what is restraint

Tickle Ask! (SFW)

Neck = Like or Dislike being tickled?

Under Chin = Favorite verbal tickle-teases?

Belly/Sides = Most ticklish spots?

Back = Favorite way to tickle someone? (Position, tickle tool, etc.)

Armpits = Favorite spot to tickle?

Ribs = Favorite tickle tool?

Hips = Knismesis (gentle tickles) or Gargalesis (heavy tickles)?

Thighs = Restraints or none? If so, what kind of restraints? (Restraints include pinning and/or tying.)

Knees = Specific someone you’ll let tickle you?

Soles = Prefer to tickle or BE tickled?

Toes = What is tickling to you?

okay, this is totally irrelevant, but have a quick story time because i had to scroll past this post and felt guilty.

way back in time, many summers ago, little old me went to visit the local library for the first time. i was young, very young, in elementary school at the time, and it blew my mind. see, the local library is more of a city library, because it’s located in the town square and is absolutely massive. we’re talking three stories and a grand staircase here. there were so many books! for free! for literal free! and i could have all of them! 

so, because elementary school me had no idea what restraint was or how to apply it to my daily life, i checked out approximately 20 books. possibly more. (the library only had a checkout limit on academic texts. well. used to only have.) i then went home and read voraciously, and was done with all of these books in about 5 days.

only no one believed i had finished all of them that fast. my parents refused to take me back, because they thought there was no way i could have finished them all. 

believe you me i was not about to take this lying down, so i must have argued for hours before i finally accepted defeat. i went back up to my room and shoved this pile of books under my bed, determined to bring them out again on my next trip to the library.

by now you might be getting an inkling of where this story is going. 

that pile of books was then forgotten under my bed until approximately my freshman year of high school, when i unearthed it as i cleaned out my room. (i was going through a ‘reinvent myself’ phase and had decided the new me was not going to be a compulsive hoarder.) somehow, in all of that time, i had never returned to the library. it seemed unbelievable. how could this have happened? i must have sat there for a solid 10 minutes in stupefied horror, running my fingers over the dust-coated spines. i knew immediately i had to return these books.

i did not immediately return the books. because freshman me was dumb as hell about a lot of things, but not about consequences, and i knew there were going to be consequences.

eventually, though, i womaned up and grabbed my wallet and a bag for the books and went to the library again. i marched right up to the front desk area and said i had some books to return and some fines to pay. so they direct me to another desk, where i hand over the decades-old (hahaha but really) library card.

this is where it went to hell in a handbasket. 

turns out when my parents brought me to the library they didn’t register for a full library card and opted to get a ‘guest’ one that would expire in a few weeks. they only put down the home phone number, no address or email. except the phone number was one digit wrong. so this library card had 20 books on it when it expired, and the librarians had to keep refreshing it or whatever for the past however many years while also repeatedly calling a number that never worked. so the fines kept racking up and they had no way of tracking down the owner of the card. 

things only got worse when i pulled out the stack of books and put them on the counter. now, i did my best to wipe off the dust and grime, but there was only so much i could do. these books looked like they belonged in a haunted house or an evil witch’s lair after spending years under my bed, and from the way the librarian was glaring at me by then i was pretty sure that was where my corpse was gonna end up too.

skip ahead to after the librarian scans all of these books, death-glaring me into submission the entire time, and informs me my total amount of fines owed is $90.26. which holy shit. holy fucking shit.

keep in mind i was an itsy-bitsy freshman in high school at this time. $90 was a lot of money to me. as a matter of fact, it still is. so i’m getting out my wallet and counting the money inside, and lucky for me i happened to have $100 and 25 cents. lucky is actually a bit of an understatement, because i got the feeling that if i had anything less or wasn’t able to pay the fine a haunted house would be one of the nicer places my corpse was gonna end up. 

except i wasn’t done being a little shit, because i apparently hadn’t learned my lesson yet. whatever that lesson was supposed to be. so while i could have put down $100 and waited to get my 74 cents change, i put down $90 and 25 cents. 

so the librarian started counting the money, and i started subtly moonwalking towards the door. as fortune would have it, i reached the glass-paned portal to salvation the moment that librarian realized i was exactly 1 cent short of paying off my fine.

she looks up and sees me standing at the door, hand wrapped around the handle. i look back at her. cue the western standoff music.

i don’t know how long we stood there. i honestly don’t. it could have been seconds. it could have been minutes. all i know is that when i felt my palms start to sweat and my knees begin to shake, i wrenched that door open with all of my strength. i had to go. 

and the librarian- the fucking librarian- vaults the desk and comes after me.

the noise that came out of my mouth was not human. it was somewhere between the shriek of a prey animal and the dying wail of an electric guitar. because this librarian, swear to god, was ancient. i’m talking ancient ancient. so ancient my own grandma (bless her heart) would look young. white-haired, sweater-vested bottle-glasses-wearing ancient. yet here she is, heels clicking across the floor, ankle-length skirt flying behind her and twin fires of pure fury burning in her eyes. i could almost hear the souls of the damned strike up their chorus. 

i deadass sprinted out of there so fast my gym teacher would have been proud. i put every action movie star from the past three decades to shame. usain bolt himself would have looked slow next to me. and i did not stop until i was standing in my bedroom again, several miles away.

to this day, i have not set foot in the city library again. i know that if i do, i will not escape alive. sometimes, in the deep, dark of the night, i hear high heels clicking across tiled floor and the sound of a door slamming shut behind me. i burned my library card and never keep anything under the bed.

so, if you’re ever wondering why i can never go to a library again, this post is why. 

Isn’t it interesting that Queen Moon’s title is the Undaunted?

“Undaunted” literally means “without restraints.” What could possibly hold a Mewman princess back from fighting a monster or casting a powerful spell? Was that something she continued to be suppressed by after the battle, or were they chains that when cast off can never be placed on again?

Like personal feelings.

Because what is self-restraint I might’ve just bought 12 TNG/DS9 books… Now, just to find the rest of Typhon Pact and Abyss

43 Reasons Why We Love ars PARADOXICA

On the 73rd anniversary of Dr. Sally Grissom’s first audio diary entry on October 29, 1943, I, along with the rest of the fandom, would like to show our appreciation for this wonderful podcast! Without further ado, here’s a list of 43 reasons why we love ars PARADOXICA:

  1. Sally Grissom. She’s brilliant, relatable, funny, dorky and a HUGE nerd; and has been super captivating since day 1. I love Sally and I’m always looking to hear more about her.
  2. The attention to diversity and tact used to cover sensitive issues.
  3. Asexual characters are so hard to find in the media! It’s so amazing to see that kind of representation, especially amazing to see it in a brilliant female scientist.
  4. The time travel-I love that it has drawbacks, and it can’t be used as an easy solution to anything.  I loving learning more about what those restraints are, and the science behind it. It’s explained well in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. ars PARADOXICA isn’t a repetition of other time travel stories, it’s all it’s own.
  5. The code! The codes at the end are always fun to solve.
  6. The show is also very informative; I never liked historical fiction until ars PARADOXICA.
  7. The creators, who are so in tune with their fanbase and have so much care in making sure the show is accessible for everyone.
  8. The lovely acting that draws everything together.
  9. The endless supply of time puns ready to be made.
  10. The daring choice to make a time travel story in an audio drama format and doing it wonderfully.
  11. I really, really love the intro music. It’s perfect for setting the atmosphere of the show, and every time I hear it I can just imagine the opening credits if the story was told as a visual medium.
  12. Helen Partridge’s singing!
  13. The nuanced view of science as a great tool for humanity to use and how it can be used for good or evil.
  14. All of the characters are incredibly three-dimensional and amazing.
  15. The science is completely lost on me, but I love how excited the characters get whenever they make some breakthrough.
  16. Kudos to the writers for making complex characters that have good intentions but questionable loyalties.
  17. The interactions with other podcasts (the crossover with TBS for instance, was incredible).
  18. The fanbase that the podcast has gathered, and how strong it is.
  19. Nikhil Sharma! What a freaking cool character, instantly likable and his interactions with Sally were just A+.
  20. The Cold War as a choice of setting is just fantastic-espionage and time travel go so well together.
  21. The idea of the series as “a tome of secret history you stumbled across in a library in the dead of night.” Even though I know that plenty of other people listen to this podcast, it often feels like I’m the only one in the world hearing this story unfold, like it’s being told to me personally.
  22. All of the amazing female characters! They’re all so incredibly well-written, and it warms my heart to see such excellent portrayals of women in science, women in positions of power, women of different races and sexual orientations…all in a single podcast.
  23. I love how much the creators love their own podcast. They’ve been the biggest fans from the start, and it’s obvious when you listen that everyone who’s involved in the making of aP cares deeply about the show.
  24. I love that Sally Grissom and Anthony Partridge love each other so much without ever having fallen in love. It’s so hard to find good female-male friendships in fiction that don’t turn into romantic relationships, or any friendships at all that are valued as much as romantic relationships.
  25. “Alas, my right arm is complete again” / “I threw away my shot”. Two musical references in the span of a minute, you guys are spoiling me.
  26. The podcast is just so well-written, which is a ridiculously broad statement, but it’s true. Every once in awhile, when I’m listening, I have to pause and replay a segment once or twice before I can move forward–it’s that good.
  27. I love this podcast’s origin story, and how the idea of a numbers station playing in the dead of night became this.
  28. I love that everyone in the podcast seems to love Sally Grissom as much as I do.
  29. ODAR, everyone’s favorite Organization Too Secret To Know. I love that they aren’t just the Faceless Time Organization of Evil that time travel stories so often have. ODAR was founded with the best of intentions and is run by people who still believe in their original goals. While they’re definitely morally ambiguous, they’re far from amoral.
  30. To tack onto an earlier point, I love that Sally herself says that she’s asexual on the podcast. While I would of course appreciate ace characters in any form, it meant so much more coming directly from the character than it would have if the creators had simply mentioned it outside of the series.
  31. “Real life is not a radio serial.” (and all the other times holes are poked in the fourth wall)
  32. All of the art and writing the fans create. It may be low in quantity, but the quality is through the roof.
  33. Esther Roberts. Just…Esther Roberts.
  34. The logo. The design is intriguing, and really fitting for the podcast.
  35. I loved the 9 episodes of Timelapse, where other time travel stories were discussed. I think it showed that ars PARADOXICA is doing a good job at distinguishing themselves in that aspect. Also it was cute.  
  36. The fact that we know all the characters Hogwarts Houses, like yes that is so important thank you for giving us that. 
  37. The fact that the writers will include trigger warnings for episodes where that might be necessary-it goes to show how much they appreciate and care about their audience.
  38. The children from Plasticity. In just 40 minutes, we were able to get to know and love the kids, and there was some time since I was so touched in such little time. Hearing them growing up, learning and suffering with the life ODAR gave to them was awesome, and an amazing way to reinforce the moral ambiguity of ODAR and its actions.  
  39. The quality of the child actors’ performances were especially impressive, and, combined with the writing, they were very believable. Kudos!
  40. Instead of spending hours on exposition, we learn more about ODAR and the characters naturally through the narrative itself. It feels more like putting together a puzzle than reading a textbook.
  41. The Las Vegas storyline was so good, especially because it mixed crucial plot points in with a fun road trip.
  42. ars PARADOXICA balances the tension between the innate human desire to push scientific boundaries and the horror of the possibilities of what they discover.
  43. All the amazing writers who started it all. 💜

Special thanks to @sealguemjativeressenome-meh, the awesome fans in the Podcast Enthusiasts United ars PARADOXICA Slack channel, and everyone who contributed to this list! 

@ people mad or dissapointed in Yuri on Ice for not having a kiss, direct “I love you”, wedding, etc etc at the end…  don’t?

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(okay, she just really surprised him.)


(the world is ending, everyone is dying, and they freaking kiss in the middle of the apocalypse.)


(levi is passionate. petra is passionate. there is a lot of sexual tension and sweet love.)


(omg, he doesn’t even realized what he had just done! and she neither.)


(smiles smiles smiles even when they kiss!)


(historia likes running into ymir’s arms to kiss her.)


(…what? they have to restraint themselves all day!)


(bertholdt had waited his all life for that.)


(i’m sure reiner is about to do something dangerous, and historia is worried or/and angry at him.)


(i’m pretty sure that eren surprised levi, but in the end, it’s good.)

and i think that’s all. i’m sorry if i didn’t do one, i just did the main pairings.


that’s how you show you really believe in your side of the debate. smash it into your own face.