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Serious question:

How would people feel about an asexual romance heroine? I don’t mean a clean romance, I mean a heroine who says ‘look, you’re a really great guy and I would love to spend my life with you but thinking about sex makes me really uncomfortable so I would prefer if we didn’t’. And that’s it.

I know it’s important to portray women’s sexuality as just as active and enthusiastic as men’s but there’s so many people out there who don’t feel that way and it can feel really alienating.

I’m asking because the third in my planned series of fairy tale-esque romances would work so well for an asexual heroine and I would love to write it that way but I also want to know how readers would feel about it or what they would like to see in that scenario. So I’m asking my lovely romance peeps! Tell me what you think!

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Hi for fic recs I'm good with anything I just am in a slump trying to find some good Granada style fics and so I thought I would seek the help of an expert xD Maybe some fluff or h/c preferably 1k+ words

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Oh good! let’s do this :D

Particular Pecularity by saavik13m, 43k, Mature: “How high is your regard for me, Watson?” He asked abruptly, his eyes still trained on the fire. “If I were to confess my darkest secret would you leave? Would you abandon me here to my melancholy?”A case forces Holmes to reveal the truth to Watson and risks both their reputations and their liberty. Just how understanding is John Watson?

Since First I Saw Your Face by Stavia_Scott_Grayson, 42k, Mature, Holmes POV, wip: During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson. Full of historical references, with a hopelessly in love Holmes, beautiful writing, one of the best fics of the moment. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s so good D:

Le Beau Gent sans Merci by SweetSorcery, 2k, Teen: News of Captain Jack Croker and Lady Mary Brackenstall start Holmes and Watson talking about the perfect relationship.

All the Makings of a Great Romance by fleetwood_mouse, 12k, Explicit, Holmes POV: Sherlock Holmes lays down his account of the events of The Adventure Of The Empty House, the years leading up to it, and the night that followed.

Notes On A Love Story by A_Candle_For_Sherlock, 4k, gen: Watson finds a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray in Holmes’ room. Or: what happens when a queer novel upends Baker Street.

Hidden Depths by Susannah_Shepherd, 7k, Explicit: Watson inadvertently lets slip that his war injuries are far more extensive and crippling than he has formerly admitted. Holmes encourages him to confront his fears and find new hope.

Lesson Learned by Shadowycat, 9k, Mature: In which, Holmes makes a discovery, Watson makes a decision, and Holmes learns a lesson (or two) he never thought he’d want to learn. (Alternating Holmes and Watson POVs.)

Rubicon by Janeturenne, on livejournal, 4k: “One minute we were both on the deck, and the next minute we were both in the river…“ after an explosion while working on a case, Holmes and Watson think they’ve lost each other.

and, if you haven’t read all of Katy Forsythe, you should ;)


This compelling staff pick comes to you from Kyle (@tylekurner ) from the main floor! 🐱🐱🐱 “A young, gay Kosovar immigrant, emotionally suffocated by compounded senses of otherness as an ethnic and sexual minority, finds solace in falling in love with a talking cat, whom he met at a gay bar. A young Muslim girl in Kosovo is married to a man whose promise of a good life is broken, while their familiar safety is threatened by the Yugoslav wars. All the while, author Pajtim Statovci unpacks the social implications of what it means to be lonely with his lean, precise prose and humane sense of characterization, allowing My Cat Yugoslavia to ascend into being one of the great literary debuts and queer novels, with a profound understanding of what it’s like having a fractured sense of self and to find comfort in what’s not necessarily good for you.” •• #staffpickfriday #staffpick #bookstagram #readstagram #bookrecommendation #recommendedbook #book (at Strand Book Store)

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This idea wont leave me alone and I dont think I can write it very well myself- Derek and Stiles are at some sort of convention (though not together, since they dont know each other) and they go to the same place to eat and since they're alone and the place is packed they end up sitting at the same table. Turns out one of them is 'secretly' the person they'd been there to see (like a panel-hoster or something?)

“What are you here for?” a guy next to Derek asks.

Derek looks up and the man is kind of beautiful in thick rimmed glasses and a beanie, wearing a plaid shirt over t-shirt and he is just really adorable. Derek is stunned for a second before he remembers he has to talk. “Came here to see the panel about diversity writing,” Derek answers. “You?”

“Same!” the man says excitedly with a smile. “Glad there will be other people there besides me!”

“So far you got one,” Derek laughs. 

“I’m also here for the panels on Vampire Diaries and Reign but don’t tell anyone, okay?” he says, his voice barely above a whisper.

“My lips are sealed,” Derek tells him.

The man looks at Derek’s lips, his eyes staying there a little too long before his eyes blink and flick back up to Derek’s. “Sorry. You’re just…insanely gorgeous. I can’t be blamed here.”

“Yes, you can,” Derek snorts.

“Very true,” the man says, holding up a hand in apology. “Fully my fault. I’m very sorry. Can you forgive me?”

Derek nods. “But only this time.”

The man nods and smiles. “So what are you most looking forward to the panel?”

“I don’t know,” Derek sighs even though he knows exactly what he’s looking forward to. “I love all the writers that are speaking.”

“Yeah?” the man smiles widely. “I’m a huge fan of Boyd and Reyes. Their works are amazing.”

“Stilinski as well,” Derek adds because he has to.

The man laughs. “Almost forgot about him. I’m so happy there’s a whole panel about diversity and they’re actually including diverse writers. The last time I saw this panel, it was a bunch of white, straight men, so this year they amped it up a bit. Could be better, but I think it’ll be a good talk.”

“I’m really looking forward to it. All these writers have changed my life in some way,” Derek admits with a smile.

“Even Stilinski?” the man asks like he is genuinely surprised.

“Especially Stilinski.”

The man opens his mouth to say something but then looks down at his watch. “I’ve gotta run, but maybe I’ll see you at the panel?”

“Hopefully,” Derek says because he is very interested in this man, who then waves and runs from the table like he really is in a hurry.

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Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while, and I was wondering, what are your favorite sci-fi/fantasy novels with lesbian/bi/queer female main characters? Thanks!

Hi! I keep a list of recommended reads (books I’ve enjoyed with lesbian/bi/queer female main characters) right here. That list contains all genres though, so if you’re looking only for scifi/fantasy, here are some of my faves:

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey — urban fantasy/postapocalyptic scifi-ish, a real page-turner with a kick-ass main character who trains to be a boxer (I love training montages) and, of course, to save the world (adult)

Alcestis by Katharine Beutner — a literary retelling of the Greek myth of Alcestis (who is bi in this version); really beautiful writing and wonderful world-building details (adult)

Tripping to Somewhere by Kristopher Reisz — an urban fantasy novel about two girls following the Witches Carnival; very Holly Black-esque in tone (young adult)

Daughters of the North by Sarah Hall — futuristic dystopian about a community of women in rural England; a feminist utopia in gritty, realistic terms (adult)