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月夜烏 〜壱・烏羽〜 (Tsukiyo Garasu Vol.1 • Ubatama)

Gold has announced yet another series that exclusively features one seiyuu across 3 volumes! ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The setting is the first year of the Bunkyū era.

In this time, a skilled swordsman known as the 八咫烏 (Yatagarasu) was feared by many.

It is said that this swordsman had lost something important, and had also lost sight of what he should have been protecting—relegating himself to a fate spent left behind in an era of fervent change. 

And so, this is the story of the man and the various individuals he encountered during his quest to retrieve what he once lost…

The character in question is 東雲環 (Shinonome Tamaki), a tall and powerful swordsman who spends his life traveling constantly, without any specific place to call home. Tamaki is quiet, brusque, and hard to read emotionally. He carries a long sword with him, befitting his reputation. 

When his sword is drawn, his legs and the position of his blade have earned him the feared title of “Yatagarasu,” or three-legged crow. 

“Gods don’t exist in this world—they are only the fanciful creations that came forth from the weakness of human hearts.”

In the first volume, Tamaki ends up saving a woman during an encounter with bandits. While he complains that she’s a nuisance, he is concerned for her safety due to recent dangerous incidents…

CV: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: January 24th, 2017.

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[image description: Shirtless Tony Stark in their lab working on Iron Man armor. They are riddled in scars, most notably top surgery scars.]

November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, so I’m recognizing the day with a week of Team Iron, transgender headcanons, starting with Tony in the colors of the nonbinary flag.

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"yOu'Re A lEsBiAn AnD hAvE tHe LeSbIaN fLaG aS yOuR pRoFiLe PiCtUrE wHaT kInD oF lEsBoPhObIc" It's literally in the description lmao. Some people need to learn common sense.

throw back to when this blog was like a week old and a male exclusionist tried to bully me out of using the lesbian flag as my icon even though he knew I was a lesbian

Mystic Messenger: Date Headcanons

I’m bored as hell, so feel free to request any kind of scenarios or headcanons in my ask box. The list of what fandoms I can do is in the blog description.


-Him being him, he’d rather just stay at home with you playing multiplayer video games like Mario Kart. He would make an effort to please you though by taking you out.

-He’d plan dates at rather basic locations, like parks and cinemas. He’d insist on paying all the time, though.

-He would really like to take you ice skating, but he wouldn’t have enough money. Eventually, his parents give him some, which he immediately spends on taking you to the nearest ice rink.


-Would be pretty romantic and creative with his dates, as he has learnt a lot from all the musicals he has been in.

-He would first take you to see him act in one of his musicals and then arrange for you two to eat dinner in a rose garden. Throughout the date, Zen would act like a proper gentleman in an attempt to impress you.

-He always gives you a bunch of roses for every date the pair of you go on.


-Because of her job, she can rarely go out with you a lot. She always has to plan weeks ahead to make room for some time with you.

-When she can, however, expect a lot of cafe dates. Jaehee likes to go with you to a lot of different coffee shops to go and find her favourite.

-If you persuaded her enough, she may go shopping with you for clothes, accessories and general girly stuff.

-Bless this child.


-Okay, he’d go above and beyond to please you when it comes to dates.

-He’d take you out to fancy restaurants a lot. And by fancy, I mean food so expensive that it’s worth the phone I am currently writing this on.

-Every time you go on a date, he’d like to buy you something, whether it be jewellery or a new dress.

-Jumin also wouldn’t mind staying in the apartment and getting a chef to cook for you two.


-With Seven, he’d want to do something fun. Possible dates include going to the arcade, ice skating or bungee jumping (yeah, that escalated pretty quickly).

-On the flip side, if he was feeling more sentimental, he would want to go for a more romantic date, like eating at a restaurant.

-Sometimes, you two go to cat shelters to look at cats that you would want to adopt.

Hi, I’m Rabbit.

Please consider helping me through this holiday season by commissioning art from me.

I’m offering single characters in the style pictured above for 10 USD. I’ll add one extra character for another 5 USD. (Note: I’m taking payment ONLY through Amazon due to personal circumstance.)

Even if you’re not interested, please consider helping by reblogging. I’m so grateful for any and all help.

Feel free to ask questions. General info can be found below. 

Thank you very much. 🐇

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Hey folks! So I mentioned a few days ago that I finally bought photoshop, and to celebrate, I’m doing icons again! 

want one?

  • reblog this post! (even if you don’t want one, if you could reblog this post to spread the word I’ll love you forever!)
  • send me an ask with a detailed description of what you want (bonus points if you include a screenshot for me to work with!)
  • check out my icon page which has a bunch of awesome icons of game of thrones ladies!
  • as always, please credit me if you’re using them!
  • I’ll only be making icons on weekends but feel free to send requests during the week! Just be aware that it won’t get done till the weekend. 

I’ll make icons for the following fandoms (but I could be bribed coerced into doing them for other fandoms)

  • harry potter
  • game of thrones
  • the bold type
  • voltron
  • yuri on ice
  • bts

icon dump below the cut!

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You asked to send you what we had questions about. Well, in your post about descriptions, you basically made the point that a description is there for more than decorative purposes. It can be a window into a character's state of mind or point of view. Can you talk about how else descriptions can influence or help with characterization? That was so massively interesting.

Thanks for writing! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. Several people had similar questions, so I wrote this post offering more description tips: How to Use Description to Show Character Development Hope it helps!

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Nightmare m!a

((gonna do this one quick while I prepare for the next one :3333 ))

“Nightmare? I don’t like the sound of-”


“… Nothing happened.. What was the description of this one again? Plague by images of bad things, what kind of bad things? Maybe Mom’ll–”

Immediately at the thought of Jen, Jasper’s head was filled with horrible images. Some new, some he was famillar with. One being way back when, when she had been stabbed by anons and had nearly bled to death. Others he’d never seen before. Images of gore-y images, broken bones, empty pill bottles that weren’t supposed to be empty. It caused Jasper to scream out a sob, and nearly made him vomit. He closed his eyes but they were still there. When they finally stopped he realized he was curled up on the floor, still sobbing. Note to self, don’t think about people.

(M!A: Can’t Run Can’t Hide - 1/10 - Begin!)

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4, 15, 31, and 43 for the asks? Hope you have a good day!!

4. what are you looking forward to?

this one was already answered!!

15. personality description

local baby is very anxious about everything and never talks unless its on discord

31. 3 random facts

1. i eat whole one (1) whole can of ravioli (800g ://) once in a while when i feel like ive lost control over my life

2. i tend to take off one of my socks subconciously all the time and end up walking around the house with only one sock

3. ive cried at least 3 or 4 times bc i was overwhelmed by my love for my friends in the last few months lmao

43. favourite song ever

i dont really have one tbh,,

send me an ask!!


Star Trek + Social Commentary (context in the captions)

All @llyn-on-ice and I have been talking about the past few days is an Otayuri Star Wars AU because it was where we were bound to wind up eventually. So, I had to draw them to give her strength for all her work she has to do, and to selfishly try to bribe her to write me more of them because i am w e a  k

(Otabek is a resistance pilot and Yuri is a space prince)

EDIT: My babe posted her little drabble HERE if you want to read how this all starts <3


CRAIG: Hey guys I stole Clyde’s blog for a second because he thought it’d be smart to give all of us the log in info yesterday night.

CRAIG: Sucks to be him ‘cause haha look at this snapchat I took.

CRAIG: There’s no way he can get rid of this video now. What’s on the internet stays on the internet.

CRAIG: I mostly took it for the ducks at the end though. They’re pretty cute ducks.

CRAIG: Anyways Clyde’s still mildly inconvenient as always, bye.

Lance moving on from Blue to pilot Red is blatant foreshadowing for Lance’s love-interest trajectory, and heres why:

So I don’t know if anyone’s touched on this before, but it has always seemed obvious to me and I’ve never seen any metas on it so I thought I’d lay down dome FACTS. 

In my opinion, the Blue Lion is representing Allura and the Red Lion is Keith, respectively. 

In Season 3 Episode 2, Blue starts rejecting Lance. The canonly-female lion won’t open up for Lance, and is not responding to any of Lance’s pleas. 

He then begins to try various tactics, saying him taking an interest the Black Lion (canonly male lion, Keith’s current lion) was just a phase

This may just be a cute joke, but in my opinion it has a lot of internalized-biphobia connotation. Bisexual people are constantly told/may even believe that their sexuality is just an “experiment” or “just a phase”, that doesn’t mean anything. I truly think this has significance for Lance and his sexuality, and this joke was put in for a reason.  Bi Lance foreshadowing, anyone? 

Then, Lance starts flirting with the lion, trying his best pick up lines to get Blue to open up. But none of these work. 

Hm. What does that remind you of? 

Lance constantly flirts with Allura, trying everything he can to get her to notice him and reciprocate feelings. But she doesn’t respond, and it has never worked on her. In this sense, she is the Blue Lion. And in a few minutes after Lance gives up trying, Allura walks in and literally becomes the paladin of Blue. This scene has always seemed very platonic to me, but that’s another meta. The point is, Allura is now the pilot of the Blue Lion, which only further draws the parallels between Allura and Blue. Lance resigns in his position and platonically hands over his job to Allura. 

Personally, this whole scene seems like a foreshadowing for Lance giving up on Allura and moving on. This is something he should have done a long time ago, because Allura never reciprocated his feelings, but Lance is persistent. Even so, I think eventually Lance will resign because Allura just isn’t responding to him, like Blue.

We see the Red Lion call out to Lance. Allura sees it as the canonly male lion calling to Lance. Lance’s immediate reaction is to think that Keith trained his lion to bite his head off. But Allura assures him otherwise, and helps him accept that this is his role now. 

In a way, I think the whole “Maybe its roaring for you” is a jab at Ka//ura, where many fans wrongly think it will be canon because of the 80s version. But that’s just a further stretch. 

Anyway, this may parallel a conversation or an event in the future. Lance inherently thinks that Keith doesn’t like him, based on their rivalry and general relationship up to this point, despite the bonding moment and Lance communicating with Keith in this season. Could this be holding Lance back from realizing his crush on Keith? I think so, yes. He’s only extending their rivalry further, using it as an excuse for why he shouldn’t have feelings for Keith, because they are enemies and Keith hates him and would never like him back. But is this true? No, we all know that Keith is fond of Lance and they do have a connection. 

I could see a scene in the future where Lance goes to Allura with his feelings for Keith, and she reassures him that Keith doesn’t hate him and this is part of who he is now, just like with the Red Lion. It may be a reach but it’s plausible.
What’s even more plausible, however, is how Lance assuming Keith’s previous position in Red is foreshadowing his crush on Keith and their eventual relationship. Lance gave up on Blue and was pulled in an entirely different direction, not what he wanted (Blue) but to what he needed (Red). And what does this already parallel? Lauren’s description of Lance’s future love interest: someone he needed not someone he wants, ending up in a different place than where he started. 

Lance even looks back at Blue, what he’s used to wanting and is comfortable with (Allura, women) before moving on to something that is different and more of a risk, but he needs right now (Keith, men). It’s a reach, I know. But it’s quite cinematic if you think about it. 

I could go on and on about this, but I think you get the jist. 

TL;DR Klance is cannon king.