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Tobias: Look, B. I know I’ve been kind of a dick about people finding out about us and stuff, like, I practically saw your life flash before your eyes when you mentioned telling your grandmas and I don’t.. I don’t want that. I want you to know that I’m not ashamed of you. I’m not even ashamed of who I am. Do you- Do you believe that?

Bennett: I guess, yeah.

Tobias: My mom always told me I was gonna grow up to be a huge soccer star, y’know? And after she died I just, I felt like I owed her that. And believe me, I fucking hate the way the league is. I hate the idea that teams would drop me just for being gay, but I can’t risk it. At least not before I even have anything to lose. You and me- this is okay? We’re okay, right?

Bennett: ‘Bias. As long as you’re not being a dick to me, I don’t care if the whole world knows or if no one ever finds out. As long as you don’t shut me out. Okay?

Tobias: Yeah, okay. 

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i'm sorry to ask since i know there is no straight forward answer so please don't feel pressure to reply. how did you, personally, learn basic anatomy? i try to read and follow tutorials so much but struggle with angles and proportions and different positioning of arms/legs etc. i find it more helpful when i read advice from artists i admire, my progress increases a lot instead of googling tired strict methods! so that's why i'm here. thank you and have a great week!

hello! it’s okay to ask, i’ll try my best to answer it! 

- ask your family members to be your models and make some quick sketches. i know it sounds stupid, because maybe they are to busy to do such things, but if i struggle with some poses or drawing a hand, i usually ask my sister to be my model! and it works!

- ask people around you about your drawings! show them to your drawings and ask them what they think about the poses: they will definitely tell you if the pose or the angle is weird! they’ll also help you if you draw some body parts bigger than it should be! (for example if the head is bigger, or the legs are short, believe me, they’ll notice!)

- use references! i know you mentioned it that you struggle with tutorials, but believe me my friend, pinterest has the best art references in the world! if i don’t have a model i ALWAYS use pinterest! 

- practice a lot! i attended an art school some time ago in the prehistory, and we drew a lot quick sketches of each other. they were like 5 minutes sketches, we always had a model among us, and althought we hated it, we also learnt a lot.

- alsooo! i always get inspiration from other artists! check out how other artist draw bodys, faces and hands. i don’t tell you, to copy them, but their art styles and drawings can also help you a lot i guess, because in my case it worked!

well i think it’s all i can tell, because these things helped me a lot when i started to draw! in my opinion the best way to improve your skills is practicing and trying harder! i hope i could help a little with these!!! you too have a great week!!! 


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