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Hey guys! There’s only four events left to do this year, but next up on the agenda is ‘Crossover Week’ which will be happening from September 1st to September 7th (with late submissions always accepted)!

What is Crossover Week? Crossover Week is your chance to merge the Harry Potter universe and/or characters with that of another work of fiction, whether that’s a show, movie, book, play, musical, etc, from any genre or language. So long as it’s Snape-centric you can go any direction you like! 

For example: Harry Potter crossed over with Penny Dreadful. What would happen if Severus Snape was suddenly in the universe of Penny Dreadful? What role would he play? How would he respond to certain characters/situations? 

What kinds of content are we looking for? Anything! We’ll accept: Gifsets, moodboards, graphics, videos, playlists, fan fiction, drabbles, headcanons (serious or non serious), fan art, silly text posts, etc.

*Whatever you come up with we would love to see, so try not to get hung up on whether it’s good or not, the point is to just show your appreciation for Severus Snape! Have fun with it!

Also, be sure to include the tag snapeloveposts within the first 5 tags of your post so that they’re all collected in one place for everyone to see. And if you won’t be around for that week you can queue your posts in advance or submit posts later in the month. 

Check out our F.A.Q. page if you have any questions and if your question isn’t on there feel free to send us a message! As always we look forward to seeing what you all come up with! :)


Neil had forgotten what it was like to be touched without malicious intent. He’d forgotten what body heat felt like. Everything about Andrew was hot, from the hands holding him down to the mouth steadily taking Neil apart. Neil finally understood why his mother thought this was so dangerous. This was distraction and indiscretion, avoidance and denial. It was letting his guard down, letting someone in, and taking comfort in something he shouldn’t have and couldn’t keep.

Happy Birthday Lio! @andrewminyarrr <3 (8.13)


If you want to get out of here, all you have to do is sing.


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #2 - isadora smackle & riley matthews

you do always look for the good in people, riley. // isadora, i don’t think there’s anybody we respect more than you. 

min yoongi is rude: a brief gif collection

yes hello this is a friendly warning that this post contains extremely rude content and that the following is not for the faint of heart 

i apologize in advance for any damage or pain that it may cause

ok, let’s begin

first, let’s examine le body rolls (for scientific purposes of course)

ok we’re starting off light with a playful hip thrust no big deal

ok alright now he’s gettin a lil more into it i see u yoongi

now just wait a damn minute

hold the fucking phone


this is getting out of hand

don’t think about sex don’t think about sex don’t think about sex don’t—

well fuck that’s a nice shoulder


i…… i gotta go

bitch fuck off



i’m thinking bad thoughts stop stop stop

don’t give me that look—

*more screaming*

*takes breath*

*even more screaming*




ok wow i need to stop before i’m past the point of no return goodbye

(i do not own any of these gifs and i give credit to the makers of them)

Me, Sad and disappointed that the gifset I spent hours making didn’t get as much notes as i expected :
What’s the point of working so hard when only a few people appreciate my efforts.

Also me, discovering a love quote that fits my OTP perfectly :
I gotta make a gifset of this.


I thought Anna might have come down for her dinner


anonymous asked:

hi can i ask how do you make time to create so many gifs? i barely have time to make one gifset in a week :(

Short answer, I’m really fast and I have a very fast computer!

Instead of giving a long answer though, I thought I’d give a few tips on how I do it, since this is a question I’m asked quite often, so what the hell, I’m gonna share my wisdom :)

The following tips are very useful and will 100% cut your time on photoshop of a significant amount… Though I want to stress on the fact that it’s having a lot of RAM on your computer that’s going to make the real difference on how fast you can be. 

How to be faster when you gif:

  • I’m not sure how important it is to other people, but I’m very organized. When I’m making a gifset, I put the screencaps in different folders for how many gifs I’m making. That’s helpful for several reasons (it’ll be relevant a couple of points down too), but also cause I know how many more scenes I need to capture to complete my gifset, and I directly have a general idea of what the gifset is going to look like.
  • Related to that, I usually keep on my computer, on a pendrive and on a HDD the screencaps of some of the scene I use the most/I can possibly use in the future. They’re all in different folders, some named by character, some by fandom, some by episode, some by colour. This is very useful cause I don’t have to go and capture them again and again, wasting time. (Say, I gif Tony Stark quite a lot, I have most of his scenes already saved. It saves me A LOT of time!)
  • I use potplayer for capturing frames. Using that, or whatever app you have (I had kmplayer before) is way faster than using photoshop to do it.
  • I always capture the screencaps before I open photoshop. I usually keep the 2 phases separated. It’s mostly habit by now, cause my old pc was much slower than the one I have now, and this is especially helpful if you don’t have much RAM, cause as you know, ps runs on RAM, and will eat as much as you give to it. If you have other stuff open at the same time while using ps, it’s gonna make your pc and the whole process really really slow.
  • Following that, you can actually up the amount of RAM you can dedicate to photoshop! Go on Edit -> Preferences -> Performance! Remember not to overdo it though, especially if you plan on using other apps while you work on pc! I keep mine at 70% (so I have 10gb of ram dedicated to ps, now you see why I’m fast.)
  • Uploading screencaps as multiple DICOM files is much faster than loading files into stack! The main difference is that you can’t pick and choose which files to load, but you can only load folders (hence my putting everything into folders I said above!)
  • Now, the best advice that I can give you, the one that will change everything and really make everything so much faster: make actions, use actions!

Seriously! I’m the laziest person you’ll ever going to meet, so I made myself an action for literally EVERYTHING. Why? Cause a lot of the work we do on ps is repetitive and we end up doing the same things over and over for 8, 10, 20 gifs. Making frames from layers, setting the animation delay, resizing, sharpening…. It’s always the same things, but we waste so much time to input all those commands! 

I made myself an action for making frames and setting the delay. I have several other actions for resizing in the dimensions I use the most (like I have an action for 268p x 140p, one for 268p x 170p and so on). I have another action for sharpening. That means that the only thing I need to do is hit play and that’s it. In a couple of seconds everything is done and I have the gif ready so I can start the fun part: colouring it. 

I don’t know why but it always takes me way less when I use actions than when I have to input those commands by hand. A+++, best thing I ever started doing, would totally recommend you try it! 

I don’t have much time myself, love, that’s why I keep everything organized and ready to go, so I can gif on my breaks, and I don’t have to be more frustrated than necessary (and god knows how frustrating colouring can be!)

I have the advantage of having a pc and not a mac, so I can use potplayer directly and not waste any time converting my videos in acceptable formats that quicktime can read (kudos to mac users who spend so much time on that omg how do you do it!)

I hope this helps honey :D 

if ts doesn’t promote this comeback properly (which they probably won’t, seeing as b.a.p only have two weeks to perform on korean music shows before the tour, if they even do perform that is) then what are we for? we’ve fought for b.a.p so much that at this point, protecting and promoting them is part of being a fan. make a hype about this comeback! make gifsets, edits, graphics, write fics, reblog b.a.p posts and make your own, even if it’s just you screaming about how they deserve the world - your followers, some from other fandoms, will see. make our presence noticeable on social media: tumblr, twitter, youtube etc. ask popular channels for reactions to the mv, and upvote b.a.p-related comments so more people see them. spread the love for b.a.p!


the 100 episodes » God Complex (4x08)

“What is the point in beating yourself up over all of the the crappy things you’ve done? You did them! And and don’t say you had reasons, because at the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons, because they are your reasons.
No matter how much you punish yourself, it’s not gonna change anything.
It’s not gonna bring anyone back.”