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McHanzo #45? :3

“Tell me a secret.”

Hanzo stretches his arms above his head, gives a contented sigh as the motion pulls out the tightness in his shoulders and spine, and resettles with his arms crossed under the pillow. Beside him, he catches McCree watching him, his gaze flickering down Hanzo’s nude body until it hits the blanket over his lower back, then up again, admiring. Hanzo resists the urge to preen under the attention.

“How’d I ever get so lucky,” McCree murmurs. He rolls onto his side to face Hanzo, leaving a scant few inches between them that, compared to the utter lack of space a few minutes prior, feels like a vast expanse. He reaches over to tenderly brush a piece of hair from Hanzo’s face. Hanzo lets his eyes close, enjoying the simple touch for what it is.

The room around them is dark, the blinds drawn shut with only a sliver of moonlight slipping through at the edge. The rest of the base is utterly quiet, everyone else having gone to sleep. They are the only two awake, and here int his room, they have an intimate bubble all to themselves separate the vast grounds of the Watchpoint.

McCree’s fingers stroke down the side of Hanzo’s face reverently. “Hey,” he says. When Hanzo opens his eyes, McCree continues, “Tell me a secret.”

“A secret?” Hanzo repeats.

“Somethin’ you haven’t told anyone else. I wanna know something about you that no one else does.”

Hanzo thinks for a moment. Eventually, he offers, “I used to think Genji’s green hair made him look like a carrot.”

McCree coughs out a surprised laugh. “What?”

“He used to wear this orange scarf when we were younger, which was fine by itself, but once he dyed his hair … I never told him. He seemed so pleased that I did not want to ruin it for him.”

McCree chuckles, shaking his head awkwardly against the pillow. “As amazin’ as that is,” he says, “I wanted to hear something about you.”

Then perhaps you should give me an example for me to go by.”

McCree hums. His thumb stops its repetitive strokes against Hanzo’s cheek. “I guess that’s fair,” he says. “In that case … I used to have a Deadlock tattoo, right here on my left arm.” He slightly wiggles the arm tucked under his pillow. “Before it got blew off. I could’ve gotten rid of the tat easy, but I kept it. I told everyone I just didn’t wanna deal with the hassle, but truth is, I kept it to remind myself where I came from. I didn’t wanna forget what I did when I was younger. It was horrible, but I wanted to remember so I wouldn’t ever go back to that again.”

He looks just a bit ashamed as he finishes his story, his gaze somewhere over Hanzo’s shoulder. Hanzo takes the hand resting against his face and presses a kiss to the knuckles.

“Thank you for telling me,” he says.

McCree laughs once. “Yeah,” he replies. Then he meets Hanzo’s eye again. “So. What about you?”

Hanzo thinks for a long moment, trying to find some detail of his life to match the intimacy of what McCree just shared with him. He has told every detail of his part in Genji’s death, now, and most of what the Shimada clan was like. Everything else seems either too shameful or too tame. Finally, though, he settles on something. 

“I have … I have never had something like this before,” he says softly. 

“Like what?”

“This relationship. Us.” McCree says nothing, waiting for him to continue, so he does. “I had no interest in others, growing up, and the clan always came first. I could have pursued someone, if I chose, but I did not. There were a few brief flings with others, one-night stands, but never someone I … really cared for. And after Genji, I simply did not think of it again. I was lonely, perhaps, but it did not matter, because I did not deserve it.”

“Oh, darlin’,” McCree starts to say, but Hanzo shakes head against his pillow. 

“I know you will say that is not the case, but that is not the point I am trying to make,” he says. “But that is my secret. Everything with us is new to me.”

McCree’s gaze holds steady with his. “And now?” he asks. “Is this all alright?”

Hanzo smiles. He scoots forward on the pillow until he can press his brow against McCree’s, brushing the tips of their noses together. 

“It is more than alright,” he says. “It is more than I could have ever hoped to have.”

From Eden - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: I’ve had this in my head for a really long time and finally got around to writing a little something on it! I suggest watching Hozier’s ‘From Eden’ first (found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI0wUoCLnLk). Or perhaps listen to it as you read! The song itself and the video were my inspiration (plus the video has my queen, Katie McGrath, in it)! I’m not sure it came out as well as I would have liked but, I still hope you enjoy! <3

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“No,” Sirius muttered to himself, tears threatening to spill. The Potter’s home stood before him in ruins. Nothing but the foundation and it’s charred remains left. 

Your mouth hung open in shock. There was so little left of what you once considered a second home. Gently, you took Sirius’ hand in yours, and led him to what had been the doorway to a loving home.

“James,” Sirius let out a choked sob as his eyes found the body of his best friend, lifeless on the floor. 

Sirius fell to his knees besides James, almost unable to process what exactly he was seeing. James had been his rock and seeing how easily he had been defeated certainly scared Sirius. 

“Love, we have to move,” you encouraged, knowing that once the news got out, Aurors and Ministry officials would be on the way. And you had a hunch that Sirius would be suspected of turning over the Potter’s whereabouts. 

He nodded grimly, slowly rising to his feet.

When you reached Harry’s room at the top of the stairs, you were met with another unwelcome sight: Lily, devoid of life. Her fire-red hair sprawled around her, and her brilliant green eyes staring emotionlessly at the ceiling. 

You forced yourself to the crib, shocked out of your grief, by the sounds of Harry’s whimpers. 

“He’s alive,” you marveled. “How?”

“Don’t know, but we can’t stay to figure it out,” Sirius decided. 

Swiftly making your way back downstairs, you hurried through the door. Sirius giving one last look over his shoulder at his best friend.

“Ready?” Sirius asked as you hopped onto the back of his motorbike, Harry in tow. 

“Yes,” you responded, doing your very best to look confident. 

Right as you lifted off the ground, a stern voice called out, “Stop right there!”

Looking over your shoulder, you saw Ministry members running down the street toward you.

“Hold tight!” Sirius instructed over the roar of the engine. 

Gripping onto Sirius with one arm, the other held Harry tightly to your chest. Rising higher and higher, the three of you soon sped off into the night and away from those who would take your godson away from you. 

Sirius drove for hours, hoping to put as much distance between you and them as he could. Harry fell asleep almost instantly, the vibrations of the bike and your body heat lulling him into a deep slumber. 

When Sirius landed, you were in a little village far from Godric’s Hollow. Sirius canvased the town and finally stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned cabin.

Shutting off the engine, Sirius helped you off of his trusty steed. 

“It’s not much,” Sirius apologized, his eyes tired and still filled with unprocessed emotions. 

“It’s enough,” you reassured, kissing his cheek and following him through the door. 

Inside, you found a humble two bedroom home. The first of the bedrooms had a large bed covered in an old quilt while the other appeared to have been made for children as it housed two twin sized beds. The kitchen was stocked with expired food and looked like it hadn’t been touched in over a year. 

“We’ll make do,” you promised Sirius when you noticed the concerned look in his eye. 

He nodded, giving you a small smile as he set to work transfiguring certain furnishings in order to make the home more livable.


Four years had passed rather quickly. The three of you had made quite the home for yourselves in your little cabin, isolated from most of the world. Luckily the village you found was full of Muggles, which made it easy for you or Sirius to head into town for groceries or supplies. 

When it felt a little too risky, Sirius would head into the city-center as Padfoot, in order to avoid suspicion. When money was tight, Sirius would pick up odd jobs around the town while you watched and taught Harry. 

Life was good. Life was simple and not at all what you had pictured when you imagined your life after Hogwarts. But life was good. 


Sirius whistled cheerily as he walked through the door one evening. 

“Honey, I’m home!” he joked as he shrugged off his jacket. 

“Welcome back, darling,” you gave him a quick peck. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“And what might I ask, have you prepared for us on this lovely evening?”

“Beef stew. Not very exciting, I’m afraid.”

“Nonsense. Don’t forget, I moonlight as a dog, so food is always exciting to me,” he laughed his signature bark-like laugh.

“Sirius!” Harry shrieked as he ran into the kitchen. “Look what I did today!”

Harry shoved a piece of paper at Sirius, who gladly accepted it. 

“What’ve we got here, hm?” he asked, examining the four year old’s messy crayon writing. “You wrote your name!”

“All by myself!”

“He did,” you confirmed. “He spent all day practicing, didn’t you buddy?”

Harry nodded proudly. 

“Soon, you’ll be writing your own book!” Sirius suggested, patting Harry gently on his head, a mop of dark curly locks already sprouting from his roots. 

Harry grinned to himself as he took a seat at the dinner table, realizing that Sirius’ arrival meant that everyone could eat. 

As you shoveled the stew into three bowls, a knock sounded at the door. 

You and Sirius exchanged a confused look. You had never before had visitors.

“Stay here,” Sirius murmured, kissing your temple to calm your sudden burst of nerves. 

Pulling his wand, Sirius inched toward the front door of your now cozy and familiar home.

Slowly, he turned the knob. Before he realized what was happening, wizards pushed through the opening. 

“Sirius Black. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You are under arrest for your betrayal of the Potters and the abduction of Harry James Potter.” 

You and Sirius stared in complete astonishment. How had they found you? 

“Need to be a little more discrete, Mr. Black. A stray wizard noticed you picking up carrots last week,” a portly man chuckled.

“How dare you?” you scoffed. These wizards and witches had no idea what they were doing. The family they were tearing apart. You and Sirius had protected Harry from those who would have put him on a pedestal. Those who would have turned his childhood into a living hell. And they have the audacity to come into your home and make jokes?

“They’re taking you away?” Harry asked, his small voice wavering, as Sirius was pushed to the floor roughly.

“It’s alright, Harry,” you cooed as you stepped out towards the growing number of wizards in your entranceway. “We’ll be alright.”

“Harry! Whatever they tell you is a lie!” Sirius added. “We only wanted to keep you safe.”

Tears were starting to form in the young boy’s eyes as he realized that you and Sirius were in some sort of trouble and that life as he knew it was about to change forever. 

“Please,” Sirius shouted over the chaos, “we didn’t betray our friends!”

“Tell it to the court, traitor,” one snarled back. 

Kneeling down as one of the aurors put you in special handcuffs, you kissed Harry’s cheek.

“Whatever happens, Harry, remember that we love you very much and we loved your parents very much.”

As the two of you were being forced from your home, Sirius turned briefly to Harry and added, “We’ll meet again one day. I know it.”

“(Y/N)! Sirius! Don’t leave me!” Harry whined as he tried to attach himself to your leg. 

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll keep you safe,” one of the aurors patted his shoulder in a weak attempt to calm him down. Unbeknownst to those ministry members, they were taking Harry from the safest place he could have been. From two people who loved him with all their hearts. From two people who treated him as if he were their own flesh and blood.  

AKB48 General Election Official Guide Book 2017: Ota Yuuri Interview

According to Yuuri herself, “after I got into High School, my Eighth-Grade syndrome (Chuunibyou) got worse. (laughs)” She’s the timid character but she’s so serious that the tips of her hair are probably serious too. When she ranked in as 52nd place last year, she said on the stage “I want to be the ace of NMB48.”

“I came up with those words right there on the stage. I just let my feelings out. However, my goal last year was to get into Next Girls so while Future Girls were getting called out, I was going ‘don’t call me, don’t call me’ inside. But I was called for 52nd place, Future Girls. I was sad that I wasn’t able to get into Next Girls.”

The NMB48 Ace is Yamamoto Sayaka. You could say absolute center considering her immense presence. Yamamoto Sayaka is not joining the Sousenkyo this year.

“Because the Senbatsu regular Sayaka-san is not joining the Sousenkyo this year, I feel that it is important for NMB to get as many members to rank in. I want to be one of those. If I get into Under Girls, I’m sure my fans would all be very happy but I think the best result would be to get into Senbatsu. If I was able to get into Senbatsu, all the other NMB fans would say "Good Job!” In that sense, I feel that I have to get into Senbatsu no matter what.“”

As well, Ota Yuuri is being called “Yamamoto Sayaka’s successor” among fans. “Thats impossible! Its just that we get along well and hang out together a lot so fans start to say… start to read too much into it. I also don’t think Sayaka-san has any intention of entrusting anything to me. I get called the 'successor’ but really the only thing similar about us is umm… our personalities, how we think and analyze, and other than that, I guess our hobbies. Oh wait, if our personalities and hobbies are the same, I guess they have a point.(laughs)”

We point out that they also share short hair and a husky voice.

“No, I don’t think so. I just have a deep voice. As I grow older, my voice becomes deeper and deeper. (laughs)”

Nevertheless, her love for Yamamoto Sayaka is evident.

“Recently, I sent a text to Sayaka-san saying 'I"m listening to your solo album.’ and she was shook up and replied 'Eeee? Really? You’re listening?’ (laughs) I have Sayaka-san’s album both on my phone and my mp3 player so I can listen to it anytime and anywhere! I really like 'Tsukikage’ (Moonlight) and 'Gimonfu’ (Question Mark)”

Even though she denies being the successor, what a beautiful story it is to hear that the current ace’s songs are beloved by the future ace. Can we see the bright future of NMB48 in the Sousenkyo?

Topic 01
Sayanee has entrusted the future to suspected weirdo bishojo “Yuuri”?!

Its common knowledge among fans and just doing a simple search online will get you myriad twoshots, hear about members being jealous, and really if you start talking about the closeness of Ota Yuuri and Yamamoto Sayaka’s relationship, you will be here a while. While “Sayane has declared Yuuri as her successor” “Yuuri is NMB’s future ace!” is often talked about but denied, while she is able to interact with Yamamoto Sayaka, and absorb learnings from her even just through osmosis. In the end, she could very turn into the true successor!

Topic 02
Has center experience on a nationally televised music show!

Double center with Suto Ririka of “Amagami-hime” B-side “Hakanai Monogatari”, Solo center of “Niji no Tsukurikata”, Double center with Yagura Fuuko of “Let It Snow” from the latest single, she has been gaining experience as center little by little, gaining experience to become someone who will carry the future of NMB. She also performed to rave reviews, Watanabe Miyuki’s graduation single “Boku wa Inai” in a nationally televised music show, as the center flanked by Yamamoto Sayaka and Shiroma Miru.

TRANS: Thanks to frowndog from teppensubteam ♡

Hoseok: vampire!au smut

Since some of you guys were thirsting  for some Hoseok smut, I somehow ended up writing this (cuz the world needs more Hoseok smut) so enjoy!~
- Devi (ؑ‷ᵕؑ̇‷)◞✧

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[Warning: Explicit Content + Blood]

a secret 

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Tiger Eyes || Hoshi || Oneshot

Originally posted by mountean

GENRE: fluff, fantasy, slight angst, request, shapeshifter!au, oneshot

WORDS: 2281

REQUEST: It’s not exactly a typical fluff story idea (or is it??) and Hoshi’s birthday already passed, but Hoshi being a cursed prince who turns into a tiger at 10:10 am and turns back to human at 10:10 pm and the curse can only be broken by true love’s kiss :D

A/N: Again, thank you for this! Literally wrote it in one sitting; I was so pumped.

WARNING: Possibly triggering - slight mention of rape themes

“Y/N!” your mother called. “Don’t go too far out in the woods!”

“Okay mom!” you giggled, skipping wildly away from her. You had a basket in your hands. You were going to pick flowers for the dinner table today. You loved flower-picking. When you were younger you always had to follow your sisters and couldn’t go unless they were around. ‘The woods are a dangerous place,’ your mother had said. ‘It’s not safe for little girls.’

But now that you were ten – double digits! – your mother permitted you to venture out alone, just as long as you stayed on the path. Of course, you never did. The nice flowers are never on the path.

You hummed to yourself, deciding today’s colour scheme would be warm, reddish colours with sprigs of white here and there. You must’ve been out longer than you thought because the light was slowly going out when you finally looked up. You hurried back to the path, the ground below you suddenly much rockier and treacherous.

The leaves rustled, right behind you.

You turned. Nothing.

You trudged on slowly, looking out for danger. Then–

A soft growl.

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Trust- Saizo x mc

Game: Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Characters: Saizo X Mc (reader)

Rating: A mixture of almost everything, I guess

Summary: Saizo is his usual, busy self and you are also a busy cook with mouths to feed. The situation never changes even if you both are married but, but what if a sudden crisis makes your simple life turns upside down? A fanfiction from Sonya.

A/N:I was intending on making a one shot pregnancy story for @moonlight-nightingale since she asked me to make some fluff but it sorta cooked itself into a hyper long fanfic so….there’s ought to be some aftermath feels right so I’m thinking if I should write a sequel, so someone please give me some advice please. Thanks again to everyone who reads my first fanfic on tumblr. It actually encouraged me to continue writing more.

Now may the story begins


【 1 month ago 】

“Saizo, Lord Shingen wants you to- Ahhhh! ”

“Opps” You see the flippant smile on his face as you dangle in the air. “I think we’re stuck here for a while.”

“S-saizo! Help!”

“Shh…you don’t want Yuki to barge in here and interrupt, right? ” he maintains his jovial smile while you sighed in defeat.

You had been meaning to get him off the roof because of Shingen’s orders, but unexpectedly Saizo was the one who pulled you on the roof with him. He had grabbed you on the wrist when you are climbing the ladder and “poof” nothing else but thin air remained below your legs as the ladder falls on the ground with a hard thunk.

He hoists you up and instinctly you tried to squirm away from his grasp but he was too strong, being a man and all. He settles you on his lap and wrapped you in a feral hug, his warm breath just inches away from your throat. You gulped.

“Now, what’s the matter dear?”

“J-just let me go first…! I-I can’t talk like this!” You felt your face flush and he smirked.

“Okay dear…” He lets go and you breathed in heavily. It was bad enough that Shingen’s new guests are demanding, making you rush up and down in the kitchen to only please them, but who knows that they wanted to meet Saizo. The legendary Saizo, they had called him. Yeah you knew that he is a famous ninja, and possibly the best in all of Iga. Who could duel-wield two katana spears and disappear within thin air only to appear behind his enemy and kill them. He was the lord assassin, and you are a normal cook who despise the act of killing another innocent human being. Which made you wonder how did you both ended up falling in love with each other for so long when both of you had such different points of view? And your relationship remained on a healthy status even after marriage, though his habit of teasing you never stops.

“Oh dear, now what are we spacing out for? “You snapped back to reality to find Saizo’s face just in front of you and you yelped in surprise.

“Ahhhh! Don’t sneak on me like that!” You turns your head away, but Saizo caught your chin and made you face his eyes. “Now, now who’s the one sneaking around little lady? Don’t you have something to tell me or did you just came here to because Yuki sent you to find me?”

“Saizo, Lord Shingen wants you in the guest hall right now.”

“Did he now.” He muttered under his breath and you felt his hands move rapidly towards your feet, then up to your legs, and above… The sudden action made you shudder in surprise, and Saizo tried his best to suppress his amusement.

You blushed hard as your hips began to brush over his palms delicately. You couldn’t resist the sudden need to tease him some, to just give him the pleasure in touching you; but not doing…whatever he wants to do to you. His index finger slipped inside your clit and you gasped a little, enjoying the way his nimble fingers swirled up and down inside you, the pace wonderfully even. But then Saizo pulls out so fast you are starting to think that maybe Saizo had already outfoxed your plan on teasing him as you almost cries out in frustration.

“Seems like someone’s getting sexually frustrated. ” Saizo licked his finger, covered with juice and you blushed again. “Maybe I would just go to find Shingen. ” He stood up and walked to the edge of the roof.

“Saizo! No…don’t go..!” You almost beg him, you two hadn’t been intimate for almost a month and it has indeed made you frustrated. How can you let this chance slip away when your husband actually, actually has the time to sit on the damn roof without anyone else requesting for him to finish some missions. You know that you want him and your voice ended up a husky tone. “Saizo…” the lust glinting in your eyes.

“Mmm… and why is that? I thought Lord Shingen would need me there…”

“I-I need you more.” You whisper in a volume that he could hear. “Convince me, then.” A flippant grin again and you bit on your lower lip.

“Ten servings of dango? And I’ll ask Lord Yukimura to take it easy on you for a week.”

“Hm… passable.” He shrugs.

Suddenly the world spins, and you are pinned down on the clay bricks on the roof as Saizo kissed you hungrily, you returned them as aggressive as ever. The passion that bloomed in the depths of the pit in your stomach sends you to ecstasy as he devoured you, lusting for contact, wanting more. But then it all spirals down into annoyance when you heard noises down the ground. You groaned.

“Saizo! Where are you!

Yukimura’s voice echoes from below, and Saizo paused his movements for a second, pulls himself up and adjusted himself.

“Bummer.” Saizo commented. You hadn’t had time to say anything as Saizo carried you bridal style, then rushed you off to presumably his room with you in his arms anticipating for the next moment.


【  1 month later 】

You had been running, running so hard to the only exit of the blazing castle walls. Its hard to believe the fact that a while ago you are siting with Lord Shingen’s retainers, laughing and joking with each other, but not long after a fire arrow embedded itself on the table in front of you and outside, retainers shouted in horror as they acknowledged that the Hojo clan has came to aftack.

You had panicked when you see strangers barge into the room, all armed. You tried to get away, but one of the ninjas had caught your leg, pulled you towards him and you shrieked in terror. He had almost killed you with his katana if it weren’t for Saizo who cuts him down, the bloodlust and the killer look back in his crimson eyes. “Go. I’ll meet you at the riverside.” He didn’t look back at you as you nodded, and broke into a crazy run. You ran, ran as hard as he remembered ever running in your entire life and soon you were gone from view.

“Saizo.” Yukimura, back to his senses had already grabbed his sword and rushes to him, slicing anything or anyone in his path. Saizo glanced at him.

“Cover ______, she needs help.”

“But there are too many of them.” Yukimura surveyed the room, there’re six of them; minus five dead men. “Can you fight them off? ” Yukimura parryied a stray ninja who was intending on ambushing Saizo and Saizo smirked.

“You underestimate me dear.” Saizo gave him a flippant smile. “Go. Now.”

“What are you two chattering about? Fight!”

One of the ninja, obviously fed up by Saizo’s carefree demeanor, tries to strike him but Saizo sidesteps, and brings the offending guy down, the blood spraying on his face.

“A bit of a chatterbox, are we here. Now who’s next.” Saizo raises his swords as Yukimura rushes to you.


“Where are you little girl… come on out… I won’t hurt you…” The ninja crooned, his voice penetrating the stiff air and you hear a door close. “Where are you, Lady Kirigakure?” You adjusted your position slightly, not daring to make a sound.

“Hm… I wonder if you are here…No? Oh well…” His voice echoed from the back of the corridor and you remain slient, hidden in the crook of the kitchen stove. Oh for good heaven’s sake why oh why did you have to turn into that corner? Then you wouldn’t have a deadly ninja on your tail. You shivered slightly at the ninja’s eerie voice and tried your best to breath slowly, lightly while pulling out a dagger Saizo had gave you for emergency needs from your obi tie. You pricked up your ears to listen, preparing to strike when the need arouses.

Some wavering footsteps, A door opened, the repeated calls, Door closed, footsteps coming close. Your heartbeat loud as a drum. A creak, some cursing from the man and another boom, the second door closed.Your heartbeat getting louder and louder as the cycle repeats and repeats and you huddled in the narrow hiding corner, holding the dagger tightly, willing the terror inside you to go away, to leave you alone. Same noises, same sequence, same pattern which made time torturous, till it was unbearable.

“Boom” . A door closed again and you waited for the mumblings to start.


No footsteps, no mumblings, no voice. Only slience. As if nothing was lingering outside there, finding, waiting for the kill. But you know better.

You barely could register anything but your heartbeat. He’s near, he’s coming. It was predictable like the foreboding smile when people gave the killer punchline. You gripped your dagger and braced yourself for the upcoming outburst and ceased your breathing. Footsteps coming, quietly but audible, slowly, nearer, wrapping your heart in a chain of fear.

“Creak”. You hear the sound of the cabinet opening beside you and you stopped breathing for a second. Another second, and another.

“Nothing here.” You hear him say after a moment, just a millimeter away from you and you almost sighed in relief. You are safe.

Footsteps treads on the ground, A low cough near the door, Door opens and closes. You sighed in sound relief as you breathed evenly out, pulling back the air that was denied from you minutes ago. Now all that you have to do now is get out of this room and go to the riverbank-

“Hello there. ” a ghostly pale face appeared just inches before you.

“AH…!” You shrieked as a hand grabbed your arm and you are being pulled out of your hiding spot, facing the ninja. “LET ME GO…!” He laughs maniacally as your hand gets stuck in the little opening and he pulls you even forcefully, getting your hand out and in the process your dagger drops. It was a matter of time for him to leave you vulnerable, even though you managed to make some minor damage with your hairpin, but still, that wasn’t enough. Soon you are lying on the floor in your kitchen, facing the man, too weak to run or to get back on your feet. After a moment of eternal staring, he broke the ice.

“Well you should know, Lady Kirigakure.“He sheathed his blade “It was a pain to find you, and also a pain to catch you.” He smiled a cold smile, his blade in hand as he hovered on you. You knew he is going to kill you, yet you still felt a bit of satisfaction by looking at the deep cuts on his wrists.


He raised a eyebrow. “What?”

“Why do your clan wants to invade Takeda castle? ” your voice calm, but inside you’re screaming and thrashing around. No matter what, even if you die, you want to know why. If it concerns politics you would try to leave a last message for Lord Shingen to know but if it concerns Saizo….

“….I guess I should tell you then, since you’re going to die. “The ninja paused for dramatic effect "The Hojo clan wants revenge. You know exactly what I mean by that, don’t you? "And he smirked.

”…what-“ You paused for a moment, then you realized.

"Yes girl… your husband took our Lord Kotaru. And he seems to forgot his mission from Iga ehh? What was that again? To kill the fake Lady Kiku?” He smiled again, a malevolent smile. “What a traitor, yet he didn’t die. It was Kotaru who paid the price to kill you, even if he did follow orders. Someone has to pay the price for that, isn’t that right, Lady ______?”


Well as so you know, debts are meant to be paid. Missions are the same, even aborted ones, we just have to finish it.“ He raised his katana. "I’ll just have to kill you and Lord Saizo, Iga is too soft regarding these matters so how about passing the mission to kill you to me?” He smirks, then gave you a death glance. “Die.”

Your eyes squeeze shut as you saw the blade rushing towards you but it never landed. Then you hear a loud thunk and someone holded you in that someone’s arms. You opened your eyes.

“Saizo! ” He was covered in blood, the ninja lying on the floor, pulsing as blood flows freely from the hideous wound on his chest.

“In the end I’m the one who has to find you, little lady.” He mutters but you can see the relief in his eyes.Then he pushes you behind him protectively.

“Let’s go, Yukimura is finding you with Sasuke now. We’ll have to meet up.”. You nodded, and you walked behind Saizo until you saw it. Without hesitation you reacted and pushed Saizo away from you to the side while the shuriken lodged itself directly on the small of your back. You gasped.

“______!” You hear him shout your name as you choked blood on the floor, suddenly feeling light. Saizo scrambled to you and threw his katana towards the man. It lands squarely on his chest and he stares at Saizo within deadly stares, a winning smile on his face. He had had the last laugh now, you guessed in your blurry mind.

“Die” Saizo says, ruthlessly as he holds you in his arms. He feels so good, so good that you want this moment to last forever… You gasped again for air and you feel yourself slipping away, bit by bit.

“B-beware… Saizo.. ” The man smiles. “Th-is isn’t…t-he….end” With that the man uttered a dry laugh, then he slumped over, and at the same time you feel darkness surround you in a misty veil and you lost all senses of touch and sight.

【   Three days after the battle】

“Ngh…” you mumbled, head throbbing in pain as you woke up to a strange sight: Saizo, Lord Shingen and Sasuke sitting all around you looking at you. Their glances made you uneasy and you ended up questioning them.

“W-why are you all staring at me like this?”

“Well, firstly we are worried about you. Did you know how long have you been in a coma?” Lord Shingen asked.

“Uh… how long?” You tries hard to remember, but your head won’t cooperate. “

"It was terrible, _____! Your heart stopped!” Sasuke cried out. “There was a lot of blood…and..!”

“-and Saizo gave you emergency first-aid” Lord Shingen finished. “Although it may not be pretty…”

“So… how many days I fainted…?” You asked.

“Three days.” Saizo spoke and you turned to look at his pale face which had dark circles under his eyes, the face that you had most wanted to see.

“Saizo….! You’re okay!” You tried to sit up from the bedding, but pain shoots over your back to your chest and you winced, plonks back into the futon with tears in your eyes. Saizo immediately rushes over and caresses your hair.

“Don’t move anymore.” Saizo took a wet towel then rubs it on your forehead and you feel a bit better, distracted by the coldness. “You better get some rest…it won’t be easy from now on.” He suddenly kisses you and you looked at him in shock while Sasuke hid behind Lord Shingen’s back repeating “eww"s over and over. You blinked.Saizo was getting a little cuddly today, that’s for sure.

"Saizo, what happened? ” you murmured. He didn’t say anything, his hands slowly traced down your skin to your abdomen and he caressed the mound of flesh gently.

“Well, that’s the second thing that I wanted to tell you.” Lord Shingen says. “But I think I’ll better let Saizo do the talking. Now how about we give you two lovebirds some alone time?” With that Lord Shingen and Sasuke leaves and you raised a eyebrow while looked at Saizo. Saizo moves his hand away and places them on your hands, looking down at you with those warm, loving eyes that he reserved only for you.

“What happened, Saizo? ”

“______, You’re pregnant. You are going to be a mother.” Saizo smiles and you look at him in disbelief.


He sighes. “When was the last time you had your period sweetheart?” You looked at him, calculating the days. You widened your eyes. You were a week late and you didn’t even noticed. When did he found out about it? You wondered.

He narrowed his eyes. “I only knew about it when the doctors examined your condition after I gave you first aid. Honestly, aren’t you supposed to count your periodic days little lady?” Again, he answered your question in your mind and you sighed.

“Saizo…. how long?” “A month old.” He replies, eyes wandering to a distant place. When it cames back to your face he looks at you and says “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” You asked

You almost got yourself killed, ______. For me. And our child would’ve died too. It was all my fault that you had that shuriken in your back and I couldn’t do anything to save you.“his sad eyes bore into yours and you released a sigh.

"You’re unexpectedly honest today Saizo. ”

“Am I now…” he grins, but you can tell he’s still feeling guilty about the Hojo ninja incident. This was Saizo, he wouldn’t show his emotions with that poker face of his, but that doesn’t mean that his feelings wouldn’t leak out of him.

“Honestly Saizo, stop thinking about that, would you?” You place his hand to your cheek and he shifted his gaze on your face, suddenly unsure of himself. “Its okay, I’m safe, you’re sound and so is our baby. So what is the point on getting upset for?” You caressed your abdomen lovingly. “See… as long as we’re together, as long as we protect and love each other, it’ll be okay. You had did enough for me, Saizo. If you didn’t gave me first-aid that day I wouldn’t be here talking with you.”


“No buts now Saizo. Its all right.Hadn’t we talked about these types of situations before we got married? ” You still could remember that day, when you convinced him to marry you. You had known that being a wife of a ninja may cost you your life, but on the other hand you know Saizo will always be beside you in these situations, protecting you.


“Saizo.” You persisted. “I chose this life with you, and I would never ever regret my choice, even it woud cost my life. I’m willing to do anything Saizo, if its for you. Just, just trust me that things will be okay. Okay?” You gaze at him, waiting for a response.

Saizo looked at you, then pulls you to him. You glances at his face, seeing him trying to relax. Even if he seem invincible, the lord assassin could be weak at times, and these are the times when you have to support him, as husband and wife.


“Hm? ”

“I trust you,” His voice as cool as ever, a edge of kindness hidden beneath it all. “-but don’t you ever, ever do anything stupid like this time again. Understand?”

You nodded your head. “Understood”

He smirks

“That’s a good girl.”


…so I unexpectedly wrote a lot. And I hope Saizo’s character match with his because I don’t want to butcher my favorite SLBP man…. *if I did I’m very sorry (ノД`)シクシク*

Anyways… I hope you like this fic. And thanks to whoever who took a chunk of your time to read my amateur fanfic. You made my day :)

Without excess,
With enough.
The flicker that waves from the handling but never seizes to cast
another arrangement,
Calling what is ours forth.
The diamonds that scatter across his crown as the
Entering is antique.
Buzz worthy in the back streets
Hidden in plain sight.
Vehicule that got them to disperse,
Up close and personal amongst the remnants
Plenty to come down from
Until the running
so he can share
The greeting of a goodbye
That simple stare
It’s a state without a name,
Without time to draw or erase
Only our faces to be seen
In moonlight next
Working through tressles of hair that get left.
Pining is second nature to her,
Paused only when she’s pinned down
Examined with care,
Every fiber to get to know.
The cells speak about fertile moss that stains on
the off-white of their clothes
Looking up, the pipe that owns the box that vibrates
Looking down, the soft and proud twinkly grin,
artistically sinning
Kaleidoscopic cafe imprintings.

Moonlight (2016) has made me so extra. It’s like I was a part of something so intimate and significant. To the point, that whenever I see the ocean I think of Chiron and how it became a healing place for him and in a way it’s almost healing to me too? Because I was privileged enough to be given the opportunity to see it through his eyes. That’s what is missing from a lot of mainstream films, that simple but personal touch.

Basically, I’m never going to end my moonlight hype :)

anonymous asked:

What should we do to get ready for the full moon if we want to cleanse? (Both crystals and spirit)

For cleansing crystals, place them near a window so that they get the moonlight. If the moonlight isn’t directly on them, don’t worry, it still works. You can do a simple visualizing exercise for cleansing both your crystals and yourself. Meditate a bit, and ground yourself. Then visualize the moonlight cleansing every part of your body and your crystals! 

Doing Moon water is an excellent idea too! Here’s a link

Here’s a link to Full Moon 101.

browniej126  asked:

Um if you're needing some prompts, maybe Genji and Angela/Mercy having to wear formal wear and Genji doesn't feel comfortable doing so, so Angela/Mercy has to help build his confidence for a party or something. Maybe a lil dance? just an idea kinda long winded sorry

Okay so, I put my own spin on it because I honestly don’t think Genji would ever go anywhere formal, but I got the party and the lil dance so, here you go!


Gency. Oneshot. Fluff. Little Angst.

Mercy was asked to speak once again about her work on nanobiology. She’s done it before, it wasn’t difficult for her. Overwatch always needed more investors.

It was just the whispers of an attack impending on this certain gathering that caused this one to be different. There was talk about someone wanting to take down Overwatch. Even attacking a medical conference to do it. Anything to get at Overwatch, to shut it down.

So, here she is. Speaking about her breakthrough that helps improve healing and wellness of everyone. Her words memorized by now as she stands at the podium. As she continues on, she looks over the crowd.

Beautifully dressed women with men styled in tuxes sitting at elegant tables in a grand building. Outlining along the walls are Overwatch officers, ready to react at a drop of a pin. Guns and armor ready.

The show of force is unnecessary, Mercy thought. Not liking so many battle ready men mingling with civilians. Aware of the danger they pose.

Unfortunately, Yes, it is necessary. The leaders at Overwatch hoping that the display of power will make anyone thinking of doing wrong tonight thinking again.

She finishes her speech, getting an applause as she steps down from the podium. Going to her table, she waits for another doctor to finish his speech. Then finally, she’s free. Everyone begins to mingle as the party really starts.

Slipping away upstairs, she finds the doors to a balcony, but a guard stands a few feet off to the side.

“Dr. Zielger, you need go back to the party. It’s not safe up here.” He tells her as she approaches.

“Oh, I’ll only be a moment. I just need some fresh air.” She tells him kindly.

He hesitates, and she adds, “When I speak, I get rather anxious. Please, I really need some fresh air.” She lies sweetly.

He finally caves him, and opens one of the doors for her. Then, it clicks softly behind her as it closes.

The stone balcony is a half circle, peering out over a lush garden. The moon is full tonight, shedding light over the area, casting dark shadows.

Walking, she reaches the parapet, placing her hands on the cool stone.

“Angela.” Speaks his smooth voice, appearing out of the night air like the wind.

The only good thing about tonight is that she’s not alone. He insisted on coming, covering the dark corners of the building and waiting in the shadows. Daring anyone to come near this party.

She turns to face him. He stands only a few feet away, his body shining in the moonlight. The green visor now bright.

She smiles at him.

“Genji.” She says his name.

“It’s not safe out here. You would have better protection inside.” He says, taking his first step towards her.

She lets out a soft sigh.

“I know. I just needed a moment away.” She says, going over his visor with her eyes.

He stops at this, looking over her. He’s just within her reach.

“You shouldn’t be alone.” He says softly. Moonlight glistening off his helm.

“I’m not.” She says, reaching out to touch his face, when he suddenly turns his head away.

Mercy freezes at this, her hand coming back to herself.


He still doesn’t look at her. “You should be with someone that can take you to a party. You should be with someone that can dance with you. You should be with someone that doesn’t have to hide.”

Mercy finally understands. She steps forward, towards him. Gently, she reaches with one hand, taking his face plate to turn his head back to her. Making sure he’s seeing her.

“I don’t want someone to go to parties with. I want someone to stay with me late at night in the lab. I want someone to walk me to my room while I hold their arm. I want someone to want to comfort me as much as I do them. I want someone I can talk to on a balcony late at night.”

She takes her other hand and makes sure he’s staring right at her. Holding his face closely. She needs him to know what she says is true.

“I don’t care about a party, I care about you.”

He’s motionless in the moonlight, before his hands reach out to her. Slowly resting on her cheeks.

“And I care about you, Angela.” He whispers.

She smiles at him, knowing he’s heard her words.

His eyes travel over her dress, before he looks at her again. “You are so beautiful.”

Her dress is beautiful. Long, smooth and simple. The sleeves going all the way down to her wrists. A beautiful tyrian purple that she almost didn’t dare wear. Its neck is wide, exposing her collarbones and shoulders. Then, there’s the slit, going halfway up her thigh. For once, her hair is down, curled.

“I cannot give you everything, but I can give you this.” His voice resolute, looking her in the eyes.

“May I ask for a dance?” His smooth voice only trembles at the end.

“Yes,” Mercy breathes.

Moving her arms, she wraps them around his neck, leaning against his body. His hands slowly traveling to her side, resting above her hips before encircling her completely. The metal cool but familiar. The scent of steel and musk making her calm. His helm resting against her hair.

 With no music, and only the moonlight and their bodies pressed close against each other, they gently step and swirl. Mercy’s eyes closed and she just feels him. His body that she knows inside and out. The man she wants to never let go of as they slowly dance on the balcony.

Being so close, is freeing. The hissing of his metal body, his familiar smell, his glowing lights. The comforting pressure of his arms around her lower back. The curve of his neck. The feeling of his chest against hers. He’s so gentle, so caring. He’s beautiful, and she just wants to know that as well as she does.

“Angela?” His cool voice breaks the silence.

“Yes?” They still dance, slowly and pressed against each other.

“You are my angel.” He whispers into her ear, his voice so lovely.

She stops, and he stops with her. His hold starting to loosen from waist but she tightens her arms around his neck. Burying her head against his neck, pressing her cheek against his cool metal. His own arms somehow pressing her closer to him. His head tilting to press against her hair.

“And you are my heart.” She whispers back.


Imagine you’re a SAMCRO member and you find out Juice hide away (season 7) 

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“Do what you think it’s right, (Y/N).” Mamma Gemma told you on the phone seconds after she hanged up. You had been drinking your pain away by yourself at your empty and too damn big house when you got her call. 

You took a deep breath an looked down, gulping the rest of your whiskey glass;  Your boyfriend Juice was on the run but it was different this time; He was on the run from his own family; The second Jax found out where he was, shit was hitting the fan. You couldn’t believe this was happening; You haven’t seen Juice for ages, since the whole club found out what he did; he left, not saying a word to you and you understood that, really. You knew the club life, being a member and all. You just wished the world would slow down for a minute for you and Juice to catch on. 

When you both started prospecting, you both agreed that being a couple while prospecting and being in SAMCRO was too much for your plate, that you should wait, and that you shouldn’t do it, but things we’re going so great and you both loved each other so much that you didn’t had the heart to break up with him, and same went to you. It was because you saw the starts in his eyes every time you looked at him and when you held his hands, shooting for life was something you could do. You were both so innocent back then, and Jax was so innocent back then, and  no one betrayed no one. It was good while it lasted. 

The second the club found out that he had done, he bailed. You could remember it, when you were both asleep; He woke up and started dressing but you were too damn tired to care; all you remember now is that he kissed your forehead goodbye and whispered “I love you” before he left the apartment, and it’s been a month when you haven’t known about him since then.

You looked at the whiskey in front of you, trying to wrap your mind about what Gemma just said. Juice was hiding in Wendy’s old apartment, and has been for a month. You gulped and got up, slightly stumbling and fixing your hair, grabbing your kutte and your helmet, to go outside of your house, no bothering in throwing the key at the door and jumping on the motorbike. 

You drove way too fast that night, because you didn’t wanted to realize what was happening around you and even though, in back days, Juice was the person that told you that slow down was alright, that when you did, you would realize how everything was all around you; Juice now was the reason you were going that fast.

As you faintly remembered where Wendy used to live, tears started to run down your eyes. There was no turning back, and you didn’t knew why you were going to met Juice, if you knew that he’ll be gone tomorrow. You hoped off the bike a street earlier, afraid that the sound of a motorbike will set him off. You held the helmet on the handles and walked slowly towards Wendy’s apartment. 

When you got to the door, you remembered the code knock Gemma told you. Two, pause, then one. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door, closing your eyes when you heard faint foot steps get closer and closer. You gasped when you opened the door, as well as Juice did; It was like both of you have seen a ghost. You took a step back when you saw the gun on his hand. He was shirtless, sweating and he was only wearing boxers. You stared into his eyes, swollen from crying, probably and you didn’t knew what to do.  He took a step back too and you took it as an invitation in; which you did. 

Juice grabbed his jeans from the floor in complete silence as you took off your kutte, leaving it in a near chair. He sighed and sat down on the bed, looking at you. He was still bruised from the beating Chibs have made, and you knew this whole thing triggered his OCD, because damn, that house was neat and you doubted, knowing Wendy, that it was her thing. You sat down next to him, slowly, and distant, too afraid to get closer; Believe it or not, he hadn’t let go off the gun in his hand. You took a deep breath and were gathering up the nerve to talk, when he spoke first.

“Jax knows?” 

“I’ll..no. Gemma called…” You nodded to yourself in the dark. “She’s…worried.” You sighed and placed your elbows on your knees, caressing your face. Juice left the gun in the nightstand, but you realized he could grab in whenever he could. You wanted to cry, it was the sensitive part in you, but you had to stay strong. You sniffed through your nose and looked up. “Why…didn’t you woke me up that night?”

“Wouldn’t you have tried to stop me?” You nodded. “That’s why…” He cleared his throat and got up, walking to the window and moving the curtain slightly, to watch the empty sidewalk in the cold street.  You watched his muscular back, his tattoos back there, his bare feet, and you decided to get up. He froze in the place as you hugged him from behind. You leaned your cheek against his back and looked down, tears wetting his back as he started shaking. He was crying too. 

“W-When…” He trailed off. “When did it all turned to shit?” You were speechless; damn, you didn’t had an answer for that. You shook your head and kissed his back, making him bit his lip and turn around, as you looked up at him. He leaned closer, slowly, as if he was a 15 year old boy giving his first kiss. You kissed him back, gently, as if everything could break in any minute, he held your hand and you could still feel it shake. You started kissing, ever so slowly, when he pulled back, tears running down his cheeks, sobs wanting to come out. You grabbed his face and caressed his cheeks.

“I love you…” He said, taking quick breaths. “I love you; I’m sorry…” You nodded, hiding your lips and staring into his eyes. “I’m so sorry…” You hugged him, and he hugged you so tight back, that you felt like his broken pieces were coming together. “I’m sorry (Y/N)…” He whispered once again. You nodded and pulled back, grabbing his hand and helping him sit down on the bed, caressing his cheek as he looked up at you. 

“It’s alright…” You whispered back. “We’re safe here, it’s alright…” You started to take off your shirt and unbuckling your belt. He was strucked, looking at you like you were some sort of angel. You were now in your underwear in front of him as you leaned closer, laying on top of him while gently kissing him, as you pushed him back to the bed. His hands went to your sides, caressing them and holding your back, as if you were going to leave. He grabbed you against himself, kissing your neck with small pecks here and there. 

It was sweet and slow, like your first time back then. You kissed his cheeks and all his face, while your soft hands caressed the rest of him; He was doing the same. He rolled both of you, and spread your legs, as you wrapped them around him. He looked at you, a blank, yet hurt expression on his face. You smiled softly at him and caressed his scalp, pulling him towards you, softly kissing his lips as he entered you, lazily, calmly. You moaned out quietly, missing him this much, he lifted himself in his elbows as you caressed your own stomach, Juice entering you a bit faster now. You looked at the ceiling, seeing he had his eyes shut. The faint sound of the skin slapping against each other, the crickets outside, traffic, the Snow Patrol album Juice had playing when you came in, too busy to turn it off. It was the last time; for sure. It was matter of time, and you knew Juice won’t let you come back so the club could blame you for betrayal, and you knew he wasn’t going to make it; and you felt your heart being squeezed to ashes. Tears started to run down the corner of your eye, as you licked you lips and tried to hide your sobs, moaning instead. 

It was sweet, and slow. It was a perfect final; you wish it never ended. 

Juice came after a few minutes; as well as you did. He groaned into you hair as he pulled back, making you shiver. You stared at the ceiling but you were interrupted when you felt Juice do the same, laying next to you.  You  were both covered by the sheets down to your waists, and under them, you were holding hands; Juice caressing with his thumb your hand and vice versa. 

“Don’t cry…” He said, but he was softly sorrowing. “I’m glad you came. Perfect final.” You nodded, sniffing. 

“I love you…” You said. “I love you, i’m sorry it ended right here…” You were feeling worse than a rat. 

“It should have ended both of us…” he laughed a little, making you look at him. “Both of us, white fence, cardigans and medical weed…” You nodded, smiling at the memories that were never be made. “But here we are, living this life…” once again, he was right. “We knew we would die on the road..or with a bullet hole in the head” 

You were feeling the worst person in the whole wide world and it was because you came here, not to save Juice, but to say goodbye to him. About a minute passed and both of you were invested into your thoughts, but unlike before where everything was fear and doubt, in Juice head was filled with content and acceptance of what was going to happen; Whatever that was going to come, he would take it. 

 You shook your head and got up quickly, as Juice lifted in his elbows looking at you, still in his afterglow; outside, the rain started fall down, quietly.

“Just lie with me…” Juice said, stopping you, putting a hand on your shoulder. “I just…you know. Let’s just sit for a while, think about stuff. You know?” 

You looked at him briefly, in the pale moonlight shinning through the window, with the occasional shadow of the rain; you leaned back and joined him under the blankets, more safe and at peace, when you felt his olive skin shoulder next to yours. Down there, you felt like you understood what Juice simple request, so perfect, words were obsolete. There was no need in them; not between you and Juice. Yet, you decided to add something anyway. 

“Yeah..:” you laid on your side and wrapped yourself around him. “I know…”

                                                   If i lay here, if i just lay here

                                    would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

What Their Children Are Like (Enchanted In The Moonlight Headcanon)
  • Miyabi: Skirt Chaser. Your son is only nine, but already you can see the resemblance. He's only just met the girl, and already he's begun harassing her. Simple things, picking up her skirt and teasing her about her underwear, pulling her hair, throwing a bug at her. But he is also the first to protect her, to make sure she's safe. "That's my boy."
  • Chikoge: Sweet. She's so sweet, you often feel like you have a cavity after talking to her. Her raven colored pigtails bounce as she hops over to the blonde haired boy. He's a few years older than her, but they seem to get along. Your husband grumbles, pushing his glasses up further. "I don't approve of that young man as our future son in law."
  • Shinra: Bookworm. He's six, but already he's reading thick chapter books. He's already read most of the classics and found each more fascinating than the last. A grin lights his face as he reads to the smaller girl, explaining the more complex areas of text. Shinra merely grins, a soft expression crossing his face . "Let's have another one, a girl."
  • A/N: I only did three, because those were probably the only ones I could do accurately, as they are the only routes reales will add more later.
  • -SKY

questionabledivinity  asked:

Noah isn't a boy so much as he is a boy-shaped hole. All this to say, can you define a thing by what it isn't?

There’s this famous reversible figure of a vase against an empty field. Sometimes the image is simple and two-toned, just a light outline of a shape on a dark background, like a friend’s disembodied voice and a cold breath on Blue’s neck. Sometimes the image is darker and ornate and more realistic, like the indents of knees in Ronan’s sheets in the moonlight. What doesn’t ever change about this image is the illusion of the thing, like having a roommate you never question even though you don’t know anything about him. Whenever you shift your focus you can clearly see that the vase isn’t the only subject of the image, that the outline forms the faces of two men staring at each other in perpetuity across the field of the object that they define. I don’t know about anyone else, but once I shifted my focus it became impossible for me to ever see the vase without the men, or vice-versa, forever after.

Which is to say that yes, not only can you, but I think in some ways we don’t have much of a choice in the matter. A thing’s negative space defines it just as much as the thing’s actual space. Which is to say that the Other and the way they see us, the way one of these men’s gazes falls on the other, defines them and us by forcing us all to confront certain things about ourselves. Which is to say that Noah is quite defined by what he isn’t, by the emptiness around him and within him, by his unbreathing form in stark relief to the breathing room around him, and it’s impossible to forget that, even when he looks like he’s solidly sitting next to someone in a booth at Nino’s.

And all of the characters in these books are defined by the space around them. One of my favorite things about the series is the way it confronts assumption. But I think Noah in particular is often defined or signified in the text by the things he isn’t. Adam has that efficient bit in The Raven Boys where he sums up the things Noah lacks without Blue, Ronan, or Gansey there to make him more. What I love most about that section isn’t what Noah and Adam are without the others, it’s what these boys are or are not when they’re together.

Noah stood directly in front of him, hollow eyes on level with Adam’s eyes, smashed cheek on level with Adam’s ruined ear, breathless mouth inches from Adam’s sucked in breath.

Here we have two boys, looking at each other across a vase-sized space: alive and dead, action and inaction, one called brave and one called a coward. Both of them defined over and over in the text by the things they lack. Negative space is important in art and character development and life because an object needs to be met by resistance to test its boundaries. Existence creates non-existence. The defining matter of Noah’s death is not that he is dead, it’s that he was once alive.

Noah is sick of decaying, but he doesn’t know how it would feel to be alive anymore. He doesn’t remember what he was like then, but he thinks he might be a better person now than he once was, even as he worries that he’s less. That’s the thing about change, about the dissonance of negative space creeping into positive space, for better or worse we’re left unable to view one without the other.

Can we define Noah as a boy-shaped hole? A ripple of time? The echo of a friend? Yes, but looking at what he’s not will probably serve to draw some of the facts of what he is into sharper focus. Because being is a tangle–a gift, a hope, a curse–but it is not ever an empty endeavor, not even for a boy-shaped trick of the light.  

Cisco’s strength is so underrated. He just found out one of his closest friends, someone he sees as family, is responsible for his brother’s death and his reaction is so strong and so Cisco. He let’s himself show emotion over it. He cries. He even allows himself to rage a bit, pushing Barry, telling him a simple sorry cant fix this mistake. He admits he doesn’t really know what to feel over something so complicated and painful. Then he pushes through all that to focus on saving his best friend. He prioritizes his love for the family he still has and tries to help Caitlin. I love and admire and am so proud of Cisco Ramon.

Simple in the moonlight (2/2)

Part 1

It’s quiet for so long that he begins to wonder if she’s fallen asleep. He looks down at the mess of her hair underneath him. Feels a flutter of wonder at the feel of her skin beneath the tips of his fingers, the steady thrum of her heartbeat against his chest.

“Tell me what you’re planning. Please.”

Her voice is almost too quiet for him to hear. He cranes his head down and sighs into her hair.

He feels her shift at his brief hesitation, trails his hands down her arms and shakes his head before she can fully sit up and look him in the eye. He isn’t sure he can keep denying her if he has to meet her gaze.  

She drops her head back down and sighs, the warmth of her breath spreading out against his chest.

“Then tell me something else.”

He moves a hand up into her hair and cards it through the strands, slowly works his way through its tangled length.

“What do you want to know?”

She’s quiet for a moment. Her fingers draw a nonsense pattern across the lines of his ribcage.

“Remember when we were kids and we’d all play truth or dare?”

He huffs a quiet laugh, gives himself the excuse to bury his face in the softness of her hair as he nods.

“Of all the things to survive a nuclear war.” He feels her smile into his chest.

“I remember you always picked truth.” She shifts across his chest and looks up at him, taps her fingers against his chin. “Because there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t say.”

“And you always picked dare.” He rubs his face against her outstretched fingers and smiles down at her. “Because there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do.”

She gives him a half-smile and nods, reaches up to cup his face briefly before trailing her fingers down, resting her hand in gentle slant between his neck and shoulder. Her eyes stay on his a minute longer before she shuts them and drops her head, tucking it underneath his chin.

“Truth or dare, Marcus?”

He breathes in deeply, tries to calm sudden jump of his heart.


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In Neverland - Part 2

Requested by: cutie1365

Words: 1,505

Prompt: Can I have an imagine where the reader drops into neverland the same time as swan, hook, Henry all of them. The reader isn’t from storybrooke though, she’s from London. Peter takes a liking to her, but she sticks with hook because she meets him first. When swan and fam storm the camp (in the show when David gets hit with the arrow) Peter yells at the boys to not hit you. An arrow skims past her and slightly scrapes her, but Peter doesn’t know she got hit.He finds her passed out later and saves u

Warning: Mentions of blood and death. (Very slightly, and nothing really happens.)

Here’s part two! I hope you like it! Cause I honestly don’t know it if makes sense, it’s 4am and I haven’t slept…

As expected, sleeping hadn’t changed anything. You were still in Neverland and had actually been there for a few days already. No one was happy with that idea, but there was finally a plan for attack. Your group would sneak up on the Lost Boys and Pan’ camp and retrieve Henry. It was fast, it was simple… and completely wrong.

Peter and the Lost Boys were waiting for you guys, with Henry nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Henry” Emma demanded, confronting Peter.

“Oh he’s fine Emma, but not here. I thought you were going to play by the rules, but you didn’t so I decided I wouldn’t either” he replied with a grin. At that the Lost Boys started to attack all of you. Some charged and others just stood there place but shot arrows.

“Avoid the arrows! They are coated with a dreamshade” Hook called out as everyone was busy fighting the Lost Boys. While walking through the woods, Hook had explained that Neverland was home to a very deadly plan, and so everyone knew to stay away from those arrows.

You were trying your best to avoid them, but you weren’t as fast, or skilled as the other ones, so you took cover behind trees and rocks. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest. Everything was happening so fast. Everyone was at it and there was arrows flying everywhere. There was even an instance where an arrow almost touched you, but you luckily avoided it. What you weren’t lucky enough to avoid was a Lost Boy. You slammed right into him, and lost your balance. He, unlike you, managed to stay standing and was now aiming an arrow right at your heart.

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I can’t make you love me

Prompt: hi! can you write an imagine that’s set after 5x10? liam doesn’t knows hayden is alive and is heartbroken, the reader is there for him and they devolop feelings for her each other but when liam finds out hayden is alive he doesn’t know who to choose?

Pairing: Liam x Reader, Hayden x Liam

Triggers: mention death, angst(??)

Originally posted by showandwrite

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