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Do you ever find that when you look at fanart of the raven boys Adam and Gansey could switch places? There are a bunch of times when I see fanart and even though the 'Adam' is holding Ronan's hand I'll think, "that looks more like Gansey tbh." Sometimes I'll find art with all of them and I can't tell which ones Adam and which ones Gansey. Cause they are both described as tan. But I think Gansey is supposed to be more stocky, not muscular really, but a war hero type, and Adam's more angular.

Yep I’ve deffo experienced this

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What are spoons

The Spoons Theory is a way people with disabilities and Chronic illnesses gauge how much energy they have within a day and what activities they can do. 

Very short description: You start your day with 12 spoons. Thats how many units of energy a person with an illness or disability have from the moment they wake up to the moment they rest. 

Brushing your Teeth and Taking a Shower might be 2 spoons for you. 

Making a doctor’s appointment might only be 1. Grocery shopping could be 8. 

The amount of spoons you use during an activity might depend on your illness or even the kind of day your having. Had a panick attack the night before? you may only have 8 spoons for that day instead of your usual 12. 

Had an awesome night with your partner? You may have 18 spoons! 

Hope this explanation helps. Christine Miserandino started the Spoons Theory and  You can read the story here.

Calling a tv show [creator name]’s Wild Ride is always funny to me. Idk why… I guess it just makes me think of the show as like a weird dark carnival ride in a back corner of the fair ground.

Ex: Alex Hirsch’s Wild Ride is in a Dark Corner by the stands that sell elephant ears and fried cheetos and also crystals, it starts cuddly cute (but with sparking animatronics for sure) then dives down and there’s a lot of neon symbols in the dark and wax figures that light up for like A Second and then Cackle and shake (so a lot like the universal mummy ride is what I’m saying. A lot like that.)

Reblog and add a description of [x]’s wild ride if you like…

On Thursday, March 23rd Dylann Roof’s defense team filed a sealed document with an attached picture of an envelope. There was also a telephone conference between Judge Gergel, Prosecution, and his defense team on Tuesday regarding Dylann. 

I cant see the document because its sealed but this is what the description says: 

Sealed Document in re document 883 Order (Attachments: Envelope)

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Whats a description of the perfect girl for you?

someone who looks at life with optimism and doesn’t like to stress too much because they know everything will workout the way it’s meant to, a girl that wants to go out and explore and wants to gain as many experiences and life perspectives as possible. i’m just tryna grow with someone

Introduction 3: Loading Complete

The darkness of the tunnel is occasionally interrupted by a fluorescent light shooting past the window. As you swiftly traverse toward what you can only imagine is a marvel of engineering, if the written description was anything to go by, the lights serve as an indication of how long this tunnel is, and how quickly you’re moving through it.

Minutes go by, and then what feels like an hour.

Just as your eyes begin to adjust to the near-darkness, your senses suddenly become flooded with bright, unavoidable lights. The train sails through the other end of the tunnel, and through the windows you can see dozens of gigantic, complex buildings, all adorned with countless neon lights. Looking up, the surrogate sky within the dome appears to be set to nighttime by default, as a black backdrop gives the illusion of space. The wonder of this city and its impressive appearance lay in the knowledge that it was envisioned and carried out by high school students, no more than a few years ahead of yourself.

The train began to slow as it circled the outskirts of the city and drew nearer to its stopping point. Though many of the neon signs that marked the buildings were obscured or simply passed by too quickly to be read, a few of them could still be read as the train lurched past. “Casino,” “Admin,” “Mall,” “Hotel,” perhaps some names were still up for debate with the 81st class. Other buildings, such as “Akedo City Jewels,” “Blackbird Boutique,” and “1-up Cafe” zoomed in and out of view and left you to wonder just how many places there would be to explore during the week. By the looks of things, there was enough to keep you and the rest of the class busy. 

You, and the rest of your new classmates, filed off of the transit once it reached its stopping point: a small plaza near the rails,with a welcoming set of benches and an arch erected over the street that led out that read in bright neon lettering: ‘Akedo City’. Based on the excited tone of the introduction letter, most students would have expected some sort of exuberant welcome party complete with balloons, food, confetti, and a group of cheering Seniors. What they were met with, however, was a silent, empty city. The only sounds to be heard were the buzzing and humming of the surrounding neon lights and the distant chimes of various arcade games. 

Hauntingly empty, and beautiful at the same time.

With the moment of respite, taking in the wonders surrounding you seemed like something that could be savored so very shortly. And to think, this entire city is reinforced underground…


The sudden shrill siren takes you off guard after minutes of interruption, with a number of your fellow classmates jumping at the sound. A real showstopping prank, probably by the seniors, you think to yourself. Shortly afterwards, an automated voice echoes through the hollow reverb of the darkness…

The sounds bouncing off metal made your clear on your surroundings. What otherwise would be coined as illuminating metal spires disappearing into the twinkling night sky with that seemingly endless dome overhead. Squinting, you can just barely make out the pixels of the stars meeting the shortest spires of your walled enclosure. 

‘Arrival of guests at drop-off Plaza. Failure to continue manual introductions in timely manner. Else if condition met; initializing greeter Monomi.’

Before you could grasp the strange automated lines of command, a bright flash on the sky-dome projection stops you mid-thought.

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Hi, I recently found some necklace with a plate on it in my jewlery box, I am a bit confused with the symbols on it: two 'waves' both identical and have three tops (they kind of look like mountains too) they are above eachother, it also has two dots on it which are slant next to eachother. it also has a 'heart' shape cut out with a diamond where the two arches meet. Do you know what it possibly could be?

I can’t think of anything from the description, maybe you could post a photo and tag me?

She descended the ramp and walked over to Leia. Leia held Rey’s face in her hands, then embraced her, sharing the girl’s tears.

TFA #6

  • Kaz: Hmmm, let's see... what's your bloodthirstiness on a scale of 1 to 5? 1 being "No thanks, I'm full," and 5 being "Unquenchable"?
  • Wylan: If I'm being honest... probably a 3?
  • Kaz: We can work on that.

well, here’s ten minutes of aaron tveit’s top most embarrassing, dweeby, awkward, nerdy moments