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Did my own version of the dregs tattoo. I remember reading somewhere in Six of Crows that Kaz likes brandy which I shared with a bartender friend who as it turns out HATES brandy with a PASSION. Every time she sees a snifter she snarls “screw you Kaz!”, so I made this in her honor. Friendship is a sweet thing (almost as sweet as brandy)

Bartender friend on the keyboard now: This is aCURSED!!! POST!!!


“Ugh. This shit again?”

“But I fixed the coffee machine last week.”

“FFS Aunt Cass, I told you to buy another one.”

Queens of BMP: Her Majesty The Queen of Charles

The Steel Rose

Her Majesty The Queen has always been underestimated, which she used to her advantage through the years. She convincingly played the role of the fairytale Crown Princess to the point that The Royal Conference of Charles already forgot the steel underneath the blush, lace and tulle.  

Long before the Queen’s crown was placed on her head, she has already mastered the role of the deadliest piece on the chessboard. With just a whisper, a soft gaze, and a tender touch on her husband’s hand, she can turn the tables to her advantage. It’s no secret that she was the force behind the change in succession laws. Allowing Charles’ most beloved little princess to one day ascend the throne as Queen Regnant.

To the people of Charles and the rest of the world - they embody the fairytale that had gone right. However in small private gatherings, they raise their glasses, offering a toast to their King and Queen - to the most beloved Rose of Charles, and his protectress the Steel Rose of the House of Levainçois, long may they reign.

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6 and 15 for Kaz and Inej please

:O I got a kaznej ask!!! my life is worth living again okay okay: 

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?

I think Kaz probably has them at night but like he Represses them because he doesn’t have anything to do with that deep philosophical nonsense. Most unfortunately these thoughts have to go somewhere and this is why Inej nearly had a heart attack at 3am one time she got up to get a glass of water and came back to hear the entirely fast asleep Kaz muttering a deep existential question in her direction. He claimed to have absolutely no memory of this the next day when she mentioned it and no real wish to discuss it (somehow they still managed to sit and talk about it for like three hours in spite of this) 

Inej is just permanently having deep and emotional thoughts, it’s her default setting (which Kaz finds very endearing. He tucks away everything she says in the back of his memory for later potential use even if he pretends he’s only half listening.) 

15. Who is scared of the dark?

Kaz. But only when he’s sort of on downtime at home on the very rare occasion that he sleeps (Jesper doesn’t think he sleeps at all. He’s convinced he doesn’t actually need it. He asks Nina about five times a day if Kaz is a corpse she’s reanimated to make plans for them. Nina snorts and tells him if that were the case she would a)- have picked a better looking one and b)- one without the attitude issues. Kaz does not approve of this assessment and scowls at them) 

But yes, he’s not fond of it. It’s one of his deepest, darkest (ha) secrets. There’s just too much uncertainty in darkness at night when he’s trying to drift off but he can’t because it feels like it’s pressing in on him and every shape becomes a demon from his past and, and, and- He lights a candle and leaves it burning when he drops off. Inej doesn’t comment on it or complain but once they’ve been together for a little while Kaz finds that when he goes upstairs to bed there’s already a candle burning gently beside his bed. The sight of it never fails to make him smile. 

Inej of course thrives in the darkness of all shapes and forms and at all times. But she gets used to sleeping with a flickering light in the corner of the room. 


yalitsquad challenge 1 // pt. 1 // favorite series read in 2016 >> six of crows duology

But what about the rest of us? What about the nobodies and the nothings, the invisible girls? We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary. That was how you survived when you weren’t chosen, when there was no royal blood in your veins. When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.


Big Hero 6 + Urban Dictionary Name Meanings


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what is six of crows about???

hey! it’s a fantasy series about 6 uniquely skilled criminals trying to break into an absurdly high security prison in pursuit of $$$$$$ but the real heist is the friends we made along the way

lots of phenomenal characters - bisexual POC, female POC, curvy & queer, at least two gay boys, disabled leader, etc, who are all survivors and delights. really just. funny and brilliant and violent and childish and strong

there is magic and crime in equal measure, and so so many breathtakingly well thought out twists and schemes it makes ur gd head spin

it’s set in a universe from Leigh Bardugo’s grisha verse series, but you don’t have to have read it (I haven’t, yet)

It’s slow to get going if I’m being honest, bc the world-building requires some focus, and we don’t get into the swing of the group hijinks for a hot minute

BUT once you’re in, you’re in, and crooked kingdom is one of THE best sequel’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading

so like……. if ur considering reading…………… do

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Obviously, with Sans's erasure Undyne has taken his place and Gerson has remained the captain of the guard, but are there any other such major alterations? You don't have to tell me what they are, just if they exist.

sans just didn’t do major things while he lasted before the erasure will i guess the souls didn’t exist as it was erased with him sooooo….

as a consequence i don’t think the amalgamates exist in othertale too as alphys got to use the determination from the souls for that and no souls no determination then no amalgamates…..other consequence for that is that alphys is a bit more confident than the original one (she is just stutters in front of undyne if you know what i mean 7u7) so for that she was confident enough to continue building mtt’s body without having the fear of him leaving her …..and by that his body is stronger than the original one which means the mtt neo wouldn’t be a joke ewe

wow what a series of events……just because there is no six souls :D

try now imagining what other things would happen without sans affecting it :D

Tag yourself - Protagonists of All Six Series I've Watched


-doxxed someone 

-doesn’t know when to stop 

-trusts all the wrong people 

-0 social skills 

-terrible liar 

-doing his best 



-swears a lot 

-didn’t agree to this 

-gives up but actually doesn't 

-good hair 

-misses his cousin 


-just wanted to make a fitness show 

-asked for none of this 

-too good for this world too pure 

-survivor’s guilt 

-protect him 

-didn’t deserve this 

🌸nails 🌸🌸 

-Not Delusional 

-bird mom 

-everyone’s child 

-good fashion sense 

-“I came out here to paint my nails and I’m feeling so attacked right now" 

who ya gonna call 

-Dark Past™ 

-killed someone 

-wants a redemption arc 

-your actual older sibling

-I Failed™ 

-rejects mortality 

-craves validation 


-memory issues 

-doesn’t know what he did 

-but it was bad 

-has shitty friends 

-didn’t sign up for this 

Pseudo-political buttons featuring NBC TV show characters.
Friday Night Lights, Conan O’Brien, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Saturday Night Live, The Office, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

I’m unsure of what year these came out because all six of the series above were in production between the years of 2006 and 2010… though due to there being a presidential election in 2008, that would be the most likely date.

[update] Chris Noth left L&O:CI at the end of the 7th season, August 2008. So that confirms it’d be as late as 2008, though he was gone before the elections happened!