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So as I talked to you earlier, here are my ocs! I’m hoping to make them all into a webcomic, as they’re all from the same “universe”. (All the girls you see are the same person, but from different universes)

The plot of the comic is that they’re all dimensional guardians, meaning they can travel to different fandoms and media through pocket dimensions (ones where they can interact with the characters, but the main dimension is not affected).

So the top left two are the mains, Ana Cryos and Crysten Eise. Ana is very shy and a bit scared of most things, whereas Crysten is a lot more hardheaded (he is literally practically ice sooooo)

The next (to the right) is Shard, on the left, who is the exact opposite of Ana. Therefore, she’s a bit of a toned-down anti-hero, who’s a serious narcissist. Her “counterpart” is Ezra Warden, the closest thing to a human among them. He’s from the 1940’s, and was experimented on by cruel scientists. (Think mutilated Steve Rogers). Although he seems like a good guy, he was injected with mustard gas to make him go crazy with vengeance, and also to tear apart his skin.

The ones on the bottom left are the happiest ones in the group, Shardisi Cryos and Mahesh Kek. Shardisi, unlike the other Cryos’, has had a happy life but feels the mental and physical pain of her other versions. She’s also a mercenary along with her partner, Mahesh, who’s the son of Anubis and is basically a big puppy in a jackal’s body. He has all his father’s powers, including the ability to turn human.

The last ones (bottom right) are Shardisiana Cryos and Ash Pyroxi. These two are polar opposites, as “Shar” is extremely aggressive and hot-tempered, while Ash, though gruff, is easygoing and quite flirtatious.

This is all my art. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask or pm!


170606 baekhyunee_exo: 포토샵이렇게하는거에염?>.<#행사장풍선급 #다리길이야더길어져라얍 

Is this the way to use photoshop? >.< #as tall as a sky dancer  #legs grow longer yap

Chanyeol’s comment:

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#2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you are a real nutcase ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.
—  Damianos “I can go all night” of Akielos - Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat
These Painful Photos Show Why You Shouldn't Mix Essential Oils And Sun
'It was my own damn fault. But every yogi that I've talked to has no clue that this could have happened.'
By Casey Gueren

Just a reminder for baby pagans (and not so baby pagans) looking to experiment with essential oils.

Be extremely careful with them.

Lavender, rose, and chamomile are the only ones I know of that I think you can use undiluted. 

But some are dangerous. Eucalyptus, for example, can be fatal. In fact, I’d argue that most essential oils should never be used undiluted and some are just better not messed with at all outside of experienced hands.

Dilute your essential oils and check what the proportions are for them.

And now, because summer is coming, as a reminder, you probably shouldn’t be mixing essential oils and then sunlight. Quite a few of them react to sunlight.

Specifically, here’s how citrus based essential oils react:

(Yes I know part of this was made worse by the fact they went tanning up seriously citrus oils and sunlight can just in general cause chemical burns.)

Also, please keep essential oils away from places where small children or pets can get at them!

Marinette vs. Cat

In the opening credits:

  • Cat: 1000000, Mari: RIP
  • That black cat came out of nowhere
  • and she fell for/because of it
  • Exit…Stage Left
  • Adrien comes out of nowhere from the left
  • either this is symbolism or

…mischievous bad luck black cat with gigantic ears running towards Adrien…