what is the point in this photoset

At what point, when putting together a photoset that comprises of 34 uncropped frames of some scene from Bob’s Burgers that barely differ from each other in the slightest other than what’s subtitled, do you think “this is better than just posting a video of this scene”

Theres a lot of these “remember these ancient tumblr trends??” posts but somehow none of them mention the Hannibal fandom.

Like Hannibal was?? huge on tumblr?? to the point that some Superwholockians were mad about Hannibal trying to become the fourth installment. The actors wore actual flowercrowns to con because tumblr wouldnt stop putting them in photo edits. Every single cannibal pun showed up on tumblr in photoset form. headcanon names for Will’s 1000 dogs.

Hannibal was huge on tumblr and then its last season was some kinda abstract art piece and then it vanished and I…don’t totally know what happened.


The Arkham Knight is like a dark reflection of Batman. He seems to know everything about him: tactics, gadgets and weaknesses. He has used this knowledge to create an identity that mocks the Dark Knight and creates a striking image on the battlefield that inspires his army and terrifies the enemies.

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Don't get me wrong, I love your dog and all of your pets, they're adorable and I liked seeing them. My point was that through passively scrolling down my dashboard today I'd seen it at least 10 times. It's your blog, you can post what you want, but if you're going to reblog something that many times in a day please don't put it in popular tags that people follow because it makes something that was cute into something upsetting and stressful, it's inconsiderate. Thank you for reading

(( OOC: I’m going to take a moment to address this.

Before you make an accusation, make sure it has a base. I did not reblog that photoset 10 times. I posted it once… if you happen to be following people that reblogged it from me, unfortunately I have no control over what they reblog… and you will end up seeing a puppy on your dash 10 times. 

Regardless… even if I had reblogged that post 10 times, there’s a simple solution to your problem. Use the .5 seconds it takes to scroll past it, and do so. 

There’s no reason why seeing a post about a puppy on your dash should ruin your day. That’s you making a personal decision to get upset over something that is a non issue.  

Furthermore, if you have a concern with another person’s posts, be careful with how you express it. The ask that I received from you yesterday was impolite and demanding, or should I say “upsetting and stressful”. 

I apologize for the blunt way I’m addressing this, I’ve had one hell of a month. )) 

Storytelling Through Tarot

I’ve noticed that a lot of other witches also enjoy fiction and writing! Tarot itself tells a story, and you can do so much with using tarot to outline your story and characters! So here’s a 13 card spread that can be shortened down to six if you need to. The order in which you lay them really depends on if you’d rather do a six or thirteen card spread. 

1-6 are the main points of the story. 

  1. Beginning - What are things like at the beginning of the narrative? Where do your characters start?
  2. Climax of Act One - Something has drastically changed in your MC’s life. What is it? What do they need to do now?
  3. Midpoint: big twist! - Need a plot twist? Someone is hiding a secret? Things aren’t going as planned? This is where something unexpected happens.
  4. Climax of Act Two - It looks like the bad guy is winning, nothing is going right. What does the most intense part of your story look like?
  5. Wrap up - What loose ends need tied up?
  6. End - Where are things now at the end of the story?

Now, the other cards go in between those main six points. 

  1. Beginning
  2. Inciting Incident - What happens that shakes up the status quo?
  3. Second Thoughts - What’s your character thinking now with these events looming on the horizon?
  4. Climax of Act One
  5. Obstacle - No one said this journey was easy
  6. Obstacle - Yup, more things to keep your hero from meeting their goal
  7. Midpoint
  8. Obstacle - Getting frustrated? Good.
  9. Disaster - The “oh shit” moment
  10. Crisis - The “no no no no no this isn’t happening” moment
  11. Climax of Act Two
  12. Wrap up
  13. End

And there you go! Hope this helps!


honestly, yea, you make a very good point. i didn’t even consider that. 

i’m not sure i’d say it uses intense colors bcoz its a childrens show, but it does tend towards more saturated designs as its own style, which i didn’t rly take into consideration

in light of that here’s some re-redesigns with more vivid colors! hopefully these are vivid enough designs, but still less neon / a bit more interesting than canon?

Considering how English text turns out in animes sometimes, I’m honestly impressed with Ed’s letter to Winry. It actually is what the characters say it is, the spelling and grammar are on point, and is hilariously in-character to boot. Everything we see is basically Ed bragging about what a great alchemist he is XD

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i have no clue if this has been asked of you yet or not, so please pardon me if it has! i was wondering if you've ever talked about what hairstyles are your favourites or hairstyles that you really enjoy seeing?

Hi, thanks for the question, I’ve never been asked that before! To be honest I don’t know much about traditional Chinese hairstyles from an academic point of view, but I can talk about what I like!

I generally prefer half-up, half-down hairstyles. My favorite style is one in which the hair is arranged into a bun/loop on one side of the head, the rest is tied behind, and lock(s) of hair dangle down one or both sides of the head.

While it may be my favorite, I like seeing all kinds of other hairstyles too, from cute double buns to extravagantly arranged loops ^^

why do so many of you post photosets of Evan like you just spotted bigfoot

the pictures are so blurry and out of focus that I can barely tell what I’m looking at half the time, you could’ve told me it was mothman or something and I would’ve believed you bc the pictures are such terrible quality that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. All you’re missing is the big red circle around him, twelve arrows pointing at him, and the jpeg fragments to tie it all together

Like don’t worry guys, we all know he’s a real person. You don’t need to stalk random people’s snapchats in hopes for even the slightest glimpse of him and then screenshot the hell out of the three frames he appeared in. We know he’s out there in the world existing and don’t need to see your blurry screenshots to prove it so chill


Lana Del Rey: “Honeymoon.” I guess its the word that sums up the ultimate dream. I mean, life is a honeymoon, you know? Life, love, paradise, freedom.. thats forever. With someone, or just with yourself. It just felt right, kind of the way Ultraviolence felt right before that, when I had a little more rage (laughs). I love the concept that life is a dream and you curate your own space so that it becomes your heaven. Its all contingent upon your state of mind, which is why I don’t always do interviews – because it puts me in a bad fucking mood. I really try and keep my world beautiful but its tricky. We’re at a point in time when life truly can be what you want it to be. Is that something you think about or do you just think about work?“

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Hey could we have some info about the personality of your gemsonas?I'm guess by their expressions in your lineup but can we know more about them?

chalcedony: elegant, diplomatic, p serene, calm & collected. well-spoken & doesn’t crack under pressure. she’s chill to the point where it’s kinda alarming tho lmao. ‘ah so humans cant breathe underwater…? what a shame they’re missing so much. they’ll be alright i’m sure it’ll all work itself out’ ‘CHALCEDONY THEY’RE DROWNING’
galena: [insert ‘always on edge’ photoset here] kinda timid, usually the voice of reason, surprisingly stubborn/headstrong/determined once she sets her mind on something. she’s the kind of gem that grows into herself if that makes any sense. surprisingly easy to rile up but she’s good at keeping herself in line since she had to be
jasper: gentle giant. she doesn’t enjoy fighting but she understands the necessity for it in certain situations. reliable, good shoulder to cry on, sometimes competitive in little ways. cares a lot about those close to her but is willing to do whatever she has to in order to keep them safe. very loyal
raspberyl: perky, ambitious, bubbly, well-mannered! a little unnerving since she is a bit domineering and Always Has To Have Things Go Her Way. doesn’t tolerate people/gems slipping up or making mistakes. kinda intimidating when this tiny pink ball of bubbliness say she’ll sic an amethyst on you or have you crushed if you don’t do your job correctly (on Homeworld, at least, but she feels bad abt how harsh she was after she rebels which isnt for thousands of years but u know w/e). however if she favors someone she’ll cover up their mistakes in order to preserve her reputation

look people, stop reblogging photosets just to complain about them in the tags.

I get it, a lot of you are weirded out by the idea of beardless Blackwall - and apparently not aware that beards do come off in the real world as well - but then just don’t reblog, or you know interact with the phototset?

Do you have any idea how obnoxious is is to go through my notifications, and having to see so many people complaining about beardless blackwall?  You do realise I can see your tags right? I kinda can’t avoid seeing them unless I never go into my notifications and start to ignore people.

Not to mention that after having posted a few of these phoptosets where Blackwall “isn’t himself because I can’t deal with it”, I’ve literally seen every tag possible.

And I get it, I don’t like seeing Dorian without his moustache, but do I reblog those sets with long lamenting tags? And old jokes? Nope. I just reblog a photoset where he does have his moustache.

Which isn’t even getting to the point of why are you even reblogging something you clearly dislike so much you can’t shut up about it?

Not to mention what has landed in my inbox.

And if you think you’re being funny, look, the ‘put it back or so help me’ joke has been done by everyone already, we’re good on that joke. In tag form and gif form.

Hey Reylo fam! I’ve recently decided to come out of my corner enjoying the star wars fandom quietly, and jump in headfirst with this side blog. I mean how could I not after celebrations!! I would love to get to know as many of you as possible, discuss and theorize with you and all of that fun stuff. I’ve already made a few photosets, also a meta about what I think would be a rewarding answer to Rey’s parentage, and I might dip my toe into fanfic at some point! 

Please come chat with me! I would love to make some friends inside of the Star Wars Fandom!


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shagonx: young justice characters / kaldur’ahm

Kaldur is a goddamn greek tragedy in progress. Except he’s probably actually polynesian instead, but you get what I mean.

while i’m loving the idea of shayeris being in polynesia instead of the mediterranean you’ve now launched me into the question of whether shayeris willingly joined atlantis as a subsidiary city state or if it was at some point conquered and now I Have Questions

Fairy Tail GrayLu

Ok. I’ll start this post saying that my goal is NOT to start another fucking ship war, or even bashing ships of any kind. I’m here to explain how I feel about people saying that Gray/Lucy is an IMPOSSIBLE ship. It might be a bit long in the beginning because I’ll explain how I feel towards the Faory Tail Fandom in general, then it’ll be more graphic and fast (like, pictures and little comments on Graylu)

First of all, the main problem of the Fairy Tail Fandom is the kinda childish position most of fans have when talking about ships (and this is why that I am barely active in it despite being a great fan of FT since years). Ships War and Ships bashing are something omnipresent in this Fandom, knowing that the big 5 NaLu, Jerza, Gruvia and GaLevy are the dominant ships. When I say some fans are childish, I mean that people who ship the “Big Five” (I am mostly okay with these ships though -with a personal preference over GaLevy but whatever) are often the most intolerant of the fandom. None of these ships are canon (but they are largely hinted by Hiro Mashima, YES) but these shippers still think that they are the ONLY ships acceptable. To make their point, they’re doing photoset, posts collecting moments of their OTP (a bit like what ill be doing for graylu) finding theories, reading between the lines… WELL, you can say they’re kinda forcing their opinion on everyone. Yes, I do understand how it is to have an “OTP” because I, too, have some, but when I see posts bashing ‘minor ships’ or saying that ‘Character1xCharacter2 is impossible !!!!! Character2xCharacter3 wins!!!” it really bothers me.

So, yes, I’m finally coming to my Graylu point. I’m not usually really invested in this kind of things. I don’t consider myself as a hardcore GrayxLucy shipper, nor I don’t think I hate GrayxJuvia or NatsuxLucy. These are different ships. Characters are not “meant to be with only this one or that one other character”. They are fucking characters. You can ship both Nalu and Graylu for instance. That’s my case. (Even though I don’t ship Gruvia for waaaay others reasons than shipping Gray with Lucy, but that’s not my point by now)

What pushed me into writing this post while not being an ultra GrayLu shipper is when I came across some bashing posts, and particularly some of these anonymous confession posts, saying things like “I don’t really see reasons to ship GrayLu”

My point will be given 2 axises, the 1st one being a rhetorical question and 2nd one being the most important :

1) why the fuck do you need a reason to ship something

2) Gray and Lucy are undeniably friends. Like, good friends. I hear people from here “YOU CAN BE FRIENDS WITHOUT BEING HYPOTHETICALLY ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED” to which I’ll answer : hell yes my dear, you can. That’s the purpose of friendship, on of the main topics of Fairy Tail.

But you can also be friends with someone, and have a great complicity or even more : a great chemistry with them. That’s how I see Gray and Lucy ; as really good friends with a damn fucking good chemistry, which has been shown uncountable times since the beginning of the manga (450+ chapters you’ll forgive me for not searching through all of them, I’m not that dedicated)

SO how can you say GrayLu shippers it’s absurd of them to ship when you see this :

-a tacit and strong complicity (and fucking confidence from Lucy in Gray when you know how strong his powers can be!!!)

-a good understanding of each other (and a constant care/worry too)

-a closeness comfortable enough to be like that without doing any fuss over it

-understanding and complicity (act 2) that leads to quick forgiveness AND FUCKING INNUENDOS/JOKES MAN :

(so, well basically this whole page)

but mostly the two last panels ok

-you can’t deny that they are OFTEN standing next to each other, talking to each other, well they’re being close as friends (and more if you’re an hardcore one who wants to see it romantically, you do what you want!!!)

like I mean


these are sample. you can find 500 other panel of them just being there. standing together. for no actual reason. And that’s cool, because it reflects their dynamic : comfortable and just casual.

-do I have to talk about both their expressions on this panel? Like the relief of being friends again, after the tantrum act thrown by Gray when he was a so-called-antagonist?

i don’t think I have to. You don’t need my words to appreciate this.

-AND OBVIOUSLY THEIR UNISON RAID in the last chapter (chap 446) well not exactly a unison raid, but when they fought together like when Gray AKNOWLEDGED Lucy as a comrade, yes, but also a valuable FIGHTER :

(they were both awesome by the way, but finally seing Lucy getting more and more confidence in her fighting skill of the chapters just made me so happy -this is finally a fucking character development)

WELLl I could go on like this for years with pictures to prove my point, but I think it’s enough for now. You can see all of what I said like”friendship thing” and I’ll be totally okay with you : Gray and Lucy are friends, and their friendship is healthy, but don’t force people into thinking friendship is the ONLY relationship acceptable and possible between them.

Acknowledge the fact that due to all those small interactions, it’s LEGIT for some people to ship them and to hope to see them in a committed relationship.


and to you all the haters, the ones for whom “graylu is impossible and inexistant” well isn’t it sad to be the mono-shipper asshole?