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(i want you to) turn that cherry out by anastasia_g

“I would drink you every hour, by moonfall and sunrise, in the afternoons when you come home wearing this delectable little uniform. I would drag you from class and drink you right here by these lockers with the school bell ringing in our ears.” (AU of TVD 3X21) Klaus gets a taste of Bonnie and wants more.

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Pairing: John X Reader
Word Count: 2882
Warnings: Angst, Stress?

A/N: I don’t know about you guys but while I post this it is currently 1:14am. I hope you like it I’m pretty proud of this one!

“So we survived our first month of college,” Alex prodded. “Anyone, you see?”

“I see a lot of people,” John responded taking a bite of his hamburger.

Alex laughed. “I mean girls man! Personally, I think Eliza Schuyler is checking me out.”

“Alex, this isn’t high school anymore,” John said.

“Okay, who is it?” He pressed. “Come on.”

John looked at you from across the cafeteria, you were sitting with Angelica Schuyler and her sister Eliza. “No one,” he grumbled.

“Hm,” he hummed. “Y/N?” He said following his gaze. “She’s a sophomore, have you two even met?”

“Once or twice, she’s really cool and smart,” John told him.

“Ah ha! You admit!” Alex exclaimed, standing up with his hand in the air.

You looked at them, as did everyone else in the cafeteria. First at a freshman named Alexander Hamilton, and then to the one next to him, someone you’ve met before. John Laurens, his face was painted red as he stared up at his friend. He looked down at you and met your eyes, he gave you a shy wave and smile. You laughed as he dragged his friend down.

“Uh, sorry everyone,” Alex said sitting down.

A smile stayed on your face as you watched John scorn his friend. “Uh, earth to Y/N?” Angelica said waving her hand in front of you.

You snapped your head back to your friends. Angelica pulled her hand back from you. “Someone, you see?” She asked.

“Nope,” you responded hopefully putting her thoughts to rest.

“Uh huh,” she joked. “Well I can tell Eliza likes someone over there and his name starts with ‘A’”

“Angelica!” Eliza said hitting her sister on the arm.

“Hey, hey no need for violence!” Angelica exclaimed. You laughed at your friends and returned your attention to your food.

Across the room, two more people joined John and Alex’s table. “Mon Amie! What was the shouting about?” The Frenchman said.

“Yeah, Laf and I get here and we already hear Alex at the top of his voice. Although normally it’s with Thomas,” another voice said sitting down at the table.

“Herc, Laf!” Alex said greeting the two. “John here has a crush on a sophomore.”

“Oh, do we now mon amie?” The Frenchman pressed.

“Who?” Herc asked excitedly.

Alex nodded in your direction, “H/C hair over there sitting with the Schuylers.”

All three looked up at you and quickly looked away when John said, “don’t look! At least not at the same time,” he finished quietly.

They all busted out laughing leaving an embarrassed John to hid his face in his hands. “Dude, you have to think of someway to see her more,” Alex said between his spurts of laughter.

“Well I have an idea but it’s stupid,” John said.

“What is it?” Herc asked.

“She’s majoring in science, same as me but she doesn’t know that. I was thinking since that she’s top of the class maybe I could pretend I need tutoring in the class?” John suggested.

“Isn’t that gonna be kinda hard to fake? I mean you’re amazing when it comes to biology!” Alex exclaimed. “Still, I approve.”

John laughed and nodded his head in agreement. “It’s worth a try.”


You clutched your books to your chest as you walked out of the library. You closed the door quietly, but when you turned around your books hit the floor. You jumped when you saw another person standing in front of you.

“S–Sorry, here let me help you,” John reached down and picked up a few of your books, as did you. Jeez, this was like a scene in a movie, now all we need is the award-winning smile in front of you.

Yet instead you got more of a flustered one, all the same, it was adorable. His sideways smile complemented the freckles that dotted his face. Curly strands of brown hair fell from his ponytail and over his face. You smiled awkwardly a small blush coming to your face.

“Thanks,” you said taking the outstretched book from his hands.

“Actually, I wanted to ask your for help.” John stuttered.

You met his hazel eyes, “What with?” You asked.

“Well I haven’t been doing too well in science lately and I heard you’re the best when it comes to science.” He looked down at his feet then back at you.

“I can tutor you if that’s what you’re asking,” you suggested.

John looked at you a glimmer of hope shining in his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, that’d be great!”

You smiled at his excitement suppressing a giggle. “Let’s see,” you pulled out your phone and clicked on your calendar. “Today is Monday, you free Wednesday afternoon? I have classes in the morning but if that doesn’t work I could do Friday?” You told him.

He looked at you shyly and shifted his weight onto the other foot. “Could we do both days? I–I just really don’t get anything that’s going on in there.”

Glancing at your calendar you clicked the days and labeled your afternoons tutor John. “Done and done.”

His crooked smile appeared once more, he nodded. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” you said. Walking around him you looked back to see him slowly start walking the other way. You looked down, shaking your head and continued on your way.


Books stacked opon your desk as you scribbled in your notebook. Your head connected with the desk as you finished the research paper you had been working on. Sighing in relief you decided that an afternoon nap was well deserved. So you headed off to change into shorts and a sweatshirt.

You were caught off guard when you heard a knock at the door. Your sweatshirt halfway on, you pulled the rest over you and headed for the door. You swung it open to see John Laurens. Today is Wednesday.

“Crap,” you looked up at John’s confusion. “Oh no sorry, I was just finishing a project and I barely slept last night, tutoring completely slipped my mind. Come in,” you stepped out of the way and he walked through.

“We can reschedule if you need.” He suggested.

“No, no! You’re good just take a seat and we can get started.” You told him showing a tired smile.

You both sat down on your couch and he pulled out a textbook and a journal. You spent maybe an hour or so on mitosis and he seemed to understand. You watched him work through a paper, you rested your head on your hand that was on your knee. Your eyes fluttered shut and your body drowsily followed.

But you jerked awake as you fell against the couch arm. John looked at you as you sat upright again.

“You alright?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You nodded slowly, “Yeah I’m fine just a little tired.”

“You’re sleep deprived. You’re a scientist in training you should know the symptoms,” he stated.

You looked at him, your brain too tired to piece things together. “I was just–I had to,” you looked for an excuse.

“Nope, no excuses,” he stood and extended his hand to you. “Come on you’re going to bed.”

You shook your head dismissively. He took your hand and found your room. You fell onto the bed and sighed in comfort. John laughed and tucked you in.

“I’ll just let myself out then.” You laughed and watched him leave. When you heard your lock click behind him you closed your eyes and slipped into a peaceful darkness.


You let out a huff of air as you plopped down at your lunch table with Angelica. You had been tutoring John for a couple weeks now and your feelings for him began to grow ever more for the freckled man. You set down the multiple papers you had to complete and began working.

“You are a workaholic, you know that?” She commented watching you furiously scribble answers down. “I can literally see gears turning in your head.”

“Scholarships don’t keep themselves,” you told her. “And I am not going to lose a full ride to some sleep.”

“Speaking of sleep,” a voice said behind you. “Did you get much last night?”

You looked up and watched John sit down next to you. Angelica smirked and watched the two of you. “My sleep schedule, as horrid as it may be, is none of your concern John.”

John laughed. “As a matter of fact, I would like my tutor to be well rested so I can learn while she’s not falling asleep on her couch.” Heat rushed to your cheeks as you saw mischief spark in Angelica’s eyes. “We still on for this afternoon?”

“Yeah, of course. See you then,” you told him.

He stood and walked over to where his friends were sitting. You turned back to your work too flustered to concentrate. Angelica watched the boys and occasionally glanced at you. She informed you on her observations, how the guys were apparently teasing John about something. Eventually, you stood and left the cafeteria to go and get ready for you tutoring session today.

An expected knock came to your door as you typed up a paper for your professor. “It’s open!”

John opened the door and walked in, immediately eyeing your laptop and the textbooks next to it. “I got some sleep before you came over don’t worry. I’m wide awake.”

He chuckled and sat down next to you. As he pulled his hair into a ponytail you set your work aside and focused on him. “So anything you need to work on?”

He stopped to think. “Not that I can think of, you’re a really great teacher. Maybe we could just hang out tonight?”

You smiled at him, “You’re welcome to stay over if you want but I really have to finish this history project.”

He gave you a mock pout. “Suit yourself,” he laughed.

You laughed with him and returned to your work. Clicking on your multiple tabs you tried to focus on the painstaking work. You sighed in frustration when you realized you were getting nowhere.

John looked at you and your furrowed brows. “Hey,” he put a hand a little above your knee, “take a break. You pushing yourself too hard.”

“I can’t John,” you muttered.

He sat up and took your laptop. “Hey!” You exclaimed. He saved your work and closed the computer. “John!”

“Y/N, you’re stressing yourself out and it’s not healthy for you. Relax, take a break. It’s like I’m talking to Alexander. He’s a workaholic too!” He joked.

You were standing now, John’s joking expression faded into more of a concerned one as he watched you pace in front of the coffee table. “John I–I can’t I have so much to do in so little time. I have a full ride scholarship and I lose that if I don’t get this done!”

“You will also lose it if you don’t get a good result on it!” John argued. He stood but didn’t move anywhere. “You’re stressing yourself out, you’ll be okay.”

“No, I won’t John!” You yelled at him, tears beginning to form at your eyes. His shocked expression knocked you back to reality. “I–I’m sorry John, I–” you said barely a whisper.

He came around to you and wrapped you in his arms. “Shh, you’re okay.” You buried your head in his chest as he stroked your hair.

“Hey look at me,” he said. Placing a finger under your chin and his thumb on your chin he angled your head up to his. You looked at him through bleary eyes. “You’re okay.”

You nodded and leaned into him. “I’m just–really stressed.”

“Shh, I know.” He cooed. He pulled you with him as he sat down on the couch again, holding you to his chest.

You curled against him, pulling your legs close to you. Some Disney movie played in the background but you focused on where you were. John’s arms placed securely around you, the beat of his heart as you laid against his chest. His breathing steady like a river, you focused on his presence. Closing your eyes and taking in the moment. You felt John’s eyes wander to you, he pushed the hair out of your face and studied you. You kept your eyes shut seeing what he would do, refraining from the urge to kiss him. He simply drew patterns on your shoulder as you rested against him.


You strolled down the corridor and past John’s science class to see him answering every question with confidence. You grinned knowing your tutoring had paid off. You decided to wait outside the classroom for John, maybe ask his teacher how he was doing although you know he was doing brilliantly. The bell rang and you watched the freshman students flow out of the classroom. John came out and stopped when he saw you, surprised.

“Y-Y/N?” He said confused.

“Hey, John!” You gave him a kind smile, he still looked uncomfortable.

“Uh. Watcha’ doin’?” He shifted his weight.

Your eyebrow raised slightly at his demeanor. “Just stopping by.”

“John!” You heard Alex exclaim behind you. “Let’s go!”

“I’m comin’! I’ll meet you at the apartment!” He yelled back. "I’ll see you later Y/N.,” he said and veered around you.

You watched him run after his friend and you walked into the classroom. “Good afternoon Mrs. Brenner.”

“Y/N! What a pleasant surprise,” she said looking up from her paperwork. “I haven’t seen you lately, how’s sophomore year treating you?”

“Oh it’s like I finish a project and I’m bombarded with another,” you joked.

She laughed and leaned against her desk. “Did you need something?”

You shook your head. “I just wanted to ask about on of your students, John Laurens.”

“Ah yes, Mr. Laurens. A very bright young man, a talented artist too. Since day one he’s been earning A’s in my class. Brilliant he is.” She said fondly.

You stared at her in confusion. Quickly erasing the expression you nodded. “That’s what I’ve heard. He nice too, a real gentleman.” She nodded her head in agreement. “Bye Mrs. Brenner!”

“Bye Y/N! It was good to see you again!” She said as you walked out into the hallway.

A million thoughts ran through your head. Why would John need tutoring if he had all A’s? Was he lying? Why did he bother then? Why did he waste his time on me? You shook your head, you would talk to him later. No, now.

Rushing down the hallway you attempted to piece together what you were going to say and how you were to say it. You didn’t know. You crossed the campus and to your car. Throwing your stuff in you started the ignition and headed to his apartment complex. Once you were there you sat in the car and questioned what you were doing. You were mad of course, you didn’t like that you were lied to.

So you practically ran out of your car and to his apartment. You knocked at the door and looked at your feet. Alex opened the door and just stared at you, “Y/N?” He said. “Oh, you’re here for John well I was just leaving.” He moved past you with a smirk.

“Hm,” you huffed in annoyance. Trudging past him and into the house you saw John poke his head out of the kitchen and offer his crooked smile.

“Hey Y/N,” he said moving to you. He opened his arms to you but you slid out of the way. “Y/N?” He asked.

“Did you lie to me?” You asked.


“Did you lie to me about your tutoring?” You said looking him straight in the face.

He gawked at you, surprise and regret tracing his features. “I–I..”

“That’s what I thought,” you tossed your keys around your fingers and caught them in your palm. “Bye.”

You walked to the door only to have it closed by the person behind you. His arm placed firmly against the door and his head hanging. “Please don’t go.”

You turned around and pressed yourself against the door. “John…?”

“I–I’m sorry…” He leaned forward, but retracted and turned away from you.

You walked towards him. Your hand rested on a side table near the couch, it collided with a group of papers. “Then why?” Trailing off you looked down at the papers.

Under an essay was a sketch, it’s looked familiar. It was you. You pulled it out from the stack and stared at it. The black and white depicted you with a small smile and hair draping over your face. You were astonished at the artwork, skilled hands drew this.

Eyes still on the paper you asked, “Did you draw this? … Me?”

“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly.


“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Is…oh.” You trailed.


You walked toward him and kissed him softly at first. As he wrapped his arms around your waist you wrapped yours around his shoulders.

“So tutoring paid off huh?” Alex said leaning casually against the door frame.

“Alex!” You and John scorned.

He stumbled off of the door frame and back outside. You and John laughed and he rocked you back and forth in his grasp. You smiled and leaned your head against his.