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I made this for my informative speech in school~

Is there any incorrect or iffy information?? If so please send me an ask to let me know!!


It is important to note that these infographs do not have every gender or sexuality as I had to leave multiple out due to either not recalling what they were at the time or lack of space. Some that have been pointed out to me as being missing that I highly suggest you look up are:




I may make another infograph at a later point to include more genders and sexualities but I’m not sure if I will. Please reblog from the source post as it will always be the most updated version of this post. Thank you.

y'all remember in TLO (the last olympian) how annabeth took that knife for percy even though she was completely defenseless? she didn’t know where percy’s achilles heel was until later, and although she knew he was invincible, she still took a poisoned knife for him. and later we learn that if she hadn’t saved percy, he would have died because somehow ethan nakamura had been targeting his back (where his achilles heel was). sometimes i think that if percy had died, a small part of annabeth would have died too. we already know how she worried over him when he was missing/taken by hera (ugh), and clearly we should not for a second, ever doubt that percy loves annabeth more, or that she doesn’t love him enough. i feel as if we’re a bit more biased towards percy (ngl, I am), but we’ve had an entire series from his point of view and so we never really got to understand annabeth’s emotions and viewpoint on percy for the entire first series. yeah, percy jumping in tartarus for annabeth was a dam(n) great sacrifice, but always remember the pjo series when annabeth shielded percy, when she herself wasn’t sure if she was going to live.

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I’M PRETTY SURE DAN RUNS PHIL’S TWITTER ACCOUNT AT THIS POINT,,,, LIKE, PHIL SNAPS HIS FINGERS AND SAYS “daniel fetch me a tweet 🍷” AND DAN BOWS AND SAYS “what do you want me to type, Sir” “tell my followers of how a leaf just fell on my head” “immediately. shall i add a reply from myself as well?” *phil sips his wine* “if you insist” IDEK

Midnight thoughts

Okay. So I don’t know how many of you read/watch Attack on Titan and read the webtoon, “Winter Woods” at the same time, (btw, you guys should check out both cause it is AWESOME), but i came across something.

// Disclaimer: I do not own Attack On Titan and Winter Woods and this is just some dumb sh** that came to my mind. // 

Anyways, while I was reading Winter Woods, one of the characters’ name is…


Hanji ZOE = ZOE 

LEVi Ackerman = LEV 

I thought that what if Zoe’s name, (character from Winter Woods) was based on Levihan. 

I was pretty happy with this ‘theory’ but at the same time I was like

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While I kept reading the webtoon, another idea popped up on my head.

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I saw THIS  (please forgive me, irdk what I was on about)

Similar hair colour as Hanji?? (HMMM…) 

And similar eye colour as Levi?? 

Now at this point I was like…

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After this idea I don’t really know anymore. 

(Heck, idek what’s the point of this post) 

Some of you might be like…

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or even be like… 

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But either way, I don’t really mind, as this was just some dumb idea that came to me and wanted to share this.  ╮(︶▽︶)╭

//Again, I DO NOT own AOT nor Winter Woods and the characters and stories go with their respective creators, just this weird as idea is mine. (I’m sorry, please forgive me *hides in the corner*) 

Guy appreciation post! This is some of the things I admire about guys :)

- Their smile (when some guys smile at me I just…idk man it’s pretty dang cute)

- Their sense of humor.

- Their protectiveness, it’s also pretty cute lol. Like when guys try to protect someone they care about or get defensive? Cuuuuute.

- Their hair. Guys have some nice hair like for real for real.

- Their eyebrows. Like yalls eyebrows can be on point and you did nothing to get them that way…not fair.

- Their faith in God. A guy that worships and loves Jesus can hang with me lol.

- Their arm veins…idek what it is about them but…I like them. Yall guys probably think their weird buuut I think they are cool 👌🏾!

Ok this is all the stuff I can think of on a whim! I just thought I’d share this. Idk what y'all will get out of it lol but here ya go!


Shoutout to @miraculousdays​ for the prompt; I’m not sure if this counts as an ego swap, but I hope you like it either way! :) 

Inspired by this post. 


More TML comics here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

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Idk if it’s just me but i was really confused about last season... because I thought liv wanted to be with Jake 2 seasons (I can’t even remember which season tbh lol) ago but then in s6, liv seems like she wanted to be with fitz? Idek I was just really confused last season

I don’t even know. lol. They’ve been going back and forth so long. I guess it should have been expected. The back and forth will probably happen until the very end.

All along- Part 2

((again, I got this idea from @diabolikpersonals. As always, I’m open for criticism and I hope you shuuma shippers like this.))

The next morning was one of the most peculiar either had ever experienced.

Like always, Shu woke up late. Thankfully it was a Saturday so it meant he really didn’t have anything to do. His eyelids gently fluttered open, revealing gorgeous blue irises. However the calm atmosphere in the room changed in the matter of a second. Shit. A hangover. It’s not like the blonde was a stranger to the feeling, he had been drunk plenty of times before. However there’s just something about hangovers that makes the pain extra special in a stupid way. The pain was overwhelming, it consumed his vision, his advanced sense of smell, even his ability to move. He felt almost paralysed.

After several minutes of laying motionlessly in the bed that wasn’t even his, Shu felt a shift in the covers; a weight upon him. Shu felt a sudden wave of panic crash over him and tried to move to observe the situation. This only made the excruciating headache worse and he hissed through his teeth in pain. He managed to get up enough to support himself with fully extended arms planted into the mattress. They shuddered slightly, his body really wasn’t dealing with this well and now it was only a matter of time before he probably threw up as well.

Though his vision was blurred, Shu’s eyes widened at what he saw. He was in a stranger’s bed. ‘No, wait,’ he thought,'that can’t be right.’ He noticed the scent of the sheets held a certain familiarity: Yuma. He was in Yuma’s bed. Shu’s face turned scarlet at the realisation. So far he had pieced together the situation as follows: he was in Yuma’s bed, almost naked and only underwear clothed him, after a night he barely remembers after walking out of the house due to yet another argument. What next? An arm. An arm was limp, sleeping, around his waist, pulling him back into the embrace of something behind him. The blonde almost died of fright when he slowly turned around and saw who the arm belonged to. The scent matched him perfectly, an earthy, simple aroma with a hint of sweat.

Oh goodness, what had Shu done?

The poor vampire didn’t remember anything after the first sip of alcohol touched his lips. His mind whirled violently as his chest rose and fell at an alarming rate. This was too much for a hangover like this to handle. He didn’t know what to do at all, what to make of this. He didn’t know if he should have felt extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. He had thought about this a lot in the past and wanted it, but maybe not like this. He had wondered what his best “friend’s” room was like, what it felt like to be in his most intimate fort of respite.

Now all Shu wanted to do was silently slip out and go home like this all never happened. He gently got up from under the arm, lifting it and gently placing it back as he went. With luck, Yuma never woke from what seemed to be a pleasant sleep. Shu paused for a moment to observe the other’s little twitches in his beautiful eyes and long, slender fingers as he dreamt, the little sound that he made every now and then through resting breaths. Adorable. The blonde noticed how he had become captured by this and blushed heavily. Fighting the terrible, dizzying pain, he got up off the bed and began to gather his things. However, he never noticed the body now stirring on the sheets.

Yuma’s eyelashes gracefully separated as he began to wake up. Everything seemed pretty normal, a standard Saturday morning for him. Immediately he was lost in thoughts of his normal weekend priorities: remember to make breakfast, go grocery shopping, water the plants, see if any of the vegetables on the balcony had grown, maybe call his brothers. Seemed about right, everything seemed fine. Then he recalled last night. He was supposed to be on the sofa, why was he in his bed? This was all too much for Yuma to process all at once, he needed to get up.

As he slowly sat up and turned over, he met rather wide and startled eyes that froze entirely as they stared. If the situation was a little different then Yuma would have laughed a little at the sight of him. Shu was found huddled in the corner of the room beside the door, barely dressed and ready to vomit by the look of things. When Yuma realised this, he disregarded everything else for the sake of Shu and for the sake of his bedroom floor. He wasn’t in the mood for extra cleaning today.

Without any hesitation, Yuma swiftly kicked off the sheets creeping around his ankles and left the bed to aid Shu to the bathroom. “C'mon then, ol’ bud,” he sighed tiredly as he got an arm on Shu’s shoulders to bring the queasy blonde to the nearest toilet. Shu didn’t show it much but both knew that he definitely needed to throw up. It barely took a second as it was literally the room next to the bedroom. A small bathroom holding the essentials, a toilet and a shower as well as a little sink with a mirrored cupboard. Yuma was good at taking care of himself and relatively good at keeping things clean so there wasn’t a hint of dirt anywhere. A simple, spotless, white tiled bathroom.

Once again, the awkwardness peaked between the two. Shu was now crouched over the toilet bowl, throwing up in a manner almost considered violent, while Yuma was kneeling down close behind him, groggily rubbing a hand on the other’s back. Both were in nothing but underwear, though they were close friends they never considered hanging out in underwear to be a very “friendly” thing. It was more of something two people of some other description would do. There wasn’t really anything that could have been done about this, though. It wasn’t like Shu could have magically stopped himself from vomiting or Yuma could have somehow gotten dressed with unholy speed. Neither bothered to focus on these things, Shu only wanted this nightmare of a hangover to be over and Yuma wanted it to be over too.

Before long Shu had stopped throwing up and blindly reached for some toilet paper to wipe his face, missing it a few times before pinching it the third time around. Yuma was oblivious to this in his semi-tired daze and continued to gently rub the blonde’s trembling, sweaty back. Shu noticed this but couldn’t say anything. He wouldn’t admit it but it felt nice, comforting. He just remained there for a second in hope that Yuma wouldn’t stop, Shu found the taller vampire’s affection rather addictive. Way better than what any old alcohol or drugs could do (since he had experienced the intoxication of both at some points in his life, but none made him feel as good as this). And he had experienced the physical and emotional affection of others in his life, past lovers that remained unspoken of, however this feeling was different. It was a warm, fuzzy feeling that radiated from his dead chest and rose to his pale cheeks, brightening them up with a soft glow. Then a sudden feeling hit Shu like a train. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Shu had butterflies.

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Do you ship Jack with anyone? *CoughcoughMarkcoughcough*




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(on the side note, I want to make this clear about shipping;



So don’t be sad “bc they won’t be real, ever”. Shipping is not about them becoming real. Shipping is about us having fun with our imagination using their image. Knowing what we’re doing will save us many troubles.)

(why has this become a rant post about shipping idek I’m sorry anon omg it’s not pointed at you or anybody)


SO? Zenkaikon 2017 seemed like a total freakin’ disappointment when we arrived early on Friday afternoon, but it actually turned out to be a great deal of fun!!!
Here’s some miscellaneous images from the festivities feat. @rotaryraven

also some person handed me an aot jacket at some point so bonus image???

I’ll probably upload a few more posts like these lmao pls don’t mind the spam

if youre in the festival scene or like the grateful dead or anything  even remotely related to the counterculture i highly recommend these reads:

  • The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests - Tom Wolfe (literally changed how i looked at this entire country and was the start of how i  learned to truly freak freely and inspire others to do the same)
  • Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse (how to come to terms with/handle the ‘civilized man’ and ‘the beast’ which i at least truly do believe resides in each and every one of us. plus, the band got the inspiration to name themselves after this one)
  • Slaughter-House Five (AKA The Children’s Crusade) - Kurt Vonnegut (this might be my personal favorite on the list….will change your entire conception of time and how every moment happens in that moment and will always be and always has been there….plus, aliens. very awesome aliens.)
  • The Door of Perception - Aldous Huxley (Shows how everything, even inanimate objects, actually have their own form of ‘life’ and are meant to be there in that exact spot in that exact moment just like we are. and also how they effect how we perceive our reality. yay mescaline lol)
  • The Psychedelic Experience - Timothy Leary (explains how and why leary distributed and used psychedelics with people, through many different stories about different substances. basically this one is almost like a handbook as to how to use psychoactive substances and have the best possible results, also how to handle others you take said substance with and if they are having difficulties, how to guide them through those. also helpful if you yourself is having a difficult experience as well lol. there are no bad trips, just very tough lessons lol)
  • The Teachings of Don Juan - Carlos Castaneda - A book about a UCLA student studying psychoactive plants who meets a mexican shaman-esque person who then guides him through multiple spirit quests through the use of sacred plants. written from the student’s point of view, shows the development of how a novice in psychedelics discovers that plants do have their own spirits and how they are able to help us develop if we use respect and allow ourselves to give control back to nature. there’s debate over if don juan even existed in the first place which adds a whole flavor of something idek what to call to the novel that is already fantastic as it is

i think this might have just turned into a top 6 favorite books ever post but oh well these ones really do kill it and changed how i live my life lolbasically what im getting at is if you havent read these books youre slackin’ and should probably get on that if you find anything about this interesting. I guarantee if you read one (any) of these listed youll be hooked and want to check the rest out and i encourage it. spread these books to your friends lol.

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🔥 do it

unpopular opinions | accepting.

unpopular opinion but writing long ass posts about how ____ sexuality isn’t valid and being an asshole will get you unfollowed so fast. EVERY sexuality is valid. lesbian, bi, straight, gay, trans, demi, ect ect. quit trying to make people feel bad. i don’t even know what the point of dragging people down is. does it make you feel better about yourself??? 
anyway unfollow me if you’re gonna be shitty like this. we don’t need more negativity in this world. we don’t need to drag each other down. we need to compliment one another, we need to be kinder to one another. this world is already shitty enough, why add to it?

I’m one of those people who gets excited when scrolling through my dash, when I find one of my own posts reblogged by an account I follow.  I’m like HEY THAT’S ME!!! 

*Points at screen*


*Nobody looks, nobody cares*

It’s… me….? *Screenshots and keeps for safekeeping*

tbh Baz with eyeliner is the only thing i need in my life

baz with soft smudgy, dark dark dark eyeliner

baz with killer winged eyeliner, so on point you could stab someone with it

baz with glittery eyeliner that brings out so many colors in his eyes

baz with eyeliner

Lately I’ve been finding social media and tumblr in particular so toxic and bad for me?? I keep comparing myself to other people and someone else always gets more notes on their selfies, or more asks, or more of anything else. I know it’s completely irrelevant but it really hurts me and then my reaction to it really bothers me? I’m trying to stay offline but as soon as I run out of other distractions I’m back here anyway. Idek what the point of this post is but whatever..

(Watch me get zero reaction to this post and then feel shit about it)

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BWOCJEJDKASK THANK YOU I'LL TRY YEHHHH I NEED SOONYOUNG TO REST AHHH I HOPE HE FEELS BETTER SOON!!! I shall let you know how it goes!!! 💕 Idek who my bias is at this point??? Like I got into them on debut and right away it was Joshua but now being two years in with them, I really don't know anymORE LIKE WOW why bias one when I can bias all 13 ;D ayeayeayeaye

HE IS FEELING BETTER HE POSTED ON TWITTER TODAY?? YESTERDAY?? I CAN’T REMEMBER THE DATE but all is well with the king!! o yes i totally understand the feel of not being able 2 settle with a bias!! junhui actually came to me quite quickly like as soon as i saw him i was like “u cool looking piece of shit ill bias u.”

true l*ve honestly!! but choosing joshua was a long process i went thru seungkwan, dino n seokmin before i settled on joshua, bitch it was a trip!! anywho, HAVE FUN, NINI, STAY SAFE!! 💕


I hit 1k so you know what that means!! I’m not sure how all of you got here because I don’t make gifs, I don’t make edits (as u can see from above photo), and I’ve written like 2 scenarios??? But thank you for following me and putting up with my shit since day 1, ever since i was got7bangtan. SIKE none of you were here until i was jiminsoles or smth ahah.

ok on with the actual point of the post. i talk too much.

*some people changed their urls and i have no idea who they are now so those ppl are missing :((


(this includes some people from the networks and chats that i am in)

Okay so this list consists of the people i interact with/talk to the most and a few people I consider special bc I’ve known them since i started actively using this blog :’)). I’m sorry if I forgot to add you here or if I added you in the cutie patoots section and not here!! pls just know that i still love u and ur probably 2 cool 4 me thats why ur not here. also probably bc you changed your url and i dont know what it is srysry

ALSO!! I’m sorry I’m not as active in the group chats anymore!! I’ll really try and start talking again. I’ve just been going through some things so yeah :)) thank you everyone for being so cool

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All of you are also homies ok even if im not mutuals with you, youre still a homie at heart and ily.

This list consists of the blogs i reblog from the most and people i’ve talked to before but felt too intimidated to add them on the homies list just in case they didnt think i was homie enough to them u feel me LOL

But thank you everyone for filling my dash with happiness

# - i

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j needs its own section bc i follow so many blogs that start with j???

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k - r

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