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What is an adoptable?

An adoptable is an original character design you can buy and use for whatever purpose you’d like. (RPG character, story character, online persona etc. )

If I buy one can I change anything on it?

Of course! Change colors/items/clothes to your heart’s content. This adoptable will belong to you, so it is all to your liking!

What can I NOT do with my adoptable?

Please do NOT resell them or use for commercial purposes. If you really want for commercial use please speak with me and we can make some kind of arrangement.

Prices (USD) - Accepting PayPal Only

Each adoptable is $25.

If you would like to have a full body character sheet drawing it is extra $15.

NO HOLDS. Payment is due within 24 hours.


i am mortified honestly like do you know where i’d be without good superhero comics, iron man in my particular case? dead, probably, like legitimately and unironically dead and holy SHIT how dare these sick fucks take superhero icons away from the people they were fucking created to comfort how on actual fucking earth dare you take the work of jewish creators and twist it into THE VERY FUCKING THING THEIR WORK WAS REACTING AGAINST literally how dare anyone ever do that

i do not care how mcfucken Cool you think you are as a writer i do not care about your creative ambition i do not care how many millions you have as a company or how big your brand is THE SUPERHERO GENRE IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF YOU ASSHATS AND IT MEANS SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOUR MYOPIC PROFIT-SEEKING BULLSHIT holy fucking SHIT do you know why superheroes got big? hohoho i’ll tell you why you fuckers because they spoke to demographics who NEEDED SUPERHEROES now i simply CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for marvel comics to crash burn and choke on its own ashes when they realize that using superheroes to fucking further bigoted agendas will, in fact, MURDER THE ENTIRE IDEOLOGICAL AND!!!! AND!!!! ***COMMERCIAL*** FOUNDATION OF THIS COMPANY LMAO YOU IDIOTS WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR AUDIENCE FUCKING IS HOLY SHIT IM PISSED

  • what she says: oh i'm not THAT into wash, i'm cool with him on the back burner
  • what she means: it's been 84 years since i heard my son's voice... where is he? what is he thinking? how is he feeling? you don't understand. my crops are dying. my children are starving. when will he Speak

The Written Word

by Joyce Meyer - posted April 24, 2017

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
—Psalm 119:105

The Bible is written as a personal letter to you. God speaks to you, ministers to your needs, and directs you in the way you should go in His written Word. He tells you what you should do and how you should live.

It is a mistake to think we can hear clearly from God without spending time in the Word. Knowing the written Word protects you from deception. Listening for God’s voice without being dedicated to spending time in the Word on a regular basis opens you up to hearing voices that are not from God. There may be times when God speaks something to you that is outside a specific chapter and verse of the Bible, but it will always be in agreement with His Word.

Tonight, spend time reading a portion of God’s personal letter to you and allow Him to speak to your heart. God’s Word is one of the most precious gifts we have. Treasure it.

csnancesplatoon reblogged your post:I saw your screenshots with TamarinFrog’s OCs and…

Wha? Why are you sticking up for me?

Because I can’t stand people going around (on annon especially) and speaking for me. It is not just you. And it is not just fan works. I know people go to other splatoon artists and are all like “Umm… This is like Tammy’s character”. Or, “Tammy did it like that” etc NO. NO NO NO NO! DON’T DO THAT. I don’t care. 

Don’t go around tumblr policing and speaking for me and act like that is what I think.

*Don’t Obliviate Her Pt. 3* Newt x reader


♦ I apologize for this being short! I work at 6am and so I didn’t have too much time to write! I will try to have the next part out tomorrow! ^_^

“I’m sorry… what was that?” you asked.

The man held your drawing in his hands staring down at it with such intensity it slightly scared you.


You weren’t sure whether or not to speak, and so you just watched him. 

“Where did you get this?” he asked, not looking up.

“Oh,” slightly embarrassed to answer, you fumbled with your necklace before saying, “I drew it, actually. I sometimes doodle when I’m bored and I-”

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I also wanted to say something as a trans man, I thought the drawing was very nice. I can only speak for myself when I personally don't find offense with those types of drawings. It was also nice to see how respectful you were also to people that showed concern. You are not only a skilled artist, but very courteous.

I’m glad! I try my best. As a queer, woman of color I understand what it’s like for people to tell you what to feel and what not to feel. It’s not cool haha. The absolute least I can do is respect their feelings and hear them out.

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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with singing and taking testosterone, and what thought you/they put into the choice of starting T or not. I sing (second) soprano in a mixed choir, and I'm not out as trans/nb, but I'd like to hear what people have to say regarding the voice changing and such, as it's my biggest concern regarding T. (Of course if I start T I'll talk to the conductor and leader to figure out what I should sing or whether to take a break until my voice is tenor or bass.)

I chose to value my speaking voice over my singing voice. While choir was a part of my life from age 8-19 the dysphoria from talking to people overwhelmed the joy of singing soprano I. A friend of my used to be an opera-trained soprano I but he decided the benefits of testosterone outweighed the downsides.

I know of a trans guy who did voice training through his transition process and had a really nice tenor voice. There are also some trans musicians that you could look into. Eli Conley wrote an article about trans guys and singing that you might find beneficial. 

Followers might have some more ideas as well.


One of the very first things I ever wrote for the Bram Stoker au

Influenced heavily by an early chapter of Dracula. In fact, the latter half of this is a direct homage to a scene from the book.

“Now then,” said the Count, “So that I will not sound so very much like the foreigner when I go alone to Carfax, without my friend Skywalker Luke – forgive me! I have fallen into the habit of placing the father’s name first, as we often do in my country – my friend Luke Skywalker to correct my words, tell me about your English childhood! I wish to hear how you were so easily able to rid yourself of your own accent.”

Much startled, Luke asked him what he meant. “I did have some small accent when I was still learning to speak,” he admitted, “Just as I came to live with my aunt and uncle, but no one has ever remarked upon it. How on earth did you know?”

The Count’s eyes brightened and he smiled, though that smile did not lift Luke’s spirits as he thought perhaps it might have been meant to do. “You told me there were no Skywalkers in England, yes? There have been some, in long ages past, from time to time in Germany and in Transylvania and even as far abroad as Turkey. You must have come from one or other of those bloodlines, though how you got to Exeter I am sure I cannot guess.” He then leaned forward and brought his fingers together beneath his chin. “Did it take you very long to speak after the fashion of the English children?”

“Well, no, I suppose not,” answered Luke. “I must have been young enough still that I could learn to mimic the voices of my playmates to communicate. I should think it must have taken no more than a year or two for people to forget that I had come from abroad.”

“Wouldn’t it be amusing,” said the Count, “If your family had been the Skywalkers that came from Transylvania? For then we should be countrymen, you and I, and visit more often.”

Luke must have made some polite answer or other, but a cold and creeping feeling had returned to settle in his stomach, though he could not say with any degree of certainty what it was that made him feel so ill at ease in the Count’s presence. The conversation turned to matters of the estate, to his relief, and he did what he could to deflect attention from himself and his childhood, as though there were some need for secrecy. When a rooster in some distant barnyard raised his salutations to the morning, the Count leapt up with a sound between a sigh and a guilty laugh.

“Has it come to morning again already? What a terrible host I am turning out to be, letting you stay up for so long.” With a genteel smile he said that Luke ought to make his conversations about England a touch duller so that time would not fly so. Then he bid him goodnight – “Or rather, good morning,” Luke had replied with a moment’s cheek – and left him in the study.

Luke resolved to write his dear friend, Miss Organa, who had been his companion from early childhood on the Yorkshire coast. They had always kept a bargain that whichever was able to travel must keep the other well informed of their adventures, and Luke was beginning to feel that this would turn out to be a very adventurous ordeal. With a grimace, he shut a book of rather grim fairytales sitting on the desk, and reminded himself that not all adventures were good ones.

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I don’t know about this one

  • Knows the answer to any question you try to throw at him
  • “The library of congress has the worlds largest comic book collection.”
  • Wears glasses and looks so cute in them
  • Shy smiles
  • Is very comfortable with silence
  • Is reading a new book every time you see him
  • Works as a tutor
  • Knows literally everything but chooses what information to share
  • Barely ever speaks 
  • But when he does it’s always something profound 
  • Has his entire life plan 
  • And a backup plan 
  • Just in case
  • Is gonna be the one telling all the athletes what to do one day 
  • Contrary to popular belief, actually studies
  • Would ask before holding your hand
  • Or kissing you
  • Or doing anything involving entering your personal bubble
  • Would help you with your homework
  • Not necessarily because you needed help
  • But just because he wanted to be with you
  • And you wanted to be with him too
  • Would be pretty quiet
  • And sometimes awkward
  • But that smile
  • That smile lights up the whole entire world

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Joy Reid tweeted about the dnc and financing burnings "unity" tour. Most of the comments are pissed off at him and say the dnc needs to drop him since he won't support their candidates. Maybe people are finally starting to wake up and realize he ain't all that.

Y’all, can I just first say that I love mother Joy with my whole heart. I have yet to watch her show live since I’m a lazy ass hoe who can’t get herself up that early on the weekends, but she’s constantly speaking truth to power and I love her so much. I’m really hoping so gets her own weekly show soon. She deserves it so much. This is the tweet being referenced:

Question for the @DNC: how much $ are you spending on your “unity tour” (presumably 1st class flights, hotels for BS etc) & what’s the ROI?

First of all, her question is spot on. How much of y’all’s donations to the DNC is being spent on this whack ass tour? Things like that are why I won’t give them my money. I’m donating directly to the candidates I support and my own state party. The DNC won’t get a dime from me.

But yes, most of the comments on lots of tweets having to do with the tour are overwhelmingly negative against Sanders, and with good reason. He’s still criticizing the party, providing fodder for the GOP. He really fucked up with this latest Mello/pro-life debacle, and last I’d seen still chose to double down on his statements and support. I saw the following tweet yesterday:

“Women in this country will control their own bodies. Not the United States government.”

That’s the most canned statement if I’ve ever seen one. Anyone can say that, and that’s part of my problem with him when it comes to many social issues. He says unoriginal, scripted lines about them, void of any substance or details, and everyone cheers as if he’s the first person to ever say it. He doesn’t even care about social issues/civil rights (identity politics as he calls it) because they’re a “distraction” from his economic utopia

It’s funny because Yasar, who contributes to several media outlets, tweeted this and Joy retweeted it:

There is a Senator that people idolize. Reporters that know this Senator are in shock  - they know what a phony this senator is.

I hope someone in the media finally snaps, lists all the receipts, and drags him back into irrelevancy where he belongs.


“I’ve made so many mistakes and I’ve said so many dumb hurtful things, but I want you to know what it all meant. I want you to know that everything I’ve done lately, I’ve done because I wanted be with you … I don’t know how else to tell you that I mean it, but if things work out and if you were willing–I could keep thinking of how to prove it to you. I could keep trying different ways to tell you, until you believe me. That is, if you want to hear it.”

“I do,” said Angie, and the words tumbled out eagerly, in a way Holly had never heard her speak. “I do, I do.”

requests@hufflevpuff asked “holly/angela edit from the lynburn legacy”

the leafs did the best thing they could have for me this year: they gave me a community. without them, i never would have found hockey tumblr and i wouldn’t be friends with all the lovely people i am now. they gave me a place to belong when there was nowhere else and i’m so incredibly grateful for that. they will never know what they did for me but it means the world. so thanks, to the leafs and to you guys for putting up with me and talking to me and making me feel like a part of hockey tumblr ❤❤❤

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Did you see what Perez said about Democrats supporting abortion rights?

I’m on Twitter, sis. I see everything.

And like I said in this thread, his words don’t really mean anything if he doesn’t denounce Bernie’s statements because he’s still touring with him and still allowing Sanders to speak for and represent the party. A party he’s still not part of. If he doesn’t do that (which he won’t) then… I don’t care what he says. 

To quote the Disney Channel Circle of Star’s hit song “Send it On”: “A word’s… just a word… ‘til you mean what you say”

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I literally dreamt about you und we were in a bus together and then we talked and I noticed you spoke german with me all the time and I was like???? Omg what u speak german und u we're like yup i am a german and then u spoke Spanish and u were so funny and we acted like good friends and then I had to leave the bus and u hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek so cute and now I want to meet u in real life aaaah

what the HELL my dream alter ego is cooler than me

Afternoon, everyone!

Anon #1: What do you think? (wink wonk)

Anon #2: You know what, that’s entirely possible. I’m not sure which one’s true and I’m ready to believe either of them. I wrote posts for both possibilities, so it all works out for me. 

Anon #3: That would be Squirrelwhisker (who’s ginger here) and Rooktail (who has green eyes)!