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Nickname: Mir

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′ 4″

Time right now: 12:12 am

Last thing you googled: How to search my google history

Favorite music artist: PAT!D

Song stuck in my head: Rick and Morty theme song

Last movie I watched: Bad Moms

Last TV show I watched: Rick and Morty

What I’m wearing right now: Sweatpants and a tank top

The kind of stuff I post: aesthetic, anything pink, fandom, and shipping

Do I get asks regularily: Since I’ve joined this fandom, yes

Why did I choose my URL: Because Prinxiety was taken lol

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Pink/rainbow

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 4-12

Lucky Number: Do not have one

Favorite character: Oh gosh I cannot choose

Dream job: Author. I want to be a published author so badly

I really don’t feel comfortable tagging others, so if you’d like to do this as well feel free to!

Memory Monday

When I returned to Tumblr, there was an 0licity and anti LL page that decided to follow me, despite the fact that I was an adamantly a Laurel Lance and Nolicitiy fan. I felt they were only using me, to see “what was up” when it came to Laurel Lance or what arguments were floating around - and I didn’t have time to deal with extra people like that, so I called them out.

It was a pretty nasty experience, especially since it wasn’t a call out post like “fuck you” or “shit on your life” - it was a “please unfollow me I don’t want to deal with your bullshit”, sort of thing. Well, the person, being as extra as they were, blew it up beyond measures and is apparently an old fart who has a cult of followers for their fanfics. 

That person tried to diminish me with their amt of followers, fics written, and age; while also saying that “if you have your ass hanging out, better expect someone to slap it, and everyone give the person who slapped your ass a standing ovation), continued calling me “pet names” when I politely asked them not to. That person even told a follower of mine to not have a “spaz attack”, quit being bipolar, and more ableist things. It was such a disgusting experience that I was about to leave, because it was so mean and I had no one backing me up - but then I called out that person for being ableist, promoting sexual harassment, and just being a terrible person. It was the last straw and I was not going down without a fight.

I ended up getting some followers from that terrible experience.
Instead of giving up, I decided to be stronger, better than that person, and I am where I am now.

Of course, there is something that I want to confess to you all, is I can’t bare to see a certain gif, because someone said, in response to the person who said those terrible things to me, and I’m paraphrasing, “yes, use that switch on them, teach them manners!” It was  gif of a young black girl, in a school uniform, praising something - a young black girl.

Now, I don’t know why I link everything I experienced to this one gif, but I think it had more to do with: “how could you use that gif with the word “switch” in it?”
I was filled with so much anger at the blatant use of something so historical, a ‘switch’ with a black person. hTere are so many terrible connotations with that, heavy connotations, and coming from a black school that lived and breathed black history - I was fuming.

The person never unfollowed me.

I made it a daily thing to visit the nolicity and anti tags to spam the person’s wall, so they would unfollow me - it worked and I gained some followers along the way.

It’s been a little over a year since that incident, and I still think about it. 

It wasn’t my first terrible experience, it definitely wasn’t my last either, but I think it’s because the person had so much “influence” and was such a hateful person. That’s when I realized that these people are probably Trump supporters, and they are probably doing it in hiding - that or Tumblr has them believing they aren’t when they spew the same exact hate and ignorance he does. 

With such a big follow and hatred in their heart, eventually I got wind of the person again, and they were trying to destroy someone’s gifset of Laurel as someone “weak” and “not strong”. I wanted to be there for the gifset maker the same way I wished someone had been there for me, and I let the maker know that the person wasn’t worth talking to because of my run in with them. The maker blocked that hateful person, and that’s when I realized how wonderful the block button was.

The hateful person tried to respond to my post about them but couldn’t. 

I didn’t even find out you could look up your username to see who’s been talking about you until a few months later. When I finally decided to see who’s tagged me or talked about me, I found out they fake tagged me in something (lol) (when I say fake tag, it never alerted me of the tag, and they just copy and pasted my webpage so I wouldn’t be alerted of it). It was rather…interesting, and it definitely lmk that I came out on top.
I really am better than them, than this, and I never responded - I didn’t have to fight to win, to stay under their skin, and I came out as a better person.
I went back to look for it, walking down memory lane and whatnot, and couldn’t find it. Maybe they blocked me? Maybe they decided to be a better person, themselves, and deleted the post? Dunno.

All I can say is I’m happy that part of my life is over with.

Slowly, over time, I know I’ll leave the Arrow fandom indefinitely.
Until then, I have the memories of my fandom experience to hold onto, this was just one of the worst.

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Nickname: Jade

Star sign: aires

Height: like 5′2"

Time right now: 7:09pm

Last thing you googled: tm

Favorite music artist: ALL

Song stuck in your head: Burn from Hamilton

Last movie I watched: well for school it was Forest Gump but on my own it was the Lego Movie?

What I’m wearing right now: a to big hufflepuff t-shirt and Hufflepuff lounge pants

When I created this blog: summer 2016

The kind of stuff I post: mostly mixed fandoms and cool stuff I find along the way

Why did I choose my URL: it’s the same as my Pintrest

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff ^♡^

Pokemon team: Mystic!

Favorite color: I really like purple or baby blue

Favorite characters: *unrolles scroll a mile long* let us begin

Dream job: I’d really like to be a chef or a writer

Number of blankets: 3

Followers: 509 wow!

I tag @vlan-oni @fortunatehazelnut @ace-the-ninja @sulfersnout @fangirling-phoenix @percyyoulittleshit @smol-angry-artist @mr-universe99 and anyone else who wants to >♡<

My final words on the Lauren Zuke drama

I’m already starting to see “go die” comments directed at Lauren, tagged ship hate, etc. so I felt this to be necessary.

Real life person > fictional characters and ships

All she said was “I don’t speak for my coworkers, but this is what I intended. Ship whatever you want”. That’s it.

I am an animator, myself. I can tell you all, right now: Storyboards, and everything else on a show, have to get approval. Not just by people working on the show, but by producers, censors, etc. The lapidot and amedot stuff did not get slipped in “unnoticed”. The rest of the crewniverse knew, and animated it, and sent it to air.

Also, Zuke isn’t the only person to draw Amedot/Lapidot.

If there’s lapidot or amedot hints in future non-Zuke episodes, are y’all still going to send her death threats? Call her names? If you want to analyze a show on your own blog, go for it. But once you start dragging in real life people, insulting them, telling them to “go die”, you need to take a step back and calm the hell down. And tagging your ship hate has always been stupid, regardless of fandom.

If you value fictional characters over real life people, unfollow me.

A Word To The Sherlock Fandom

Over the past two weeks I have read some truly angry pieces by a very upset Sherlock fandom. Usually, I would counter this with lots of Moffat praise and wait for the wave of anger to subside. But this time, it has become a matter of showing respect to the LGBT+ community. So for once, I am going to address the issue before I move on with my usual blogging routine. 

For Those Who Don’t Know What The Anger Is About…

In a nutshell, what it boils down to is that the episode The Final Problem gave its viewers the impression that the show might be over for good. And if that really were the case, it would mean the relationship between Sherlock and John would never have become canon. And the hints that were planted throughout the show would have been all in our heads. 

Now let me start by making my position on the matter clear: I firmly believe in a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I believe in it when watching the BBC series, I believe in it when reading the original books, I believe in it even after having watched The Final Problem. I believe. 

Originally posted by violincameos

I also strongly believe that Gatiss and Moffat have actually read the books and that they cannot possibly have overlooked all the subtext that hints towards a John-Sherlock relationship. And finally, I firmly believe that the writers have every intention to include this relationship in the show, if they get the chance…

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We all have ships we don’t like. A lot of us even have ships we hate- but that doesn’t make it okay to tell someone not to ship something, and it certainly doesn’t make it alright to send someone hate/shame them for what they ship!

Ship wars can really hurt people, and leave lasting issues with fandom/shipping as a whole, or even drive people out of fandoms entirely! Tag blockers exist for a reason- so please reblog this to let folks know your blog is a safe space, and you’ll use them instead of sending hate!

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

moodboard based on url

yes thats right im making moodboard aesthetics based on your url. if your url is fandom based perfect, if its not its okay, ill make a moodboard based on what i think of when i see your url or through browsing your blog. 

  • must be following me, this aint free labour (im actually joking i never check who follows me or not so its all up to you)
  • send me an ask with one song, it could be anything, current or not (this wont affect your moodboard i just need song recs)
  • reblog this post, its free advertising for me (im joking i just want a lot of moodboards to do so spread the word)
  • it might take me a little while to do all of them, ill be doing them slowly but i will do all of them

Happy birthday @the-humerus-skeleton @underfart-snas
I still don’t quite know what ones to tag.

Hey I found out it was your birthday to… day……

… No really I found out literally today because I’m a numbskull. And I’m really late to the fandom to begin with. 

I didn’t really know what to draw; have a little something, it’s better than nothing right.  I rushed the holy living daylights out of this aaaaahhhhhh

I hope you had a fun birthday!


the ml fandom has had huge arguments over food.

we mostly get along over here. we don’t often catfight about ships (unless they’re horrible), we support each others’ art and their right of what they can draw, we leave nice reviews on fanfics and generally have a good time. we aren’t even angry about star signs or cat vs dog person. everyone is welcome here

except when it comes to food

many of you remember the salt and vinegar chip discourse, in which most notably, @megatraven defended the honorable and sacred salt and vinegar chip by buying a shit ton of them. it was a fandom divide and no one knew who was their enemy and who they could trust

now it’s bacon. and pineapple on pizza and shit.

and do you know why? do you know why i think this odd pattern keeps showing up, that this fandom is unnecessarily obsessed with drawing lines within food preferences?

because that’s 100% what marinette and adrien would do. do not tell me that they would not text each other until 3 arguing about s&v chips. do not tell me sabine would not offer adrien bacon, to which marinette would be disgusted, and he’d eat seven pieces in a single minute and marinette threatens to break up with him. do not tell me that marinette wouldn’t buy dark chocolate and adrien would be betrayed because his preference is white. they’d absolutely do it

so good job ml fandom, you guys are really in character.

This Is What You Came For

Title: This Is What You Came For
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 1,551
Warnings: Language
Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know. First time writing Walking Dead. Second time going out of the Supernatural fandom!

Part 2 || Masterpost

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Impromptu OC Day?

It’s a sucky day for most of the world right now, so what if we took some time to distract ourselves with our OCs? 

We can reblog our art, commissions, fic, headcanons. We can share ask memes and flood each other’s ask boxes with OC questions. However you want to indulge, go ahead. 

This is NOT limited to my fandom at all so feel to participate for whatever fandom you’re in, or even if your characters are totally original, but if you are in the Dragon Age, feel free to tag me for a reblog (even if we’re not even following each other) so I can see and share your OCs!

i'm laughing because there's actually an anti killing stalking tag and 12-year-olds are making a fuss

it’s FICTION it’s FAKE it’s not happening IRL and no one would want that to happen let people read what they want it’s OKAY to enjoy killing stalking as long as you understand that stuff in it isn’t right but it doesn’t make you ‘disgusting’ just because you like it let people fucking live

anonymous asked:

I decided to look up things on the Chaol tag. And I see post after post of all the Chaol hate. And it's like "good for you. I respect your opinion" but seriously let me just search things for my son in peace.

I feel you, I haven’t tracked the chaol tag in centuries because it’s either dead or full of drivel. In saying that some of this might not be entirely the posters faults. This is because of the way the tumblr search/tag system works. (I’m going to go on another technical tumblr rant, bear with me this may actually be vaguely helpful. Also this is just how things work as far as I’m aware, I may not be 100% accurate here in which case feel free to chip in and ) 

so you have two options for general tumblr browsing: 

1)- /search/character  


2)- tagged/character 

The latter is the older of the two that was gently replaced by the search feature a little while back. As far as I’m aware any of your tracked tags will link you to the search (unless you have xkit installed (like I do) in which case it will take you to the tagged area of things) there’s actually a fair bit of difference between the two and what shows up in them… 

/tagged/ is my preference because it does what it says on the tin: it shows you the tags. If someone hasn’t specifically tagged the character/ship/book/whatever in the first five tags of their original post it’s not going to show up there. 

/search/ is a bit…trickier. And I think it’s actually a cause for a lot of the bad feeling in this fandom. From what I’ve seen most antis actually tag things correctly. That is to say they don’t use general character names in the first five tags and they anti tag things too. Following the rules and etiquette of ‘old tumblr’ they’re actually doing things right. Problem is when you look at the way the search feature works. 

As far as I know the search feature will pull from all of the tags as well as the body of the post itself. This is where the biggest problem comes in (and why seemingly childish nicknames people have for characters they dislike…actually kinda works in your favour if you’re pro that character…because it won’t show up in your searches) 

Pulling from the body of the post is the reason why if I’m talking about something I don’t like I’ll stick symbols in it like e/orcan or manor*an. Doing this means the search doesn’t recognise those words for what they actually are and therefore won’t put them in the search and upset people. However I don’t think a lot of people are aware of this (I wasn’t for a while either, tumblr isn’t exactly great about saying hey guys we’ve changed something it works like this now! you kind of have to suss it out for yourself) and that’s causing some bad feeling in this fandom because there are posts that are properly tagged (so I would never see them because I very rarely look at the searches) but other people will because they aren’t properly edited/written for the search feature.  

This means that the search pulls things from the body of the post itself or from the tags someone puts right at the end of a post for organisation on their own blog and helpfully shoves the anti post in the search where it doesn’t belong and where the OP actually never intended for it to go. You have to do a heck of a lot of very careful editing to avoid things showing up in the searches these days. 

My best advice for happy blogging: don’t look in the searches; just look in the tags. (Probably won’t help you hugely for Chaol’s tags. People just put whatever the fuck they want in there and the pro-fandom is too small to do anything major about that) but for rowaelin (which I know suffers a lot from this) it’ll make your life about a million per cent happier. Blacklist anti tags (which people do actually try to use fairly often) and stay out of the searches and your blogging experience will likely improve. 

(Also keep in mind that even if someone edits the body of the post and refrains from personal organisation tagging if they’re answering a negative ask that uses any of the ship/character names unedited the search will pull from there as well and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it) 

Pidge’s Writing Commissions

Hey! I’m in the process of looking for a job at the moment, but in the meantime, I could really use the money, so I’m going to finally open writing commissions! I’m taking a limited amount to start, to avoid burning myself out, and my wifi situation is a bit shit at the moment. So here we go!

If you’d like to have a look at things I write, check out the following links:

(AO3 | Writing Tag)

What I WILL write 

  • Fanfic and original fiction
  • Fandom original characters
  • Reader-inserts
  • Fandoms I have at least a passing familiarity with (feel free to ask!)
  • Smut/PWP
  • BDSM (ask me about kinks!)

What I WON’T write

  • Rape (in ANY form, including “noncon/dubcon” or rape fantasy/roleplay)
  • Pedophilia/Underage (shota/loli)
  • Incest
  • Daddy Kink/DDLG
  • Master/Slave AUs
  • Excessive Angst
  • Abusive/Toxic Relationships or Pairings
  • Suicide or graphic self-harm
  • RPF/Real People Fiction


Prices and Payment

My price $2.50 USD per 100 words of a work, with a minimum of 200 words.

Payment is due once I’ve completed roughly half of the work. I will send you what I have completed, and if you’re satisfied with the way it’s going, you send payment.

Be clear with what you what! Set a concrete word limit. If I go less than 100 words over, no additional fees apply. If I go more than 100 words over, it is up to you whether I pare the work down to the requested length, or you pay the additional charge.


Writing smut is hard (ha), and takes a lot of extra time and effort for me personally, and as such if you do want a smut piece, I tack on a $5 USD “smut tax.” 

This, of course, is only applicable for the hardcore, pulsating, throbbing kind of smut. The kind that includes the arduous task of finding synonyms for penis that aren’t, say, “meat wand” or “hot beef injection.” Unless you’re into that.

The smut tax applies only to works that would be rated Explicit on Ao3. Feel free to discuss with me whether or not your commission is eligible for the tax!


email me at nochristmasjokesplz@gmail.com with the title “Writing Commission”

Additional Info

  • Please include in the body of your email your pairing/ship (if applicable), a summary of what you want your commission to include, and detailed descriptions of the personalities/appearances (images welcome!) of any original characters involved.
  • It would be exhausting to list all the fandoms I will potentially write for, so I leave it up to you to bring it up and ask me whether or not I write for a particular fandom.
  • Feel free to address anything that you feel needs work in terms of characterization, dialogue, or general mechanics and conventions when I send you the preview!
  • I am not looking to write a multi-chapter work or series.
  • Tips are welcome and appreciated.
Uncharted Ladies Appreciation Week

Welcome to @ladiesofuncharted​‘s first fandom appreciation week! This week will be dedicated to creating content for all of the wonderful ladies of the Uncharted series!

It will run from:

Monday February 13th - Sunday February 18th, 2017

  • How it will work: Each day of the week will be dedicated to a specific character or group of characters, and people will use the big list of prompts below for the entire week to make content for the ladies on each day (or as many days as they want)
  • What tag to use when posting content: #ucladiesweek

The Different Days

  • DAY ONE → Our Lady of Right Hooks: Elena Fisher
  • DAY TWO → Saviour of Asses: Chloe Frazer
  • DAY THREE → Wicked Witch of the Best: Katherine Marlowe
  • DAY FOUR → Dora the Explora: Marisa Chase
  • DAY FIVE → Goddess of Gainz: Nadine Ross
  • DAY SIX → Adventure Daughters: Cassie Drake & Pema
  • DAY SEVEN → Other Awesome Uncharted Ladies: Cassandra Morgan, Evelyn, Rika Raja, Jadranka “Jada” Hzujak, Sister Katherine, & Rose Doughty

Prompts For the Week*:


  • [character of the day] + incorrect quotes
  • [character of the day] + smiles
  • [character of the day] + their theme song (of your choosing)
  • Best expressions/faces
  • Best outfits
  • Favourite dance moves from uncharted multiplayer
  • Favourite lines of dialogue
  • Favourite scenes
  • Favourite tropes
  • Scene/moment that made you fall in love with [character of the day]


  • Big dreams
  • Dark secret
  • Down time
  • Early childhood/adolescence
  • First job
  • Growing pains
  • Old in body, young at heart
  • Poker night
  • Roast session
  • Wounds, old and new

*These are prompts have been divided up as a tentative way of categorization only. You can choose from any of the categories for any kind of content you wish to make!

Thank you to @beltsquid​ for making the lovely banner for this event!

You can also find all of this information on our blog here. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an ask! Please reblog this to spread the word, and we hope to see you all in February!

  • Before Lena Luthor, I had not heard of Katie Mcgrath's name or heard the name of Merlin or Dates or Idk any other show she was on.
  • But since Lena Luthor happened to the Supergirl fandom,I started seeing Dates, Merlin, Katie Mcgrath tags on my dash. Not only from Supergirl fanblogs but also from personal blogs who had not posted or reblogged a single Supergirl post before.
  • What I'm trying to say is that Katie Mcgrath gained herself a huge Lesbian following by staring in Supergirl. And these are not only Watchers of Supergirl.
  • If Katie was gonna get into social media right now I think she would be shocked by the amount of Lesbians that worship her eyebrows.