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So every Family Friendly Mark video is the world's quietest let's play? Since there's tape over his mouth.

pFT pretty much. His voice is too powerful so it just had to be stopped. Now his editors can write whatever subtitles they want! But hey, his eyes are free, and youtube and his audience just LOVE his big emotional tears so hes given free range to emote however he likes! ….the words and context just might be edited!

the guys at the computer science department in my college are such nerds it’s not even funny there’s a guy who’s like 25 and insists on being called “zero” irl and all i can think of is that character from the sims 3 that’s only known as cycl0n3 sw0rd and it makes me wanna cry

Don’t friggen tell their brothers they’re on a ‘date’, there’ll be a huge fighT


a mistake.

    “citizens of the alola region. this is the pokemon league’s alola champion,
    cassie speaking.”

    she was done here. so, so done. she was tired of the corruptness of the
    league. kukui had a vision, and they had done nothing but spit in his face.
    five years had passed, and now cassie was ready to call them out.

    “for years, i’ve served as the ‘most powerful trainer in alola’. but now… i’d
    like to announce my resignation from the position. and i’d also like to bring
    something to light.” she cleared her throat. “the pokemon league is nothing
    more than a corrupted system made to generate money. as a matter of fact,
    the company behind the league is working to phase out the trial system of
    our traditions. and i refuse to stand by this. i may be a foreigner here by
    technicality, but i will not turn a blind eye to this bastardization of our home’s
    customs. so no matter what you know about the league, it’s likely just a 
    marketing ploy. i usually don’t like saying this, but… the league is full of a
    bunch of self-centered as-”


    silence. they’d cut the program.

    and with that, cassie left the position of pokemon league’s alola champion.

I….think peridot and Ronaldo was a good ship…….maybe even now. Not really now that Ronaldo was made from a goofy crack conspiracy theorist to a weird jackass, and Peri was turned into a neon cicada gremlin….but it was originally good.

anyway i started playing the first mass effect game and because fandom is false advertising i thought i could romance ashley with a female shep and i just found out i can’t and i’m very upset and i’m quitting video games forever 

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Name: Yarianna

Nick name: Yari

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff House

Orientation: I don’t really know, but I’m not in a rush for love. For just queer and find with anyone as long as I love them!

Ethnicity: Dominican

Favorite Fruit: Green Apples! There sour and crunchy!

Favorite Season: Winter! They season where no one seems to care for there own appearance! I love that because no one feels judged as everyone looks trashy! Also the snow is gorgeous!!!

Favorite Book Series: I just started reading it but it’s, The Amazing Joy Buzzards by Smith Hipp! Check it out, it’s an interesting comic!!!

Favorite fictional characters: Murdoc Niccals Gorillaz! Any other problematic characters that brings the spice in a TV show or moive!

Favorite Flowers: Toad Lily

Favorite Scents: Pink Grapefruit

Favorite colors: I love all the colors but if we’re going for specifics, then I will say any shade of Blue, and Seafoam Green!

Favorite Animals: Sea slugs

Favorite Artist/Bands: Gorillaz, The Neighborhood, and Ghost! There’s plenty more but I don’t want to make this a long post, as it’s already long enough!

Favorite Drink: Water, coffee, and some green tea!

Average Sleep: Welp today I didn’t sleep, so close to none of only a few hours.

Number of blankets I sleep with: I have 2 blankets but if it’s too hot, I just put the other blanket aside and sleep with one.

Dream Trip: I would love to go too Greece!

Last thing you googled: Hogwarts House. I sadly did know what that was because I never got into Harry Potter.

How many blogs I follow: 853

Number of Followers: 114

What I usually post about: Gorillaz as it looks over my life! Also art work and photos at the side!

What is your aesthetic: Everything and anything! I’m not picky!

I’ll tag: @maccamc @smolbeantrashyt @echoingkarma @wurzige and anyone else who wants to do it!!!


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3