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hey sasha, you seem pretty level-headed compared to other people in the fandom. what do you think of this theory? i try to get hopeful but it seems a little far-fetched lol hiddensymposiarch*tumblr*com/post/101949578172/a-very-optimistic-timeline


I agree it’s very optimistic. I honestly don’t think things will happen that fast. Modest is still the management company and HJPR is still the PR company. Today they dispatched one of their flying monkeys to tell us shut up or Harry won’t be allowed to come play with us anymore. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were involved in the fanfic Lauren Toyota spewed today either because she’s on the Niall-as-ladies-man bandwagon and the Larry isn’t real bandwagon. So I think what we’re seeing is just more of the same war that’s been raging all year between 1D and 1DHQ.  

And as always, there are 5 members of 1D. What’s happening narrative wise with the rest? Checking google news, this is what I got:

  • Niall is still the new “lothario swordsman” being linked to not one but two XFactor contestants, Lauren Platt and Lola Saunders. I already mentioned Lauren Toyota (she claimed Niall hit on her).
  • Louis is being whispered about in conjunction with Harry. But there’s more deflection happening than linking.
  • Zayn’s press is still all about Perrie. But it reflects the “kinda engaged” comment, which may mark the beginning of the end of this fauxmance. But it’ll take a while to unravel.
  • Liam’s press reminds us he is a regular dude bro with a regular girlfriend who is a girl and they do regular stuff like go to Burger King.

I think the tide is turning, but it’s not gonna be a tsunami. It’s not gonna happen all at once. But it looks like the seeds have been planted for Harry & Louis’ coming out and Zayn getting out of this engagement mess. Consider this Phase 1. There’s still several more phases to go. And that’ll play out over the course of next year. I’d love to be wrong, but I think we still have a year to go before we make it to the finish line.