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What’s in my college bag post! 🎓 🎒
*The first image is of my burgundy velvet back pack and carry case for my sketchbook. 📙
*The second shows my notebook, pencil case, planner and glasses. 👓
*The third is a overview of everything in my backpack. 🎒
*The fourth shows my medication pouch, gum, viennese candy mints, a face powder, brush, concealer, ‘Bene balm’ and a 'scrunchie’ hair tie. 🎀
*The fifth and final shows a bottle of raspberry lucozade sport, my Ted Baker purse, antibacterial wipes, my wheelchair gloves, memory stick and two bottles of my Nutrica fortisip formula. 🍶

Chemicals, Fire and Fabric!!!

Wish me luck!

Today is THE day - the day where I boil some things, burn some things, douse some things - and hopefully don’t make chlorine gas or burn down the fashion/art/science building.

Yes, yes loyal friends, I am now a science professor.

When I was a freshman in college, 14 years ago (shit, yes, 14 years ago I am officially OLD), I never even thought to consider the possibility that I would one day be a Fashion professor (I went to school for political philosophy, changed to theatre - scenery and lighting design, changed to history, changed back to theatre AFTER writing a thesis on Islamist Feminism in the 20th century), teaching a LAB SCIENCE that heavily relied on a knowledge of chemistry. Chemistry, a class I haven’t taken in 17 years at this point, and which I did very poorly in when I DID take it all those years ago.

It’s okay. I can read, and I DID read the things. Scary things.

So. Wish me luck.

On to more adventures.


Haversack SS17 Lookbook

Apologies for the recent overload of Japanese brand’s lookbooks, but I must come to terms with my passion for the unique sensitivity, attention to detail and aesthetic they deliver in each of their garments. Simply put, for me, the vast majority of contemporary exciting projects in menswear, come from the land of the rising sun - it seems they are constantly one step ahead in what regards textile technology, fabrics and plays on shape and proportion.

Haversack’s upcoming SS17 collection is a perfect example: unexpected yet sophisticated layering, a return to wide-legged pants and an overall casual tailored feel that embodies everything I love, even if with an exaggerated accent.

The influence of the Arab world on textiles is shown in words we still use for certain types of fabric.  Damask takes its name from Damascus, in Syria.  It is a reversible fabric made most often of silk or linen.  A pattern is woven into the cloth which is revealed by the way in which light falls upon the fabric.  Muslin takes its name from Mosul, a town in present-day Irag.  It is a fine, gauzy cotton.
—  The Medieval World: A History of Fashion and Costume
Divergent AU

Hi! So, a couple weeks ago, @faith-xx-love was asked about making a Divergent AU for ML, but she didn’t know the series well enough. I wrote my Extended Essay for IB on Divergent and it was awful because ANALYSIS. I can do another for the characters I’ve missed (such as Theo and Aurore), if anyone wants me to. Everything’s under the cut!

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Learning with Xenogears!
  • Liam: Let's not even start talking about the textiles, cause these guys are on another level!
  • Pat: Is it graded, is it marble, what is it?
  • Liam: ...dude, textile is cloth
  • Pat: I DON'T KNOW what a textile is! The whole time through Persona4, going to Kanji's house, I thought his mom made fucking tiles!

What textile manufacturer decided it was a good idea to put ochre tiger stripes on navy blue cloth???  What clothing company bought that textile thinking it’d be good bandana material?????  What retail store would agree to put that bandana up for sale??????  And what absolute monster of a father would let his son leave the house wearing that thing on his head?????????????

Toronto - Summer Textile Program for Women

For who?

Young women* aged 16-29 who have experiences with being homeless, street-involved, or living on the margins.

*SKETCH recognizes and affirms a wide gender spectrum. In this case “women” represents anyone who identifies somewhere on the female spectrum.


A textile arts program. Learn sewing machine essentials, hand sewing, simple patterns, fabric design/printing, embroidery, and other employable skills.


At SKETCH’s Creative Enterprise Hub. 180 Shaw Street, which is in the Trinity Bellwoods Area.


It’s a 10-week program, starting July 22nd to September 26th.

Textiles are not only beautiful pieces of art but also very useful, from belly binding to back support to shifting babies to closing hips to keeping warm! Mantas, rebozos, llicllas, aguayos and textiles can support our bodies in many different ways! What ways have you used textiles or pieces of cloth in your daily life? One of the things i do almost all the time: rebozo over my head whenever I am feeling cold but also when I am feeling like I want space from the outside world, covering my head makes me feel protected! These beautiful textiles are soon to become bags for moon pads, dresses, baggies, cintas and more!

La Loba Loca