what is that wrist flick


Guess who’s currently befriending people that were previously trying to kill us!

“Befriending” is to be understood very loosely. I think “Being tolerated for the moment” fits better. Here’s hoping we make a good… fifth impression. It’s unlikely, since Kalea nicknamed very terrifying people random names because they woudn’t give her their real or even fake names.

Kalea used the Dire Wolf fur she got forever ago to make armor for her dog and a coat for herself. Purely aesthetic choice of course. Who could resist a badass wolf hood? Noone.

  • James loses Sirius in the house
  • James: Sirius?
  • James: *hears an invisible bark* dammit Padfoot!
  • James: *finds Lily in the living room reading* Lily I need help.
  • Lily: *continues reading* Yeeesssss?
  • James: Invisible Padfoot
  • Lily: *reaches behind her, pulls out her wand* Get ready.
  • James: For what?
  • Lily: *without looking up from her book, flicks her wrist,and sends a tennis ball flying out of the room*
  • Padfoot: *sprints out of no where from under the invisibility cloak, running after the ball*
  • James: FOUND YOU! *turns to run, stops, sticks head back in room.* thank you sweetheart!
  • Lily: *turns the page in her book* love you to.
Didn’t See

23. “What? Didn’t see that coming?”

Sam x Reader

“She’s dead, Sam. She’s been dead for weeks.” The demon laughs, watching as the expression on his face fades from one of a stoic warrior to one of weakness and worry.

“You’re lying.” He accuses, but the demon only shrugs, pinning him harder to the wall with the flick of a wrist.

“What? Didn’t see that coming?” It cackles, pacing back and forth, “You were just too slow, Winchester – and now your dear Y/N paid the price. She cried for you, you know. As she was dying. She was in pain and she needed you so badly, so deeply, she was sobbing your name as the light faded from her-“

“Stop it!” He yells, “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Tears run thick and fast down his cheeks now and his heart feels like it’s been torn in two, “Leave me alone, dammit!”

The demon sighs, running its finger over the blade of a knife, “I just thought you might like to know.”

Sam remains silent, looking down at the floor in defeat. You’ve been gone almost a month, torn from his grasp – he’d searches high and low, chopped a hundred black-eyed bastards to ribbons. And yet… still, he was too late. There’s nothing worth living for now. Not Dean, not Cas, nothing.

“Aw, is Sammy a little sad?” It tuts, advancing slowly on him, “Poor thing. I’ll tell you what, though, she’s definitely in a better place now she isn’t stuck with-“

The bronze glow of a dying demon illuminates the small room and instantly, Sam is released from his confines. His eyes flicker up to his saviour.

The first thing he notices is the onyx eyes.

“Definitely didn’t see this one coming, huh?”

The second is the anti-possession tattoo, unbroken and unmarred but turned upside-down.

“Y/N?” He gasps as you grin, turning the bloody angel blade over in your hand.

“In the very flesh.”

Sacrifice (Part 3)

Title: Sacrifice (Part 3)
Characters: Dean x Reader
Summary: The reader and Dean are kept hostage and tortured by demons for information.
Word Count: 3,383
Warnings: torture, character death (almost?)
POV: Readers, 2nd person
a/n: So I lied, there will be one more part after this! :) 

read part 1, part 2

“And now the real fun begins.”

“Like hell.” Dean growled, stammering to his feet. He positioned himself in front of you, effectively shielding you from the demon. His fingers reached back, lingering through the air until they gently grazed your shoulder. You closed your eyes, trying to hold onto the momentary lapse of comfort as long as you could.

Alec smirked, pursing his lips. “Funny. That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

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Ficlist of what I’ve written for One Punch Man~

One-Shot(s) Man - Ao3

1 Punch: Omega (or Saitama really should have changed the locks; Omegaverse with Omega!Saitama) NSFW

2 Punch: Alpha (or Genos wants what he can’t have; Omegaverse with Alpha!Genos)

3 Punch: Take the Lead (or why Saitama can’t give what he doesn’t have)

4 Punch: Flick of the Wrist (or an HP!AU with Hufflepuff!Saitama and Durmstrang!Genos set during the Triwizard Tournament [and the Yule Ball])

5 Punch: Reversal (or an AU where Genos is the 25 y.o. Hero alongside his reluctant Disciple, 19 y.o. Saitama; Saitama is still OP but Genos has absolutely no idea)

6 Punch: Missing Pieces (or Genos recruits the help of his friends to find something very important) NSFW-ish

7 Punch: Delta (or a slow burn followed by a slow dance; continuation of Omega and Alpha)

8 Punch: Trial and Error (or four times Genos gets cockblocked and the one time he finally has his Sensei where he wants him) NSFW

Pending Punches: Volume 2 of One-Shot(s) Man

Sad Prompt Time

Sad Prompt Time (may become 16 Punch)

Mutually Assured Destruction: Shift

Mutually Assured Destruction: Selfish

Mutually Assured Destruction: Stars

Mutually Assured Destruction: Slumber

Giftfics and Collabs

Collab with @iron-cap: Masturbation is good for your health.

Mr. Right for @i-jest-you-not: Flowers in hand, Saitama takes a trip with Genos for a long-overdue introduction. And maybe a request as well.

Silk and Smoke for @iron-cap: Djinn!Saitama in a Magic!AU; a glimpse of a night under the stars between a man and his djinn.

8.5 Punch: Epsilon (or a snapshot sequel of Delta that may or may not be expanded on in the future; written as scattered love-stories as a fourth installation.)

your eyes have their silence: Part 1; Part 2  collab with @valnine for SaiGenos week Day 1; AU; The “and they lived happily-ever-after” part is over and done with. Saitama has a good life. A loving husband, eight brats… what more could he ask for?(For the world to stop staring at him when he cries his heart out.)

Sweets for the Sweet?: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3  giftfic for my beta~ @only-a-man-with-a-candle​ AU; Saitama likes to flirt a little too much—which can cause problems (just ask his boss, Fubuki). Then comes Genos who takes their initial flirtationship a little too seriously. (Or Saitama is a baker who flirts with his customers for fun. Genos walks through the door one day.)

in church a while ago the priest was saying something about how in hell people always have a large feast inside a grand palace but they don’t have working elbows so their arms are always stiff and they can’t feed themselves bc they can’t shove the food inside their mouth. so i told my mom, who was seated beside me, “what the fuck they could just flick their wrists and shoot food into their mouth tho” but then my mom shook her head and said “OR they could just use their brains and throw away the spoons and forks and silverware and just lean down and eat their food w/o their hands. like. honestly. HONESTLY. what is this bullshit”


“Hell, what the fuck did Oliver mean you were in hell? Did I really need to say before you did something unbelievably stupid, you tell me. That way I can knock some sense into you.” She was already on edge from the whole William revelation but to add this to it and she was livid. “This is almost worth actually leaving you over.” 

LOL at lebron and jr smith that’s what happen when you flick your wrist u loose games Lil B cooking dance for champions ask harden - Lil B
10 Fav characters post-- with a TWEEST.

theicombaticon tagged me for a 10 fav characters post… and since I would have a really REALLy hard time picking fav characters for all genres, I decided to go with strictly literary character!  SO HERE WE GO.  (I’ll probably still miss one but whatever)

These are in no particular order:

1. Tris from the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce

Not only am I about 90% sure she’s aroace, the reason why I love Tris so much is that she is written as a VERY powerful mage– probably one of the most powerful of her time– and it SCARES her.  She can control weather and the forces of nature with a flick of her wrist– which is what ultimately caused her family to dump her off at the nearest temple and leave her there.  She hides her achievements because no one would believe her right out anyways if she told them “Yeah, I braided an earthquake into my hair and I can scry on the winds”.  She’s merchant-class, bookish, snarky, no-nonsense and has had so much character growth over the books she’s in (she used to have a MAJOR temper, which caused flare-ups of her powers but now she has learned to remain calm).  I really can’t wait for the standalone book starring her Tamora’s writing right now.

2. Lirael from the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix

Another badass lady from a book series I love– Lirael was raised in the mountains by a race of women who have the power to scry the future and predict outcomes.  Most women become awakened at early ages (14 etc) but as the years progress and Lirael gets older without awakening, the more she is disheartened.  She ends up working in the society’s library, where she discovers its many secrets (ultimately gaining the companionship of the Disreputable Dog, becoming a remembrancer and slaying an ancient beast).  Did I mention this is only the first leg of the book?  She ultimately leaves the mountain, charged by the people she resided with on a great mission where she finds out who she really is and where she really belongs. 

3. Nawat from the Trickster’s duet by Tamora Pierce

He’s a crow that can shift into human form.  That should tell you basically why he’s my fav.  ERR ANYWAY– Nawat is a great character and written SUPER WELL.  He might have some human tendencies but his mannerisms are straight crow (him picking and preening Aly’s hair, bringing her sparklies, liking to sit up high, being super protective of his chosen mate, etc).  He goes through a lot of growth too, where he learns he needs to let the woman he loves be alone and that she’s NOT going to act like a crow because she’s human– he also learns about human child-rearing in the short story Nawat and ultimately makes a large sacrifice for a child his crow instincts tell him he should not keep alive.

4. Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede

Cimorene, Cimorene, let me tell you guys how much I love her.  Basically she’s a princess who doesn’t want to get married or have anyone rescue her– she’s too intelligent for the men who try to woo her, she’s too strong and is not allowed to pursue men’s arts like swordplay, basically her life is dull and annoying.  So she says “Screw it, I’m going to live with the dragons”.  She ends up running away from home and becoming Kazul’s princess.  As her family realizes she’s gone, they start sending knights and princes to rescue her– but she ends up turning them down at the door and, ;later, sending them to other princesses she thinks would make a good match for them.  She ends up having to put up a sign that basically says “SORRY I DON’T NEED SAVED, PLEASE LEAVE K THANKS.”.  She ends up saving the land from a powerful wizard and learns that lemon-scented soapy water is a really good wizard repellant.

5. Peter Thompson from the My Teacher is an Alien series by Bruce Coville

I think why Peter makes this list is because I identified with him so strongly when I first read the book in junior high.  He’s a nerd, an invisible kid and an outcast at his school.  He’s incredibly smart and bookish and has only a ferw close friends (one of which bullied him mercilessly at one point).  When given the opportunity, he leaves earth with his extraterrestrial teacher to live on a space station, taking lessons with another alien about why life is so important.  In the final book, it’s revealed that the aliens are on earth to judge whether the planet is a threat and whether it must be destroyed (this series is worth reading for the final book ALONE imo, though I love all of them dearly).  The aliens show that Earth cannot work together on issues– in some countries people have excess food that is wasted while other countries starve, wars, disease, poverty that can be prevented is allowed to continue.  It’s up to Peter and his two human friends to convince the council that Earth isn’t too far gone and that it can learn and be saved.

6. Beka Cooper from the Beka Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce

This series is a more recent read for me and I LOVE IT (as I do all of Tamora’s books as you can see).  Beka is strong and relentless in her goals.  She works hard to prove to everyone that she is worthy of her job.  Written in journal style, the series follows Beka Cooper, a new trainee in the city’s provost guard.  Over the course of the books, she hunts down murderers, kidnappers, smugglers and the like– kicking ass and taking names as she does so.  This book preceeds the events of the Lioness quartet, and it AMAZING.

7. Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

I think everyone loves McGonagall– I mean she’s a badass teacher, can hold her own against the more powerful witches and wizards of her time and she’s also, deep down, a mother hen.  She also has a wicked snarky streak in her (one of my favorite moments is her telling Peeves which way to unscrew the chandeliers) and is hilariously competitive when it comes to Quidditch.  Minerva is a bamf and my favorite character of HP.

8. Alanna from the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce

SPEAKING OF KICKASS LADIES– Alanna and her twin brother Thom don’t want to take the paths that society wants them to take.  Alanna is about to be shipped off to a school to learn how to be a proper lady and Thom is going to be forced into the king’s service to become a knight when Alanna gets a brilliant idea.  They are going to switch places before the journey so that she can become a knight and Thom can learn to be a powerful mage.  She ends up having to bully both Thom and, later, her guardian Coram into accepting the plan.  She cuts her hair and hides her gender from her classmates (women are NOT allowed in the service and she can be killed for such behavior) and has to work DAMN hard for her goals.  Over time she proves herself and becomes the most sought-after squire by her upperclassmen who survived their trials of Knighthood– and also ends up saving the royal family in the process.  Also that was only book one YOU SHOULD READ THESE.

9.  Numair from The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce

Numair– oh man love love love this character.  He’s the most powerful mage in Tortall and gets SUPER NERDILY EXCITED about new challenges and mysteries.  He’s gentle and super protective of Daine (leading lady of the series) but has clearly led a different life in the past– a book that will be published soon will detail that past life and I am ON EDGE for its release.


10. Basically all the characters Tamora Pierce has ever written 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a HUGE FAN of Tamora’s works.  I first picked up Wolf-Speaker at my school’s library because she and I share our last names and the book was about magic and animals.  I DEVOURED it and soon sought the other books in the series, then other books by the author.  She has the best sense of worldbuilding out of any fantasy author I’ve read– her characters are all relatable and flawed in their own ways, they all experience AMAZING growth in character and they’re all unique in personality and well-written.  She has a lot of POC main characters and POC in positions of power, she has main character LGBTQ characters (one who is bi and with a notably open relationship with her life partner) and it’s all written where the magic of each land is so delicatley braided with the technology of the time.  Mages don’t hold some SUPREME POWER over the mundane citizens of the lands nor do people heavily rely on magic to complete tasks and such.  She’s written wars and epidemics, mass murderers and deities all with such command and grace that it’s interesting to read and no two charactyers are similar.

Bravo to you, Tamora– I included this picture of you because I think it accurately shows how I feel about you:

Also she has a tumblr!  Follow her!: tamorapierce
Also also if you want SUPER COOL fanart and basically my headcanon looks for the characters, check out minuiko’s Tortall tag!

Also I am not tagging anyone– but if you read this then you should read these!!!!