what is spelling lol

  • marisha: *sometimes forgets how some of her 100+ spells work*
  • yall: LOL what a moron, learn how to use your shit dummy!!!
  • marisha: *knows how a spell works and says so*
  • yall: OMG metagaming!!! what a shitty roleplayer holy shit!!!!!!
  • okay but elias woke up a little later today - he wasn’t planning on meeting the boys until much later - and he’s surprised when he runs into sana, smuggling food from the kitchen into her bedroom. she’s still in her pyjamas and she isn’t wearing any make up or anything, which, well, it’s nearly 1pm. so it’s a bit odd, especially for her.
  • elias asks her if she’s okay, and why she’s still in her pyjamas. and sana just shrugs and says, quite aggressively, “you’re still in your pyjamas.” and sometimes elias would bite back, tease her, but he also knows when to draw the line. and he can just see that sana’s not in the mood, so he just says, “any plans today?”
  • sana stares at him and shrugs, says, “nei”, then makes her way into her room, shutting the door, and elias leaves her be for a little bit. but a few hours later, elias notices she still hasn’t left her bedroom, which is kind of unlike sana. so he knocks on her door. 
  • she lets him in, but she’s kind of irritated; elias ignores it and says, “what’re you up to?” as he plonks himself on sana’s bed (which causes sana to sigh irritably, but she shuffles a little to give him space to get comfy anyway).
  • “nothing,” sana says irritably; dismissively. elias just looks at her and says, “okay” and waits to see if she elaborates. when she doesn’t, he says, “what was all that about last night?”
  • sana raises her eyebrows. “i’m allowed to have friends around, elias,” she snaps. “you do all the time.”
  • “yeah, but mine don’t drink in the house, and there’s never twenty of us,” elias replies fairly, but not unkindly. he looks at her, notices how deflated she seems, how upset she looks, and so he just says, “is everything okay?”
  • “yes,” sana says quickly. “everything’s fine.” which - okay, okay, sana isn’t in the mood for talking. that’s fine. so, elias says, “how about a movie?”
  • sana looks at him, frowning, and says, “what movie?”, and elias tells her that there’s this film on today, the one they used to watch all the time when they were little. and sana, despite herself, smiles at the memory, and laughs when elias does a (very bad) impression of one of the main characters. and elias thinks there is nothing that makes him quite as proud as when he makes his baby sister laugh.
  • they end up reheating leftovers from the other night and sit cross-legged on the sofa together, watching this film, which is funny but kind of cheesy and not actually as good as either of them remember it being, but it’s okay, because sana’s smiling a lot more now; seems more content.
  • elias’ phone rings just as the films ending and shit, time got away from him; he’d agreed to see the boys today. he picks up the phone and starts talking to them, to adam, and says, “just come over to mine, man, it’s chill, my parents are–” but then he catches sana’s expression; it’s small, subtle, the way her eyes fall to her lap and she prods at her food a little disinterestedly. maybe other people wouldn’t notice it, but elias does. so, he says, “actually, guys, sorry, film without me today, i forgot i made other plans.”
  • the boys erupt into indignant shouts about loyalty and how important their youtube channel is, but elias silences them, hangs up the phone, and sana says, “what other plans do you have?”
  • “well, they made a sequel to this film, and i think it’s stupid that neither of us have seen it”. and okay, he expects that to make sana smile, but instead she frowns and says, “but they aren’t airing the sequel at the moment.” so elias rolls his eyes, then says, “we’ll just have to find something else to watch, then.” and sana looks at him for a moment before rolling her eyes and saying, “okay. find something, then.”
  • she may not have said it, but she didn’t need to, because elias can already tell that sana’s feeling just that little bit better. and he’s so glad to see it, because he really hates seeing sana upset; can’t stand it, because despite how much he teases her, he truly does think there’s no one in the world who deserves happiness quite as much as his sister. and maybe that’s why, when they squabble over the last portion of food, elias lets sana have it. just this once.

“Can’t believe you called me third-tier.”

“Well, I can’t believe you called me a lumberjack.”

“There are other patterns in the world besides plaid, Dean.”

Sam just rolls his eyes and sticks his earbuds in.

“And why is my name like this?”

“Like what?”

Cas shoves something into Dean’s face and Dean smacks his hand away, scowling at him in the rearview.

“Cool it, I’m driving—”

They squabble all the way to the next light, and Cas leans forward again, dangling Dean’s phone in front of his face. Dean tries to uncross his eyes, squinting at the four tiny letters on the screen.


Cass,” Cas says impatiently. “Cass.”

“Yeah?” Dean says, shrugging. “So?”

Cas heaves a long-suffering sigh, falling back.

“It’s Castiel, not Casstiel. A second ‘s’? Where did that even come from—”

Dean rolls his eyes.

“Dude, calm down.” 

“It makes no sense.”

Dean runs a hand over his face.

“I don’t know, okay? Maybe Claire messed with my phone. Or Sam.”

“Wasn’t me,” Sam mutters, but he quickly shuts up with a glare from Dean.

Cas is still muttering to himself.

“I suppose, if you want to get technical, there is no ‘s’ in my name at all, in Enochian it’s a post-alveolar fricative—”

Dean huffs.

“Give it rest, Cas. It literally does not matter.”

Cas’s eyebrows shoot up.

“Oh. Really.”

He sits back, pulling out his own phone.

“Well, fine,” he says, thumbs flying furiously over the keyboard. Dean frowns, glancing back at him.

“What are you doing?”

Cas doesn’t look up from the screen.

“Changing your name to Deann. D-E-A-N-N.”

“Dude, what the hell—”

Cas deftly evades the grab Dean makes for his phone, smirking.

“You’re the one that said it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, for the love of—”

Dean hits the brakes and pulls the car into park, swiveling in his seat.

“Change it back,” he says, glaring at Cas. 

“No,” he says stubbornly, arms crossed.


Dean snatches up his phone from where Cas abandoned it, opening up Cas’s contact info.

“Then you’re going in as ‘asswipe’.”

Cas narrows his eyes.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Holy tax accountant?”


“Huggy Bear.”


Dean smirks, tucking his phone away.

“Too late.”

He turns back to the road, grinning to himself. They pull back on the highway, back to Lebanon.

A couple miles later, Dean snaps his fingers.

“I got it! Asstiel, that’s where the second s comes from—”

That earns him a cuff on the ear, and another stoppage as Dean retaliates and almost starts a full-on wrestling match that threatens to spill over into the backseat—until Sam yells at them to cool it.

“Guys, I’m right here.”

Cas flops back in the seat, smirking. Dean tries to comb his hair back into place, scowling.

They drive again, and some time after, Dean’s phone buzzes. He glances down at the screen.

One New Text Message 

From: Sunshine

you’re making this up to me later

Dean grins.

After a moment, it vibrates again.

From: Sunshine

bring that leather jacket.

2Nu haters be like:


Winners art raffle

Only look at the first numbers, the second numbers are the place they entered the art raffle

Thank you all for joining the art raffle!


1st place - @angel-is-link

2nd place - @superstino

3rd place - @makinoke

Sent me the character you want me to draw, I’m looking forward to it ^^

Going to the eyedoctor

My eye sight always sucked. Like I was wearing glasses since I was in kindergarden. Until I went and saw my new eyedoctor - that dude hooked me up.

When ur a kid and you wear glasses it’s totally obvious that your gonna be a nerd. They’re like this magnet that brings bullies to you, along with a fondness for comic books and bein good at math. No matter what I did, it seemed like I couldn’t NOT be a nerd so eventually I grew into it. Right down to the sweatervest and khakis I was wearing when I went in today

I used to be that guy…you know the one. That dude with the gleam in his eye cause he knows everything

The doctor saw that right away too.

“Hi,” he said. “Do you want to get red of those glasses?”

Yeah, duh doc. But contacts make my eyes itchy.

He had me take off the glasses and read a chart. It was so blurry I couldnt see any of the letters.

“lets make an adjustment” he said and clicked a piece of his equipment

It’s weird how you always get cold sitting in a doctors office. I shifted in the chair. His agro air conditioning was pushing through my basketball shorts and tshirt easily.

“How’s that?” he said

“I can see M U…then it gets blurry”

Click. Another adjustment…

I was shifting again in my chair. My muscles were totally sore from today. First I’d tossed around a football with the guys, then I’d gone and lifted. It was a good sore….

“I see like a M U…then it’s blurry… then there’s an S and some more blurry letters.

"How about now?” he clicked in another adjustment.

The chairs in these offices are always too damn small for a guy like me. It’s my own fault…but if u could put on muscle like I can, you’d pack it on too

“It looks like M U S C L E S…and then it gets blurry again…”

“Hm,” said the doc. “I think we’re getting close.”. He snapped on another adjustment.

This air con really was super bad. I don’t know why I wore a stringer top here…I mean I wear one like everywhere I guess. These guns just don’t fit into most shirts, and u gotta show off what u got anyhow.

Click. How about now he asked?

“Super close doc…” I said. “M U S C L E S somethin U somethin”. Lol, what did that spell? My brains so foggy that I can like barely read bro…whatever, reading was for nerds.

“Okay,” he said. “One more.”. And the world clicked jnto focus.

Shit…I had a total hard on tenting out my tight little gym shorts. If I moved wrong the doc would probably see my dickhead pop out.

“What do you see?” he said

“M. U. S. C. L. E. S. L. U. T….” I said.

We both sat there for a sec. I shifted in my chair and the head of my cock escape its shorts. The doc was looking at it. He wanted this.

“So…doc… do I need glasses?” I asked.

That broke him out of it. “No,” he said. “Glasses are for nerds”

I gave a deep laugh. No way was I a nerd. I looked in the mirror above his desk…my thick jaw and muscled body made me unquestionably a jock. And my dull eyes didn’t have a trace of smarts to em.

“So doc…” I said, peeling off my tank. “Just how do u like to get paid?”

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