what is proportion


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.

Marinette vs. Cat

In the opening credits:

  • Cat: 1000000, Mari: RIP
  • That black cat came out of nowhere
  • and she fell for/because of it
  • Exit…Stage Left
  • Adrien comes out of nowhere from the left
  • either this is symbolism or

…mischievous bad luck black cat with gigantic ears running towards Adrien…

no offense, but even if su’s art has been compromised due to its budget, that doesn’t excuse the quality of the actual lineart itself. even if we have a lack of shading, less intricate backgrounds, and lower quality animation than in previous seasons, we’re still perfectly capable of having a visibly fat greg, steven, amethyst, and rose, a lapis without a pompadour, and a peridot that actually has a goddamn torso. how exactly does a “tight budget” automatically equate to a funko-pop-esque garnet?

a “tight budget” can only explain so much until it’s replaced by sheer laziness/a lack of desire to give the animators decent models in the storyboards to work off of in producing the final product.

Me, whispering to myself last night as I worked on Inferno:

…I heard Katsuki Yuuri’s shredded, that he has an eight-pack…