what is that dreamy expression omg

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Do you have any tips you could give for amateur models? I've only modeled once and it was a DISASTER. I was SO stiff and the only facial expression I could pull off was this sort of wistful dreamy look?? But my like body was doing its own thing and I was so awkward. It was so embarrassing omg.

DUDE THAT IS LIKE exactly what my first shoot was like to i was AWFUL at first. honestly my best advice is to practice poses and expressions in the mirror and then after than take like, practice selfies i guess to learn your “angles.” There are lots of small things like that,

Always be conscious of how your body relates to the rest of itself, find your light, keep your neck as long as you can (no double chins i actually have to work on this myself). Every time you hear the camera click CHANGE a little. get in a rhythm of moving slightly for each different frame. Things like facial expression are all dependent on mood, photoshoot, preference and practice