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Seventeen Hip Hop Unit Reaction: “Girlfriend Walking Around in her Underwear”

Hey guys! I haven’t posted a reaction for a while so here you go!! Requests are open! So make them HERE! This is a svt x female reader reaction! 

(Lets be honest here I never know what to theme these things) Mentions/Implies sex! there we go. Lets be blunt. 

*And as always - this is just a reaction, it is in no way real, meant to offend, or to be taken seriously! I do not own all these gifs!! Credit to owners!*


“Jagi!?” Seungcheol shouted, peeking his head around the door of the apartment. It was his safest way to make sure the guys didn’t catch you wandering around in your bra and pants, again. 

“Just open the door Coups,” Jeonghan laughed, pushing the door slightly. “Y/N doesn’t mind…”

Seungcheol shot him a warning look. “No! I swear you’ve seen my girlfriend in her underwear more than your own!” Seungcheol, quickly pushed Jeonghan behind him. “Wait here. Stay!” he warned, closing the door. “Y/N!? You here?”

It was late in the evening. He could smell your shampoo coming from the bathroom as soon as he walked inside. The steam spreading it about the house. “Y/N?” he said quietly, finding you in the kitchen. 

You were wearing his favourite bra. His eyes wandering ever so slightly across your bare back. But, you didn’t hear him. Not with your headphones in your ears, or the slight bubble of the kettle. He couldn’t help himself, biting at his lip as he wrapped an arm around your waist. 

The yelp left your lips immediately as you ripped the headphones from your ears. “Ahh you asshole! You scared the shit out of me!”

“I love it when you look like this…” he breathed against your shoulder. Even though this was a weird habit of yours, he wasn’t complaining. 

“I’m getting dressed now…” His lips trailed along your shoulder. “I know the guys are here…”

He smirked to himself. “I’ll get rid of them.” 


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It was one in the afternoon. You had been up for hours, had done work, eaten, showered and yet you were still in your underwear. Wonwoo wasn’t surprised anymore. He was used to this, at least that was what he thought. 

“Are you going to get dressed at all today?” Wonwoo mumbled quietly flicking through his notebook as he tried to work on some lyrics. 

You however were laying on the carpet scrolling through something on your phone. “What?” you laughed in response, throwing a look over at him. “Am I distracting you?”

He laughed ever so slightly. It was shaky, slightly nervous, evidence of the way you always managed to make him feel. “Yes.” He was bluntly honest as always. “It’s very distracting.”

You propped yourself up on your elbows, swinging your feet ever so slightly as you watched him. “Hmm, surely you should take it as inspiration,” you teased winking at him and nibbling at your lip.

“Stop!!” Wonwoo cried throwing a pillow at you. With a loud giggle on your lips you pushed yourself off the floor, about to leave him alone when he called, “Where you going?”

Lingering in the doorway you glanced down at your black bra and multicoloured pants. “I was going to get dressed, unless you want to do something else?” 

He tried to stop himself from looking at you. Tried to avoid the way your back curved ever so slightly, the way your bum looked in those pants… The notebook was quickly thrown beside him. 

“You’re such a tease Y/N.”

“Nope you just can’t resist me.”


Your phone was buzzing slightly on the kitchen table. On the screen was a photo of you and Mingyu as he face-timed you. “Hey,” you answered, brushing your hair off your face and checking in the frame that you looked okay. 

“Hey? Is that it?” On his face you could see he was wounded, a slight pout appearing on his lips. “I’m worth more than a hey!”

The slight pause on your end, followed by your giggle wasn’t the answer he was looking for. “Ouch, I thought you loved me.”

“Hmm that’s debatable,” you teased, walking through the dorm with the phone in your hand. Nobody was there, so you took your usual habit of walking around in your underwear. After all nobody was there to catch you. 

“Ow! I didn’t sign up for this abuse!” he argued, pulling the phone back slightly so you caught Minghao, Hoshi and Jun in the background all waving to you. 

“Aren’t you already, I mean there’s three behind you,” you laughed, winking at him through the camera and waving back to them. 

The screen suddenly went black, a loud thump as Mingyu dropped the phone. “Not again Y/N!” 

“Oh Y/N you look amazing!” Hoshi’s voice shouted in the background. 

Mingyu was scrambling with the phone, and before you knew it he was outside. “Why do you do this Y/N?” he laughed, shaking his head as he caught the lace on your bra. “I mean I’m not complaining…”

“Neither is Hoshi,” you laughed pulling a hoodie on quickly. “What are you doing anyway?”

“Well, we were practicing. But, now I have something more important to do…” He threw you a look through the frame. “I mean after all I have to see in person whether or not you really do look good.” 

“Not as good as you though…” 

He winked at you. “Of course.”


You were wandering around the dorm in your underwear, it was just you and Hansol there. So, after a shower you, out of habit, were laying across the bottom of his bed in a bra and pants.

Hansol however was on his phone, stealing glances at the curves of your body trying his hardest not to get distracted. He was used to this. He’d even put away shirts, jeans, leggings, jumpers, all around the dorm just in case.

“Stop staring at me,” you mumbled, feeling his eyes on you even though your own were closed. 

“I’m not,” Hansol sniggered, but his cheeks flushed red as though you’d caught him in the act. “You should get dressed though…The guys will be back soon and I don’t want to have to explain…”

He caught your shoulders shaking with laughter. “You’re cute Hansol,” you whispered. But, with a quick stretch you rolled off the bed. “What would you do if they caught us right now? Hmm?

Your question made him eyes widen. “I…I…don’t know!” he stuttered, a slight laugh in his throat. Hansol’s eyes however were focused entirely on you. 

He stood, crossing the room to you. “I wouldn’t react,” he managed after a moment of gathering his courage. “I’d just keep doing this.” His lips were on yours. The kiss deepening slowly.

“Hansol we’ve got…woah!!!” Seungkwan’s voice shrieked through the gap in the door as Vernon slammed your back against it, slamming it straight in Seungkwan’s face. “Oh my god! Scoups! Get your ass in here!! Vernon’s up to no good!”

“Get dressed. Now!” Hansol stammered quickly, throwing his hoodie at you. “Please, please, for my own sanity Y/N. Please stop walking around like that.”

The thunder of Seungcheol’s hand on the door struck Vernon still, the panic and fear resting in his eyes. “He’s going to kill me…”

A/N: I intended for this to be a short little head cannon, 300 words tops, about Aelin and Yrene’s future relationship….I may have gotten a little carried away. Sorry for crappy diction, multiple POVs, the present tense, and a whole mess of other things. 

Aelin is physically broken after what Maeve’s cronies did to her. 

Her back is completely skinned, arms full of scratches, face painted with bruises, and legs so weak that she is forced to a heavy limp. 

The crew that comes to save her, tries to keep her as still as possible. Every unnecessary movement to her frame causes her to groan or yelp in pain. She insists that they return to Terrasen. Despite what they all think, they do not argue. Rowan is a mess at what has happened to his mate, but there is almost nothing that he, Gavriel, Fenrys, Connall, or Lorcan can do to fix her. Whatever they did to his wife, it caused her healing powers to be practically ineffective.

Their sailing back is one of speed and stealth. They want no one to know who is on their ship, but they want to ride as smooth of waters as possible. Rowan keeps a vigil over her, draining whatever healing powers he has to try and save her. Or at the very least, take away her pain and keep her asleep.

They sneak her into Terrasen in the night, hoping that no Valg soldiers get wind of the Queen returning. She needs time to heal, time that they do not have. Between Elide, Lorcan, Rowan, Fenrys, Connall, and Gavriel, they keep the injuries a secret. 

But, Chaol wants his wife to meet the woman who gave her her freedom. He knows the real Aelin is home somewhere, and he scouts the castle trying to find her. It does not take long to deduce that she is the hallway that no one but Rowan frequents. Silently, he brings Yrene to the room he believes that they’re hiding Aelin. No one stops the Ambassador to the Southern Continent as he pries the door open. 


The couple stops short. 

The Queen of Terrasen, Heir of Mala Firebringer, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius does not look human. 

Her eyes are swollen shut. Her breath is a wet wheeze. The white sheets wrapping around her are tinted pink and and yellow in places, hinting at infection. 

Chaol stands shocked a her current state and doesn’t even register Yrene’s hand leaving his as she grabs the Queen’s face.

“She’s the one that you wanted me to meet?” Yrene asks, quietly. 

Chaol barely manages to squeak out, “Yes. She’s the reason-”

Aelin turns her head towards Yrene, coughing as she does so. “D-D…Do I..?

“What are you doing here?” Rowan calls from the doorway.

“I just wanted Yrene to meet-” Chaol starts. 

“Did she give me those coins?” Yrene asks, as she turns towards the two men. 

Chaol feels his heart breaking looking at his wife, but it is Rowan who responds in exasperation, “She gave you enough money to go to the Torre Cesme.”

Chaol scoffs at Rowan, “How do you know about that?”

Rowan is very quiet when he says, “The bond still works.”

Neither of them notice that Yrene turned back to Aelin. Yrene lifts her hands above the mangled body, trying to use her powers to access the damage. Distantly, Yrene hears Chaol and Rowan engaged in a very tense and near silent conversation. Deep inside the Queen, Yrene can feel a fire, hotter than a thousand suns, waiting to be released. This woman is not a lost cause, and when, not if, she is healed, she will bring all those who wronged her to their knees. Yrene pulls her power back and looks at Rowan and Chaol. 

“I am going to fix her.” 

The intensity in her voice makes both of them stop. 

“I will do everything I can to get her moving and back to normal,” she turns to her husband, “this will probably be as bad as what happened to you.”

Chaol nods.

“You’re most likely going to have to live in that wheelchair again.”

“I understand. Do whatever it takes.” For Chaol cannot let Aelin’s end be this.

The gratitude that washes over Rowan’s face almost knocks the breath out of Chaol. 

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On Peridot’s emotions and growth...

The thing I find interesting about the line Lapis uses; “there’s no need to be emotional”, is that’s exactly how Peridot used to think. At least, it was before she arrived on Earth and her Peridemption. In her first appearance in Warp Tour, the way she speaks is monotonous and almost robotic and with each successive appearance, she loses a little bit of that and becomes more expressive. As her plans and mission fall apart, so does her composure. When things come to a head in Message Received, she even identifies emotion as the Crystal Gems’ biggest flaw, and that her approach based on logic is better!

You don’t get it either! This is your whole prooobleeem! Your emotions rule out reason! I will do what has to be done!

And as a Crystal Gem, Peridot’s plans work out best when she’s got a clear head, like in Gem Drill (although Steven won the Cluster over with “his feeeelings!”). Her set of Peri Plans to catch the Roadrunner didn’t work because she was reacting to it with emotions - she was full of pride and looked down on Roadrunner, and when thwarted she just got angrier and angrier. She needed Steven’s help to point out a new way of thinking; instead of focusing on what her emotions were doing to empathising with the Roadrunner. So her apology of “You’re right, I’m sorry!” in Raising the Barn, might not only be to Lapis, but also to herself. Peridot prides herself on being objective and following logic, but there’s no denying that she is also incredibly emotional. I mean:

So in some way, I kind of feel “there’s no need to be emotional” is an appeal to her innate Peridot-ness, as she was before crashing on Earth. Lapis is not a Crystal Gem - she knows and communicates with Peridot in a separate manner to them. One of her themes is looking backwards; she has trouble fitting in a new place and a new time, she’s nostalgic for Homeworld as it was - beautiful ornate architecture and stuff, not the vapourwave Bladerunner-esque mass of skyscrapers it’s become. (Imagine the utter shock seeing that must have been!). Even in her character design, her Gem is on her back! So I think she was appealing to how Peridot should feel in this situation; the Diamonds are to be feared, and it’s logical to get out of their way. Peridot seems to process it and comes to a realisation. Lapis kinda is right - Peridot, like Lapis, has immersed herself in self-care and has become emotionally attached to objects (her screen, her tablet, the stuff she didn’t want to leave behind on Earth). But the idea of the Diamonds coming to Earth is an emergency (in terms of Gem time!) and she has to think objectively.

And in Back to the Kindergarten, Peridot comes off very much like her previous self. There are callbacks to When It Rains as she’s holed up in Steven’s bathroom. She’s explaining Kindergarten science to Steven and Amethyst, like in Too Far and Beta, and she analyses what it means to her - but this time instead of showing off, she’s angry and defeatist in mood. Eventually, she’s turned around by seeing something unique to Earth, and finding it fascinating.

It’s almost like Peridot had reset back to her objectivity-and-logic-obsessed self. But that was also when she did the most amount of growth. I hope her Crystal Gem family can help her through, maybe this time without leashes and global impending doom!

Lost and Found

This is from a prompt someone sent to @omeliafics which it basically said that Amelia secretively wears Owen’s ring on a necklace but ends up losing it after a surgery and Owen finds out about it. Hope you guys like it! 💖💖💖

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Amelia couldn’t remember the exact moment she had started doing it.

Well, that’s not exactly true. She could.

She found a simple golden necklace in the middle of her things when she moved back into Meredith’s house, probably the one her parents had gotten for her when she was little. Without actually realizing it, she took Owen’s wedding ring from her back pocket, passed the golden string through it and just stared at it, dangling, for what felt like hours.

Her marriage was over.

She still hadn’t said it out loud. She couldn’t bring herself to say it. It hurt too much.

She had shaken her head and clasped the necklace around her neck, with his ring attached to it. And hadn’t taken it off every since.

Not even for surgeries.

She always made sure the necklace was hidden inside her shirts. She certainly didn’t need people asking her questions.

It was nice and weird at the same time. They weren’t together, but her feelings were still there and she still found herself missing him, so feeling his wedding ring near her heart made her feel closer to him somehow, as cheesy as it might sound.

That’s why she is currently panicking. Where the hell is it?!

Amelia had gotten out of a craniotomy, just 30 minutes ago, and the necklace is nowhere to be found. If it was any other object she wouldn’t care as much, but it’s his wedding ring. Besides her memories, and an old t-shirt she secretly stole from their- his, closet, it’s pretty much the only thing she has left from him.

Suddenly the sound of the attending’s lounge’s door opening pulls Amelia from her thoughts and she turns around in time to see April entering the room.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine.” Amelia waves her hand in a dismissive manner and continues looking around the room, before bending down and looking under the couch.

“Everything okay?”

“I lost something…” she sighs in frustration. “I really have to find it!”

“What is it? Maybe I can help.”

“A necklace.” April didn’t need to know the meaning behind it.

“Oh, okay, well maybe I can help-“ April is cut off my the sound of her pager, “And maybe not now, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything about it.”

“Thanks…” Amelia mutters more herself, as April had already left the room, and continues her search. Where the hell could it possibly be?!

Later that day, still necklace-less, Amelia was sitting in the cafeteria by herself, silently picking on her food. She was still upset about the necklace. Amelia isn’t one of those people who are constantly losing things, and the rare times she does it is usually something meaningless, but this necklace, and specially the ring attached to it, has a tremendous amount of meaning to her.

Suddenly, Amelia feels a shadow next to her and looks up to find the red haired man who constantly occupies her thoughts sitting next to her and setting his tray on the table.

They had been doing this thing lately, where they occasionally have lunch together. They never really planned it, it just sort of happens. They were both human beings, who need food, happen to work at the same place and have lunch at the same time, sometimes together, because that’s what friends do…



“What’s wrong?”

Amelia looks up at Owen, somewhat startled. How does he do that? He just sat down, not even 5 seconds ago. She simply said ‘hi’ and he immediately knows something is wrong with her.

It’s unsettling, and, at the same time, comforting, the way he’s just able to read her so effortlessly.

“It’s nothing…” she mumbles. Owen does the thing, that damn head-tilt that always makes her weak at the knees and her defenses coming down crumbling. She sighs, “I lost something…”

“Something important?”

“Yeah, very important.”

Owen was about to say something, when April’s voice cut through the chattering noise of the cafeteria.

“I have it!” she sits down on the chair next to Owen’s and takes a deep breath, as if she had been running. “Sorry, I’ve been looking for you, here you go!“ April says looking at Amelia, and extends her arm towards Amelia, making the necklace dangle directly in front of Owen’s face, more precisely, making Owen’s ring dangle directly in front of Owen’s face…

Amelia feels Owen’s eyes on her, and subsequently her cheeks getting hotter. This is so embarrassing.

April keeps talking, completely missing the atmosphere in the table. “One of the interns found it. It was under the sinks in the scrubbing room of OR2, and-“

Amelia suddenly breaks out of her trance and snatches the necklace from April’s hand. “Thank you, that’s um- Thanks, yeah…”

Owen still hasn’t moved his eyes away from her, a silly, but discreet, smile playing on his lips.

April suddenly notices the mood between the two surgeons and figures out the meaning behind the ring of the necklace and decides it’s better to leave them to talk. “Okay, well, um, you’re welcome, and uh I’m gonna go now…”

Silence settled around the table, neither Owen nor Amelia saying anything, when Owen’s laughter unexpectedly breaks the awkwardness.

Amelia’s cheeks feel even hotter, but she finds herself laughing along with him.

“So um, you walk around with my ring uh?” he says once his laughter dies down.

“Maybe…” Amelia smiles, embarrassed of having been caught. Especially by him. “Is it weird? I mean, isn’t this what people do when their spouses die, like unexpectedly?”

He laughs and shakes his head. Damn, he missed her weird sense of humor.

“No, it’s fine. I always have your ring with me too.” He shrugs, smiles and stands up. He starts to leave but looks behind him and winks at her, before completely leaving the room.

Amelia just sits there, unsure of what do to, and a smile makes its way to her lips.

Maybe he does miss her as much as she misses him.

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what was the last only us like??? and the last so big so small?? please tell and thanks so much for the audio boot!! ❤️

only us was adorable. you could tell laura was emotional the whole show and especially here? not like, crying necessarily, but she had fun with the kegger banter and did finger guns and little things like the way she said “we cant compete w all that” was just so genuine and when they kissed on the bed it was much softer?? than usual??? and the kiss didnt last long she quickly put her head into the crook of his neck and they just hugged each other close as the bed rolled backstage 

so big so small was so much. i physically put my hands up a couple times like Please Stop Hurting Me . i sobbed and held the stupid metal thing next to me bc i was on the aisle and i just leaned my head on it and vocally sobbed. you could hear everyone sobbing. rbj was so sweet and had this look in her eyes that was 100% pure unadulterated love for her son ben platt. when he fell into he arms? unreal. when he looked into her face and she looked into his everything stopped for a minute and there was just Love on stage and i honestly had to look away for a second bc i thought i was gonna lose control completely tbh. i may have imagined it but he held her hand for a beat longer than usual at the end

Dancing with an Angel: (Request)

Prompt:Tony is throwing a ball because Y/N had been gawking at all this dresses. Tony forces bucky to ask Y/N out because hes head over heels for her. Then at the ball Y/N is all happy dancing witch bucky in this beautiful dress while Bucky can’t believe how beautiful she looks.–Anonymous

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Note: Just pure fluff

Words: 1380

Requested by: Anonymous 

Tony decided to force the team of Avengers out to the mall to get a few things and in reality to get them out of the tower due. Everyone had been so busy with missions lately they forgot what it was like to be a normal human being. With his foot down he loaded everyone into a van that held fifteen people and Clint drove towards the mall. “Everyone meet back at the van at four we’ll be heading home afterwards.” Steve explained as they nod.

They all headed inside the building when Wanda, Natasha, and Pepper dragged (Y/N) off towards the clothing stores to get some new items. Bucky and Steve went to the bookstore, but Bucky’s eyes never fell too far from (Y/N) on the other side of the walkway where she was gawking at all the beautiful dresses. Tony took notice before he walked in behind the girls. “Peps.” He whispered to his beloved as she looks to him.

“Yeah?” She asked. “Get (Y/N) the dress she wants along with the others. I’m throwing a ball tonight. I figured out a way to get Bucky and (Y/N) together.” He grins when she smiles. “Alright, don’t do anything stupid.” She comments as he gasps, placing his hand onto his chest. “I would never.” He said as she rolls her eyes. “Phase one is complete once you get a dress. On to phase two.” He grins excitedly before he walks over to the bookstore.

“I bet this will be a good read.” Steve murmurs, reading the back of the book while Bucky glanced around the store. “You enjoying yourself?” Tony questioned walking up to him as Bucky’s piercing gaze fell to Tony, but his response was a shrug. “So, I’m going to be throwing a ball tonight.” Tony explained as Bucky quirks an eyebrow. “What does that have to do with me enjoying myself?” Bucky questioned as Tony claps his hands together.

“Well (Y/N)’s over there look at gorgeous dresses and I thought since I’m hosting a ball for us tonight… I thought you would enjoy yourself more if you asked her out.” Tony gestured with his hands. Suddenly Bucky’s face lit up in a dark red hue as he glares at Tony. “I can’t ask her out.” He huffs. “Why not? Look at the beautiful woman! You practically drool over her all the time!” Tony snips back. “Because… Because I’m not good enough!” Bucky harks back.

“Says who! (Y/N) thinks the world of you! Who is always there for you when you have attacks? When you go through relapse? (Y/N), so just ask her out!” Tony exclaims throwing his hands up as a few people glance over to them. “F-Fine! If it gets you off my back!” Bucky huffs before storming over to the dress shop where the girls were chatting about what to wear. (Y/N) looks back when she felt a presence behind her while looking through the dresses.

“Oh, hey Buck. Is something wrong?” She asked when he took her hands in his own causing her eyes to widened as the girls look up to them in shock. “(Y/N) will you go out with me to this thing Tony is throwing tonight?” He asked as she blinked for a moment when her face heated up. “S-Sure Bucky. I’d like that.” She smiled when he swallowed. “W-Wait, seriously?” He asked as she nods. “Okay… Um… Good… See you then.” He murmurs as Natasha smirks.

Bucky slowly walks out of the store, rubbing the back of his neck as (Y/N) couldn’t stop smiling when Natasha stood up and nudged her. “Well then.” She chuckles causing (Y/N) to cover her face. Bucky made it back into the Bookstore while Tony smirks like a cat as his imagery tail flickered. “I hate you.” Bucky comments. “I didn’t do anything, but encourage you to do what you’ve been wanting to do.” Tony explained batting his eyelashes to Bucky.

“Well did she say yes?” Steve questioned, crossing his arms when Bucky nods. “Good.” Steve smirks. “I’ll give you credit Tony.” He murmurs before they go back to shopping as Bucky glances back to the store to see (Y/N) chatting with the others. It was around four and everyone piled into the van while Clint started off towards the Tower. Tony chatted away on the phone while they were driving, because he wanted the party to be nice.

(Y/N) had bought a navy blue dress that had the straps on her biceps and the dress was simple while falling to the floor. Natasha had bought a tie for Bucky to match her without (Y/N)’s knowledge. “Come on (Y/N), the party already started! You don’t want to keep your knight in shining armor waiting!” Natasha calls. “I’m coming I’m coming!” (Y/N) exclaims when Natasha smirks. “Guess you’re practicing for later.” She winks.

“Nat! Hush!” (Y/N) grumbles before clipping in her earrings as they walk to the elevator. They head down to the dance hall, looking around to the actually candles that were floating above them. “Huh, Tony did really great.” Natasha comments before her eyes fell to Steve, Sam, and Bucky who were standing together at the bar. “There he is. Go get him Tiger.” Natasha pushes (Y/N) forward who gasps almost colliding with someone.

She huffs at Natasha who smirks as she straightens her dress before walking up to the three men huddled together. Sam nudged Bucky who glanced over before choking on his drink as (Y/N) smirks taking it from him as she takes a swig of it. “There stud. I’m pretty such you asked me to this thing, so you gonna come dance with me?” She batted her eyelashes as Bucky’s jaw dropped open when Steve reached over and closed it for him.

Bucky slapped his hand away, glaring at Steve for a moment as him and Sam busted out laughing. “Come on Doll.” Bucky murmured taking her hand as she set his empty glass down. She smiled at the pet name before walking with him towards the dance floor when his hands were slowly placed onto her sides. “Enjoying yourself?” She asked softly. “I always do when I’m with you.” His mouth immediately clamped shut at those words.

“Really?” She questioned softly as he nods before looking at her dress. “You look beautiful. You always look beautiful to me.” He murmurs as she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck while the music started up. “I think you look good yourself.” She whispers back, looking over his black button up top and navy blue tie and vest to match. “Oh my god just kiss!” Clint cried as they both look over to see the others watching them.

Natasha smacks him upside the head the head. “Good job, they were more focused on each other.” She huffs when Clint shrugs. “Bucky won’t do it. He’s too afraid.” Clint comments as Bucky frowns before cupping (Y/N)’s face when she looks to him. “Buck–” She was cut off by his lips pressing against her own as her eyes widened for a moment before she kisses him back. “You planned that didn’t you?” She asked as Clint winks.

Bucky pulled back before swallowing. “Okay, that wasn’t what I wanted–” Bucky started to say when (Y/N) put her finger on his lip to silence him. “Bucky? Shut up and dance with me you dork.” She grins before grabbing his hands as she swung him around causing him to laugh. “Does this mean you like me back?” He questioned when she pecks his lips. “Always.” She said when he spun her around causing her to giggle at him.

“You know I just realized something.” He smiled, spinning her back into his arms. Her back hit his chest softly when she looked to him. “What would that be?” She inquired as his lips touched her ear. “That I love dancing with an Angel.” He whispered causing her face to heat up before she laughs leaning against him while the music continued to play on. They danced for the rest of the night and was found the next morning lying together in Bucky’s room.  

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hc where the party is practicing basketball with steve for the school team’s tryouts “okay, playtime is over ladies. skins and shirts. mike, sinclair, you’re with me. wanna see what you’ve got, henderson. let’s do this” steve commands while taking off his shirt, lucas following in order to impress max, who only rolls her eyes while pushing him playfully, and finally mike. eleven wondering from her place at the bleachers what kind of powers will must have when she sees the boy’s nose bleeding

tymp3st replied to your post: Don’t know Overwatch outside your fic but had a…

Well, that’s a special brand of horrifying for all involved. Do you one better though. What if Tracer remembers that he had to put her back?

Tracer had a number of flaws. Most of them she would admit to, with a laugh and a shake of her head. She forgot things, occasionally. She was impulsive, and she talked too much, and stillness was lost to her. She was prone to messiness, and could be, as commanders had said, “a bit unserious.”

All this being true, there was one flaw Lena Oxton did not have: She was not given to lie. 

And Winston was generally the last person she’d ever choose to start with. Except for this one, very specific untruth. 

She sat in the breakfast nook, stirring her hot chocolate and look at the snow flurries out the window, as the minutes ticked by into hours, the night lengthening into morning. 

There were some nights that his face came before her, telling her “I promise. I find you. I love you, Lena. I’ll always find you.” And then he had slipped her back into the empty expanse of time. She’d recognized him the second she returned, struggling to ask why, why he had left her.By the time she could speak, she could not bring herself to say that she remembered, could not bring herself to aid in the guilt he felt, for whatever reason he had done it. 

The second time she left, she understood. 

And anyway, was plausible, and merciful, most would say,  that she had forgotten those few seconds with him entirely, when she blipped into a lab in Numbani, and it was, she reasoned, the greatest kindness to never let Winston knew that she knew. 

He would never hurt her, not on purpose. She knew that. Reminding him of it would do no good. 

Tracer had a number of flaws, most she’d happily admit to, but none of them were that she was stupid. She kept her secret to herself. If she told someone, someone would tell Winston, someday. 

And so she kept it locked in her heart, in that very small box where she hid almost nothing from the world. Only to protect Winston. 

He’d shown up tonight, in her dreams. She was still lucid when she’d come to the lab in Numbani, she’d looked up at him from the floor, his eyes excited and full of hope, and simply said, “Please ‘elp me. ‘oever you are, please.” 

She had seen the joy leave his eyes. 

“Oh Lena,” was all he said for a moment, and she remembered wondering how he had known, “I’m so sorry,” he turned away from her, his hand on the switch of the lab, his head bowed “I promise. I find you. I love you, Lena. I’ll always find you. I’m sorry.” 

He flipped the switch down, and the blue isolation of being disconnected from time filled her and surrounded her and ate at her again. 

She shook her head and took a deep drink of the hot cocoa, savoring the warmth that spread through her body, the way it fought the sharp cold in her mind, the memory of misery assuaged by the sweet hot milk. 

“Lena?” Winston’s voice rumbled from the doorway to the kitchen, “Is everything okay?”

Tracer gave him a bright smile. “Course! Come ‘ave a sit, Win, there’s plenty more of the cocoa.” 

Tracer wasn’t given to lie. But there were a lot of things she’d do for love. 

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Do you think about what WHook did after Grothel left and he was alone with the baby, Do you think he hesitated walking over to her and when he finally did, he looked down into that beautiful little face and instantly fell in love, because I do.

Hey there, Nonnie,

Before I answer this ask, I just want to say one thing…

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These episodes gave me SO MANY FEELS!

(Obligatory statement that must, unfortunately, go here, because there are many who are focusing on the negative and bad feelings the episode(s) created - as is their right, and I begrudge them not - but this answer, and my perspective going forward, will be to focus on the fun, heartfelt, all-the-feels moments we received)

Back to our regularly scheduled ask…

I did think about those first few moments, Nonnie. A maelstrom of emotion swirling within the heart, mind, and soul of this fearsome pirate who’d had nothing to live for except his revenge for CENTURIES, coming face-to-face with his life flashing before his eyes in the existence of this child. 

His child.

A child that had just been abandoned by a cold, heartless, evil woman. The woman who had given her life, and then tossed her away. Traded her for a means of escape, leaving her behind to an unknown fate - boy, I bet that struck a nerve, don’t you think?

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i swear to fucking god if i see another grown ass person making fun of a kid’s shitty art EVER again im going to come for their life i s2g my duderus im in college and my art is cringey and bad but im out here posting it bc i dont give a FUCK because im literally DOING WHAT 11 YEAR OLD ME WANTED TO DO BUT WAS TOO AFRAID TO BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YALL............ YEAH MY ART SUCKED AND STILL SUCKS but its FINE because i have the confidence to not give a shit but when you point and laugh at some 5th graders videogame fanart that they made from the passion and pure enjoyment in their hearts? when youre basically telling a kid “fuck you for trying to express your love for this thing”? youre the worst kind of person, my dude, gods looking at you and shaking her head and shes putting a snapping turtle in hell to bite your dick off specifically
List of Taylor’s top notes in reputation

Ok so I just went over all the songs in the album and I’ve noted down the highest note Taylor sings in each song and I think I made some pretty interesting discoveries!! Here they are:


  • New years day


  • Look what you made me do
  • Gorgeous


  • I did something bad
  • Delicate
  • Getaway car
  • King of my heart
  • Call it what you want


  • Ready for it
  • End game
  • Don’t blame me
  • So it goes…
  • Dress

This is really impressive since before now we’ve only heard Taylor sing an E5 live a few times (eg: out of the woods) and a third of the album have an E5!

But it gets better…

F5: This is why we can’t have nice things

I was actually shook cos we’ve never heard her sing an F5 before IN FULL CHEST VOICE (not head voice/ falsetto) while performing or in a song (at least I don’t think so) so this is AMAZING!!

But wait.

There’s even more.















Name: Niki Layne 

Personality: She has a friendly bubbly personality and loves to wear flowers in her hair. She is brave and wishes someone would teach her how to fight so she can protect those she loves. She learns things easily and was learning to be a doctor like her mother. She can identify most herbs and plants. She can live off the land if she needed to. She’s a bit of a dreamer and prefers the world she’s created in her head over the world she lives in. She lived a protected life in the raiders camp because of who her mother was and what she was training to become. 

Likes/Dislikes:  She wears her hair in braids because of a story a dear friend told her when she was little about Thor the son of Odin and the Valkyrie that had the power to choose who lived and died in battle. She likes to imagine she’s one of the Valkyrie fighting for her people. She pretends sometimes that her dad is Thor and is simply off fighting elsewhere while her fight is here. 

She writes letters to him that she burns in the fire. She believes that this will deliver her messages to him no matter where he might be. 

She would like to be able to stay inside curled up with a good book. She has a few she’s kept over the years. The comics about Thor and his Valkyrie are her favorites. She also has a copy of the Time Machine that her friend gave her on her birthday one year. 

She wishes she had the materials to be able to build a time machine. She’d travel so far into the future that raiders and zombie no longer exist. She wouldn’t bother going into the past. The book proved you can’t change the past no matter how hard you try.

How do they feel about zombies: she doesn’t like them but mostly she feels sorry for them. They used to be people and she wonders if they could be again. Could she be the one to find the cure? She doubted it. The cure probably died with the people who created the virus if the old newspapers she found and read were to be believed. So it was better to kill them and put them out of their misery.

Parents: She had a good loving relationship with her Mama. However her Mama never told her who her Daddy was. Whenever she asked, her Mama always told her it was better that no one knows who he was. She refused to believe he was a bad man. Mama’s eyes always became soft and dreamy whenever she spoke about the kind of man he was. Niki thinks she knows who he is/was and knows Mama was right to keep the truth from her and everyone else. 

Living Relatives: she hopes her Mama is alive somewhere even if it’s still in the raider’s camp. She has no idea about her Daddy. If she was right about who he is/was she’s better off being on her own. Her relatives are horrible awful people and they’ll hunt her down in the hopes of making her just as bad as them.

For @legendofsim‘s Safe Harbor BC

Z is a Dream of Doll Zen.  Way back when I first got the Yen I wanted a Zen to go with him.  I was trying to get my girlfriend at the time into dolls, despite neither of us having any income, and so the ideal in my head is that the Zen would be hers.  Neither that plan nor the relationship worked out.  I moved on, and did other things with the Yen.

Around 2015 I started thinking maybe I should get a Zen.  I kept putting it off for whatever reason, and Dream of Doll started to put their dolls as sold out in preparation for what was supposed to be them redoing their website.  So the plans were also on hold, because Zen wasn’t popular in the second hand market and I really wanted to buy directly from Dream of Doll.

A year of waiting almost and no return from the website goes by.  And it really began to sink in they probably weren’t coming back.  I started looking more diligently for second hand Zens with little luck.  Until I happened across one on Yahoo!Japan.

Nevermind that I paid a good deal more than he would have cost from Dream of Doll, after shipping and auction fees were concluded.  I had managed to obtain a Zen (who was shipped in, of all things, a Volks Amakusa box?!).  And shortly after the Dream of Doll website started giving 404 errors, confirming what I had feared.

There is something poetic in it, although it makes me feel sad more than anything.  Yen was purchased early on in DoD’s international ventures (DoA’s wiki says the International site was opened in 2004), while the Zen was purchased right at the end.

Thank you DoD wherever you are, and I hope one day perhaps we will see you again.

- Casey

You know, I was thinking about this. So prewar, Gene would help out with Nate getting used to things since he was shaken up and was different in some aspects after he served his time in battle.

Of course, his love for her never changed. They just had to work through certain times something would be difficult or she would help him through.

Then I think about how during those times probably thoughts raced through her head how she couldn’t imagine doing the things he did, killing people, getting in power armor, etc.

And then fast forward those two hundred years and she’s training, learning how to survive in the harsher world, her mind would be racing again. She’d see the horrors of a battle, hear explosions, feel immense pain, kill people, learn how to use power armor, see people she knows die. I can definitely see during the many first few times of these things she’d be thinking “My god, was this what Nate really was going through?”.

I think besides everything else she’s dealing with, thoughts like that hurt her too cause it takes her back to when Nate had his moments and when she helped him. She truly now knew how he was feeling.

After awhile Gene would get used to it obviously, you are trying to survive after all. And of course she’s got a good head on her shoulders so she doesn’t do anything horrible or kill innocents. Besides finding her son she’s trying to help out people too. It doesn’t stop her though every now and then from thinking about it though, or where else horrible things are happening.

S8E1- The Silencer

Blake pursed her lips into a thin semblance of a smile as she slapped the completed files on Hotch’s desk. “I thought you said you were going home.”

“Haven’t finished the reports quite yet.”

“No other Unit Chief is as obsessive about finishing the reports half as much as you.

Hotch huffed. “Well, of all the things Strauss can complain about, my efficiency is not one of them.”

The new agent bowed her head in sympathy. Oh, they both knew first hand how Erin could be. But only one of them had seen just how much she’d changed.

“Are you okay?”

Her brow furrowed. “What?”

“The man you were kind to who shot himself in the head?”

“Are you my mother now?” she teased, with eased Hotch’s worry.

“It’s kinda what we do around here. Speaking of, how are you getting on with the others?” Hotch asked.

“Oh,” she smirked. “It’s been nice.”

“’Nice’? Really, Blake?” Hotch groaned as he set his head down almost childishly on his closed files. “Out of all the words to get caught up on? You know it’s hard enough for them to get used to new people.”

Blake smiled softly. “It’s been ten years, and for some reason you still think you can boss me around.”

“At least this time I am your boss,” he looked up dolefully. “Though to be fair, you were being a bit of an ass.”

“Now or then?” Blake cocked her head in feign curiosity.

The Unit Chief sighed, rubbing his temples. “I’m being serious. Just… don’t make it any harder on yourself to adjust, okay?”

The older agent rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in a huff over his chest. “What is that supposed to mean, exactly?”

“I mean no offense,” he said through her glare. “You’re not the first to have trouble adjusting. It even took David a long time to get used to sharing with the team. I get it, you’ve had to focus on getting your career back on track and you’re in the mindset of only trusting yourself, plus “sharing” has never been one of your attributes, but I’m just telling you now that it’ll be so much easier for everyone if you just start opening up now.”

Her mouth formed a small ‘o’. “I am opening up! Dr. Reid and I-“

“-Are excluding the others,” Hotch finished seriously. “I’m used to dealing with you two geniuses, but the rest of the team have their strengths.”

“I know that,” she scoffed.

“Do you?”

Blake blinked, unable to formulate a response. After a few moments to collect herself, she sighed. “Look, it’s been a long couple of days. I’m going to go home and get some rest. You should, too.”

Hotch leaned back in his chair as she gathered her things from the bullpen and made her way to the elevators, leaving the floor dark and quiet. He ran his hands through his hair, his eyes falling on a collection of brightly colored pens with the British flag design plastered around the cheap plastic—Penelope’s gift from London.

“Why am I doing this?” he murmured to himself as he swiped up his phone and dialed an all-too-familiar number.

It picked up on the second ring. “Prentiss.”

He couldn’t help but smile. Even through the phone he could sense her grogginess. “Is this a bad time?”

“Hotch? What the hell are you doing up? It’s like two in the morning over there.”

He shot a quick glance at a clock, wincing slightly. “And it’s nearly seven over there, why are you still asleep? Don’t you have work?”

“Technically, yes, but I’m the boss so I’m allowed to be late.” She paused briefly. “How bad?”


“The case, how bad was the case?”

His grin broadened. “You know how I hate to make light of this stuff, but why can’t people go back to just straight up murdering each other? Why even bother with any of this other nonsense?”

Her laughter in his ear didn’t sound half a world away.


“I’m sorry” he repeated “for giving you such a hard time. You were…I mean are the best thing that could have happened to Britland.”

“Err” he shuffled his feel a little unsure what he should do or say.

“Don’t fall over in shock or anything” Felix warned “I don’t apologize to just anyone.” He smiled giving Carson a glimpse of the person Britland insisted was his best friend, “this is a once in a lifetime thing.”

“Don’t believe him” Crystal said coming up behind them “once you start to apologize the next one gets easier.”

Both men gaped at her like she had grown a second head. “We’ll see” Felix smirked at her content for once in his life.

“Yes we will” she said firmly pushing him away as he attempted to kiss her cheek. “We’re not there yet.” She giggled at his woe be gone face. “Carson Mrs Olivia asked me to come get you. She’d like a work with you.”

more proof of Michael + Jeremy

Hello, so I doubt you need to see this if your on tumblr, because unlike many other ships, this one is almost completely canon, but…whatever I have something to say because I want to. 

Michael’s line in “Voices in my head” is very odd. It doesn’t make sense with what we’ve seen of Christine so far in the play. If you haven’t heard it, the line is:

“Tell her you appreciate that she’s smart”

Through the play, Christine is never given a line or anything that proves she is “smart” and I know what your thinking, “well Jenna, she’s a big fan of Shakespeare, and she’s a neeeeerd” But those things alone don’t prove that she’s necessarily smart. She could like how Old English sounds without exactly understanding, as most fans of Shakespeare would agree, it does sound pretty cool, and personally I got into his plays for that reason alone. 

But you know who is smart? Michael. There’s three big things I wanna go over that prove this, and the first one is probably one of the most overlooked ones. So Michael doesn’t know the whole cast has been squipped, he makes that inference himself. Looking in, this is a minor detail, but on the inside, this is very odd. It takes a lot to put two and two together in this case. Speaking of assumptions, he correctly assumes that the squid has worked when Jeremy ignores him. Any normal friend would just assume they were being a horrible person, and if you look into “theatrical common sense” it’s very obscure to find someone make such educated assumptions about big things like this. Finally, he doesn’t get mad at Jeremy at the Halloween Party. He is only mad at himself, because he couldn’t break him free of the squip. He knows that this isn’t Jeremy’s fault, so he blames himself. There is almost no doubt that he blames himself entirely, although Jeremy isn’t the best person about it either.