what is rich

newsies songs summarized

overture: Emotional Chest Feeling: the song

santa fe (prologue): jack going “i wanna be a coowwwboy baby”

carrying the banner: there will always be one more chorus than you think

the bottom line: this song is a banger i dont care what anyone says (feat. evil planning and a bouncy chorus)

that’s rich: We Are All Love Medda

i never planned on you/ don’t come a-knocking: jack has no use for poetry or moonlight but still manages to be one corny sappy bitch

the world will know: ANGRY STOMPING AND Y E L L I N G

watch what happens: a banger but also deceptively hard to sing

seize the day: We Are All Love Davey

santa fe: jack wants to be a cowboy, cont’d

king of new york: a bop, also SPOON FIGHT

watch what happens (reprise): go and look it up the poor GUYS head is spinning (you knew it was coming also this song bangs)

the bottom line (reprise): the one everyone forgets about

brooklyn’s here: arguably the biggest jam on the whole album feat. them tiny boys

something to believe in: Jatherine Is Canon Shut Up

once and for all: DETERMINATION + that daym key change

finale: hey here’s some more flips n shit fuck you

noct-your-business  asked:

what about brooke and rich? do they believe in the paranormal too or not?

Brooke: I was practically raised by ghosts guys

Reblog if you agree it's possible to be a big fan of someone without wanting a romantic or sexual relationship with them

As we approach the Holiday season, think about those less fortunate, and the what the reality of being less fortunate means for millions of American citizens (ie fellow humans) as laid out by the incomparable @seananmcguire 


*aggressive nodding*

Jeremy: *waking up in Michael’s basement, lights off, Mario kart music coming from the TV*

Jeremy: Michael, what are you doing?

Michael: *in the corner, hood up, holding a stuffed animal that’s bound with string, holding a plastic knife to it’s throat*

Michael: The gays demand a blood sacrifice.

Jeremy: What the fuck.

Michael: Nah, just kidding. Rich threw this at me and now it’s my hostage until he apologizes.

Rich, from the other side of the room, aiming a Nerf gun at Michael: Never going to happen.

Jeremy: That doesn’t make it any less weird.


Jeremy: And despite all of their bitching they sung along to all the songs anyway.

Christine: Yeah and then you and Mike were making bedroom eyes at each other during “Love Will Find A Way”.

Rich: Not to mention you wouldn’t shut up about how much you loved Kovu for the entire movie lol

Jeremy: Wha? Hey!!

Michael: Yeah we know you’re a furry but do you have to make it so obvious?

Jeremy: I AM NOT–

Michael: Saying that you have a crush on Kovu immediately results in classifying you as a furry, Jer.

Jeremy: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now


in relation to my last post;

okay so i’ll start off by pointing out again that when Eddie, Bill, and Richie go into Neibolt Richie is complaining about drawing the short straw whereas Eddie seems sort of unbothered by having to go in there. Which is weird because he was one of the more visibly scared at other moments and only moments earlier had that freakout over when he tore the map down. okay? so then we see in the deleted scene outside with Stan crying (ugh break my heart) and saying how he can’t go in there. now, what if what happened was Stan pulled the short straw and Eddie volunteered to take his place?