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I need a ponytail wig for a cosplay and I want it to be an actual ponytail that is pulled up, and not just one that has a short base wig with a ponytail clip. But the only place I've found one in the color I need is Arda, and while I'm mostly ok with spending more on their wig, I'm not super experienced with wig styling and I'm super scared that I'm going to mess up and those 40$ will be wasted. So, any tips on either finding another wig or conquering my fear of styling more expensive wigs?

Well, if you’d prefer a less expensive wig, many unstyled wigs can simply be pulled into ponytails! Here’s a tutorial:


I’m not sure what length ponytail you need, but @epiccosplaywigs carries shorter ponytail base wigs for around $30:


As for being less nervous about styling an Arda wig, the best advice I can give is:

- Use good quality hair products.
- Take your time and start small.
- Before you make any permanent changes to the wig, make sure that’s 100% what you want to do. (This sounds obvious, but I have made this mistake many times!)
- Watch/read lots and lots of styling tutorials! There are so many great tutorials on wig styling, I’d recommend checking out @cosplaytutorial list on wig styling here:


I hope this helps!

- Mod Sky

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i know this has probably been asked before but im on mobile and cant find it at all?? so im sorry if this is a bother but what wig do you use for prompto? i kno its from arda but like colour and name? thank you!! youre a huge inspiration for me tbh

Jaguar in ash blonde!!

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what wig did you use for mercy?

Its a wig from Arda, called ‘Westley’, in the colour dark ash blonde. I wouldnt exactly recommend it for Mercy tbh. Its not a wig meant for ponytails since there isnt enough hair, but the hair line is nice cuz you can make the appropriate bangs w/ a nice side part! Their ‘Buttercup’ style has a similar hair line but more hair so you can style it better w/o showing gaps in the wefts as much… If you’re keen on the Westley, I’d recommend buying more wefts to sew into the sides of the wig to fill it in and give the ponytail the volume it needs to look like Mercy’s hair.

If I had to do it again I’d go for the Arda’s classic wig ‘Jasmine’ in Ash Blonde. (which is on my list of things i need to get hehe)


Observer photo shoot - 2016
at the BAM Harvey Theater in Brooklyn, New York

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- Emily Assiran (Photographer - Observer Photo Shoot)
- Ken Kurson (Observer Editor-in-Chief - behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot)

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YOOOO I have a list of cosplays I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but screw them all because THE DREAM BOAT. Still gotta do the accessories, but it’s coming along!