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Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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scooby doo ep where a background object clearly shaded differently from the rest, yet left ignored and untouched, instead an object indistinguishable from the rest of the background being used. a chase where the gang come out of the same doors they came in. daphne falls into a trap mid-episode, and nobody acknowledges it, talking as if she's still there. pulling the mask off the bad guy, and there's nothing underneath. vhs glitches near-constantly, even beyond the tv, on the edges of your vision

Carl the Animator: “That… ok, that’s freaky.”

Ted the Animator:’Was I sleeping, while the others suffered? Am I sleeping now? Tomorrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of today?’

Carl the Animator: “…huh?”

Ted the Animator: ‘That with Carl my friend, at this place, until the fall of night, I waited for Scooby-Doo errors?’

Carl the Animator: “…I don’t….”

Ted the Animator: ‘That fans passed, with their messages, and that they spoke to us? Probably. But in all that, what truth will there be?’

Carl the Animator: “What are you even– what’s going on?”

Ted the Animator: ‘He’ll know nothing. He’ll tell me of the weird faces he drew, and I’ll give him a carrot.’

Carl the Animator: “Ted, you’re freaking me out.”

Ted the Animator: ‘Astride of a grave, and a difficult birth. Down in the hole, lingeringly, the gravedigger puts on the forceps. We have time to grow old. The air is full of our cries… but habit is a great d–’

Carl the Animator: “TED!”

Ted the Animator: “What?! Relax, I’m doing Waiting for Godot, that message reminded me of it.”

Carl the Animator: “I don’t know what that is, but it’s weirdin’ me out, so stop.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s a Beckett play, and that was all a rather clever paraphrasing of Vladimir’s monologue, if you ask me.”

Carl the Animator: “I didn’t ask you. I did, however, ask you to stop, if that’s any consolation.”

Ted the Animator: “Come on, everyone likes a good post-war existential tragicomedy now and then.”

Carl the Animator: ”…this is why we don’t let you do PR for the show, Ted.”

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I just wanna know, what's some background you can leak to us about Yuuri being in the police? What's his rank? Is he a special forces cop? Does he secretly work on cases like mass murderers and serial killers? Is that where his confidence comes from, catching the worst of them?

hate to disappoint, but, Yuri isn’t nearly that cool XD
He’s probably a senior police officer at most???
he isn’t assigned to anything special, his main duties just include patrolling the area and solving whatever disputes crop up :O
As it so happens though, the area he’s in has recently become quite dangerous as two mafia groups fight for dominance over the territory!
But, it’s not like Yuri isn’t used to dealing with such things, it’s not like this is the first time he’s fended off some madman with a knife o3o
He’s still pretty optimistic about people and wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt!
Yuri has a very strong bond with the community and genuinely cares about everyone under his protection o3o
So, no, he honestly hasn’t tangled with a lot of rough and tumble people, but, he trains hard, and knows he needs to try his best!
I think, like canon Yuri, he loses faith in himself pretty easily, but, he’s been in this line of business long enough to know he can’t let the doubt affect his actions!


Or: the story behind the third most famous image of the Katsuki-Nikiforov family 

It speaks for itself that Viktor is one of those people who always happens to look at least somewhat good in photographs. It’s a true rarity that he’s actually not presentable, especially in public. 

In this instance, though, Viktor looks more than just decent. He’d been feeling a little cooped up so decided the best idea to combat this is to overdress and go to get some coffee. So, the whole family goes on a little outing to Starbucks. 

To Viktor’s credit, he didn’t actually notice Yuuri wasn’t right behind him. He was carrying Odette (around six months old) at the time, his Starbucks cup in the other hand, probably looking flawless in Armani jeans and Gucci sunglasses. This, at least, was what the photographer in question had been trying to get a photo of. 

What made the photo famous, however, is what’s going on in the background. Unfortunately for Yuuri, the camera was good enough that when zooming in on the photo, you can make out every detail. First and foremost, Yuuri kind of looks like a mess. He’s wearing sweats, for one, which have child (and recent coffee) related stains all over them. He has bags under his eyes because Misha just so happens to be in his nightmare phase and for some reason decided that waking Yuuri up was the least embarrassing option. His hair is dishevelled after wrestling with Mirai to get her coat on because although it may be summer technically, St Petersburg is still freezing. 

The funniest thing about it, though, is the look of horror in Yuuri’s eyes as his arms are pulled a mix of directions by both children. His mouth is agape, suggesting he was shouting at someone. Meanwhile, Viktor smiles and winks in the direction of the camera, oblivious. 

Suffice to say, it becomes a reaction meme sensation, even for those who have never seen figure skating in their lives. 

what i’m saying is len has a background very much rooted into him being abused. it’s undeniably a large part of his character in this universe, and has never been a discrete storyline. len’s character is in overcoming that and being better than that. they had the audacity to trample all over it. the fact that they did this to a queer-coded man of color, specifically a black man, is shameful. making len follow patterns of abusive behavior is really really low and outright disrespectful, i don’t know or really care what the intention is there, that’s what it is. especially when we know it’s possible not to write it like that. i really don’t know how this got passed around to multiple people and they all decided that was okay.

if I was an actor, one of my goals would be to get a miniscule role in a Star Wars movie as a background character.

Because like regardless of what you play or the significance of that character, eventually there’s going to be a book or comic or short story explaining your character’s background story, species, and how your insignificant BG character somehow contributed to the rebellion/empire and will be immortalized forever.

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Do you think we're ever going to get a more complete background on what Ben Solo was doing for the first 23 years of his life?

We’re going to get it piecemeal. The Last Jedi will feature the big revelations re. Ben Solo (i.e. how he came to fall to the dark side), and we’ll then gets lots of other stories about his life in the form of books, comics and (potentially) an animated TV series. The Star Wars business model is to dole things out bit by bit to sustain interest and keep people coming back for more. I can’t wait for it to kick into action re. Ben/Kylo, as I can’t wait to get more stories about him and develop a more nuanced understanding of his background.


i couldn’t choose one so i chose both naturally aka story of my frickin’ life

anyway hi i’m lauren you may know me as being blackbear’s number one fan but i’ve traded up and now refer to myself as harry style’s biggest fan and hype man. i spend about 85% of my time looking at pictures of dogs (maybe crying over them you never know) and the other 15% actively debating with myself on whether or not i need another dog (peep my pup in the background hiding) idk what else to put here i’m just tryin to not get yelled at by someone for not posting an intro i’m bad at this but i still luv u all

catch me on gh @ wydlauren bc i actively have to ask myself wyd


^ This is the original screencap.

^ The screencap is cropped to 540 x 275 px.

^ Here’s the first adjustment layer out of three: ‘curves’

^ This is the hideous phase because he looks like an overcooked banana.

^ Correction, THIS looks like an overcooked banana.

^ Whereas, THIS one looks like an unripe banana.

Here’s a few more examples of how ‘curves’ work.

I don’t have the exact values here so it’s mostly hit and miss.

I have two things in mind when I mess with ‘curves’, bringing out the shadows and the cheek blush. Also, notice how the colours seem to focus on Adrien rather than blend with the background?


But what if I don’t want to use curves and just straight to ‘selective colouring’?

You can still get a beautiful colouring, but the colours will pop out even more if you use curves to define the colours. See how it looks as if the sun bestows its sunshine to Adrien? He’s glowing!

I mean, yes, ‘curves’ does make Adrien looks like he has a serious case of banana overconsumption, but ‘selective colouring’ makes up for it.

Next part is on ‘selective colouring’ and why my eyes hurt a lot in this phase.

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I think Mikami and Takada are really interesting characters with "wasted potential" and with no fleshed out background. With that i mean that would be interesting to know more of them on panel. If you had to add two chapters on the manga, each one focused on them separetaly, what would you write and add to humanize (or not) the characters? What do you imagine their background and life is like? Thank you.

I’m headtilting at this ask a little, because it sounds like you’re saying Mikami didn’t have a background chapter. So.. just to make sure, you didn’t skip chapter 84, right? Because that’s exactly that, haha. I can’t actually think of any Death Note character with more background info and fleshed out reasons for their personality. Mikami is the only one who’s past is explicitely shwon.

So yeah, I don’t feel Mikami’s backstory or daily life descriptions are lacking at all (given Gevanni so helpfully tracks his habits for us) and his backstory gives him such a thorough emotional foundation that I have a hard time seeing him as not humanized already.
What I would have liked added for him though are actual snippets of his daily interactions. We know what he does, but we don’t hear him speak while doing it. There is no mundane dialogue that he ever has on screen. I’d have given a lot to just have a few panels of him speaking to colleagues at work or a suspect in detention. Like… I don’t feel like it’s hard to imagine what he’s like when he talks to people normally (polite but blunt and to the point, dry, distanced), but it does bug me that there is no canon source for this except exactly one line.

With Takada, yeah, I also wish she would have gotten some more canonical info. Though again, I don’t specifically feel like she has to be “humanized” because there is nothing about her that makes me view her as… not humanized. But her character would have profited from additional scenes.

One thing I’d have liked would be clearer flashbacks about her relation to Light after the end of confinement. Light mentions them having had numerous talks about morality in college and there is…. frankly not enough space for this in the one month they were in college  before Light vanished and started seeing Misa (especially as they were only dating for literally two days of that time frame). So the logical inference is that they made up and stayed friends…. which happens entirely off screen and is not picked up on by fans. Including myself. I didn’t realize until I was told a year ago. A lot of the common complaints about Takada include the supposed unrealistic nature of her love for Light and just making this clearer would… ease that perception issue.

But really, what I’d  have liked most to see with Takada would just be any scenes not focused on Light. I’d have liked to hear about her career. Maybe a way to integrate this into the plot would have been to show her reacting to / reflecting on becoming Kira’s spokesperson before she meets Light again. 
Generally, Takada is such an assertive and focused woman (always the one to approach people, high profile career, doesn’t shy down from telling Kira her own opinion after being prompted by Light, etc) that I think it would be wonderful to get more elaboration on how seriously she takes her position and thoughts. These aspects are already part of her character, but due to the lack of focus they go… kind of unnoticed?

I don’t really feel like Takada is in need of a backstory specifically - the vast majority of characters in DN is well-formed without one. I assume her life was pretty “normal” all things considered and thus can easily be left untold and up to imagination (same as most characters). But man, her current life should have gotten some more attention. It wouldn’t even need to be a chapter, in my opinion, just a few more scenes would help.

But yeah tl;dr: “what we already have, but more of it in different focus” is basically my answer here. I love these stupid kids adults.