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This is a place where horrible things happen.

I have a lot of memories of people, 
people I’ve lost forever…
but I have a lot of other memories too. 
This is the place where I fell in love. 
The place where I found my family. 
This is where I learned to be a doctor. 
Where I learned how to take responsibility for someone else’s life. 
And it’s the place I met you. 
So, I figure this place has given me as much as it’s taken from me. 
I’ve lived here just as much as I’ve survived here. 
It just depends on how I look at it. 
I’m gonna choose to look at it that way and remember you that way.

Hope you’re good. Bye.

sometimes I get really insecure about how I look but them I’m just like fuck it!!!! time isn’t real and death is coming!!!! I’ll eat that bag of chips it won’t matter when I’m dead!!!!!


what’s got me emotional rn

  • Keith: How's Christmas planning going?
  • Keith: But you started pretty early, you had a color coded schdule.
  • Keith: I'm ok with that.

Sooooo next episode of Riverdale on the 17th of January huh? You think you are funny CW? You think I can wait that long? Yes you are right I can’t so do your fucking business and continue releasing a new episode every damn week! And don’t even dare to not put sweet pea into it

Okay FML guys I just don’t know what to do with my life now so I needed to ramble about this soooooorry


[!!!] Seventeen released a special video for fans to commemorate their music show win(s) for ‘Clap’ !

The video features the boys teaching viewers (Carats) special methods of clapping for better health.

- Admin Leen


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Te lo dije/I told you ( richie x eddie) 🍎

note: Okay so this is the first time I’m actually posting my work on tumblr but I kinda really wanted to give it a try even if this is the worst thing you’ll ever read in your life . Either way enjoy , i guess ?

summary: Eddie Kaspbrak cannot believe that out of all pupils in the whole entire school he is stuck with Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier as his Spanish tutor . The most irrational , loud and honestly very cute boy who never even pays attention in class . Eddie is frustrated , Richie is amused , let’s see how this is going to turn out .

warnings: swearing i guess ? sexual innuendos ? They’re both 17ish .

disclaimer : English isn’t my first language so please point out any mistakes I make , or a ways I can improve this .

pairings: reddie centric , stenbrough in further chapters , probably benverly and mike and happiness .


“Miss I do not deserve this !” , Eddie exclaimed his face red , basically shoving the report card into his Spanish teacher’s face .

Miss Roll was a pathetic excuse for a Spanish teacher . She messed up the tenses most of the time and as long as Bill was right , she learned Spanish through some telenovelas she would show in class.

Still the woman had the audacity to give the only student who even remotely tried in her class a B , a B! Eddie would have never suspected that in the subject which he always saw as an easy A , he actually would actually get a B .

You see Eddie couldn’t afford a B in any class if he actually wanted to get out of Derry for good .

“Well mister Kaspbrak I beg to differ , you’re an amazing student but your oral exams are just not up to the standard” she said , shaking her head as she went through her mark book .

A soft giggle at the word ‘oral’ escaped from Richie Tozier’s mouth from the back of the room , where the tall , lanky boy observed the situation , twirling a pencil in his long , pale fingers .

Probably sitting his detention out like he usually did .

Realizing that Eddie was not winning the glaring competition between him and the Spanish teacher he hung his head in defeat his report card slipping out of his fingers down onto the floor .With an exasperated sigh Eddie slowly lowered himself to the floor , his hand reaching to pick up the white report card . A low whistle once again disturbed the tense silence , in a way easing the tense mood for a minute until Eddie’s brain registered from whom it came from .Without even looking up from the pencil , Richie smiled wickedly , perfectly aware of Eddie’s stern gaze on him .

“ Tut - tut Kaspbrak . Haven’t you read the school dress code ?”

“ Oh shu-” Eddie started , his face ; a look of annoyance .

Miss Roll cleared her throat , throwing a quick glance at Eddie’s short , red shorts before glaring at Richie , scolding him for inappropriate comments . Something he supposedly got in detention for, in the first place .

Richie Tozier was like a very bright disco ball or an angry woman at Target . You knew when he entered and missed the sound of his obnoxious voice and inappropriate jokes when he left . Not in Eddie’s case though . No , Eddie didn’t care . Totally .

Eddie didn’t know much about the guy except that he was not on any teacher’s good side and that he was hot annoying . He really didn’t know what even kept Tozier from getting expelled judging by the way he always made loud , inappropriate sexual innuendoes or broke school property . Or even for the fact that he daily smoked on school property with the ginger girl , Beverly Marsh ,was it ? Either way , Eddie could only wonder why the school would want to keep such a nuisance around .

A stern voice ripped Eddie out of his thoughts as he once again stole a quick glance at Tozier who was smirking at Eddie , before returning his gaze to Miss Roll .

“ Well maybe instead of paying close attention to erm…mr Kaspbrak , you could actually help him out with his Spanish ?” , she pointed out , her thin eyebrows rising up on her forehead as she waved her red nail from one boy to another .

“Oh I don’t need -“ Eddie started , a laugh escaping from his mouth as he gestured to the formerly named boy .

“ Oh but I think you might .” ,she insisted , crossings her hands on her chest “Mr Tozier believe it or not got the only A in class so if you want to get a higher mark maybe you should consider this.” Miss Roll retorted , as she grabbed her purse heading out of the room .

“ You’re done Tozier , get out “ she said in a bored tone , already more preoccupied with something she was looking for in her bag , as she gestured both boys to exit the room before doing so herself .


Eddie stood there , in front of his Spanish class whilst the Spanish Teacher’s heels made a click sound as she walked away .

Then somebody cleared their throat right next to his ear , making the boy jump , whipping around to come face to face to “Trashmouth” Tozier . Perhaps a bit too close.

“Well” ,Tozier started “ I don’t believe we’ve ever been properly introduced, Eds right ?” , the boy asked , his curls a shade lighter in the dusk’s light which shone through the large windows of school corridor . Eddie quirked his eyebrow , taking a step back from the boy ; clutching the report and the Spanish books to his chest .

“It’s Eddie” he said at last , ruffling the hem of his long pale blue t-shirt . “And no , we’ve been in the same Spanish class for the past 3 years Tozier , perhaps you only noticed me now because you decided to not nap in the class” Eddie snapped back , a smirk on his face, turning on his heel , starting to make his way to his locker . Two steps off he heard a snort as feet followed him to his locker .

“Well , I never said I haven’t noticed you?” , Richie cooed catching up with Eddie’s pace in two strides . Honestly , that guy was tall .

Eddie was trying to not give the boy who didn’t work but still somehow got a bloody A the satisfaction of making him blush . At the Richie’s comment Eddie only rolled his eyes , spinning around the knocker to enter his combination and carefully putting his books inside .

“So” Richie said dragging the “O” as he leaned on the locker next to Eddie . The unusual quietness of the school only making his voice’s echo go all around the corridor , suddenly even louder than the boy already was .

“When do you wanna study?”

A smirk quickly lined his face as he adjusted the huge glasses on his face . Eddie could only shake his head at the comment looking over his locker at the boy .

“Um , I don’t think it’s a really good idea” Eddie finally answered , as he continued to shuffle aimelessly through his books .

“Oh c’mon Eds , you’ve heard what miss pain in the ass said” the boy continued , as he turned to look at Eddie as the former loudly closed his locker . “ Also , I’m a great teacher , you’ll see , you’ll have an A in no time” Richie finally finished , pressing his hand to his heart comically , giving the shorter boy a goofy smile .

Okay so on one hand , Eddie definitely didn’t want to spend his afternoons with the ultimate definition of havoc, but on the other hand Eddie would do anything to get at A on his finals .

“Fine Tozier” Eddie finally said , an exasperated sigh escaping his mouth as he looked up at the taller boy before turning around and heading to the door , Richie hot on his heels .

“Great Eds , I’ll see you after school tomorrow then , vale?” Richie said , before running ahead of Eddie and kicking the door open .

“Si! And don’t call me Eds !It’s Eddie for fucks sake!” Eddie shouted after the tall boy who was already gone .

What the hell did he get himself into?


vale= okay ( sp)