what is that top hand idek

The Shipping Wars

So I always have these moments were I will literally ship anything;

Two girls holding hands: ship it

Two guys talking: ship it

A guy helping a girl with her books: SHIP IT

Two guys staring intensely at each other: oh, wait sorry. That’s Destiel… SHHHHIIIIIPPPPP IIIITTTT

Tv on a stand above the stereo: ship it (and we know who’s tops ;) )

It’s like, COME ON!!!

For some reason I even ship Tumblr with YouTube (honestly idek what’s wrong)

And when a friend tells me they don’t ship it it’s like they are trying to be Obi-Wan saying “This isn’t the ship you’re looking for”

I’ve gone so far (because I have two piercings in each ear) to pair up my earrings and subconsciously make them couples so I only wear one if I have the other.