what is that you speak of

so I had a dream that @glumshoe was in my room, and they were just standing at the foot of my bed watching my degus, holding a Bag of Holding, which they would reach into occasionally and pull out a cherry tomato and then eat it. Neither of us said anything, until suddenly they looked at me and asked “do you want to see my husband” and of course I couldn’t be rude so I said yes, assuming that they meant a photo. But then they just reached into the Bag of Holding? and pulled out?? three frogs and a toad? ??? I know it was three frogs and a toad because they told me explicitly “these three are frogs, and that one’s a toad” and I just had to compliment their husband like he (it? they?) wasn’t a collection of four amphibians, and I don’t know what it means but if any of you do let me know



I hope everyone of you has a great day and year exchange, if you’re at home, hanging out with friends or just doing your own thing. I hope 2018 brings us awesome new game/movie experiences! And that I too continue on adding to the game community here on tumblr, among several fandoms.

Stay awesome everyone, and thank you for all your support! The tags and comments I receive on my edits are…. such a joy too to read and give me so much energy x3

Till next year >:D

Hopefully I don’t get too waisted.