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just adding on to the "yoon bum has bpd" thing, a lot of people with ptsd get misdiagnosed with bpd because they share similar symptoms in terms of behavior. bum doesn't really strike me as someone with bpd, coming from personal experience with myself and others. the obsessive behavior and self harm is there, but i don't see other key elements. i'm wondering if he had to go undergo court mandated therapy or something and they drifted towards bpd (demonized) bc of his criminal charges.

I don’t really know how the court system works in Korea/what the public opinion on mental health is like, but misdiagnosis is always a possibility. I’m not too knowledgeable on BPD so I can’t speak to how accurate his possible portrayal of it is, but I did look up symptoms for it and did note that he seems to be missing signs of mood swings that can sometimes mark the presence of BPD. I can’t tell right now if he has it and it’s just an inaccurate portrayal of it or if it’s a misdiagnosis. Or maybe we just haven’t seen enough of him on his own/outside of a high stress situation where it would be more obvious.

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Is all this "18 months between pregnancy" stuff coming from the WHO? Or what medical association is saying this?

While publications by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations recommend waiting at least 2–3 years between pregnancies to reduce infant and child mortality, and also to benefit maternal health, recent studies supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have suggested that longer birth spacing, 3–5 years, might be more advantageous

Taken from The Who report. It’s from 2005 though so I’m not sure if there’s a more updated version or not.


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Unusual ask: multiples of 11 :)

Thanks for the ask! 

11. favorite social media account

Tumblr and Reddit.  Reddit can very much be a shithole without filter, I mainly stay away from the defaults subs and use things like /r/babyelephantgifs and /r/trollxchromosomes

22. do you go to the gym?

Not as much as I should, although I signed up for a weight lifting class that starts on Wednesday! :)

33. favorite actor? 

Everyone from Critical Role currently. 

44. what is your biggest fear? 

Shootings.  After the incident on campus in the spring and some idiots shooting my then boyfriend’s neighbor  (they are thankfully fine) when I was dropping him off I would just like to avoids guns like a lot.  

55. what is your dream job?

ER Nurse or something in public health. Although I’ve been looking at doing scientific illustration as a possible side thing. 

66. have you ever won a spelling bee?

I remember being eliminated very quickly from one in fourth grade. 

77. do you miss anyone right now? 

My friend who moved to New York. Her mother is also friends with my mom and we’re planning on flying out to the Napa Valley next month.  I’m hoping I can try to convince my friend to go to the Mass Effect ride which is about a two-hour drive from where we’ll be staying. :)

88. do you like it when people play with your hair?

Yes! It’s so relaxing, but I have such curly hair so I don’t like it too much as it get’s messed up easily. :/

99. what is your zodiac sign

My birthday is Sept. 25th so a Libra.  

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from the unusual asks, 36, 37, 55, 97?

36. Favorite movie?

I have to pick one? I have a bunch for a lot of different reasons.  Off the top of my head I would say, The Departed, Alien/s, 12 Monkeys, Contact, Brazil, Bladerunner, GATTACA, Children of Men, and Arrival.  

37. Do you read a lot? What’s your favorite book? 

Not as much as I should, but I will always love the Song of the Lioness series, American Gods, and Zoobiquity is a recent favorite.  

55.  What is your dream job?

ER Nurse/something in public health

97. dark, milk, or white chocolate? 

Dark chocolate all the way! 

Tag Game!!

tagged by: @starlitembers (thanks for tagging me, you’re a real pal <3) tagging: @worldsubmerge and anyone else that wants to do this (no pressure if you don’t want to do it!!)

How old are you: 21

What is your dream job: I want to become a public health worker either concentrating in maternal/child health or LGBTQ+ health! I just want to help people!

What is a big goal that you want to achieve: *stealing this from you, starlitembers* but I really want to be content with myself. To one day not hate who I am or who I’ve become. I want to be able to embrace my flaws and one day think “I deserve to be happy.”

What is your aesthetic: Watching the stars at night, watching the ocean waves come crashing down, anything to do with the color pink, the moon is pretty rad too!

Do you collect anything: My mom thinks I collect boxes (ya know the ones you get in the mail after you order books or something else) because I just keep these boxes in my room and do nothing with them (also its for the cats). But to be completely honest, I don’t really collect anything lol

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about : SAILOR MOON!!! Also any other anime because anime is awesome! I like to talk about cats, DISNEY (please talk to me about disney i could talk about it for hours oops). Health stuff keeps me intrigued. Politics? Nope! I may be passionate about some things, but politics is something that I care about but do not care about enough to talk about it 24/7.. ya feel me?

What is a pet peeve of yours? liars!!! when I’m talking to someone or see someone talking to someone and that I/they are trying to talk to is on their phone… talk about rude. Chewing with your mouth open (with food or with gum), not pushing your chair into a table.

Good advice to give: Give me a hug, I need it… jk (kinda) umm seriously if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all! ;)

OH SNAP THREE RECOMMENDED SONGS (I have awful taste in music but whatever)

1. Outer senshi theme song- Sailor moon (my jam)

2. London Bridge- Fergie (oh snap)

3. Bring me to Life- Evanescence

Support for vaccines has been bipartisan for years, but every highly visible politician that weighs in on the vaccine “debate” risks politicizing what’s objectively a public health issue — a risk that could not only make the work of epidemiologists and doctors more difficult, but risk inflaming and entrenching the anti-vaccination crowd more than any two-bit celebrity talking head or sensationalist headline ever could.
The structure of our society impacts our ability as individuals to make choices about the environment.
—  My public health lecturer, speaking about environmental health/environmental justice. Also coincidentally a very relevant solarpunk quote.

Let’s become the healthiest nation in one generation


Today, #mypubliclandsroadtrip goes behind-the-scenes with John Callan, BLM Nevada Abandoned Mines and Lands (aka AML) Program Lead.

What does an AML specialist do for the BLM?

Here in BLM Nevada, we inventory abandoned mines and lands, including cultural resources and wildlife in and around sites.  We assess sites for value as well as potential public health and safety risks.  

What is a typical day like for you?

An AML specialist does more than just “cover up holes.”  My work in the office includes project coordination, budget, and other administrative duties.  I follow the National Environmental Policy Act and coordinate with an inter-displinary team of biologists, archaeologists, geologists, and more on closure projects. I also coordinate a lot with our partners at Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Nevada Division of Minerals, and Nevada Division of Wildlife.

What is your favorite part of the job?

The job is dirty, but fun.  I see the great parts of the state first hand. Ghost towns, old mining camps, amazing wildlife, and springs and creeks all over the desert.  The best days are spent in the field.

Photos courtesy BLM Nevada


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms45N_mc50Y)

“Scientists across the country are expressing growing alarm that federal cutbacks to research programs monitoring areas that range from climate change and ocean habitats to public health will deprive Canadians of crucial information.“What’s important is the scale of the assault on knowledge, and on our ability to know about ourselves and to advance our understanding of our world,” said James Turk, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.In the past five years the federal government has dismissed more than 2,000 scientists, and hundreds of programs and world-renowned research facilities have lost their funding. Programs that monitored things such as smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality and climate change have been drastically cut or shut down.


Ross used to give frequent interviews to the media about his studies into the contamination of Canada’s oceans, and the fish and animals in them. He says that stopped when Prime Minister Stephen Harper came into power.

“My ability to convey important findings to the general public, to the electorate, to the taxpayer, has been severely curtailed,” Ross told the fifth estate.

Not long after the Conservative government was elected in 2008, a new media protocol was introduced that required any request for an interview with a federal scientist to be approved by officials. Documents obtained through access to information requests by Postmedia News stated that “Just as we have ‘one department, one website’ we should have ‘one department, one voice’.””

A very relevant episode of the Fifth Estate, especially with the upcoming election. The Harper government intentionally silences and shuts down scientific projects which don’t match their political agenda, so that facts can’t get in the way of their propaganda. They muzzle scientists so that they can’t tell the public the truth, then fire them if their research turns up anything the government doesn’t like.

This is why I say that the destruction of decades of Oceans and Fisheries records was akin to library burning. It was a completely intentional political move to sweep facts under the rug if they’re ‘inconvenient’ to the Conservative agenda.

If you’re Canadian, think about this when you go to the polls this fall.

[Syphilis], in conjunction with tuberculosis, will be the end of the negro problem. Disease will accomplish what man can’t do.

thomas w. murrell, m.d., u.s. public health service

pigs were/are counting on disease to accomplish the genocide they couldn’t manage. then when they realized natural occurring diseases couldn’t kill all of us, they started synthesizing their own ~cough~ aids.