what is that last one even

  • Shinoa: So Yuu-san have you ever had a wet dream?
  • Mitsuba: I bet he doesn't even know what a wet dream is
  • Yuu: *casually* Yes, I had one of those last night
  • Mitsuba: wha-
  • Shinoa: *screaming internally* TELL ME EVERYTHING
  • Yuu: Well me and Mika were out for this fancy dinner, everything was nice and then on the way home-
  • Yuu: yeah it started to rain and we got all wet
  • Shinoa: ...
  • Mitsuba: *whispering to Shinoa* I'm so sorry for Mika
  • Mika: *passing by* Yuu-chan are you telling them about the wet dream?
  • Yuu: *pouting* My hair was so nice...
  • Mika: Next time we'll remember to bring an umbrella
  • Shinoa: ....
  • Mitsuba: ...cherry boys

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Hiya~I just was scrolling through your account, your head canons and scenerios are really funny and well written⭐keep it up~ Could you do a scenerio where the MC and the boys(and Jaehee) end up accedetally having a really awkward kiss. Thx!

Fun fact, the Seven one is based off a true story from about last year with me and my now ex girlfriend. Yes, I was the one who did it to her. And it was awful, but funny after a while. Thank you for the request ~~~~ Jumin:
•Honestly, you didn’t know what you were expecting..but it wasn’t..That.
•It’s not that he was a bad kisser, but the way he went about it was just unlike him.
• You two were dating, of course, and around your 3rd date, this cat mom decides it was time to “make a move.”
• You had no idea he was even at the restaurant yet. He thought it would be cute to surprise you, so he kept it this way.
• While you sit on your phone, unaware of the business man’s presence, he quickly wraps his arms around the side of your waist, and kisses the corner of your lips.
• yOu litTerally pUnCh Him?!?
•But only because you had no idea it was him!! So, he easily can forgive you.
•Won’t admit/show it, but he’s pretty embarrassed.
•Lil shit thinks he’s a smooth fukr.
• He goes up to ask you on a date, when all of a sudden he trips. He fricken trips. Yes, beautiful gods trip to, I guess.
• he ends up falling on top of you. And since you weigh a good amount less than him..you’re on the ground.
• His body is squishing your chest, his hair is tickling your skin..and his lips are on your lips.
• “I’M SO SORRY (Y/N)!!”
•yeah you best be sorry motherfu-
• “Uh..it’s okay, Zen,” *I kind oF LiKEd iT BUT yOU wOnT knOw…
• He’ll just ask you on that date tomorrow.
•Precious baby fell for another one of seven’s pranks. Jfc.
• “There’s a curse castes upon you Yoosung! If you don’t kiss (Y/N), I’m afraid the two of you will..well, you won’t be around much longer.”
• “I need you to come over, (Y/N) T_T”
• This text was mildly terrifying.
• You get up to his front porch, and knock on the door.
• A red faced yoosung awkwardly greets you. He opens up the door and..
• WhAt YoOSUNG whAt
• That’s it. He does it, and slams the door in your face.
• And seven saw the whole thing.
• It all started when you stole one of his chips.
• He began to tickle you, making you get all red, and crying with laughter.
• yeh no
• You look so cute though?
• He can’t help but start to lean down into a kiss..
• forgetting that he’s actually still tickling you.
• you’re laughing so hard, and he finally..presses his lips on yours..
• and that’s when you snort.
• In his mouth.
• Eventually you shake it off, and sometimes when you two kiss, you fake a little snort to tease him. It becomes an inside joke, really.
• Bless her soUL
• She was working so hard for that gay ass trustfund boi, and you had enough.
• You were going to distract her.
• You had many attempts. Most of which that failed. Such as, throwing wadded up balls of paper at her back.
• You even turned on a zen dvd. nothING.
• “Jaehee~ I’m going to skype Zen~ because he will pay attention to meeee. Unlike soME PEOPLE.”
• “that’s nice pumpkin.”
• ok if that’s how we’re gonna play it. No choice then..I guess you’ll just have to make this your first kiss. That will HAVE to get her attention.
• You slowly walk up behind her, heart racing.
• You put your hand on her desk, and slam your lips on hers.
• Sadly, you didn’t notice the cup of coffee sitting on the edge of her desk..
• It spills on your pants, making it look like you pissed yourself or something.
• “I should have just spilt coffee on my crotch hours ago.”
• “Awh, (Y/N), pumpkin come here. I can take a break for a few I suppose..”
I have no idea’s for V and Saeran right now. It’s late as hellll though. I haven’t written a Headcanon in about a month, and I’m just getting in the swing of it again. I’ve missed you all. I will try and update with v and saebae soonn!

This is based on a quote I saw last week and I love it, the quote is at the end.  Thanks to @myuselessknowledge for the idea that fed this. 

It’s a future fic, kind of. Angst but not serious angst and a tiny bit of fluff. Some of this is under the cut.


It creeps up on Liam.   He suspects it’s the same for Zayn. It’s not deliberate, but it happens anyway.

They always knew they’d have to be separated for a while, it wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.  In a way it sort of worked, they made it work.  

Till one day, it’s like he’d had his hands on the steering wheel for so long and all it took was one tiny distraction to take his hands away.

Just one night out, where the food was great and the company even better, and what he’d planned to be a swift meal and home by 10pm to hope Zayn would still be wide awake in New York, turned out to be 3am crawling into bed, glancing at his phone to see a whole bunch of missed calls but too tired to do anything about it.

That’s when it started.

It’s eight months later, it’s a freezing cold day in the middle of winter in London.   In LA, it’s sunny and warm, Liam just checked.  

It’s become sort of necessary to have that piece of information lately.  Some way to get the conversation flowing, though flowing?  That’s overegging the pudding so much.

He’s about to unlock his phone and hit speed dial or maybe in a few minutes he will when the phone starts ringing.

His heart sinks.  He’s not ready, he’s never ready lately, but from somewhere he conjures up a smile in his voice and presses the answer button.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey yourself,” it starts out like this every time, when they don’t have to force the notion that they’re pleased to hear each other’s voices.

Zayn still has the power to make Liam’s heart skip a bit just with one word, doesn’t even have to be a particularly grand word, just the way he’ll say something in that Yorkshire accent he’s so in love with and that’s never changed even after all these years they’ve spent to and from LA.

“Checked the weather before,” says Liam, “Scorching innit?”

He hears Zayn murmur a quiet, “Yeah.”

It starts then, the silence that used to be filled with nothing other than relief at the feeling that even though separated, they could still talk to each other, it’s now stilted, awkward and Liam’s scrambling to find what best to say, when there’s too much he wants to say but recent times have taught him to be careful.

“Wish I was there,” it’s the truth, but he knows it’s not the right thing to say as there’s a heavy sigh that comes down the other end of the phone line.

“Yeah, well, easily changed that as you know Liam,” it’s not that he sounds angry, it’s more that he sounds so tired, so weary, his tone is curt too, but Liam could overlook that, he could but just like a couple of days ago, like last week, like the week before it touches a nerve.

He tries to keep his voice even, tries not to let the defensiveness show in the tone of his response.

“How many times Zayn, how many times do we have to go through this until you realise that it’s not just me, you could be here, there’s a reason why we built a studio here.”

He fails.

“There’s a reason we built one here too babe,” Zayn’s voice is just so reasonable, so soft.  Too reasonable, too soft.

So if all else fails, like usual Liam makes an attempt at humour.

“You know what, we missed a trick Zedd, that studio in the middle of the ocean, that’s what we should have been spent all our money on.”

There would have been a time that Zayn would have snorted out a laugh, called Liam “you big doughnut,” and then they’d have carried on talking about everything, what they’d been up to.

“Mm,” is the only sound he gets in return and then it’s back, the silence except it’s worse even than before.

It’s not even quarrelling, not even a bitter fight with name calling, and yet somehow it’s worse, much worse and Liam looks at his watch, and it’s almost time for him to head to the studio, to try and push through to finishing this album.

Liam’s first big debut as a producer and he should be excited. 

Instead, he’s figuring out how to remove himself from a conversation that not that long ago could have lasted hours, even if they’d spoken no words, just to hear his breath, to hear him moving around the kitchen, occasionally dropping little words of commentary about where he was and what he was doing.

“Anyway, I have, erm, well stuff to do so we’ll talk soon,” it’s not a surprise Zayn beats him to it, it’s not a surprise that it’s as awkward as it would’ve been had Liam said it, “Won’t we?”

Those last two words though, the way Zayn sounds so uncertain, the fact that it’s a real question and the fact that he has to voice it at all.

It’s like Liam’s been kicked in the stomach because if he needed a clue as to how bad all this was, he has it.

 “We will Zayn, we will and it’s only a week or so till I see you, I really do mis-.”

 “Yeah anyway, love you.” 

Four words, and the last two used to feel like a fleece blanket on Liam when he was most cold, most afraid and tired of everything.  Now they just feel cold and unfamiliar.

Then there’s silence which is too suffocating, so Liam finishes, “Miss you,” to the ended call screen and to the room he’s in and then with a small glance because any longer will do things to him, he can’t express, he looks at the picture on the wall in their study, of them.  In times that feel like a lifetime since he says out loud, “Love you too.”

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Nobody ‘made’ Stone Cold, but damn sure a lot of people helped. Jim [Ross] helped more than most. He’s the reason that so many of my biggest moments had an stronger impact, as he was always the loudest fan in the building. Even when he was working backstage, I’d come to the back and ask what he thought and he never missed a damn thing. Jim’s a real good guy. A real good guy.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve, to me, is one of the last true cowboys in wrestling. You know, a man’s man who believed in what he was doing, whether it was right or wrong in everybody else’s eyes. When Steve first came in, he knew he was good, and he knew he’d have to work to prove it, but he never complained about having to do so. I respected him from day one, and I still do today. When he and I share a beer at ringside, there’s always a lump in my throat that I have to swallow before I can sip on some suds, because I know Steve respects me, and that feeling is very mutual.
- Jim Ross

It’s always weird to see these posts like “My great (x20) grandmother was a witch and the tradition has passed from generation to generation, I’m an empath that can basically read minds and all of this witchcraft is basically like breathing.”

No one in my (remembered) family (known to me) practiced/practices or took part in anything religious beyond Christianity. And even then, the generation before me is predominantly non-religious (I have, like, one Christian cousin), and most certainly non-spiritual. They’re all quite content plodding along in the mundane - this isn’t a slight on them, just what it is.

But here I am casting circles, tempting fae, drawing sigils and casting spells … And sometimes, it saddens me to read these “I’m an [x] generation witch” posts that read like they’re somehow above me. 

I’m no less valid because I’m the first (and probably last, I don’t want children) witch in my family; my magic is still fueled with energy, incantation and intent. So can we stop pretending like those of us not born to magic are somehow less, please.

(Okay to reblog!)

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I'm new to Infinite and was wondering what shows to watch to get to know them. Like have they done any reality shows before that have english subtitles?

First of all, Welcome!! 🎈🎉🎆🎇

(this was done last week but my computer restarted and nothing was saved :/)

Yes Infinite has done reality shows. There’s You Are My Oppa (predebut, with Lovelyz’ Jiae), Birth of a Family (with Apink), Sesamer Player, Ranking King, and Showtime. (there’s also This Is Infinte but I heard that it’s really scripted so wouldn’t recommend that one). They’ve been on After School Club before, as well as weekly idol a lot (they were the first guests)(there’s probably more than what’s in this link but …). Appearance at A Song For You. Okay so I don’t know how long this link will last before it’s taken down but here’s Grow, their movie which documents them on their first world tour (here’s their commentary). There’s also individual stuff like Sunggyu on Exciting India (along with Suju’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CNBlue’s Jonghyun, and EXO’s Suho), Sungjong on Super Idol Chart Show (with Suju’s Ryeowook), and other things… This is such a mess,, I’m sorry

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Sappy Prompts #21 “I’m better when I’m with you" for Durill Hawke/Fenris 💖

OK, so this one kind of took a turn? It’s not what I envisioned initially and isn’t completely on prompt, but it’s what I got. And I may redo this later, so *finger guns* Here we go

“Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you.”

Hawke couldn’t breathe. The whole conversation had him dizzy, and he felt as though he moved in a dream even as he sat, frozen. The fire burned merrily in the hearth, but he couldn’t feel it. Fenris stood, closer than at any time in the last three years, and Hawke could practically feel him humming with a nervous energy, waiting for him to speak.

“Fenris, I—” Hawke swallowed. “I understand. I—I understood.” Eventually is the unspoken tag on the end of that. He hadn’t always, not for a long time, understood.

The mug of ale crashed into the fireplace, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he’d have to send Bodahn or that new elf servant out to the markets for a replacement. For that one as well as the other three he’d hurled and broken this week. He’d chosen a bad time to add a new member to the household, he reflected, laughing somewhat hysterically; Orana was likely terrified of him now, between everything that had happened. Sandal delivered most of the meals to his door, the one person in the house least affected by Hawke’s rage.

He spent his nights stalking the city, greatsword dripping blood as he cut down band after band of thugs. Isabela discovered him leaning against the wall of the Hanged Man one night, swearing loudly as he pulled a dagger from his side. She’d tutted, helped him staunch the wound, and walked at his side to correct his staggering path down to Darktown and Anders. Neither spoke of it in the laylight, when Hawke gathered their merry band to perform thankless services for the city, but more often than not, Hawke would find her spinning and flipping her daggers in the Hightown courtyard outside his home when he left for the night.

In the heat of battle, his anger served him well. When he faced off against a dozen armed opponents, he could truly release all of the emotion welling inside him: the pain of Fenris’s absence, the sting of betrayal, the bitter rage of incomprehension. Each swing of his sword asked the questions he couldn’t give voice to: why did he leave? why hadn’t he come back? what had Hawke done? what had he not done? had Hawke misunderstood his intentions? was there anything to be done? why did he leave??

The first month, every bandit wore Fenris’s face.

The rest of the year, his own snarled back at him.

In a way, nearly dying to the Arishok was the best thing that could have happened. Not that Hawke would choose to be impaled if he had his druthers…but the period of convalescence, when his grip was still too weak to hold a sword and his anger ebbed, afforded him moments to begin to piece together some kind of understanding.

Fenris’s eyes searched Hawke’s as he stood, close enough for Hawke to touch if he just reached out. The moment stretched, each heartbeat a lifetime. Hawke held Fenris’s gaze, hoping it could say everything he seemed incapable of vocalizing.

That for the last three years he’d felt adrift, as though he’d lost his mooring.
That he was the one who deserved Fenris’s hatred, not the other way around.
That Fenris was the best of him and made him better than he could ever hope to be.
That he wished they could start over.
That he couldn’t take another day apart.

Fenris must have seen something in his eyes, some inkling of Hawke’s feelings, because his lips quirked slightly, and he stepped even closer, placing his hands to either side of Hawke, leaning down.

“If there is a future to be had, I will walk into it gladly at your side.”

Hawke couldn’t breathe. He filled his arms, his lungs, his mind with Fenris, drinking him down as a man too long marooned at sea quaffs water on his return to shore. His freeze thawed, and he cupped Fenris’s face, threaded his fingers through beloved white hair, ran his hand across the expanse of Fenris’s back. He only came up for air, gasping, trying not to panic, when Fenris pulled away. But his green eyes were soft, his face open, as Hawke looked to him. After a moment, when Hawke’s breathing evened out, Fenris tugged him gently back to meet his lips. And later, when they fell asleep in front of the fire, warm and content and together, Hawke buried his face in Fenris’s hair, smiling and happy and better.

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also, i've read your final theory. do you think Marlene will be able to deliver in the end? im nervous for what these last episodes will show us. but either way your theory is awesome

I don’t know. All I hear everyone (cast and Freeform reps) say is how satisfying and shocking the endgame is. And that’s great, I mean, even people like Torrey DeVito have been saying that. I get honest vibes from Torrey, for some reason. Anyway. No one has been saying that all our questions get answered though. All the emphasis is on the endgame being amazing - but I’m not hearing “you’ll have no more questions”. Well Marlene said “I can’t think of a single question that we don’t answer” (direct quote) but I don’t trust her. She’s a business woman and she wants her show to go out with a bang so that she can have future employment… I’m definitely nervous!! I think about it everyday, it, being my nerves. (And thank you! Glad you liked it!)

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Pt. 1: To respond to some of the talk about her being able to self produce - I definitely think she would be able to, no question. She's co-produced her last 4 albums, her knowledge is clear on Grammy Pro & she even has enough producing credits that she was admitted to that division of the Recording Academy. Also: look at old footage of Fearless/SN songs being recorded as they are put together - NC might be her co-producer but she's the one directing him as to what sorts of guitar hooks or drum

Anonymous said:Pt. 2: beats or layering of vocals she wants, etc. All that’s required is an ability to play the piano/guitar & you can record any number of different instrument sounds just by playing on those instruments what you want to hear from other ones in the song - she’s well able to do that. Plus things like her re-arrangement of Love Story for 1989 or accompanying Todrick on POYW show she can play by ear & has arrangement skills. Now, whether she WANTS to do this on her own is something to ask her!

you make excellent points. thanks. 

Episode 9, weee.

That title is… something.

Also that’s the second Raven and Paul episode, the last one was Frybo if i remember correctly.

Oh my god what



Steven you are literally covered in disgusting alien blood why the fuck are you smiling

Pearl and Amethyst are arguing more than usual, and this time it’s not even funny.

I see where Pearl is coming from, Amethyst is pretty reckless, but yelling at her won’t really help her get better.

Okay okay, let’s calm down.

Amethyst isn’t right here, it’s not bad to be vulgar and reckless at times but during missions you need to take responsibility and act properly, Amethyst. I love your recklessness but it’s not good to be always irresponsible for your actions, espically since you are a hero who is saving lives.

“what the fuck did you two get me into”


Yo let’s talk about those Ryder Kids and the family grief of ME:Andromeda’s beginnings.

I have the experience of losing a father and that’s 0/10 would not recommend. You’re wracked with guilt about the last things you’ve said to a loved one before they died. I can clearly remember seeing them die, even now, 19 years later. You also wonder how you’re going to tell your sibling what happened. My sister has closure and abandonment issues because she was sleeping when it happened.

Going into the game, I knew RyDad would die but I was struck by the potential grief of the Wonder Twins.

Ryder witnessed their father die and is struggling with that, as well as the possibility that their sibling might die as well, leaving them alone in an alien galaxy. But even if their sibling awoke, they still have to prepare them for it.

Other Ryder awakes to their father’s death, has to grapple with the fact that they last spoke to him 600 years ago. What if things had been tense? What if they replayed their last conversation over and over again, wishing they had said something else?

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what role do you think ddl is the hottest as and why?

All of them? Even Lincoln lol. Ok, hmmm… I’m gonna go with Nathaniel “Hawkeye” Poe from The Last of the Mohicans. Why? Have you seen his face?

His hair? 

His body?

His everything?

That Natty Bumppo can destroy your uterus in one look!

But none of his characters can compare to the real man himself. I love that shy cordwainer <3 


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TAGGING: anyone that wants to :P


I don’t have one of when it was at its worst though. You couldn’t even see my eyelid crease earlier in the morning. I woke up at about 3am when @terraidawnbreak was coming to bed, and thought my eye was feeling puffy so I took 50mg of benadryl but it only did so much. I was tired all day. Angioedema is pretty not fun folks. This is what I get for having a breakdown and crying last night. 

George Washington is going home

Happy birthday to America’s first president! And Christopher Jackson puts up such an amazing performance day after day, he really brought him to life for me. So this is only fitting :)

Enjoy! And thanks @makingyourmascarableed for the wonderful idea!

If you have maladaptive daydreaming and feel like it’s:
- stopping you enjoying life
- distancing you from friends and family
- warping your sense of identity
- wasting hours of time every day for months or even years
- impossible to explain or get help for
- making you miss people and places that aren’t real
- causing violent/sad/frightening daydreams (and maybe guilt)
- stopping you being productive
- causing dissociation or depression or apathy

I just want to say I think you’re a really fucking strong person.