick to the coffee to make a heart.

“ Shooting Star Yoosung ”

Your jaw fell slack as the ever so familiar name fell from his lips.

“ You Leeroy Jenkins cunt! ”

“ Suck my water nymph! ”

The two of you burst into fits of laughter. You were happier than ever now that you knew your crush in person.

“ MC, am I dreaming? Pinch me ” Yoosung fixed his hair, a bright and beautiful smile remaining on his lips.

“ I’d rather hug you. Get over here ” you gestured. Yoosung emerged from behind the counter and wasted no time pulling you into his arms. Everything about this boy was soft, his voice, his smile, his laugh, and especially his embrace. You nuzzled further into him, never wanting to let go.

“ Let’s go somewhere after my shift, together ” Yoosung offered.

“ I actually can’t tell if your asking me on a date or to hang out ” you pulled away.

“ I-I mean… w-well….. if you wanna…. I mean… I like you…. um….. whatever you…. prefer- ”

“ Let’s go to the arcade. Like a date ” you cut off his stutters.

“ Sure thing, my warrior princess. ”

“ I’m glad I got to meet you, barista boy. ”

- Admin Taylor ( Not Revised )

Bloomtale - Chapter 13 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 13 is up!!! This one chapter looks… different, somehow.

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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The Snowball part 9?

I think I’m up to part 9 haha. Sorry to end it where I did and then not update for a few days! I 100% was gonna do this yesterday but I could not put down Rebel of the Sands and its sequel for 48 hours. Thanks for waiting xx

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Mor wasted no time in rushing to the hospital. She had argued with Amren over whether to wake Feyre or not but in the end both had decided she needed the sleep and it wasn’t worth her feeling guilty over what happened until they could sort it out. Amren would stay with Feyre in case she woke or in case Tamlin showed up. Both girls knew Tamlin shouldn’t know where she lived and Mor knew there was no way Rhys would have told Tamlin that Feyre was with his cousin.

Before Azriel had hung up the phone she was told that while there was a small electrical fire, that had now been put out. Cassian was with Rhys at the hospital, while Azriel dealt with the fire brigade. Tamlin had disappeared quickly after that with Lucien.

Arriving at the hospital, Mor was ushered through until she found Rhys sprawled on a bed, she spotted bandages layering his torso and blood covered his face as a nurse was setting his broken nose. Cassian hovered nearby with bandaged hands.

What the hell happened?” Mor demanded.

The nurse set Rhys’s nose with a crack as Rhys cursed.

“Damn it Mor, can you give me five seconds at least?” Rhys said nasally.

Mor held her hands up in surrender as Rhys glared at her. Cassian flexed his injured hands nervously until the nurses left, sweeping a pair of curtains closed behind them.


Rhys sighed, running his hands through his hair. “We’d been home for just a few hours before we heard banging on the door. Tamlin was shouting, asking for Feyre and like a fool I opened the door.”

“Despite Az and I telling him to just call the cops.” Cassian cut in.

Rhys rolled his eyes before continuing. “I told him that Feyre wasn’t there but he wouldn’t have any of it. Said Lucien had seen us take Feyre, like we’d kidnapped her basically. I invited him in to search the house. He started trashing it when he couldn’t find her.”

“Azriel tried to stop him and that was when Lucien rounded on Az. That’s how I bruised my hands.” Cassian said.

Mor looked between the two shaking her head. “Does Tamlin know Feyre’s with me?”

Rhys’s eyes locked with hers as he shook his head. The threat of violence still hung onto him like a bad smell as Mor knew he was considering what would happen if Tamlin found out his cousin was hiding Feyre.

“I told him she was staying with her boss until he could learn to control his temper. That was when he hit me.”

“So how come Tamlin’s not here in hospital too?” Mor glanced around wildly, almost expecting Tamlin to be on a neighbouring bed.

When Rhys was silent, Cassian answered for him, “Because Rhys didn’t throw a single punch.”

What?” Mor knew her cousin could throw a mean punch, he had grown up with Cassian and gotten into more scuffles than she’d like to know about. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t fight back.

“I defended myself but…”

Mor could almost hear him wanting to finish his sentence, ‘I didn’t want to upset Feyre’. Her cousin was in too deep. Even worse was that Feyre seemed oblivious to Rhys’s feelings. Although she had been preoccupied with dealing with an abusive asshole for a boyfriend for months.

“Rhys, you wanting to protect Feyre is going to get you hurt badly one day. Feyre’s isn’t going to stop talking to you because you stopped her ass of a  boyfriend from burning your house down.”

“The house is fine. Just a few scorch marks.” Rhys said.

Mor raised an eyebrow at Cassian.

“They smashed the good tv.” He groaned. “Caused a few sparks and set part of the wall on fire.”

Mor sighed, rubbing her temples.

“Where is Feyre?” Rhys asked, peering around. Mor heard the hopeful note in his voice.

“She’s back at home with Amren. She went straight to sleep when we got home and I didn’t want to wake her.”

Mor saw Rhy’s face falter ever so slightly, but a lot of tension left his shoulders in relief. “Good. How is she?”

Mor nearly laughed. Rhys was lying in a hospital bed with a broken nose, and what Mor guessed were broken ribs, and he was asking about Feyre. Mor shared a knowing look with Cassian.

“She didn’t eat dinner but I think she’s mostly just exhausted. You on the other hand need to be worrying about yourself a little more.” She said while prodding the bandage on Rhy’s chest. He inhaled sharply at the pain. “Next time don’t let that bastard go without at least a few scrapes.”

When Feyre woke it was mid day. She felt no desire to get out of bed, or eat for that matter, but she knew it would be rude of her not to get up and at least say hello to Mor and Amren. What she got when walking down the stairs was Rhys. Feyre stopped midstride at the door.

“Good morning. Or should I say good afternoon?” Rhys smiled at her.

“Where’s Mor and Amren?”

“They had work.”

Feyre came closer to where he was lounging on the couch. He sounded different, like he had a blocked nose. As she approached, Rhys shifted so it was harder for her to see his face.

“So what are you then? My babysitter?”

Rhys laughed but quickly stopped as if it hurt him. “No Feyre, I just thought you could use some company, so you wouldn’t have to be alone.”

Feyre almost flinched, Rhys always seemed to know what she was feeling even without her having to tell him.

“Who said I didn’t want to be alone?”

Rhys looked at her sadly. “No one truly wants to be alone.”

Now Feyre wasn’t sure they were just talking about her. And Rhys still wasn’t looking at her straight on. She moved to sit next to him on the couch and Rhys was immediately sitting upright, pulling his legs away so there was room for Feyre without her having to touch him. But he winced when he moved and Feyre thought there was a stiffness to him.

“Don’t you have a job?” Feyre asked.

Rhys grinned back at her, “Right now my job is taking care of you.”

“I don’t need to be taken care of.” Feyre huffed.

“I know, but I’m here all the same.”

For a moment Rhys let his guard down and Feyre managed to get a clear look at his face. There was no mistaking the slight crookedness to his previously, near perfect nose.

“Rhys! What happened?” Feyre exclaimed.

Rhys had started to move away, started finding the words to quickly reassure her that it was nothing and he was fine, but Rhys stilled, completely unable to form a single coherent thought as Feyre reached for his face. Their thighs were touching, Feyre’s hips next to his as she had moved closer to inspect his face.

Very carefully, Feyre gripped his jaw with one hand as she turned his face to look directly into hers. Her other hand reached out to touch his nose before deciding that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Rhys couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. He was unabashedly staring at her face, studying it, as he’d never allowed himself to be this close before. He saw the tiny freckles that were near invisible compared to the ones on her shoulders and arms. Her long eyelashes that framed her beautiful eyes. Then it wasn’t long before Rhys found himself staring at her lips, the way they pursed as she was inspecting his nose. Suddenly they tightened to form a thin line as a thought crossed her mind.

“Who did this to you?” She demanded.

Just like that the spell was broken and Rhys had to break away from Feyre. Had to get away from her, not only because he couldn’t think when she was touching him, but because she was in love with someone else. An abusive and manipulative person for sure, but the heart couldn’t always tell that, and Rhys could tell that at least when Feyre had first fallen for Tamlin, she had fallen hard.

His silence seemed to speak for itself.

“I’m going to kill him.” Feyre muttered.

“Don’t. You just need to let him know you’re okay and need some space. Don’t tell him where you are.”

Feyre gave him a look that said she wasn’t stupid, as she took in the way he was now standing on the other side of the room from her, clutching his side. Moving caused his broken rib a great deal of pain, and Rhys couldn’t stop his heavy breathing from being so close to Feyre.

Feyre got up slowly and started slowly walking over to Rhys. He held up a hand as if he could hold her back. Feyre ignored it, coming to a stop just in front of him. She gently peeled his hand away from his side, then replaced it with her own, feeling the bandages underneath. Rhys was breathing shallowly again as Feyre’s hand cautiously explored the side of his torso.

“Is it broken?” She asked, sounding on the verge of tears.

“Just the one.” He tried light heartedly.

“Can I see?”

“Feyre darling if you wanted me to take my shirt off you should’ve just asked.” He purred.

Feyre pulled back to glare at him with arms folded across her chest, but Rhys felt a small thrill run through him when he saw a faint blush creeping across her cheekbones.

He sighed before tugging his shirt up and over his head. Feyre let out a small gasp at the purple and black bruises peeking out from underneath the bandage.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” Rhys tried, but Feyre only looked at him in horror.

“I’m so sorry Rhys, I should never have left-”

“Don’t you dare think this is your fault Feyre.”

Feyre only shook her head, tears flowing freely down her face as she realised that Rhys had been hurt because Tamlin had been looking for her. The thought of anyone else being hurt because of Tamlin nearly broke her. Her own pain she could handle, she had caused most of his outbursts anyway, but the thought of her friends being put in harms way made her feel sick.

Rhys saw her start to shake and he couldn’t hold it back anymore, he reached for her, gently tugging her into the circle of his arms and pressing her face to his shoulder. Feyre froze for a horrible minute, where Rhys thought he was about to be refused, until he felt Feyre almost collapse into his arms. The weight of her leaning into his chest hurt his rib but Rhys didn’t care. He stroked her hair soothingly as he murmured to her about how she was safe and that he was fine.

Eventually Feyre stopped crying, but she didn’t leave Rhys’s arms either. They stayed like that for a while, Rhys pressed up against the wall, hugging Feyre to him.

“I’ll text him. Tell him I’m fine and not to come looking for me until I’m ready.” Feyre mumbled against his shoulder.

“I know, I know.” Rhys said soothingly.

That was when Amren came through the door. Rhys suddenly realised he still had no shirt on and was holding Feyre to him. Feyre froze as well as she heard the door open.

“For gods sake, at least put a shirt on Rhys.” Amren drawled.

Vote in the Final Four of TV's Top Couple Now!
Who will make it to the top 2?!


We’re against Evak and they’ve been voting so much on every round. It’ll be hard, but let’s be real, we’ve waited 6 season for Stydia to happen, we can work this out.

Ps: i’ve seen lots of drama already all over twitter, lot’s of hate between both fandoms. Let’s just respect eachother, and be nice with every fandom, because they’re just trying to win, exactly like we’re doing. So please, let this fandom fights apart and focus on what’s the important thing here. 

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Can you possibly write a scenario where Lance's s/o is comforting Lance about his insecurities and reassures him that everyone, including them, need him and love him? Lance deserves more love ❤

“Babe? What’re you still doing out here.” Lance’d left the bed to get a drink about 20 minutes ago. not only that he was out for a long time, he left the room instead of going to the en-suit bathroom. So after waiting, you slumped out of bed, pulling the blanket around you like a cloak, you went to find him. 

And here he was, leaning over the kitchen sink, the tap dripping, but his eyes were closed, his hands gripping to tightly onto the counter top. When you spoke out to him, his head twitched in your direction, but his eyes stayed closed, and his lip curled up in either a smirk, or a cringe, you couldnt be sure. 

Concerned, you glided closer to him, but seeing him step away from you, just barely, stopped you from touching him reassuringly like you wanted to. 

“Lance… Whats on your mind?” 

“Did… You heard Allura today, right? She treated me like an after thought. Again.” his voice was rough, a sign of sadness, if that wasn’t already obvious. Getting a better look at his face, you could see red tear streaks down his cheeks. Something told you that Allura’s behavior wasnt the only thing bothering him. 

It’d been something you and him had discussed before, so you weren’t clueless what to say. As time went on, you began to notice it more and more; his under appreciation. It wasnt anything specifically, but something kept striking Lance, right where he was most emotional sensitive: How he was regarded. 

It was evident that he wanted his space, but from past experience, you didnt feel comfortable leaving him alone like this. 

“Do you want me to talk to h-”

“No! Please dont tell her! It’ll only make it worse.” He was breaking, it hurt to see. He turned to face you suddenly, eyes open and bloodshot as he stumbled back a step, hitting the island. He griped onto it, watching your face before falling down to his knees, curling into himself, hugging around his torso. You gasped, and knelt down in front of him, heart breaking at the sound of his chocked sobs. he wouldnt lookup at you know, as he radiated sadness. you could feel the hurt he felt in your own lungs, as you watched him crumble, feeling helpless. 

“I dont-dont know what i keep doing w-wrong!” He called out, out of breath from crying. He finally looked up to you, conveying his desperation with his eyes. His expression was one of tragedy and vulnerability, something that took you months and months of friendship for him to reveal to you. 

It was better for you to let him vent, let him cry, let him feel this hurting. being a a safety net when he fell to deep. He needed you keep him above water, you got his silent message. you touched his forearms, and he limply let you hold his hands. Taking this an an allowance to come closer to him, you did, leaning forward, urging him to do so. He followed, and with fingers laces together, foreheads touched gently, you listened to what he had to say. 

you werent sure how long it was, but it felt longer, surely. maybe about half an hour of sitting together like that, and your knees began to cramp, but you didnt dare move. you could take the dull pain as it was nothing his heart was dealing with. but after a time, he calmed down, out of tears to shed. Once things got quiet, you notices he was trying to match his breathing with yours. 

“Want some water?” You asked in a hushed tone, pulling back from him, using the blanket you still have over your shoulders to clear his cheeks. He nodded, letting you stand and you wrapped the blanket around him and he hummed fondly at the warmth of it, using the edge to wipe his running nose. 

“We should head back to bed, the floor can’t be too comfortable.” You offered him your free hand, the other holding his cup of water. He nodded and stumbled up with your help, adjusting the blanket around him. You smiled as sweetly as you could at him, and led him back to the bedroom you two shared. 

Back in a more comfortable space, he huffed in bed and sipped his water as you sat beside him. Taking a bit of the blanket to cover yourself, but leaving enough for him, you began to speak. 

“I dont care what others say, I love you, Lance, you can always count on that. Ask me again and again but my answer wont change.” He looked your way, and you promised him this, happy to see a smile tease its way to his face. 

“You know, just the other day, Hunk and i were talking about you,” You began, noticing the somber look on his face. “He was telling me stories about your time back in the garrison. How you’d always joke to cheer him and Pidge up. he made it very clear to me how thankful he was that you are the blue paladin. Youre the one who keep everyone together. your friendliness is so important to the team, Lance. it may not always be clear, or recognized, but you’re important. They need you here, just as much as you need them. I promise you.” 

Your eyes never left him as he let your words soak in, nodded gently as he pressed the lip of the cup to his teeth, taking small sips now and then. you would wait for his response, not wanting to overwhelm him with your passionate affection and support. it’s been a highly emotional night for him, after all, he deserved a break. 

He never did respond, instead just turning to you, pulling you down to lay with him. He looked so exhausted as he kissed your forehead before closing his eyes. it was likely that he wouldnt bring this up tomorrow, or ever, and that didnt bother you. 

To your surprise, you woke to him already out of bed, but with a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, written in his familiarly sweet handwriting: a heart beside a smiley face with a simple “thank you”. 

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Usopp and Nami with 69. “Stop laughing every time the announcer says 69.” <3

Thank you for the prompt!! I hope you enjoy this. I’m still pecking away at these slowly.  >> “Stop laughing every time the announcer says 69.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Nami looks up from the various papers she has scattered across her lap from the passenger seat of the car.  Usopp gives her a curious glance from behind the driver’s wheel as they wait in traffic to be directed on where to park.  Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy are all squished in the back, the latter two grumbling as Sanji berates them into tying their ties properly.  

“What’s up?” Usopp asks, turning back to pay attention to the lines of cars ahead of them being motioned towards a lot on their left.  “Did you find a horse to bet on?”

Nami sighs heavily, neatly gathering the papers and tucking them into her purse.  “Sure did,” she replies, massaging her temples with a small groan, “It’s name is ‘Sixty-Nine.’”

Just as she feared, the car full of men burst into chuckles and snickers the moment the name leaves her lips, minds already in the gutter.  She quickly slaps Usopp on the arm before turning and pointing a menacing finger towards at the men in the backseat.  “I will not put up with listening to sex jokes all day from you boys.”

Sanji scoffs, cheeks pink.  “I would never –”

Nami waves her hand, shushing him immediately.  “Don’t antagonize Zoro into making stupid jokes.”

Zoro scowls but remains silent, giving the Nami the finger and earning himself a swift kick to the shin from Sanji.  She sticks her tongue out at the gesture before turning to face Luffy head-on, the dark-haired man still giggling into his hand.

“And you,” she threatens harshly, “Behave yourself! I could win ton of money here and I will not have the likes of you fucking this up for us.”

“Aw, c’mon,” Luffy pouts as Nami turns around, stretching towards the front seat and giving her a wide-grin.  “What’s the point of winning if we can’t have any fun?”

Nami shoves his face away from her, pushing him back into his seat.  “Let’s make a deal,” she coos, eyes shining as she glances at him with a devilish smirk.  “If you behave and I win my money, I’ll take us all out for hot wings after.  My treat.”

“Deal,” Luffy agrees immediately with a defiant nod.

“You don’t have to worry about me!” Usopp announces as he turns on his left blinker.  “I’m great at keeping serious.  I can even be more serious than Zoro when I try.”

“Sixty-nine,” Zoro deadpans from the back in a deep rumble, causing Usopp to snort.  He quickly realizes what he’s done and shoots Nami and apologetic grin.

“It’s gonna be a long day,” she huffs, digging her lipstick out of her purse.

Their day actually flies by as they enjoy the festivities of the Kentucky Derby and the smaller horse races that occur before the main event.  Nami’s already ecstatic to have won a few of the earlier bets but the bulk of their money was put towards Sixty-Nine and his big finish at the final race.  She’s wedged between Usopp and Luffy, her traditional wide-brimmed hat shielding her from the hot Southern sun as they wait for the final race to start.

“Where are Zoro and Sanji?” Usopp wonders aloud, craning his neck to look for them.

Luffy giggles quietly and whispers behind Nami’s back, “Probably found somewhere to ‘69.’”

Usopp bites his lip, holding back his guffaws as Nami hits them both on the shoulders.  “I told you two to behave!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Luffy apologizes with a pat to her shoulder.  “Just wanted to get it out of my system before the race.”

Nami shakes her head with a low growl, checking the gold watch strapped to her dainty wrist.  It’s almost time for the race.  She clenches her papers tightly in her hand.  They have a lot of money riding on this bet and she hopes to win big.  Their horse has low odds so the payout would be huge if they succeed.

The mood of the audience shifts into excited buzz as the announcer begins preparing them for the Derby.  Nami sits up taller, straining to listen to what he’s saying as the seconds tick away towards that final moment.  She hears him mention Sixty-Nine but is unable to discern what’s being said as the boys on either side of her erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Shut up!” she scolds them, cupping a hand to hear ear so she can hear better.  A few more minutes and then the alarms ring over the sound of the cheering crowd.

“And they’re off in the Kentucky Derby! Sixty-Nine had a good beginning…”

Another loud snort from Luffy as Usopp bites his lip harder to keep silent.

“And there goes Sixty-Nine on the far outside…”

Nami sees Luffy jab Usopp in the ribs out of the corner of her eye but the other man remains silent, clutching his middle and tensing up to stay focused on the horses.

“Sixty-Nine sets a solid pace…”

It’s too much for the two of them, they both erupt in loud, bellowing laughter, causing Nami to reel on her heel and screech, “Stop laughing every time the announcer says Sixty-Nine!”

Luffy doubles over in laughter and Nami delivers a smack to the side of his head.  Tears stream down Usopp’s cheeks from his snorting cackles as Nami batters his shoulders and chest with jabs from her perfectly manicured finger.  The stress and annoyance distract her completely and she’s not pulled from badgering and punishing her boyfriend and the other idiot until she hears the announcer yell Sixty-Nine’s name repeatedly from the loudspeaker as the crowd cheers.

“Wait, what happened?” she stops, turning and searching the race track below.

“Sixty-Nine won,” Zoro comments from behind her, suddenly appearing with Sanji at his side.  She squints at Sanji’s appearance, his collar disheveled as he adjusts his tie.

“We won!” Luffy cheers, hopping up and down and grabbing Zoro’s suit jacket by the arm.  Usopp whoops with him, wrapping his arms around Nami in a big hug and she stands dumbfounded, the news still hitting her fully.

“We won?” she says dumbly, before squeezing her arms around Usopp in celebration.  “We won!!” she screams, jumping with him.  “Oh my God, I can’t believe we won!”

Luffy’s smile shines brightly as wraps an arm around Nami’s shoulders.  

“We’re getting hot wings now, right?”


Destination Arcjet Systems

(From the police station we rushed to the short distance away to the location called Arcjet Systems. Acording to the intel it held the deep range transmitter what we needed. Paladin Danse lead the way, I was legging behind him try to keep up the pace. Man he can be fast and loud. Every time he stepped or leaped in the air and landed back on his feet the ground shook under the heavy suit, my whole body shook with it. Was this a gentle adrenaline rush for me? Oh yes it was and the cluncking sound of the metal suit in motion just emphased the short burts of excitment in me. I was ready what ever waited inside for us.)

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i have no idea how spells work & prison worlds are created cuz everything in this show has almost no logic & there are always loopholes and stuff BUT i bet even tho the kids helped, bon was the one who did the spell & used her blood or smth so that somehow binds her to the place she locked kai in + with her being psychic and all i right now make a headcanon where bonnie is kinda in tune with his emotions&is capable of knowing what he does at any time given time&is the only one who can visit him


i think that’s exactly what they established, that she’s in total control of him this way

remember how hermione put rita skeeter in a damn jar? this the same only way kinkier. (SO many oneshots of her visiting him waiting in my drafts, guys) 

also i love how she is the one who knows his greatest fear. their push and pull is fantastic

also do yall realize kai only called out to bonnie to tell her about katherine to warn her??? it’s not like he expected bonnie to release him after this. he told her so she’d be careful, im sorry, that’s my headcanon. he could’ve easily stayed quiet and let them deal with it unprepared, but nope. that’s how much he loves his boo. 

ġяєєӄ мγтнoloġγ ραятγ☾

Gods and Godesses alike, welcome to Olympus ! The Delta Xi Beta sorority organization invites you to a night of exploring Greek traditions and festivities roped into helping support a worthy cause. In partnering with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence non-profit alliance, all Ticket Sales and Drinks provided at the bar will be donated towards this foundation. Our Deltas have gladly dedicated themselves to create a night of not only ambiance but of course that zest we’re known to carry. We hope to see as many of you as possible in attendance.

TIME AND LOCATION: All attendees should present themselves no later than 8:00 PM EST; tickets may be purchased upon entrance. Hosted at The Loft Penthouse, located 15 minutes away from campus. Designated Ubers will be waiting in the campus parking lot to take those who prefer to be driven.

DRESS CODE: You aren’t required to dress for the Oscar’s but not exactly shabby either. Cocktail/Club attire is acceptable. It’s not about what you’re wearing anyway, you’re here to have fun for a cause !

FOOD + DRINKS: All food provided is included in your ticket fee and is free of charge. Waiters and a few Delta sisters will be roaming around the party carrying dishes for our attendants. However, the bar is strictly under your tab. Drinks and other bar snacks purchased are widely appreciated by our supporting foundation.

TICKETS: Each ticket per person is charged $10.00. They may be purchased at the front gate upon your arrival.

CONDUCT: We would very much like to remind all of you that you are in fact grown adults, so any brash or inappropriate behavior is strongly advised against. There’s a limit to what you think is fun if it defaces the sorority name and parenting school. So we say once more, think wisely. But if you do happen to throw a couple firecrackers in the crowd, see Delta presidents Sanaa or Yana IMMEDIATELY so we can find you an escape car from the crime scene !