what is the biscuit though

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Fareeha was so thoughtful! How cute was she for putting together an adorable Valentine’s Day present like that? Hana originally knew she was up to something when she started asking about all her favorite candies, but that had been weeks ago and her suspicions left her almost as soon as they arrived. 

She wasn’t sure what she liked more, though: the boxes of Pepero and choco biscuits wrapped in the cutest cellophane plastic decorated with an assortment of hearts or the cheesy card the accompanied all of this.

Either way, this was the best gift Hana could have ever received.

“ 언니~!” She said, dragging out the final syllable as pushed herself out of her seat. “You’re so cute! I love it!” Arms extended immediately as she stood on the tips of her toes to pull Fareeha into a tight hug. She had the fullest intention of pressing a gracious kiss to her cheek, but she missed and her lips met the tip of her nose instead (maybe it was time to cut back on the casual drinking for the night).

“Ahh, sorry! My bad, my bad!” She grinned with a chorus of giggles as she rocked back and forth, her weight shifting from one leg to the other. “You’re the best, though. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

3: Nose Kiss