what is steam power

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On the whole @humans-are-seriously-weird idea.

What if it is our curiosity?  Not that it just drives us to keep going and going to see what’s out there but it drives our advancement as well.  No other species jsut goes, “huh.. I wonder what happens if you do this?”  It has pushed us to advance technically faster than anyone.  

…Wait, are you telling me that 500 years ago Humans were just starting to use Steam power?  That.. its not possible.   What are these creatures that they could go from hand powered forge to space travel in less than 400 years?  

It is why we are seen as such “kids”  Not only are we new to space, but we went so far so fast.  We are like the 12 year old who gets admitted to college, except that we are also practically impossible to kill and make friends with anything that doesn’t actively eat us.  And that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker either.    

And finally…  We have Stabby on board every ship.

  • Random Person: So Rabbit is a girl now?
  • PW VI: Well, she was always designed to be female she just wasn't finished, and technically robots don't have a concept of gender so labeling her as male or female is moot, but for the sake of argument, sure, she's female.
  • Random Person: But she still sings love songs about women?
  • PW VI: That is how the songs were written.
  • Random Person: Shouldn't you change them?
  • PW VI: Why?
  • Random Person: Because she's a girl now!
  • PW VI: Oh, right.
  • PW VI: Here you go! A new version of On Top Of The Universe.
  • Random Person: That's not what I meant!
  • PW VI: But we fixed the pronouns?
  • Random Person: Never mind!
  • Rabbit: What's th-their-their-their problem?
  • PW VI: No idea.

Ahhhh that took way too long~! Anyways-!
All that is left is to cut out the three robos and to get some decorated poster paper before Feb. 25? I think that’s when the Everett concert is anywho— but ye!

Side note;
Thank you @silvermastermind for helping me figure out what colour Zero’s eyes were TTwTT You are a life savior~!!

I honestly love how Hatchworth and The Jon have these tiny, gentle voices but they can say shit like, “The Spine’s dead now…” And fucking giggle like

These two are precious and deadly machines and I love them. I love this damn band.


he acts like a huge grumpus but let’s be honest, out of the whole band he always gets the most festive.

@jensteed thank your for your kind words and the prompt! <3 i apologize for not getting a chance to reply to the first ask earlier!!


So I got curious about steam motors and skinny robots… (sorry for the dirty pictures.) ;)

The best I can tell from a little research and what little I know of steam power, if there was a steam motor compact enough to fit inside a robot as thin as The Spine, you would still be faced with the constant threat of something going screwy and one skinny robot blowing up on the high notes…

Kinda brings a whole new feel to those autograph session hugs, don’t it?

Not to mention the fact that their cool steam effects on stage represent the one thing, in the immersive SPG experience of course, keeping the audience from an inevitable explosive spray of boiling water and porcelain veneer copper robot parts somewhere in the middle of Honeybee…