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*Lost Too Soon* Newt x reader

◘ irlus asked:

Reader miscarries. Newt and she had been trying to have babies but she’s got her fourth miscarriage in a very short time. She is broken and beyond desperate and newt doesnt know how to make herl feel right. (And this is just the begining of the angst rampage)

❤ YOU AND YOUR ANGST. lol This one kills me with the feels.

WARNING: Obviously talks about miscarriages so read at your own risk. By no means do I wish to glorify miscarriages in any way. I know people who have had them and they are devastating. Keep in mind that this is only for creative purposes and in no way an attempt to lessen the severity and pain that happens when someone experiences a miscarriage.

You loved children. Your biggest hope was to one day become a mother and be able to watch your own children grow up and become the people they were meant to be.

You and your husband, Newt, had tried for years to have one but all seemed lost after you had endured three miscarriages. 

You were now in your fourth pregnancy and so far things were going well. Each day you and Newt held high hopes that everything would work out and you’d finally be able to start the family you had long dreamed of.

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Together - Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Request:  Could you do a Wanda X reader where the reader went on Mission and it turned South and their leg was injured and it’s not fixable so they had to amputate the leg and they get a replacement and Wanda help some walk again.

A/n: I hope this is okay, I don’t really know much about amputations and prosthetic legs so I used google for the information - no idea how much of that is actually accurate so this was an attempt.

You had been sent in a mission in Brazil to recover a stash of magical talismans, but you didn’t know it was a trap. As you and the other agents arrived at the warehouse, the dogs of war were let loose. The leader worked with mutating animals into monsters, they ravaged your leg whilst attacking the other agents, trying to rip them apart, luckily back-up was able to call evac in time for escape.

Maria sighed, obviously bored as she scrolled through data for missions before jerking to attention as your Quinjet’s distress signal was activated. “FRIDAY call Wanda, Steve and Nat to the hanger into med bay.” Maria instructed as she made her way to the elevator. “They’re on their way Miss Hill.” FRIDAY replied. Maria sighed as she hurried to the hanger where your Quinjet was landing.

One of the agents was helping you walk out of the jet as the others limped, crawled or stumbled out, all covered in your own blood. Wanda gasped as she saw you, running towards you she thanked the agent helping before taking you to the med bay using a stretcher. Steve automatically followed, assisting all the stumbling agents as Nat helped load agents into stretchers with Maria.

You were barely awake as you were pulled into surgery. The doctors frowned as they looked over your leg bleeding with black veins displayed. It was unrecoverable, they knew there was only one option but you wouldn’t like it. 

A nurse approached Wanda to explain the situation. “Their leg is unrecoverable, it has been badly ravaged and poisoned by the creatures that we cannot identify at this moment in time. Our only option is to amputate the leg.” The nurse explained. Wanda froze in shock, she knew what this would do to you but there was no other option. 

After the operation to amputate your leg through your thigh, you woke up, listening to the beeping of the heart monitor. As you sat up, the blankets on you moved, causing you to notice the bandages. “What the hell? You gotta be kidding me!” You cried, throwing the blanket off and looking at the stump where your leg was. 

Wanda burst into the room, dropping the pumpkin spice latte Natasha had forced her to get onto the floor in shock that you were awake. The first thing she saw was the broken look on your face. She quickly dived towards you to enshroud you in a hug, slipping on the latte, she landed on the floor next to your bed. (A/n: She could have used her powers to catch it if she wasn’t so off guard.)

“W-what am I supposed to do love, I’m useless… I can’t even walk now…” You stuttered, tears falling down your face like waterfalls or like the constant rain in England. (A/n: I’m not joking either.) Wanda frowned as she held you in her arms. “Vhen it heals, ve vill get you a prosthetic leg so you can valk, draga mea, you are not useless, te iubesc Y/n…” Wanda whispered, rocking you as you whimpered and cried. 

Two months later, you were cleared by the doctors to began practicing with a prosthetic leg, Tony had decided along with Bruce to design it for you. You had no choice in the matter. It was fitted to your leg by Bruce before he left, knowing this would be emotional and very personal. You were shaking as you attempted to stand up, falling back onto your bed. Wanda sighed as she watched, putting her arms out to help you. You wanted to glare but you couldn’t, you needed to walk again, you wanted to walk again. 

Pushing up from the bed, you whimpered as you lost balance, clinging to Wanda. “God I feel like a child.” You growled, gently loosing your grip as you attempted to step forwards. You whimpered in pain and frustration as you fell onto Wanda again.

“Don’t worry dragă, we will do this together.” Wanda cooed gently to you, wiping a stray tear from your cheek. You nodded in response. “Together.” You agreed, attempting to grin.

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Not to Fix, But to Carry

Not to Fix, But to Carry
W.E. Leigh

So I had
Kind of an –
Realization – last week
I got this job
Where I have to get up every day at SIX THIRTY
And I have to stay there eight and a half hours a day, five days a week
And, I mean
I’m grateful to have that job
It’s just
I guess I keep remembering how it used to be, y’know?
Having an entire day to myself
And then getting mad at myself
Because – I did nothing
Nothing with all that time…
I guess I can’t say that
I was developing into the person I am now
I suppose – really – all I am is scared of this new reality I’m facing
That I have to face
Because I’m only getting older
And my free time will only be getting smaller and smaller
So I can’t keep trying to squeeze all these hours out of it, like I used to do
All this is
Is reality
Not just mine
But… Practically everybody’s
My body will be much more tired
My mind – usually seared
But – it’s either that
Or… I’m dead
Dead before I even enter the ground
Weren’t these muscles meant to be strained? These neurons – to fry?
What can I do – other than push myself onward?
There is nothing else for me
As I get older
Time only gets much scarcer
And much more important to keep ahold of
And all the people I used to look up to
Seem bleaker by contrast
I mean they’re fine
Sometimes – even – they’re happy
But I know so many people who have this latent talent
And they just stick themselves in a loop, where they’re doing nothing – but wrestling
Wrestling with others
With themselves
And then – there goes a year
And then another – then another – then… Another
Just… Enough already
When I think of all the opportunities I passed up
And everything I went through just to place myself in the middle of nowhere
This nowhere
The exact one I want to be in
I can’t just play in the sand – not after all that
So, if my eyes start to burn – if my limbs begin to ache
I need to remember – this hard start – is the easiest part of any of this
What did I think?
The world would just instantly praise me – for my courageousness?
There are no… Grants for this sort of thing
I am my own grant
These hands – are my donations
And this mind – the only chance that I will ever get


Summary: Corinne’s dealing with Sebastian being away and she gets quite the surprise.

A/N: Stay tuned tomorrow for a delicious sequel! 

With Sebastian being gone, filming and doing whatever he does, I had to keep myself distracted. So, when I’d woken up this morning, I went for a run. I slipped my tennis shoes on and grabbed the dogs, taking them to park to run with me.

As I ran, my mind cleared from the thoughts of missing my husband and I was able to wave to the regulars in the park. Suddenly, I noticed a man who seemed out of place on a hot day like this. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and blue reflective sunglasses. Kind of like Sebastian’s. I thought to myself. It felt as though his eyes focused on me and I felt a chill run down my spine, uneasy at not being able to see his face behind the beard.

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"Wait, don't go" -- Fic Prompt Submissions

JANUARY 2014 FIC PROMPT: Veronica says, “Wait, don’t go.”
Logan stops moving towards the door, turns around, and then, DOT DOT DOT.

Yes, we know this was due yesterday. You can blame parkerlees who chose to marathon the first season of Veronica Mars with her IRL friends this weekend instead of writing the notes for nevertothethird’s submission like she was supposed to. (Mea culpa.)

Thanks to all of those who submitted fics to our first monthly fic prompt challenge! Here are all the submissions. Remember, dear readers, feedback and reviews are deep deep love for our fic authors. Even if it’s just a four word comment, let them know what you thought. And, enjoy more fic!

All Along it Was a Fever
Author: ghostcat3000
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Setting: Future (movie)
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,586
Status: Complete
Summary: Veronica says, “Wait, don’t go.” She didn’t even hear herself ask, it was so quiet, easy to miss, but he did. He heard her. 
Notes: Like all of ghostcat’s work, this is lyrical in its prose, and one of the strongest Veronica voices in the fandom. This fic lives insides Veronica’s head (no actual dialogue) and it’s a beautiful place – filled with complicated emotions, deep longing for Neptune and those who live there, and the ever present need to solve the case. Solve the case, the world is better.

Wait, Don’t Go
Author: VictoriaSinclair
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Setting: Future (movie)
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”, also discusses the spoiler pic that was circulating earlier in the month.
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,403
Status: Complete
Summary: What happens after that scene in the trailer when Veronica says “Wait, Don’t Go”? Well, she has some news for Logan …
Notes: Oh man, this fic makes me giddy. It’s sweet, and sexy, and almost a celebration of everything V&L have had to overcome in their relationship to be together.
hollye83’s Notes: I love the dialogue, and the character stuff, but mostly the making out. Yep, I’m shallow like that.

Just the Same as the Last Time
Author: petpluto
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship
Setting: Future (movie)
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,759
Status: Complete
Summary: Logan goes to leave, but Veronica has some things to say first. And some Big Lebowski to watch.
Notes: petpluto is adeptly skilled at writing nuance in her Veronica/Logan relationship. There is just as much communicated in the spaces and silences as there is in the dialogue. Perfect explanation of why V had to leave and why she’s back and why that’s okay. Traces of the Veronica and Logan we knew on the series remain, but they’re grown up, and that’s good for everyone involved.

Wait, Don’t Go
Author: elschaaf
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, with a hint o’ angst
Setting: Future (movie)
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 939
Status: Complete
Summary: Veronica and Logan spend the evening talking, but when he makes a simple request she doesn’t seem to be able to fulfill, he tries to leave.
Notes: Less than 1,000 words but really packs a punch in terms of how much ground L&V cover. Interesting Veronica POV and exposition but it never feels heavy handed. Few things are actually said between L&V because of the deep sense that they know the other person better than almost anyone else does.

Another Second Last Chance
Author: nevertothethird
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Setting: Future (movie)
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,063
Status: Complete
Summary: Her dad thinks she’s destined for greatness, but there have been plenty of great women and men who weren’t all that good. This man standing in front of her, who is strangely enough wearing a corresponding shade of blue to hers, sees her. He doesn’t see someone unobtainable or destined to be great. He sees Veronica Mars.
Notes: This fic evokes the oft quoted, “nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense and the past perfect” (Owens Lee Pomeroy, no relation to Shelly). Centred on a tense dinner juxtaposed with flashbacks to happier times, nevertothethird skillfully explores the new friendship that is slowly developing between Logan and Veronica, who time has taught to no longer jump in head first. As always, the characterizations are superb, allowing us a sincere look into Veronica’s head as she weighs her own choice to return home against the greatness that is now expected of her. (This has been a note by parkerlees because Suzanne is not that conceited. You’re welcome for not squeeing all over this.)


I was always so worried
About sharing myself
The real me
Worried that people
Would think I was fake
A fraud
A failure
A mess
Until I realized
That I am none of those things
Because what I imagined perfection to be
Doesn’t exist
There’s no such thing
As a perfect person
There’s no mould
Or formula
To create
The “Right” kind of person
Were are all people
Messed up
A bit mad
That we’re alright
That we’re enough
That we’re what we’re supposed to be
And guess what?
We are.
Because there is no such thing
As the right type of person.
That doesn’t exist.
We are all flawed creations
Beautiful in our lost wandering
Walking paths
Trying to reach something unattainable
That we can’t even verbalize
Or visualize.
I am ok
As me
As who I am
Because there is no blueprint
For what a human being
Is supposed to be
We’re Picasso’s paintings
Not robots
We are art
Not machinery
Breathe in the joy of your existence
Let the romantic heartbeats of life
Consume you
Let life live inside of your soul
Paint the Earth
With the colors
Of your masterpiece.

Original Work: KH 10/23/14