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dad and i watch captain america: the winter soldier
  • dad: oh god it's starting shut up i've been waiting for this for months
  • (movie starts)
  • dad: i don't know what's happening but the french guy fighting cap looks like french macklemore
  • me: how do you even know who macklemore is?
  • dad: i'm hip. i'm cool
  • me: don't you do it
  • dad: i'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 baguettes in my pocket
  • (five minutes later)
  • dad: is that the Falcon? that's totally the Falcon
  • me: how do you know?
  • dad: i used to read the comic books trust me on this i'm an expert. his superpower was that he could talk to birds
  • me: birds?
  • dad: i mean in hindsight it probably wasn't the most useful thing ever
  • dad: if this winter soldier is supposedly a ghost in the machine that nobody's ever seen, and nobody will ever catch, you would think showing up in broad daylight and blowing up cars would not be his modus operandi
  • dad: how the heck did he laser through concrete??
  • me: idk dad it's nick fury he can probably do whatever he wants
  • dad: i'm sorry attractive nurse who just so happens to live next door, my heart belongs to a seventy year russian dude with a bionic arm
  • me: what
  • dad:
  • dad: nick fury isn't dead. justice never dies. he probably has a billion clones in some top secret storage facility, just waiting for their organ harvest.
  • me: ew dad gross no
  • dad: i really relate to that apple store employee
  • me: we all do dad
  • dad: oh that's that guy from the first movie! i remember him! he was my favorite, his eyes were so blue, and he loved steve so much. i wanted them to get together
  • me: dad good god
  • dad: he was a little less marilyn manson at that point though
  • dad: not that guyliner isn't a good look for this guy
  • dad: when a deadly russian assassin wears eyeliner, it's 'he's so dreamy' and 'wow what a badass'
  • dad: but when i do it it's 'you're too old' and 'bald guys can't pull off make-up'
  • me: dad it was halloween and it was one time you need to let this go
  • dad: so bucky barnes, aka cute cocky guy who died in the first movie, aka steve roger's best friend/boyfriend, is a top secret super scary brainwashed hydra agent?
  • me: mmm-hm
  • dad: called it
  • dad: do you think single handedly destroying jets is just a common, everyday thing for cap? punch a few tanks, feed a few pigeons, take out a plane, help old ladies cross the street...
  • dad: captain america is like your grandad minus the booze and the cussing
  • dad: in all honesty that was a little anti-climactic
  • dad: i was 100% sure nick fury was gonna descend majestically from the heavens, 'All I do is Win' blaring in the background, and single-handedly save everyone's ass
  • dad: scarjo and chris evans are two of the most beautiful people in the world and they are both in this movie and i don't know how to feel about it i have butterflies in my stomach i'm a schoolboy again
  • me: you know on second thought we should have brought mom
  • dad: where's hawkeye? where's bruce? where's tony? where's thor? WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER AVENGERS AS THE ENTIRETY OF SHIELD IS COMPROMISED AND NICK FURY DIES
  • me: maybe they figured steve could handle it
  • dad: maybe they're all lazy assholes

bootsandbosons  asked:

Trying to explain Clint Barton to my friends who don't know marvel (apart from the MCU) proving difficult. Especially because the MCU gave him a wife, kids, and an honest to god farm. Any recommendations on how to describe my favorite character? (So far all of my attempts either lead to rambling about ceiling vents and the circus or hysterical laughing because "successful long term relationship" and "Clint Barton" are in the same sentence. Unsurprisingly this just leads to more confusion.)

Well, the problem begins (as problems often do) with comics.

See, comics are a sort of ‘soap opera with capes and tights.’  Comics are ‘fanfic but written by mostly straight white guys who are chosen by other straight white guys.’  Comics are a never ending arms race of suffering, and that’s the problem.

So it’s hard to pin down a character.  Because it’s not one character.

Every writer wants to make their mark.  They want THEIR version of the character to be the one that people point to and say, “THIS.  THIS is the quintessential Hawkeye.  THIS is the reason I love Hawkeye.”

Because they’re not going to write the character forever.  That’s comics.  There’s always someone right behind them, nipping at their heels, someone who wants nothing more, in most cases, then to sweep their careful work aside and make THEIR mark on the character.

There’s not much you can do to stop that from happening.  You can write a really good book, you can be clever and creative and still not hit the readership the right way.  You can write A GOOD BOOK and you’ll still end up in the trash heap of the 25 cent bin, because the promotion team or the movie schedule or the competitor’s event cycle screwed you over.

It’s much easier to make a lot of noise.  To be remembered, rather than beloved.  To get people tweeting and talking and protesting and fighting, because that means when you tossed off this book, there’ll be another one waiting for you.

Don’t believe me?  I mean, someone keeps giving Nick Spencer new books.  (shrug)

So there is no one Hawkeye.  The Hawkeye of the early West Coast Avengers has little in common with the Hawkeye of Fraction and Aja’s solo book run.  The Hawkeye of the most recent Secret Avengers by Ales Kot would be unrecognizable to the Hawkeye of the Ultimates verse.  Movieverse Hawkeye is almost a mirror image of Hawkeye of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When you love a character, the question is, which one?  Because even if you take fandom interpretation and fanon out of the equation, there’s a lot of them to choose from.  And while canon feeds fanon, fanon bleeds back into canon.

Describing the character you love takes some effort, some cherrypicking.

For me, it’s this:

On the surface, he’s ordinary.  And his awareness of his ordinariness is part of what makes him so extraordinary.  He’s raised himself to his current position by sheer force of will and a refusal to stop.  He’s bullheaded and snarky and has a chip on his shoulder the size of the island of Manhattan.  He’s not as stupid as he thinks he is, and he’s not as good as he believes he is, and both of those facts are a little heartbreaking.

He’s a man who destroyed his own hearing, because he knew if he didn’t, he was going to hurt someone he loved.  He’s also a man who entered canon trying to rob Tony Stark, which was universally regarded as a very bad idea, since that’s how a lot of people end up dead.

He’s not a god or a genius or a super soldier.   He is a man who looked at the end of the world, and said, fuck you, I’ve got a COUPLE OF STICKS AND A PIECE OF STRING and I’m still going to KICK YOUR ASS.  There is something comforting about that, for most people.  

We want to believe, after all, that if push came to shove, if things got bad, then we would stand up.  With all the risk, and all the fear, and a very good chance that we would not win, we want to believe, that we would still stand.

So all the other stuff, the ragged ends and the bad choices, the stupid plots and the OOC moments, the embarrassing contradictions in canon and the writers who can’t figure him out or don’t want to bother trying, it melts down to one truth at the core of his character, every time.

He is a man that doesn’t feel too different from you or me.  And he stands.  He makes bad choices, he screws people over, he ruins relationships and cheats on partners and girlfriends, he does stupid, stupid things, because this is a soap opera, and half the writers don’t remember what the last one did and the other half don’t care.

For all the parts of him I don’t like, he’s still my favorite.  Because he shouldn’t be there.  He has no place there.  He’s outgunned and outflanked.  Everyone around him is smarter than him, better trained than him, better equipped than him.

And still he stands.  With a bow.  He stands.

And says, come at me, bro.

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I've been trying to get into DC Comics recently but you know needless to say there are... a lot. I don't really know where to start, any suggestions??

major DC events in chronological order

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985): all alternate realities are destroyed, recomposed and compressed into a unified universe. old heroes die/get erased, new heroes get introduced. the heroes that remain get re-characterized (for the better)
  • Death of Superman (1993): superman dies to doomsday
  • The Retun of Superman (1993): we have superboy, cyborg superman, trigger-happy superman and steel superman trying to establish who the new S-carrier will prevail. by the end they all pipe down because clark returns with a very questionable hairdo
  • Zero Hour (1994): hal jordan is a green lantern. parallax is the entity of fear manifested into reality. parallax takes over hal jordan. hal jordan/parallax is about as evil as your fourth-grade math teacher that calls on you clearly knowing you don’t know the answer. parallax destroys the timestream because he’s a little bitch. another little bitch called extant is like “yo i can reconstruct reality itself as i want to because i was bullied as a kid.” it all ends in a literal big bang. reality is reconstructed. there are still plotholes but we pretend they’re all fixed
  • Final Crisis (2008): people of a different reality/frequency are trying to end wars between their gods, it all fails because of course it does. darkseid, a king of one the planets from said different frequency, wants to invade everything. he also knows batman is a mary sue and will inevitably stop him. he kills him (only not really) which then bites him in the ass because he predictably gets owned in a fight against him. in the after-life. while batman is dead..?
  • Blackest Night (2009): a clusterfuck
  • Brightest Day (2010): heroes previously dead from the aforementioned clusterfuck are brought back to life and now they’re like “lol why?”
  • Flashpoint (2011): barry allen (the flash) wakes up to a parallel reality where his mother, unlike his original timeline, is alive. in an attempt to return back and fix the chasms in time he himself created by previously attempting to save his mother from being murdered in his own timeline’s past, using the entire speed force and becoming it, he resets everything once more, thus “””””fixing””””” the mess. the flashpoint reality is deleted, his own timeline gets altered because dc wants to fix plotholes (they don’t. they never do) and now we have every hero’s past reset
  • Convergence (2015): happened in the middle of the new 52, brainiac attempted to collect cities from different universes (the pre-new 52 ones too) and put them on the same planet, pitting them against each other because he’s a little sadistic fucker. by the end of the event, all these characters either die, disappear or, in the case of pre-flashpoint superman, lois lane and their son, they arrive to the new 52 universe. yes, while our current superman is still active
  • (but he died)
  • (and then we got the pre-flashpoint superman as our current superman)
  • (while every other hero is technically their new 52 counterpart)
  • Rebirth (2016): doesn’t constitute a reboot, it’s simply a continuation of the new 52 with some things fixed but not reset

pick whichever hero you like (even if you’re just going by design), find their recommended guide list here and start reading, unless you wanna start with batman comics, then screw every other guide and read my own because i spent time on it. if you don’t understand a thing yet, give it time. comics are too much, they’re not meant to be caught up on a) all at once b) completely. just have fun, read what you like, you’ll inevitably meet every other hero because everyone knows each other. it’s like a small town’s AA meeting

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I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what are your views on Scarlet Johanson being cast as the lead in GitS? I know lots of people believe this to be white washing, but there are divided opinions.

I’m of the firm opinion that Hollywood making a Ghost in the Shell adaptation is iffy in the first place when the original manga is so intrinsically tied to Japanese history. The manga itself was a reflection and reaction to post-war Japan’s economic dependence on technology, and a lot of its power comes from the emotional nuance that the author threaded into its story as someone who grew up in that time period. One of the primary themes of the manga is how technology blends with Eastern philosophy. The fact that Hollywood decided to grab at the monumental task of adapting this franchise without understanding the weight of it offends me as a storyteller. Even then, I might have watched it if the cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty enough.

However, in my view, proceeding to cast Scarlett Johansson as the main character is nothing short of a disgrace. In the end, that is the reason why I am choosing to not watch the film. Now, hang onto your hat, anon, this is going to be a long ride under the cut:

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Hi,Miss 7goodangel.I have a question for you...... Is PJ unable to ship now? There are a lot of people here who say you've banned PJ from ship. I don't know if it's true. Can you please tell me the answer? [[[Sorry, my English is poor;w;

OH GOSH - NO no no!!! 

PJ is NOT BANNED from ANY SHIP you wish to do. 

I have never ever banned PJ from being in a fan ship! NEVER!

I still am fine with people shipping PJ in any ship they wish!

I’ve seen PJ and OC (like another person’s OC), PJ and Fresh, PJ and Goth, PJ and Palette, PJ and [a real person]…

This is my approach to the whole shipping thing…

Think of another fandom you like - for me I’ll go with the general Disney one. 

Think of a canon ship that is within that movie/cartoon/story/comic. For a general Disney one - how about Mickey and Minnie! That one has been pretty hammered in that those two like each other. Heck I can even do Oswald and Ortensia since or that one based off of the Epic Mickey games, they actually are married and have kids. 

But within the fandom - you will find a TON of pictures of Mickey and Oswald as a pairing. Now I believe most of these shippers know that their ship will never be canon - yet they still love it and do stuff for it. It’s another way of exploring characters - seeing how they play off of one another - and when in a romantic pairing, to see how they go through the hurdles of being in a relationship.
(or that they just really want Oz and Mick to kiss and- stuff.)

But my point is that if people can respect what is canon for something a huge company makes - and even for what a smaller independent creator does (like Undertale and Undyne+Alphys ship.) why can’t individual online creators that do stuff for fun not get the same treatment?

THAT is what I hope we can get to the point to. Just having respect that a fanship will not be canon but still go off and have fun with your headcanons of a fictional pairing!

It’s like.. PJ and Omni is the Mickey and Minnie in this scenario - and FreshPaper is the Mickey and Oswald. Just knowing that OmniPJ is the canon ship but still exploring ideas for other pairings and ships with other characters.


I will NEVER EVER ban someone shipping PJ with someone else. NEVER. 

And honestly - I hope I can get back and start showing appreciation to ship drawings from any ship - canon or fanon - with PJ without this kind of confusion. Cause I seriously appreciate every single one of you - who ask questions to me, who follow me, like my art and drabbles, and even drawing my characters! Even if I prefer what I thought of for my character I still love seeing other’s interpretations, headcanons, and drawings!
But unfortuantly I am at a point where if I even show a little bit of liking a picture of PJ in a ship - people will think it’s the new canon and such. 

However - gosh - I will never ever want to get to a point where I ban a ship entirely. I do NOT want to ever go down that path and trust me, I will do any other option before resulting to that ultimatum. 

So GO AND SHIP MY FRIENDS - Just please remember to respect the canon ship. 

That is all I ask. Give OmniPJ the same respect as other canon ships in other fandoms - but also go forth and have fun with your headcanons and ships! 

Not saying you have to ship it - just go:

Someone else: “Well OmniPJ is the canon, but I like PJ with Fresh more. Well I will not go up and try to tell everyone that FreshPaper is the new ship and shove it above OmniPJ - but I will still do my story and tell people to go and learn more about canon PJ in the process! FreshPaper is a fan ship and while I know it won’t be canon - I will still have fun drawing / writing / discussing it!”

gcnnyweasleys  asked:

ok i'm a bit confused on the whole peter is a trans boy thing?? please don't think i'm being rude or anything i'm just curious bc i don't know much ab it. if he were just starting to transition how would his body be so muscular / wouldn't he have to wear a binder ?? esp if he's only 15 i mean teens don't usually get surgery that young do they ?? again i promise i'm not trying to be hateful if i am pls tell me !! i'm just curious (i know it's a hc but still lol)

honestly it’s probably best if you don’t read too deeply into it, because at the end of the day peter parker being trans is just a headcanon

however, it is a headcanon that i’d like to justify further. so;

1) how would his body be so muscular?

trans people, like cis people, have many different body types independent of their age and sex assigned at birth. a muscular 15yo is not unreasonable, even if that character is trans boy / dfab. hell, there are plenty of cis girls who are muscular at that age. 

this is Isis Holt. she’s 15.

this is Tessa Barresi. she’s 16.

both of them are teens and have a more arguably “athletic” build than tom holland’s portrayal of spider-man, and neither of them have a super-powered spider bite and/or depo-testosterone to help increase their musculature! 

wouldn’t he have to wear a binder ?

this is a common misconception. yes, most trans men do wear binders when they are pre-op. however, it is possible for a trans boy to have no visible chest tissue before undergoing top surgery. 

we see peter in civil war while he is presenting as male and is (presumably) 14 or 15 years old. if peter began to ‘medically transition’ before civil war, it is very possible that he would have no breast tissue to speak of!

aside from that, trans youth exist: some as young as five years old. many of them are put on blockers around the ages of 12-15 so they do not undergo natal puberty. here is an article detailing hormone blockers. if peter began identifying as trans even younger in his life and got put on blockers, he would never undergo ‘female’ puberty in the first place!

not to mention, plenty of people who are designated female at birth never grow large breasts. 

above is a photo of an adult cis woman with no prominent breast tissue. also, the chances of being flat chested increase amongst lower body-fat percentages. because peter is such a skinny kid, even if he did grow a chest it would likely still be small. plenty of dfab people are flat chested, with or without hormone blockers / surgery.

this is ty turner! he had already finished natal puberty when he came out and started T as a late teenager. even so, he still does not need to bind!!

plus, if peter began testosterone at 14~15 (which is legal in New York with adult consent), his physique would be different.

this is mack beggs. at the time of that photo, he was 17 and approx. 1 year and 4 months on testosterone. he is also pre-op and is still flat-chested.

he’s only 15 i mean teens don’t usually get surgery that young do they? 

this is definitely an important point. yes- it is very, very, very unlikely that a trans man will receive surgery at that age. still, it is not outside the realm of possibility. most transmasc people don’t have surgery at that age because:

  • they haven’t developed a chest yet, so surgery is not necessary
  • they started hormones/blockers young and will never need top surgery
  • they don’t have parental support
  • they don’t have the financial means to get top surgery

let me be clear here– it is much more likely that peter was on blockers or just too young to have visible breasts when he transitioned. however, it is still possible that he had top surgery. in the US, it is legal for a minor to have top surgery with the consent of a guardian. Aunt May could’ve given him the greenlight to do it.

and as far as financial obligations go, if peter needed top surgery, do you really think his adopt-a-dad & billionare tony stark would hesitate? he spent millions on peter’s suit! if peter wanted top surgery, tony definitely would’ve shelled out the $6-10k it would’ve cost (and that’s without insurance). 

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

tldr; yes, it’s still possible that peter could be trans. 

my personal headcanon is that he started T at 14, but never developed breasts before then because he was such a skinny dude. however, it is also possible that he was on blockers as a kid or that he underwent top surgery! it’s a headcanon that is completely open for interpretation, so have fun with it. i just wanted to lay out some Trans Facts™ over what is technically possible.

have fun!!

  • Me: *sigh*
  • Cashier: What's wrong?
  • Me: It's the scent of this place. It's nostalgic. Reminds me of lavender scent of my grandmother's house. Even color of the walls remind me of the bygone era of my childhood; the dim sunsets of a fuzzy summer evenings, and faint memory of fading dreams.
  • Cashier: Ah, you want to start all over do you? I know the feeling. It's enough to drive me to the brink.
  • Me: Verily. At some point, I began to live my life in retrospect. The now doesn't matter anymore because everything has become so bland. What am I to do in this monotonous life when my happy times passed so long ago. It's as if-
  • Cashier: *turns into a 9 foot tall vibrating metal cube that deconstructs me at a molecular level and turns me into pure radium powder*
  • Guy, with that as fetish who actually wrote this post: *doesn't even jack it just looks at the screen all sweaty and breathing heavily*
  • Girlfriend: *walks into the room unannounced* Everything okay? You've been acting kind of strange recently.
  • Guy: *quickly closes all tabs* Oh, nothing. I'm just like. I'm... you know. I've been tired.
  • Girlfriend: *suspiciously* ...sure. Pizza's here by the way.
  • Guy: Okay, cool. I'll be right out. *wipes sweat from head*
  • Girlfriend: *texts best friend* He's definitely cheating. He just closed like twenty tabs on his computer!!!!!!!
  • Best Friend: Did you look through his browsing history?
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, it's all wikipedia pages about radioactive stuff. It's so fucking weird. He's either cheating or a terrorist.
  • Best Friend: That's creepy. I'd break up with him.
  • Girlfriend: I've been considering it, but it's complicated. I still feel so strongly about him. I don't want to ruin our relationship.
  • Best Friend: Sometimes you have to break things off with the people you care about the most. For a little bit anyway.
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, I get that. It's so hard though. I can't imagine life without him.
  • Best Friend: You have to do what you have to do. It's the only way to move forward. Getting stuck in a stagnant relationship can ruin you.
  • Girlfriend: I guess you're right...
  • Best Friend: *is wearing a full hazmat suit.*
  • Doctor: *walks up behind her* Jennifer, stop texting. We need you in the bottom.
  • Best Friend: Sorry, got it.
  • Best Friend: *descends in elevator, sees 9 foot tall humanoid ant corpse on the ground* Fucking gross! Do you know where it came from.
  • Doctor: No clue. It's why we called you here.
  • Best Friend: This isn't like any cryptid I've ever seen. It must be extraterrestrial in origin. Wait... is its body full of gummy worms? *hears the sound of the elevator going up behind her*
  • Best Friend: Doctor! Where are you going!? What the fuck!?
  • Doctor: Waves to her from the elevator.
  • Ant Humanoids: *appear from the shadows in the hundreds*
  • Best Friend: No, no, no, no! This can't be happening.
  • Ant Humanoids: *surround her*
  • Best Friend: Don't fucking come near me! I'm highly radioactive! You'll all die if you eat me.
  • Ant Humanoid in the back: *listening to comic book podcast*
  • Podcast Guy 1: So when it comes to Superman, I feel like there are actually two characters. Clark Kent, the man. Then there's Superman, the ideal. They're the same person but represent very different aspects of him.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Comic books are fucking stupid, my dude. *cellphone buzzes* Hold up, I gotta take this.
  • Podcast Guy 2: *gets an alert that his favorite fetish forum has updated, licks lips fuckingly*
  • Podcast Guy 2: *under breath* Oh yeah. A new radium dust sexual fanfic. Can't wait to tweak my noodle to this! Zoo wee mama!
  • Podcast Guy 1: What did you just say.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Nothing, man. We were talking about Superman. Let's continue with that.
  • Podcast Guy 1: Yeah, as I was saying. Superman would definitely be a power bottom and
You Don’t Know Me | 2

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.922

Warnings: swearing, numbers (lolol)

A/N: gosh I suck at math so I hope the numbers are right… also please leave feedback if you want more!

A month.

4 weeks.

31 days.

744 hours.

44.640 minutes.

2.678.400 seconds.

155 breakdowns.

49 panic attacks. 

12 sleepless nights. 

That’s how you counted the time since you had last heard from Yoongi. All that time passed without him answering your calls or messages, leaving you on read and declining every single one of your calls. 

He wants me to feel ignored, otherwise he’d just let the phone ring - or not click on my messages.

He wants me to know he’s there but not ready yet.

That’s his game.

You didn’t want to give up on him. He was everything you had, everything you had counted on. He was your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover and your other half. You had hoped for a future with Yoongi. Always supporting him and his moody behavior. Being there for him no matter what because you knew how stressed he was and how burdened he felt. So you didn’t stop leaving messages, as random as they were. You knew he was just being stubborn, you knew he would never leave you just like that.

He loves me.

He does.

He’s just having a hard time.

You started coming by their dorms every second day, hoping to get Yoongi out of his box. Being friends with the boys as well, they didn’t really mind. It was weird for you in the beginning because you two had been dating for so long, yet you had never really been at the dorms that often. Dating Yoongi meant spending more time with him at the studio than at the dorms. It was a nice change to be able to spend time with the others as well but you always knew in the back of your mind that the actual reason behind that situation was everything else but nice. And Yoongi knew how to remind you every time you visited - not once had you seen his face or heard his voice. He disappeared as soon as he knew you were coming over and wouldn’t come back until you had already left. You weren’t even the one telling him that you were coming over, hoping that one day he’d be there to talk things out face to face but he always found his ways to be gone before you could even notice. You still saw his things lying around, things he usually had lying around at your dorm. Familiar pieces of his, spread around the dorm, reminding you how his things were here but he would never be.

He’s just not ready. He needs time.

The boys knew what had happened between you two and you felt their pitiful glances they threw your way when they thought you weren’t paying attention. But you saw. They were always there. During dinner. While playing video games. Helping with the chores. Watching a movie. Going over their choreographies. You saw and it broke you more each time. Even they knew how pathetic you were behaving. 

And that’s what it was - pathetic. You knew it, Yoongi knew it, the boys knew it, everybody knew it. Still, you couldn’t give up because in the end of the day, it wasn’t only about you and Yoongi but about the baby. Your baby needed a dad, not only a father. And you were just as stubborn as Yoongi, so you wouldn’t give up so easily. Your child was not going to be raised by a single mom, a college student who could barely take care of herself. It was going to live better than that.

He’ll give in. I know he will. 

At that moment, a soft pillow hit you in the face and screams erupted through the living room. Before you could realize what was going on, Taehyung had ducked behind you, making Jungkook run around your tiny figure in circles, making Taehyung shove you around like a shield to protect himself, earning screams of confusion from you.  

“You coward, move away from (Y/N)!”, Jungkook screamed and laughed before jumping forward, taking you to the ground with him as he landed on Tae, pinning his figure to the ground in a merciless grip.

“Jungkook, let go, you’re gonna break my arm!”, Taehyung laughed while screaming out in pain, making Jin came rushing into the living room to your side. Stretching out his hands for you, you thankfully grabbed them and he helped you up before parting the two boys in one swift move.

“Are you two crazy?! We have a pregnant woman here, you could have hurt her and the baby! Stop running around like that or you’ll be cooking your own meals until this baby decides to break free”, Jin scolded while sitting you down on the couch, handing you a pillow and a blanket. You raised your eyebrows at him in confusion and laughed at his choice of words.

“For support. The baby needs it”, he simply answered and positioned it himself when you didn’t make a single move. 

“You can’t do that Jin Hyung! She’s not even fat yet!”, Jungkook exclaimed and earned a smack on the back of his head from his hyung. The maknae winced and rubbed his head in pain, whilst Taehyung laughed at the comical scene in front of him, earning a death glare from Jin.

“Shh, you don’t say that to a girl Jungkook. Don’t you have any manners?”, Jin looked angry but you just laughed and sat up.

“He’s right though, I’m not even fat yet. I’m just two months pregnant, Jin. Stop worrying so much”, you smiled at the older boy but he just shook his head and sat down next to you as the two others left the room to play video games in their bedroom.

“The first three months are the most critical ones (Y/N)! You should know that. Anything could happen”, he looked at you seriously concerned, so you grabbed his hand, rubbing your thumbs over his soft skin. You noticed him shiver and quickly look away but chose to ignore it.

“I know Jinnie. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I don’t know where I’d be without you”, you grinned foolishly but meant it. He had been there for you the second Yoongi decided to break it off and ignore you. In the heat of the moment you had called Jin right after you had calmed down from the first shock and since then he hadn’t left your side. He always made sure that you were doing okay, that you were eating and getting enough sleep, even bringing over food to your dorm himself if you couldn’t come over. He also made you tell him your check up appointments so he’d know if anything was wrong. He cared and you were truly thankful.

“You’d definitely be lost, I can tell you that”, he mumbled but smiled and pulled you into a hug. You were taken aback for a second as you inhaled his scent. He smelled manlier than expected and for a second, goosebumps arose on your skin before you heard a door being slammed shut and someone shuffling lazily into the room. You turned around, breaking free from the embrace and saw him. He was standing still in between doors, eyes glued to Jin’s hands on your waist.

“Yoongi”, you exhaled, eyes wide and watery as your heart started beating faster by every second that passed while he just stared. He looked exhausted, more than usual. Deep bags under his eyes, colored in deep purple and blue, signaling that he mustn’t have gotten lots of sleep in the past couple of weeks. His skin looked paler than ever and dehydrated, having lost all natural glow. His figure was skinnier than ever and you were scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself up for much longer. At least he seemed to have taking care of his hair and clothes as his outfit and hair were styled enough to walk out of the house.

“I-I’m going to see what the others are doing”, Jin quickly got up, shooting you one last glance before walking out in the opposite direction of Yoongi. The boy’s eyes followed his hyung until he had left the room, basically shooting daggers into his direction before turning his gaze to you.

“Yoongi we-”, you started but he interrupted you harshly.

“Why was he touching you like that?”, his voice was icy like the last words that he had directed at you when he left you a month ago.

You were confused. “What?”

“Why was he touching you like that (Y/N)?”, his stare had something unreadable in it. Hands balled into fists on the sides of his body, his eyes didn’t leave your face.

“Touch like what Yoongi?”, Jin had only hugged you. You didn’t know what was going on. 

“His hands were on your fucking waist (Y/N)! Don’t act like I’m fucking blind”, he scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance.


He was jealous. Min Yoongi was jealous even though he had broken up with you. Even though he had ignored all your calls and texts, avoided you for a whole month and left you with an unborn baby. 

That’s when it clicked.

Calling your state furious would be an understatement.

“So what if his hands were on my waist? He takes very good care of me and the baby, so he’s allowed to touch me”, you spat in an attempt to let Yoongi feel what you had been feeling that whole time. Even though he looked bad, he couldn’t have been through half the stuff you had been through the last weeks.

In the end of the day, he was the one who broke it off right?

Yoongi huffed and went through his hair with one hand. “So what, Jin’s the baby daddy now? As soon as I’m not available, you run to the next best dude?”, he was practically screaming at this point and you heard a door being shut silently. The boys were trying not to listen.


“As soon as you’re not available? Are you fucking insane? You broke up with me because I told you that I am pregnant. I tried to get you back because I knew you are stubborn and just needed time but you treated me like shit, Yoongi. Like literal shit. I come by every other day to get you to talk to me but no, mister fuckhead even knows a way to avoid me at his own home”, you had stood up and your face was red from anger at that point. Tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably. Your chest was burning from the heartache and all the pain he was making you go through again. Flashbacks from the painful words he had thrown at you, came rushing back, a new panic attack arising within you. 

Please not now.

“I-I didn’t mean to”, he whispered and lowered his head. 

“What?”, you weren’t sure if you had heard him correctly. Trying to calm down your breathing, you closed your eyes and balled your hands into small fists.

“I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”, he lifted his gaze and spoke up, voice breaking as he looked at your state.

“Well surprise, you did it anyway”, you held back a sob, putting a hand over your mouth as soon as those words were out. You didn’t want to cry anymore. You had cried enough in the last couple of weeks. 

It just didn’t seem to end.

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ok, so I don't know if you're actually taking requests or not, but imagine this. An AU where Ignis was always blind, or maybe lost his sight in the accident that hurt Noctis, and he gets used to it and stays as Noct's adviser, but everyone is constantly underestimating him. So when he wants to learn to fight, everyone is against it, which gets him down, until Gladio's like, well, why the fuck not? And teaches him himself... and well... I know you like Gladnis, so... anyway hugs, you're awesome x

Anon, Brotherhood Gladnis is one of my big weaknesses. Thank you for facilitating this, and I loved this idea. Have some sexy, confident blind!Ignis and Gladio. 

“I don’t see the problem, and please, for the love of all the Astrals, do not think I’m making a joke at that,” Ignis growled. His hands gripped the top of his white cane, knuckles white.

“Clarus just said he wasn’t sure it was a good idea,” Noct said, obviously trying to placate his advisor.

Ignis at nineteen was tall, lean, and incredibly good looking, but had an acerbic temperament that kept most people at arm’s length. But not the prince, and not Gladiolus Amicitia. They were perhaps the two people in the whole of Lucis who were not entirely intimidated by the prince’s sharp-tongued advisor.

“Ig,” Gladio said, clearly also trying to calm him, “Look…”

“Don’t you dare ‘Ig, look’ me, Amicitia,” Ignis snarled. “I think it would be beneficial for me to train with a lance or some other bō staff related weapon, and you have no right to try and prevent me.”

Noctis sighed and looked over at Gladio, who shrugged. “You didn’t let me finish,” Gladio whined in mock-outrage.

Ignis breathed out a great exhale of his own and softened, sliding his eye-shield further up his nose reflexively. “I apologise. It’s not your fault.”

“So… if it’s not my fault,” Gladio grinned, placing a heavy palm on Ignis’ shoulder, earning himself a surprisingly fond smile, “Does that mean I get to train you?”

Ignis chuckled. “But we haven’t had it cleared yet…”

“You’re doing me a favour,” Gladio breezed. “Come on, please? I suck at lance work compared to greatsword etc.…”

“Did you just say you suck at lance work?” Noctis smirked, one eyebrow quirked.

“Please don’t,” Ignis deadpanned. “I don’t need that image.”

“You can’t see though…” Noctis frowned.

“Exactly. Mental images disappear a lot more slowly than real-time ones,” he said, smacking the prince on the back of the head with bullseye precision.

“You mean you don’t want to imagine my hands on the shaft–?” Gladio began, but Ignis brought the white cane up in a lighting-fast strike, halting its trajectory an inch away from Gladio’s temple. “Never mind,” Gladio squeaked comically.

“I’ll be at the training centre at half five,” Ignis said flatly, turning away and swinging his cane in a wide arc at his feet, faultlessly heading towards the palace again for a meeting with the king.

Gladio had just sunk into his third rep of press-ups when he heard the tell-tale tap tap tap of Ignis’ cane. The doors opened, and the advisor paused on the threshold, ears straining. “Gladio?”

“Yup,” he grunted, biceps and shoulders burning.

“You started without me?” he chuckled, dropping his bag in a corner and unabashedly stripping his dress-shirt off.

Gladio swallowed at the sight of him. His back was lithe and toned, not an ounce of fat on him, his muscles clearly defined, although he was not built like Gladio. He also had an enormous scorch mark across his back and shoulders, though it did nothing to detract from his beauty.

Gladio had reached his full height at barely sixteen, but Ignis had lagged behind, only shooting up to his six foot height in the past year. Gladio had always thought the advisor, injured and blinded at the age of ten in the same assassination attempt on the prince, had been elegant and beautiful, confident and sassy, but ever since that incredibly vivid sex dream a month previous, Gladio had had a hard time concentrating around Ignis.

“Ready to start?” Ignis asked, his deep, lyrical voice ringing off the walls of the training room and startling Gladio back into his own brain.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” he laughed awkwardly. “Sure.”

“Do you have a lance for me?” he asked archly when no weapon was presented to him. He walked towards the centre of the room, but stopped when he wasn’t sure where Gladio was. He let his elegant hands hang freely by his sides, but Gladio could see he was tense, ready, almost nervous.

He knew how Ignis felt about being alone in the centre of a large space with no reference points, so he walked over, bare feet padding quietly on the mats, and touched him lightly on the upper arm to offer him a landmark. “Be right back with one.”

He returned a while later and chewed his lip for a moment, eyes locked on Ignis’ passive hand where it dangled at his side. Gladio leaned down a little and slid his fingers tantalisingly into Ignis’ palm before replacing them with the wooden bō staff. If Ignis jumped at the unexpected touch, he hid it behind a quiet shuffle. “Thank you,” he smiled.


“As I believe I’ll ever be,” Ignis said. His jaw was grinding.

“Ok, basic forms,” Gladio began.

“I thought you said you were terrible with a bō staff,” Ignis smirked as he adopted a ready-stance from what he already knew from his unarmed combat lessons. “Not sure I want you as my teacher…”

“I said I wasn’t as good with a lance as I am with a greatsword,” Gladio said, “Not that I wasn’t good.”

Ignis only chuckled in response.

It turned out that Gladio found it harder to explain the forms to Ignis than he had anticipated. After half an hour of half-successful attacks and parries, Gladio’s patience with himself was running thin.

“Perhaps you could show me instead?” Ignis asked when Gladio turned away, shooting a noise of disgust out of his nose as he failed yet again to make it clear to Ignis what he wanted him to do.

Show you? Gods, Iggy, I’m trying…”

“No,” Ignis smiled. “What I mean is you could move me to the appropriate position…” He raised the staff in his hands slowly, deliberately, waiting for Gladio to correct him physically instead of verbally.

“You want me to show you positions, eh?” Gladio asked. He screwed his eyes shut the instant the words were out of his mouth. “Shit, Ig, I’m sorry,” he moaned. “I say stupid things when I’m nervous and frustrated.”

Ignis let the tip of the bō staff rest on the floor and turned his ear towards Gladio. “I make you nervous?” he asked.

“No!” Gladio fired. “I mean… It’s not…”

“So I frustrate you?”

“No!” he barked.

“Not my blindness, is it?” Ignis murmured, relaxing further, one hip beginning to slant downwards.

“No,” Gladio half-choked, much more softly this third time.

“Something else then?” he asked. His tone shifted, a hidden harmonic in his voice that did strange things to Gladio.

He tried to swallow, but had nothing. The entirety of Leide had more moisture than his mouth and throat.

“What is it, Gladio?” Ignis asked coyly, now leaning on the staff.

With his slender hips and narrow waist, Ignis looked somehow like he was about to swing around the tall bō staff like a pole dancer, and Gladio felt a rush of blood in his groin at the thought. “Fuck,” he hissed.

“First rule of battle is not to show your weaknesses, Gladio,” Ignis chuckled.

“Ig,” Gladio rasped.

“My weaknesses are always out there for people to see,” Ignis continued. “But what about yours, Gladio?”

“You’re not weak, Ignis,” Gladio managed to hiss.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Ignis said, stepping close. Too close. So close Gladio could see every eyelash of his closed eyes, every detail of the scars on his face, every nick on his skin. He longed to press a kiss into the one that bisected his lower lip. “What’s your weakness, Gladio?”

“You,” Gladio finally breathed as Ignis’ figure hovered like a mirage before him, gaze blurring.

Ignis closed the gap between them.

Hands tangled in hair, breaths exchanged, kisses crushed, bodies pressed against one another.

Breathing hard, Gladio backed Ignis up against the wall of the training centre, Ignis’ breath leaving his lungs with a grunt as he collided with the cold stone. Ignis inhaled sharply as Gladio tugged his head back, letting out a long, low moan as Gladio’s teeth began to nip and suck at Ignis’ neck. “You’re my weakness,” Gladio grunted, working his fingers under Ignis’ lightweight training vest. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

Ignis braced his hands on Gladio’s enormous shoulders and then effortlessly hooked his thighs around Gladio’s hips. Gladio let out a deep, gorgeous, rumbling moan and ground his hard cock into Ignis, the friction of his clothes nowhere near enough to satisfy him.

“Gladio,” Ignis gasped, “We can’t do this here.”

“No,” Gladio agreed, though he made no move to stop rutting up against Ignis.

“Stop. Showers. We can do it in the showers.”

“Oh fuck, Ignis,” Gladio groaned. “You serious?”

Ignis nodded, and Gladio grabbed him by the hand, tugging him out of the training room towards the showers, bō staff forgotten, clothes half abandoned, with no thought for the hour or for who might see them leaving like that.

Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part2)


Your eyes drifted open slowly. You didn’t wake up in hospital, or at home, or even by the side of the road because you inhaled too much smoke, but In a large king-sized bed. You sat up and covered yourself with the blanket, after realising someone was sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. “Who the fuck are you?” you asked, rubbing your tired eyes. “Robert Greenwood, and you are?” he asked, grabbing your hand and leaning down to kiss it. “You’re awake” a loud, theatrical voice interrupted- entering the room. Greenwood reluctantly let go of you, clearly annoyed. “I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. Hi gorgeous, I’m Jerome” he smiled cockily, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Y/n” you replied, not being able to look away from him. “We were getting to that, before you barged in” Greenwood claimed. Jerome was still starling at you, with a large grin, before he turned around and stood up. “I saw her first” Greenwood added, licking his lips. “Boys, lets not argue amongst our team” a familiar figure said, walking in. “I’m the captain” Greenwood smirked. “Captain of my foot” Jerome spoke with childish sarcasm, making you dare to hold back a laugh. “I’ve murdered a dozen women, terrorised the city-” he began, glancing at you. Fantastic, you were going to be eaten alive by a psychotic cannibal. Jerome stood, blocking Greenwood’s view of you. “See I have vision, and ambition and brains. How many people can you eat before that shtick gets old?” he asked, getting closer to him. “I could eat one more” Greenwood claimed. With that he attempted to make his way over to you, but Jerome had him pinned up against the wall, with a knife to his throat before he could. “I see we have to resolve this once and for all” the familiar man, you now recognised as Theo Galavan said. He took the knife and Jerome relaxed, he instead replaced it with a one bullet loaded gun. Greenwood smirked and placed it to his brain, pulling the trigger. He then passed it to Jerome. “Hey Greenwood, what’s the secret to good comedy?” he asked, placing the gun to his brain. “Timing” he smiled, pulling the trigger. “And what’s courage?” he asked, pulling the trigger again. “Grace under pressure” Jerome continued. “And- Who’s the boss?” he asked, placing the gun underneath his chin. He then pulled the trigger once more, “I’m the boss” he stated, giving a laugh of sinister insanity. “I believe you are Jerome” Theo praised, removing the gun. “The girl remains unharmed” he simply ordered, before walking out of the room whistling.

You walked around the room, not actually sure what this hostage situation was. You eventually got so bored, that you left and entered the rest of the mansion. You heard voices coming from downstairs, so you thought you had about enough time to try and escape. That was until you turned a corner and walked right into “Barbra?” you asked in shock. You recognised her as your Uncle’s insane ex, who tried to kill his girlfriend. “Y/n!” she beamed, hugging you. She was acting as if she was running into you, during some sort of family reunion. “Small world” she laughed. “What am I doing here?” you asked bluntly, not in the mood to entertain her. “Beats me, Jerome seems to have a thing for you, little niece” she winked, before strutting off. “Helpful” you muttered. “Y/N!” Someone called. You turned to see Jerome walking up the stairs towards you. “Yes?” you asked casually, like he wasn’t an Arkham breakout who has kidnapped you. “We’re going out” he claimed, dragging your arm along the hall. “Tabitha, Y/n. Y/N, Tabitha” he introduced, after barging into her room with you. She simply titled her head and walked around you, examining. “My dearest friend here will help you get ready for tonight” he grinned, already walking away. “What’s tonight?” you called after him, but he was already gone. You turned to face her, she had her finger on her lip like she was thinking. “Definitely red” she mumbled. This was definitely a house, full of whackjobs.

“Perfect” Tabitha grinned, after finishing your dark red lipstick. You stood up and walked to look in the full body mirror. Your hair was full of volume and curled, your makeup was elegant but edgy and you were wearing a tight red dress with a slit in the side. You looked good, to the point you forgot your current situation. She then gave you a pair of black stilettos to wear. You slipped into them and checked yourself out once more. “I know you look hot, no need to thank me. Now come on, Theo is waiting” she grabbed you by your hand and pulled you along with her. “Is she ready?” Theo asked, as you walked behind her. “Certainly is” Tabitha responded, moving out of your way. Jerome jumped over the couch, wearing a tailored black suit. He whistled and comically slicked back his eyebrows. He then held his arm out, for you to link it. As defiant as you are, you wanted to. So you complied. “Jerome I assume you know the plan” Theo ensured. “Sure do” he responded, still looking at you. You were seriously trying to conceal a blush. “And I assume you’re not going to follow it” Theo added. “Sure wont” he agreed. “Just be back here by midnight and don’t get caught, especially by Jim Gordon” he told, causing you to break back into reality. With that, Jerome guided you outside and into the back of a blacked out car filled with other henchmen.

The car pulled up, to what seemed like a club. The henchmen got out and Jerome helped you out. He then suddenly turned around to you, with a grin. He informed you on the plan, In his own dramatic and enthusiastic way. Theo had an important business deal, with one of the underground groups. He however doesn’t trust them and so he sent Jerome and you in the place of Tabitha and him. The problem was, that the group were expecting you as intimate partners. “I am not pretending to flirt with you” you stated, crossing your arms. He ignored your defiance and handed you a gold gun, with ‘Queen’ engraved onto it. You immediately pointed it at Jerome’s head with a smirk. He laughed and took a step closer, so the end of the gun was pressed against his forehead. “You’re not going to shoot me” he grinned adamantly. “And if I do?” you asked cockily. “You know you’d regret it for the rest of your life” he answered. You stared at each other for a moment, both refusing to back down. You eventually lowered the gun and he began to laugh, before holding his arm out again. You tucked the gun into the garter on your leg, before entering the club together.

“Jerome” a muscular man greeted, as you made your way over to a table in the back of the club. He handed him a whisky and slowly handed you a type of cocktail. “And who is your women?” he smirked, scanning his eyes over you. “Y/n, and he doesn’t own me” you answered. “Feisty, I like it” he breathed down your neck. You rolled your eyes and glanced at Jerome, who was gripping his glass tightly, close to breaking point. “Please, take a seat” he told, issuing you all to sit back down. You sat close to Jerome, with crossed legs. You weren’t scared, you just felt a lot safer being with him, which should be hard to believe. “So, $500,000.00 offer on the table” the man began, opening a briefcase and turning it to face the pair of you. Quite frankly, you had no idea what was going on and yet you still managed to keep your front up. Maybe it wasn’t even a front, maybe part of you liked the idea of being part of the underworld. You just couldn’t ignore the sense of guilt for your uncle, who you knew would be stretching the offers at the GCPD to try and find you. Before Jerome could speak, you began to tap on the table with your nails. You then slammed the briefcase closed and slid it back over to him. “Don’t like my offer?” he asked, pouting at you patronisingly. “No, I don't” you pouted, equally matching his sarcasm. “We’re not taking less than what we asked for″ Jerome interrupted. The man stopped looking at you and drew his attention back to Jerome. “What are you? Her bitch?” he laughed, issuing for his own henchmen to join in. You and Jerome looked at each other, you could see the anger building up inside of him, which quickly returned to insanity. He began to laugh with them, before pulling out his gun and shooting one of the henchmen in the head. Silence soon fell (as well as his body), before everyone from both sides pulled their guns out. “I liked that guy, looks like we have a problem here” the man claimed, taking a swig of his drink. “Looks like it” Jerome smirked. “Here’s a deal, I give you £750,000.00 and Galavan stays happy. But I get your girl, in place for my man you just shot” he offered. You swallowed thickly and took a huge sip of your cocktail. “Hmmm” Jerome began to consider. You looked at him with furrowed brows, was he really going to hand you over to some hitman in a club? “No deal” He answered abruptly. You gave a small sigh of relief. “No?” The man asked with shock and rage. “Who are you, to reject an offer from one of the most respected and feared underworld groups?” he asked, standing up. Jerome simply smiled and leant back, putting his arm behind the back of your seat. “We’re the King and Queen of Gotham, who the fuck are you?” you answered once again, causing Jerome to widen his eyes in amusement and slight arousal. With that, both sides started to shoot at one another and screams and panic followed in the club. Jerome grabbed your hand and the briefcase, before you both ducked out of the club. Your car was still parked in the alleyway, this time you two were alone due to your hitmen being predominantly dead. He was putting the briefcase away in the trunk of the car, when you looked up at the club window, to see a gunman pointing a gun towards him. You knew it was too late for you to get him to move. Your heart was racing, it was the first bit of adrenaline you had felt in ages. The smartest thing you could have done was to let him get shot, and get the fuck out of there. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion, you weren’t even thinking. The man was about to pull the trigger, as you pulled the gun out of your garter and pulled the safety off. Jerome looked up at you, before glancing at the window. You pulled the trigger. Shooting the man in the head. You watched as his body fell, covering your mouth in disbelief. You couldn’t look away, you couldn’t even fucking move. Jerome wasn’t laughing for once, he pulled you into the car and the two of you drove out of there, as the sound of police sirens echoed around the streets.

“I’ll ask you again, who was with Jerome Valeaska?” Gordon asked, punching the man in the face. He was covered in blood and handcuffed in the interrogation room of the GCPD. “Some girl, I don’t remember her name” he told, his face coming into contact with another punch. “Jim, come on” Harvey stepped in, after watching him completely pummel the guy. “I need to know if it’s Y/n!” he snapped, turning to Harvey. He went to punch the man again, until he spoke. “Wait, Y/n. That’s her name, I don’t know anything else I swear” he pleaded. Jim let go of him and turned to Harvey. “Was she hurt?” he asked. “No, she was WITH him. She even gunned down one of my men” he answered. Jim’s eyes widened. “Are you sure?” he asked, not really ready to hear the answer. “Positive” he said, breathing heavily. Jim let go of him, staring at the ground. Harvey tried to reassure him, listing off every possible reason for you have to do something like that. Jim wasn’t listening to any of it, he simply turned around and slammed out of the door. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Theo sat counting their new found fortune. “Well done Jerome” he said proudly. Jerome simply raised his eyebrows and finished his whisky, slamming the empty glass on the table. Not his usual reaction. “She’s almost there, I would give it a week” Tabitha smirked. “It’s gunna kill Jim Gordon” Barbra laughed, walking into the room. “Y/n Gordon will join the Maniax by her own accord, it’s in her blood. It’s in every single Gordon” Theo claimed. “I say she should pay her uncle a very special visit” Tabitha hinted. They all soon began to laugh, with the exception of Jerome- who simply rubbed the back of his neck and hung his head.

This part was more of a transitional part, so it isn’t as good as the others. Stay tuned for part three, because you ain’t seen nothing yet x

Press Play

FINALLY! The next one-shot in the klance YouTuber AU! The next thing I post probably won’t be a part of this AU since I work on a ton of stuff and I still need to finish a lot of it, but I wanted to post this today as a thank you!

I’m not going to link the other one-shots, just know that from now on these one-shots will be tagged with ‘klance youtuber au’ on my tumblr. The series can be found on my AO3 here.

This one is how Lance and Keith first met!! Most of the one-shots in this AU are gonna be entirely fluff, unlike the last one, but who knows? I’ll probably find a way to incorporate more angst at some point. I hope you guys like it!

Keith hated crowds, and he knew he always would. The feeling of being in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for all the people in it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially since he always felt everyone was staring at him, for some reason. Talking to one person he didn’t know was bad enough, but being surrounded by them? A nightmare, as far as he was concerned.

Stupid VidCon. Stupid Shiro and his stupid, stupid YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to document their life on video for an audience, anyway? Sometimes Keith wondered how they were even friends.

And it didn’t help that he was completely, hopelessly, lost. The directions Shiro had given him made absolutely no sense! Apparently he was supposed to ‘look for where Allura’s selling makeup’, but Keith didn’t know who Allura was, much less where she sold her line of 'limited-addition lipsticks.’ The only thing he knew about Allura was that at some point she’d taught Shiro how to successfully do winged eye-liner, and now he wore it all the time.

Keith sighed, and looked back down at the notepad in his hand, with the list of Shiro’s instructions for where to go. They still didn’t help. And, to make matters worse, Keith forgot to look where he was going, and bumped straight into someone else.

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Regarding comic Lance

I’ll try to keep this short but basically

Problematic ≠ ooc

Like was Lance being annoying in the comic? Sure. But does mean he was ooc? No, because every character in the show has flaws. Like for example in season one when Allura was trying to bond with Pidge, Pidge basically says ‘but I’m getting my dad back’ and like that shit was harsh and borderline cruel, and I’m pretty sure it hurt Allura more than any of Lance’s flirting has. Now I’m not bashing Pidge but it’s just we see that maybe she’s insensitive sometimes and that’s fine because it makes her human.

Hunk went through Pidge’s stuff then showed her picture to everyone which was not cool, and Keith straight up suggested that they shouldn’t save Allura from Zarkon and that was so cold like even now my sister still hasn’t forgiven him for it. Everyone is not perfect all the time and the same goes for Lance. 

We know he’s a flirt. The first thing he did when he met Allura was flirt. He’s a teenage guy, it’s honestly not that surprising, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay because as we saw from some points in the show and in this comic his flirting can be unwanted and annoying. It’s just one of his flaws. And like all flaws it leaves room for development. Hopefully as the show goes on we’ll see him grow and form a more respectful relationship with Allura, which is more interesting and realistic than everyone was perfect and nice to each other all the time from the start and forever which is what some people seem to want the show to be.

So if the only way you tolerate comic Lance is by calling him ooc then maybe you need to readjust and see if you only accept a character when they fall into your perfect view on them, because in that case you might not fully be able to enjoy season 3 because canon will never satisfy you.

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i'm sorry it why do you ship junkrat with mei?? if you haven't noticed or actually played overwatch, you'd know that mei hates junkrat, they despise each other and they're total opposites. and no, opposites don't always attract.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a first!

In the two or so years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never had an antagonistic anon before. Then again, I only ever started branching out into non-Soul Eater things in September, so maybe this is just what happens when you start to create content for bigger fandoms? 

First things first: If you don’t like the content I post, I suggest that you either unfollow my blog or use blacklist to block the tags for content you don’t like. Your Tumblr experience is curated by you. I’ll tag my content to help you blacklist topics you wish to avoid, but it’s ultimately up to each user to take the necessary steps to tailor their dashboard.

Secondly, in sending me a rude ask, you have given me an excuse to talk about a favorite ship of mine. So buckle up, we’ve got a long post incoming!

Why ship Junkrat and Mei? Why ship any two characters?

Take a gander at this post by @chaoticlivi. It’s a pretty exhaustive list of reasons people get invested in the relationship between any two characters. They span from aesthetic and visual tastes (these two look great together!) to more in depth, thematic ones (their relationship embodies a theme I care about). Basically, there are many many reasons to love a ship, and canon rarely has much to do with it.  

In general, canon is a box of scraps. This is especially true for Overwatch, which despite its exhaustive lore leaves many holes in character stories and relationships. Nothing in the game itself (which I do play often, btw) is ‘canon.’ The voicelines you hear haven’t actually happened. They are meant to give us insight into the characters, their histories, and their relationships, but you can’t quote them as something Mei or Junkrat have actually said.  

In-game content is also in flux. As more shorts and comics come out, as the actual Overwatch lore grows, the game evolves too. It’s possible what’s canon within the game now will change later on. 

What I’m saying is, you can point at two voicelines and wave around words like ‘hate’ until you are blue in the face, but that won’t 1) make it canon that Junkrat and Mei will be at odds forever or 2) make me any less likely to ship them.

Now that I’ve got the “shipping doesn’t need a canon basis and Overwatch shipping is a crapshoot built on nearly nothing anyway” part done, I can actually talk about Mei and Junkrat.

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Less Hate, More Love

The Supergirl fandom has become so incredibly disappointing to me.

I go into the Supercorp tag, because I want to see fun cast updates and selfies, and I want to see jokes about Katie’s adorkable shoes, and Melissa being a real life version of Kara and the Superfam just being generally awesome.

But all I see is hate.

It’s everywhere.

Karamel hate, Supercorp hate, Chris hate, Katie hate.


I’m tired of it being in the tags, I’m tired of it being the comments, I’m tired of it being cross posted and put on twitter, I’m tired of it.

And I get it, I do.

People don’t like Mon-el, and they have some valid reasons. But guess what? Mon-el is not a person, he does not have free will. He is written, by writers. writers, who are following what a lot of media is doing. We don’t have a Mon-el problem, we have a Hollywood problem.

There is no reason to post hate in the Karamel tag, there is no reason to post hate to Chris, it’s not cool. It’s not what being a fan is about. If there’s one thing that Supercorp and Karamel shippers should be able to agree on is that Supergirl is (or at least has the potential to return to being) a great show.

It looks like Mone-el is coming back during season 3 at some point.

Trust me, I’m not happy about it.

But posting hate will do absolutely nothing about it. Posting hate paints you as a ‘crazed fan’ who no one on the show wants to give any credibility to. Your not going to change anything except maybe drive other viewers away. It should be obvious, but less viewers is not good for Supergirl. Fandom wars are not cool. Most Karamel shippers are not racist, misogynistic, jerks. You should not attack and bully people on the internet or in real life.

That makes you an asshole.

If you want things to change you have to stop reacting like a juvenile.

Is it okay to be upset about something? Yes. But post after post of unreasonable hate only weakens your cause.

Mon-el is coming back?

Okay, tell the people in charge how you’d like for him to change, and the parts you like about him- i.e., I like the show better when Mon-el is in a supportive role to Kara and we get to see his dorky side as he helps her be a better hero.

Lena is a season regular?

Great, tell them how much you love the idea of seeing a character with an evil family rising up and helping out our favorite hero.

The Danvers sisters’ relationship not getting enough screen time? Tell them how much you love seeing them venting to each other and eating ice cream on Kara’s couch.

Tell them you love Sanvers, tell them you love Cat, tell them you want to see more of the Guardian and Supergirl working together.

You know what else?

Tell them who you want to see writing and directing episodes (i.e. more female voices for a female driven show. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have proven that two women can make a massive impact on the bottom line and SG can see the same transformation), tell them you’d love to see more LGBT+ representation on screen and on the writing team.

Point is let’s spend more time talking about what we LOVE about the show and less about what we hate.

And please stop filling all of the Supergirl tags with hate. I just want to geek out about a female super hero, and I’d like to be able to think about Comic-Con without cringing. If we can just come together and SUPPORT this show, then we’re more likely to get a show we can all enjoy, and more fun behind the scenes shots.

Just come on, please stop.

renaroo  asked:

So your DickBabs commentary is some of the best around, but I was wondering if you might be willing to explain what works about BatCat for you? : )

So, it’s taken me forever to answer this because my life has been ridiculous lately and also I’m terrible sometimes, but! I did not forget about you, dearest of Renas! (To those who don’t know, this post is to celebrate Rena reaching 1000 followers!) So, let’s get down to this:

(Also: Thank you for the compliment on my DickBabs commentary. <3 *hugs*)

So, I think a lot of people spend most of their time talking about why Selina is good for Bruce when they talk about this ship, and there’s definitely a lot to be said there and I’m going to get to that, but I want to start off talking about why I think Bruce is good for Selina, which is a side that I think often gets ignored. (Possibly because Bruce gets such a bad reputation that people can’t believe he could possibly contribute anything positive to a relationship - but that is only true when Bruce is written by terrible writers like Frank Miller, and I firmly ignore that characterization of Bruce.)

So, to get there I’m going to start off talking about this scene, which is one of the most essential Bruce/Selina scenes in my book:

This is from the first issue of Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, which I’m sure you already know, but I’m just stating it for the record so that if anyone is reading this post and hasn’t picked up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, consider this my advertisement for it: Go pick up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run. You will not be disappointed. (Also… not to beat a dead horse, but… the above scene is the note Ed Brubaker chose to begin his Catwoman run on. Let’s just compare that to how Judd Winick chose to begin his. *moment of silence*)

Anyway, there are a handful of scenes that just define Bruce and Selina to me, that are the first to come to mind when I’m thinking about how I see their dynamic and why I ship them, and this is one of the major ones. Because here’s the thing I think so many people miss: The reason Bruce treats Selina differently than his other antagonists isn’t just because he thinks she looks hot in her costume. It’s because he knows she’s not a villain, at the core of who she is. He thinks she’s a good person, in spite of everything. And that is so, so important.

See, here’s the thing: Selina is someone who’s been underestimated and dismissed for most of her life. She’s been looked down on for her gender, her lower-class background, her history in sex work. And when she has been taken seriously, she’s been perversely appreciated for the bad side of who she is. The few people to really respect her have appreciated her intelligence and skills for how useful she could be to them as a thief. But no one really looked at her and saw her as someone with the potential to be more than a thief. (Not even Holly, although Holly’s relationship with Selina is positive and good for Selina in different ways.) Certainly no one saw her as someone with the potential to be a hero - until Bruce.

And if you’ll forgive me for going into Psychology Major mode for a minute: People will live up or down to expectations. If you’ve been treated all your life as if you can’t be anything but a thief and a troublemaker and someone with purely selfish interests, it’s really hard to believe that you can be anything else. It’s not impossible, and I’d certainly never suggest that Selina never did anything heroic or altruistic until she met Bruce. But it’s hard. Someone believing in you is a really, really powerful thing.

This is something that, for all its faults as a movie, The Dark Knight Rises did get very right about Bruce and Selina’s relationship:

Selina tries to present herself as someone driven purely by selfishness, but Bruce sees through that: “I think there’s more to you than that.” And I think what Selina says in response is so revealing. It’s clearly intended as a denial - saying that if he keeps expecting her to be better, he’ll only keep being let down in response. But it also clearly shows that he’s gotten to her - which is, of course, confirmed by the decisions she makes later in the movie. As much as she wants to pretend it doesn’t, Bruce’s faith in Selina has an effect on her.

The thing is, knowing you’ve let someone down isn’t a pleasant feeling. But it can sometimes be a positive thing. Knowing you’ve let someone down means knowing that they had high expectations for you in the first place. It means someone saw you as capable of making the right decisions, and that’s actually much healthier than knowing you didn’t let anyone down because they never expected anything better of you to begin with.

Bruce is good for Selina because he looks at her and says “I believe that deep down, you’re really a good person.“ Because he looks at her and says ”There’s more to you than that.” And that’s something Selina hasn’t had a lot of in her life, maybe something she’s never had until Bruce comes along. He sees past her bad side and sees her potential to be something better. And instead of letting her off the hook, he challenges her to be the person he knows she’s capable of being. He has faith in her. He believes she can be a hero, and eventually that leads to Selina believing it, too. 

(But it’s so, so important to note that Selina doesn’t start acting more heroic for Bruce. She’s not doing it because he wanted it or to make him happy. She does it because it’s right for her. At her heart, Selina is a hero - all Bruce did is see the heroic qualities that were in her all along.)

The second reason I ship them so hard together is: They help each other have fun.

(The comic this panel is from - Catwoman #32 - is basically my all-time Bruce/Selina issue ever, and you’ll definitely be seeing more scans from it in this post.) 

Bruce is the one who needs more help in this area, obviously, like he says here. It’s no secret that Bruce is serious and withdrawn even with the people he loves most, and has a tendency to focus on The Mission above everyone else. So it’s a huge deal that he’s playful and mischievous and flirtatious with Selina, because not many people get to see that side of him. And no one brings it out in exactly the way that Selina does. He lets himself relax around her in a way which is really good for him:

(See? I told you we weren’t done with that issue! I love this scene because you so rarely see Bruce - or Selina, for that matter - being so completely relaxed and happy and normal.)

But I think it’s worth noting that Selina always looks like she’s having just as much fun as Bruce is, and I think that’s really good for her, too. I think people tend to forget that as much as Selina is by nature a more playful and flirtatious person than Bruce, she isn’t really a much happier one. She’s had a really hard and lonely life over the years, and that’s why it’s so great to see how genuinely happy she seems with Bruce:

I always love how huge Selina’s smile is in the first panel of this sequence (drawn by the always awesome Cameron Stewart). She’s just having so much fun, and I think that’s really just as good for her as it is for Bruce.

Even when they’re fighting, it’s very often play-fighting more than anything else:

(This scene, which is from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, can be watched here. And it is awesome.)

Look at those smiles. Bruce and Selina just bring out the fun side in each other, and I really love that. You’d never see Bruce smiling like that if he was fighting, say, the Joker. (For good reason.)

This is something Gotham has also gotten very right in their depiction of baby!Bruce and Selina:


AHEM. *is mature*

(By the way: Do you remember a while back when I sent you a message that was basically like “RENA RENA RENA YOU HAVE TO GO WATCH GOTHAM NOW”? It was right after this episode aired.)

I find this scene particularly poignant because this is not long after Bruce’s parents have died, and it’s the first time you really see him having fun, smiling and laughing like that. Frankly, it’s the first time in the show that you see Bruce or Selina acting like normal children. (Even Alfred notices and is forced to approve of Selina!) And even as adults, I think they still bring out that lighthearted side in each other:

Although as this scene shows, what Bruce and Selina consider “fun” might not be what most people consider fun, which bring me to my next point: They just get each other, on a very fundamental level. Partly that’s because they’re very alike, and partly because they’ve come to understand each other over the years. There’s this scene I really wish I could have found - I tried, believe me - where (if I’m remembering correctly) Selina is sneaking into Gotham during the No Man’s Land era, and Bruce knows exactly how she’ll do it - because it’s the same way he would. Bruce and Selina are also very different from each other in certain ways, obviously, but a lot of the time they’re just very in sync like that:

Despite their differences, Bruce and Selina have a lot in common. They’re both highly intelligent and skilled, they’ve both known a lot of tragedy in their lives, they’re both far lonelier than they care to admit. They’re both hesitant to trust people. They both follow a unique moral code that others don’t always understand - though those moral codes are not exactly the same. They’re both highly independent and can be too stubborn for their own good. At their heart, they’re both driven by a very real desire to help other people. And I think they’re similar in a more indefinable way, too. They’re just cut from the same cloth, somehow. They understand each other both instinctively and also, as the years go by, because of the true friendship they’ve formed:

I think that’s something that’s so often overlooked with Bruce and Selina: People look at them and only see the Cat-and-Bat game, the “lovers on opposite sides!” trope, and they overlook the fact that Bruce and Selina are genuinely friends. More than that, despite all the odds, they’ve come to really trust each other over the years. Even though they still disagree over plenty of things, they know they can always turn to each other in a time of need:

I think nothing says more about how much Bruce trusts Selina than the fact that he willingly told her his secret identity - something that I’m not only pretty sure was unheard of for Bruce to do, it’s pretty dang unheard of in the superhero world in general. For a point of comparison, Clark didn’t tell Lois his secret identity until after they were engaged, and whether you think that’s good writing of Clark or not (I don’t, necessarily), it still says something about what a big deal it was for Bruce to trust Selina that way. In the superhero world, telling someone your secret identity is basically the biggest statement of trust you can make.

Bruce telling Selina his secret identity (though I firmly headcanon that she’d figured it out anyway) is a huge statement - and, as he basically says himself here, tantamount to an admission that he wants a real relationship with her. For Bruce to willingly make that leap is huge.

Because of that trust, you see Bruce and Selina really open up to each other in a way that they really don’t with most people, especially other love interests. They’re willing to let themselves be vulnerable and emotionally open. And Bruce is actually vocal about his feelings in a way that you practically never see:

Now, obviously Heart of Hush as a storyline is not without its problematic elements, but I still love this scene. Because Bruce pouring his heart out like that? Bruce basically never does that. Getting an “I love you” out of Bruce is a big deal already, but an entire speech? That says a lot, again, about how much he’s willing to open up to Selina. (Granted, she was pretending to be asleep… but let’s be honest: he most likely knew she was pretending.) 

I think it’s also significant that pretty much any time either of them dreams about settling down, or there’s an alternate universe where they do, it shows them ending up married to each other:

I think for both Bruce and Selina, when they imagine living a normal life, they think about having a normal relationship with each other, ending up married. But they think that because they’re not “normal”, they can’t have that - which is a theme going back to the earliest days of their relationship:

(This scene is from Batman #3, which also happens to be the issue where Selina kissed Bruce for the first time.)

Bruce and Selina will never be “just another boy and girl”, and I think they both assume that means they can never have anything resembling an actual committed relationship. The fact that they were starting to take steps in that direction before the reboot was a huge deal for both of them. But I think it’s going to take a lot of character growth for both of them before they realize that they can have an actual relationship without either of them compromising who they are.

One more reason to ship them: Bruce moons over Selina like a little schoolboy. Enough said. ;-)

CONTROL YOUR FACE, BRUCE. You are supposed to be the terrifying personification of justice and the night and you’re acting like an absolute goober.

(And it’s amazing.)

Oh, and Dick approves:

Dick approves so much that Dick is actually the one who encouraged Bruce to tell Selina his secret identity, which, again: Huge frickin’ deal.

It’s not just a “Ha ha, Dick ships it” thing, either. Dick knows Bruce better than pretty much anyone. So the fact that Dick looks at Bruce’s relationship with Selina and says “Yeah, this relationship is good for you”? That says a lot. Because Dick knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Bruce.

Also, they have almost 75 years of history, which is pretty dang cool:

I’m a sucker for history. And theirs is a 75-year-long multimedia history spanning comics, cartoons, live-action TV, movies, and videogames, which just makes it even more amazing. 

In conclusion: Have some of my miscellaneous favorite Bat/Cat scenes that I couldn’t find a way to include in this post.

(This is another scene that speaks to how well Selina understands Bruce… and also brings up a very important point about Bruce’s nature that far too many Batman adaptations forget.)

(I did warn you there’d be a lot of scenes from this issue.)

And last but not least:

Yeah. That seems a good note to end this post on.

Hope you enjoyed, sweetheart! (And same goes to anyone else reading this, too!)

I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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One Last Time (Manorian)

Dorian Havilliard couldn’t stop the greedy smile that brightened his features as he felt the Witch Queen press closer against him, her scent and warmth flooding his senses in ways that would drive any man mad. It was winter however, an unusually cold one at that, or so he made Manon think sometimes.

The former Prince had always been a cuddler, and unfortunately he rarely had the opportunity to do so. His one-night adventures always ending in separate beds after a night of passion. For some reason, although he always knew he would rest better with a warm body next to him, he couldn’t convince himself to do so with the women and men he bedded before. It didn’t feel right.

Thoughts of Sorscha filled his mind, and he tried to think on those memories positively. The talk he had with Manon about it just two days before helped, and so did having her close enough that he could hear her faint, even breathing against his chest. Whatever this was developing between them, he thought, it seemed like it was going to end well.

They had both suffered enough.

A little miffed at the dark turn of his thoughts, Dorian stared at the white flap of the small tent, the moonlight so bright it illuminated the interior enough to make out faint shapes. Even within the confines of the tent, her hair seemed to glow and he drank in the sight of it draped so haphazardly on his clean shirts, the closest thing to a pillow they could find.

He didn’t mind that it was her hair on it, as he was starting to really enjoy having her scent in his nose whenever he dressed. And later in the day, when she was out on Abraxos and away from him, a whiff of his clothes was enough to remind him that she would return, the tent would be set up, and they would sleep in it together.

Dorian went stiff with surprise when he felt her hand shift up and over his waist and the goosebumps that appeared where her fingers trailed made him both warm and uncomfortable. Warm because she trusted him enough to sleep deeply next to him, but uncomfortable because she was starting to have a certain power over him that was only growing each day he spent next to her.

It was like a drug, these feelings.

And he wasn’t even counting the fact that they hadn’t been intimate in weeks. The traveling and fighting keeping them too tired to try anything even remotely sexual. Which, in Dorian’s opinion, made it that much worse, because she didn’t need to take off her clothes for him to know what he wanted.

And he was wanting her, in the full sense of the word.

He just wished this all to be over, and for a moment allowed himself the selfish thought of imagining a future without war…and with her. Acknowledging he wanted that future, and going so far as to fantasize about it made him nervous because this was it.

He was positive that if it wasn’t with Manon, if he lost her or she rejected him-both very possible scenarios-he was done with his feelings.

“Would you love me back?” He whispered as he curled over her and buried his face in her neck.

Perhaps he should end it all before it broke him further. He would feel the hit of separation heavily if he ended it that tonight, but if he let it fester…he didn’t know if he would be able to take it.

A small groan escaped his lips and he felt frustrated that the source of his misgivings was also the only thing giving him any sort of comfort.

A witch…out of all the women in the world he had to have a crush on an assassin, fall in love with a rebel, and end up in an even deeper hole of feelings-so deep he was sure, again, that there would be no other…with a witch-queen.


The mentioned one almost jumped at the sound of her voice, and even then, he enjoyed the sleepy intonation to it. “Hm?”

“You’re squeezing me.”

“Oh! Forgive me,” he muttered weakly, letting her go and feeling bad when she breathed out in relief. As her eyes lifted to his he explained, “when I can’t sleep I fidget and well…” he trailed off, not knowing how to properly relay his thoughts.

“Squeeze things?” She finished for him, taking the hand that was around his waist back. He immediately missed the warmth, so he did something he hadn’t dared to do before. He slowly took her hand and placed it back.

When he caught her frown, he explained, “keep it there. I like it.”

The oddest expression took over Manon’s face, and Dorian couldn’t tell if she was annoyed, angry, or just shocked. But she didn’t take her hand away, and he used the surprise to his advantage, placing a hand behind her back and pulling her into his chest. “You’re right,” he whispered into her ear, “I do like to ‘squeeze things.”

As if to prove his point, he hugged her close, but not enough that it impeded her breathing like before.

Her response was not what he expected.

“I don’t understand what you’re doing.”

He backed off, but only to look at her face. “What?”

“What are you doing?” She asked again and raised her hand in emphasis, “What is this?”

Dorian didn’t know how to respond, so he just stared at her for a few moments before he shrugged. “I’m not sure,” he paused, and then went for her hand again, but this time to lace their fingers together. “It just…feels right.”

The coldness that suddenly took over her body was instantaneous and Dorian’s face dropped when she sat up and leaned away from him. He imitated her when she grabbed her travel wear. “Maybe we should sleep in different tents tonight.”

“No, hey, wait.” He went for her upper arm and she glared at him like he was stopping her from going to Abraxos. “Look, I’m tired and half awake, I don’t know what I say most of the time.”

Her lips were held in a thin line before she spoke, “I think we both know what you’re saying.” The King couldn’t help but pull her back when she tried to go for the tent flap. “Let me go right now.”

“Just hear me out-”

She pulled at him, “no, let go.”


“If you don’t let go of my arm this instant I will tear you apart and feed you to the wyverns.”

The comment made him flinch and he gave her a hurt look. “Don’t go,” he muttered, sounding closer to a plea than he meant it to. It worked though, she didn’t struggle as she blinked at him.

“I don’t know what you want.” He felt like there was something else Manon was trying to tell him.

I don’t know if I can give you what you want.

He let go of her arm, but only to snake it around her waist, to pull her close as he said, “I just want you.” Dorian knew she was overwhelmed, could feel it in the way she froze as he tilted his head to kiss her cheek. “The nights are the only thing I look forward to, don’t ruin whatever this is when it’s the only time we’re both calm.”

Content with saying his part, Dorian finally let her go, taking his hand away and even going so far as to scoot back so they weren’t touching anywhere. His serious façade almost broke when Manon crossed her arms and huffed, “Why are mortal men so confusing?”

He couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, mindful of the others sleeping in the nearby tents. “You think I’m confusing?”

“You spiel a monologue on wanting me to stay and then let me go at the last second. What isn’t confusing about that?”

“I just want it to be your choice.”

The witch stared at him for a while, her golden eyes bright even in the dim lighting. “You mean that?”

“Yes,” he said earnestly.

As if on a prowl, Manon went toward him, going so far as to brush her lips against his before saying, “then I’ll see you tomorrow, princeling.”

Dorian could only watch, wide-eyed and with his jaw comically open as Manon took her things, winked at him, and left the tent.

And despite the fact that she truly had left, a smile spread over his face.

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen the head cannon where Kiri is the dragon Blasty has in the new bnha ending? (Love your work btw)

That’s kinda hard to miss, is it? Everyone and their grandmothers are making fanworks for it haha which I’ll be forever grateful for, actually, dragons are my #1 weakness and the more dragon!Kiri I have the happier I am (best version of it I’ve seen yet is syb’s but lbr she’s my fav artist and I’m weak) (also requirings has an ongoing comic series with those premises!!!! I’m living for it)

Anon said: Hey I loveeeeeeee your bnha fusion au and I was wondering if bakugou and midoriya’s fusion is so unstable why do they even fuse in the first place? Sorry for bothering and thank you for being so great!!!

I mentioned this in the tags under that specific post already, but I guess repeating it won’t hurt, so! It happened during the End of Term Exam! (this is gonna be spoiler if you’re only watching the anime) All Might put them in the position where they ended up being forced to try, but it lasted less than 30 seconds before they broke apart - to set in somewhere in the canon exam… after Deku pulled Bakugou away but before their combined attack. Like, when they were coming up with a strategy to take All Might out they first tried fusing, but it just didn’t work and their time was too limited to try and force it.

Anyway if they were to try again now they’d probably last way longer, but at this point neither of them has felt the need to give it a try just yet haha 

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Do u think that bughead will really be endgame?? I absolutely adore them but I saw an interview that u reblogged and it had to do with how Archie and Betty could end up together but bughead got SO much love and i don't like the idea of barchie and it tugs at me (personal issues).. I really hope that jughead and Betty will end up together but there is always that thought that the writers will change it and barchie will be endgame and honestly I'd cry if they do😂 what do you think?? 💕

Hello Nonnie! I think what you’re referring to is this RAS interview. This is the interview where he talks about how the identity of the killer slowly evolved in the writer’s room, they had shortlisted 3 people - Cliff, Hiram and Hal. These are his actual words - “As for would I ever change stuff based on fan response and things like that? The thing is always changing, do you know what I mean? The person who I thought killed Jason Blossom at the end of the season is not the person who ended up killing Jason Blossom at the end of the season”. And then in the same interview he says - “ I always thought Archie and Betty were endgame, but I don’t know, maybe not”. and “I kind of suspected that people would really respond to Jughead and Betty, but I didn’t know it was going to capture people’s imaginations the way it did”.

He also had this to say - “Originally, we were going to have it be the opposite, and it was going to be Jughead and Betty who went all the way, and Archie and Veronica who were sort of like, “We like each other, but let’s slow things down and really get to know each other before that happens.” But again, in the writing [room] things change. It’s a pretty big deal for Jughead and Betty—particularly for Jughead—when he says, “I love you.” That sort of is a huge moment for him, so even though it’s not a sexual consummation, it’s a huge step for Jughead. But yeah, we were like, “Wow, it seems like they’re going to have sex unless the serpents arrive and knock on the door!” So once again, we had an idea, but the writing in the story took us in another direction.”

And in this interview, he said- “I think that conversation with Betty in The Blue and Gold sort of speaks to that. In a way, it hearkens back to simpler times, when it was just Archie and Betty… it’s sort of this goodbye to that time, and now, she’s with Jughead and he’s with Veronica. There’s a little bit of nostalgia in that scene.  I think he does really have strong feelings for Veronica, and Betty obviously has strong feelings for Jughead — she loves him — but you know, there’s always something about your first crush, I think. There’s always a little part of your brain that imagines what could have been. I think that’s what that scene is about.”.

So you see what’s happening, Nonnie? Stuff keeps changing in the writers room based on fan reactions and other things that feel organic to the storyline. Archie and Betty getting together now - after Betty and Juggie have declared that they love each other - would be something totally off course for the story the way it’s going. RAS also said that the finale would have the pairings set in stone, and I think they made it pretty clear which couples are together. Archie is happy with Veronica for now and part of his storyline in Season 2 deals with the conflict between him and Hiram who it’s established doesn’t really like Archie. RAS has also said things are gonna change for Archie drastically in this next season because of what happened to Fred - his life is going to be more than just choosing between Music and Football or Betty and Veronica. (Not that he’s in a position to make any sort of choice in the latter case, since Betty has clearly chosen Juggie).

Here’s what I think - from what we heard early on from the cast - Kevin saying in the pilot that Archie and Betty would be endgame and KJ saying he was told the same thing - they may have thought that initially when they began writing the story, but as it evolved and they saw the incredible chemistry between Cole and Lili and how organically and seamlessly the story flowed when they put Betty and Juggie together, they changed their minds. Also, it’s so clear why they had the Bughead sex scene interrupted and Varchie go all the way - they know by now how much of a response Bughead is getting - from fans and from the media, and they have hit a potential gold mine with this pairing and they want to milk it for all it’s worth. They will save that sex scene for a more strategic time, perhaps the November sweeps as someone pointed out in response to another one of my posts.

Now I do not know what’s going to happen in future seasons, I’m sure even the writers and RAS have no idea at this point, right now their focus is Season 2 and the storyline for that has been clearly mapped out as far as the core four are concerned

  • Bughead are very much together in Season 2
  • There maybe a central conflict because of Juggie embracing his father’s Serpent legacy
  • Betty may struggle with pulling Juggie in from the dark side and battling her own darkness, but Juggie being with the serpents is very provocative for her
  • There’s also the story with her brother Chic and how his character may also subvert the comic canon of him being an FBI agent (he could be someone quite the opposite - hint, a Serpent?
  • Archie is going to set down on a path of revenge after what happened to Fred
  • Archie’s character is going to change in a fundamental way- it’s not the happy-go-lucky character of “Now I’m dating Valerie! Now I’m dating Veronica! Now I’m dating this girl! And now I have a crush on Betty! And now I’m playing football, and now I’m playing music!” All that stuff is sort of the end of innocence and the end of childhood for Archie, and it galvanizes him for season two.
  • He’s also going to have a storyline with Hiram and his disapproval of him playing into his relationship with Veronica.

So there’s plenty of stuff for them to deal with in Season 2. The route the future storyline will take will depend on the longevity of the show and how the characters evolve and most importantly - how the fans react. So it’s important that we keep showing our love and support for Bughead to the powers that be. Right now, our ship is in a beautiful place, no one expected we would get a double bonanza of them declaring their love for each other plus almost making love, did we?

It’s funny RAS keeps talking about how they love to subvert the tropes and canon and we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that as far as comic canon goes. But Bughead being compared to Romeo and Juliet could also lead to them subverting that canon, if you know what I mean? Romeo and Juliet getting their happily ever after? I’m so here for that, Nonnie!

a-crafty-lass  asked:

I absolutely adore your Greyling AU! I know you've already touched on this a bit, but I'd love to hear more about the kwami in this AU-if their personalities are any different, their relationships with their holders, etc. Thanks for all the art and headcanon posts you've done so far!

Absolutely, friend!! And thank you!


Of the three key Kwami, Tikki’s personality changes the least since she’s got the same holder, but their relationship is still a little different. Tikki cares a lot about Marinette. She’s one of her younger holders and though the situation they find themselves in is not without precedent, Marinette is definitely the youngest hero to find herself pitted against Plagg’s powers. Tikki sees why Master Fu made the decision he did and did not approve of it. Nevertheless she feels a great amount of guilt at not being able to do more for Mari. She does her best to remain a source of positivity for Marinette and offers her unconditional support and advice to the girl, but some of it gets lost along the way since Mari’s job is so much harder in this au. 

Marinette, as anyone might, often took out her frustrations on Tikki in the beginning, but as she came to accept her duty she warmed up to her and apologized for her behavior. Tikki’s pretty hard not to love, especially after a long conversation about regrets and secrets that mean your life to keep as close to yourself as you can.


We haven’t seen much of Nooroo in canon, so a lot of what I can say about him is mostly just me speculating on how his personality might be.

Nooroo comes out of the box with the behavior one might expect from a secretary trying to do damage control after their boss says something incomprehensibly stupid and bigoted on twitter. He’s urgent and stressed. He has so much to teach adrien with so little time! Of the main miraculouses, I think that the butterfly might be the one with the steepest learning curve. Nooroo has often run into the trouble of having too much to teach and it has ended tragically more than once. He takes Adrien’s confinement as a great blessing and is extraordinarily hesitant to allow Greyling out, even when he is quite well prepared. Nooroo is doting and motherly, like a comical helicopter parent. It suits Adrien well to have this kind of attention considering his previous circumstances. Adrien relishes in the fact that there is someone who is always looking out for him, even if a person with a healthy parental relationship would definitely think it was too much.

Nooroo is very proud of Adrien, who is a quick learner and has a natural talent for being the sunshine in the room.

Despite his “mother knows best” attitude, he can actually be pretty submissive and takes time to warm up to people. At first, he calls Adrien “young master”, which upsets Adrien to no end. He doesn’t like being reminded of his status in a very “Please, Mister Agreste is my father” type of way. Adrien’s want for lack of formality throws Nooroo, who is used to finding himself in the hands of people far more interested in flaunting their titles. Nooroo finds it is a welcome change of pace.


Poor dear sweet Plagg. I’m sorry to all you Plagg lovers out there because he really gets the short end of the stick in this au more than anyone else.

Plagg, as I’ve mentioned, has found himself being misused by bad guys before. This isn’t new to him. But Gabriel provides a very strange and unfortunate case because of his exceeding cruelty. Plagg gets it. This guy wants his wife back. But Plagg also is the first to recognize his behavior as completely inexcusable and irredeemable. Gabe, in Plagg’s eyes, passed the point of redemption almost as soon as he put on the ring for the first time. 

At first, Plagg is willing to roll with it. The bad guys mess with some shit, get out their anger, get what they want, and then they’re done. They either get killed or it catches up to them otherwise or they get bored. They recognize his power for the most part and are considerate. Plagg figures that Gabe just really needs some good ol’ destruction therapy and then he’ll be okay. If Plagg gets his cheese, which Gabe can easily provide, then they’re friends by Plagg’s esteem.

Boy, is he wrong. 

Plagg could handle the double duty. He could handle the knowledge of the innumerable sums of money in damages his powers have been used to rack up. He’s even willing to let the hostages slide and maybe a murder or two if the people deserved it.

But Tuxedo Cat steps over the line when he attempts to Cataclysm another person. Especially when that other person is Ladybug, who is merged with his other half. Murder is one thing. Cataclysm is a completely separate thing. Plagg can feel people’s existence dissolving at the hands of his powers. He can’t feel Tuxedo Cat slit an innocent’s throat.

Plagg tries reasoning with Gabriel, to quickly find he is not being listened to. He takes matters into his own paws and makes some modifications to Tux’s tux. 

Plagg makes Tuxedo Cat weak to his own Cataclysm. 

Plagg doesn’t consider himself much of a hero, more of a chaotic neutral, but allowing Gabe to be weak to cataclysm makes him pretty ill, since Plagg is basically allowing himself to be partially destroyed by his own powers. Plagg takes several days to recover, and Gabe usually takes no less than a week. In this way, at great personal cost (because Gabe is not happy to find he can’t transform for a bit, not just the illness thing), Plagg buys Tikki enough time to come up with a plan. (He really is a hero, after all.)

Plagg is a lot less cocky in this au. He’s tired and worn out pretty much all the time and generally doesn’t have enough energy or willpower to sass Gabe. Sassing Gabe generally doesn’t help matters anyway.