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Idk if this Is the right place to ask for a fic probably is 😂 but I've been dying since the fly concert in chicago so may I pleasee have a smut with Jackson and mark ambw thanks boo love ya 😚😚😚

Helping Hands:

“Hnng~ fuck yes just like that.” Eyes closed lips parted as you sprawled out on your bed sheets on your stomach. Your fingers buried inside of your panties, hips moving up and down against your fingers as you scissored out yourself hitting your spot dead on. Your teeth clamped onto your bottom lip as you thought about none other that Jackson and Mark in the most sinful ways. They were two of your best friends that you kept close with you always but lately you felt yourself looking at them a bit too much. Wanting them to do more than just give you hugs and little cuddles between the three of you. You wanted to be bouncing on dick’s and sucking off the other one while you were at it. Part of you felt bad for thinking of your best friends in that way but the other part didn’t think so bad of it.  

That’s why you were here trying to quickly finger yourself before they came over because getting a release before and after the seemed to be your ways for copping now. 

“Here we come -” You heard Mark’s cheerful voice before the door was pushed open rather harshly. Screaming you flailed to take your hand outside of your shorts rolling over onto your back watching them. Jackson chuckled softly as they came in to shut the door. Mark lifting an eyebrow grinning and you just wanted to slap those looks off their faces. 

“Told you she was rubbing it.” Mark said to Jackson winking at you.

“I told YOU!” Jackson shouted back at him giving him a playful shove. 

“Excuse the both of you because I’m right here and no the hell I wasn’t.” You lied a bit laying on your back trying to stop from taking the quick panting breaths as your legs lay sprawled out open for them to see you and what a sight you bet it was. 

“Sooooo, what were you doing then?” Mark asked approaching you as he tiled his head. 

“She was posing for playboy look how those panties hug those chocolate thighs. I mean look at those breast barely covered by that tank top or purple bra.” Jackson called out nodding towards you. He always made you flustered talking shit like that. And if they were any better! Jackson had on a tank top showing off his muscles and baggy skinny jeans. Mark had on a shirt that was cut down the sides revealing his body, and he just had on shorts that were showing a lot. 

“I. was just chilling on my stomach about to sleep until you fools came.” You nodded your head shutting your eyes looking off from their gazes because everyone told you that they could tell you were lying when you held their gaze. 

“Bull shit!” Mark yelled out grabbing your left wrist with his hand as Jackson grabbed the hem of your panties. Pushing them to the side, despite your flailing flustered state, Jackson leaned down between your legs letting his mouth press against your pussy. You didn’t even fight it moaning out a yes your free hand gripped his blonde locks as Mark sucked on two of your fingers giving a hum. Pulling back he tsked down at you gripping your hair roughly he made you look at him. Jackson was burying his face between your legs, his tongue thrusting in and out of your dripping cunt eating you like you were food. 

“Why did you lie to us -? All we ever do is want to help and treat you nice. Now instead of getting you off we have to waste time punishing you first.” Mark said with a fake pout on his plump lips. 

“Please- please punish me.” You cried out eagerly looking up at him with tears forming in your eyes from the mouth eating you out. Your hips trembling as you watched your best friend eat your body up. Leaning a hand down he pushed Jackson’s face harder against your pussy eliciting a groan as the man lapped at your folds. 

“That’s right Jackson eat that shit up.” Mark encouraged him crashing his lips against yours. It was a heated kiss full of teeth and tongue until he was sucking on your bottom lip shoving his tongue into your mouth. Jackson slapped at your thighs looking up at both of you make out he smirked against your folds happy that you finally stopped acting and gave in. But he had heard what Mark said and with a sigh he pulled back licking his lips clean and using his shirt to wipe off his chin chuckling at the cry from your lips of protest. 

“Bad girls don’t get cummies baby.” Jackson replied smoothly waiting until Mark was backing away from your lips to pull your body down the bed some. His hands worked at ripping open your white tank top discarding it on the floor. He un-clipped your bra from the front both him and Mark taking it off of you. 

“This body is amazing. I am glad we get to fucking punish you also for fucking waiting this long. You knew what you were doing! All this time with those short ass shorts or tight shirts showing off your breast. Having us over for your little ‘slumber parties’ just so you could touch yourself and moan a bit too loud. You knew we heard you!” Jackson growled rolling his hips against yours causing another groan to leave your lips. He wasn’t all the way wrong which is why you didn’t deny it just use your voice to mutter out soft fake “I’m sorry’s” here and there batting your eyelashes. 

“We will see.” Mark promised you before he slapped the inside of your thigh. “On your knees, ass up. Jackson go first.” Mark said softly as he moved to take off his shirt. 

It didn’t take Jackson long to completely rid himself of his clothing, his hardened shaft slapping his lower stomach as he moved to sit against your headboard with his legs spread wide. His large hand gripped his member stroking it slowly he watched you on all fours. He was thicker than you expected, your mouth watering at how it would be to taste him inside of your cavern. 

“Be good, take these spankings. And don’t cum until I tell you too. Then I will fuck you deal?” Mark asked as he stood on the side looking at you. Your eyes tore away from Jackson and his sinful state so that you could nod your head up at Mark. 

He grinned leaning down to kiss on your left ass cheek. It had you flustered but it didn’t stop the moans from escaping your lips as he ran his tongue along the outlines of your ass dipping under the bottom crevices to lick the skin there as well, and suddenly you felt yourself growing shy in front of them both because you couldn’t hold it in. Mark pulled back going to your dresser he grabbed the baby oil pouring it on your ass and setting the bottle down he rubbed it in with his hands before he started to slap your ass giving you licks. Each one seemed to sting a little more, your body jumping as he spanked you with his left hand targeting your cheeks. 

“Pay attention to meet too baby.” Jackson tapped your cheek with his hand. You looked at him before down at his dick crawling up a bit you licked around the slit of his head, earning a hissing sound from the male. You leaned down to wrap your lips around his tip, slowly sucking on him you looked up at him and he was meeting your gaze. His lips open in the form of a ‘o’ he didn’t move his hips just let you work. Mark was still behind you slapping your cheeks until the flesh was hot in his hand. 

Your lips pushed down farther onto Jackson’s dick as you took more of his thick dick into your mouth. Sucking on him, slurping every now and then you started a pace of bobbing your head up and down slowly. He fist the sheets beside him watching you. Your upper body was down more, your ass in the air as you took your slaps like a good girl. Though your eyes were tearing up you loved the pain. Mark added two fingers in one go inside of your pussy. Pushing them in deeply he held them there, not moving them as he put more oil on your ass letting some drip down your crack. His thumb rubbed up and down the puckered entrance of your ass hole before he started to move his fingers slowly in and out of you continuing to spank you. 

Jackson growled in the back of his throat when you took almost all of him in, your plump pink lips taking him in was almost too much for the male. The way your brown body reacted to everything that was happening to it, how beautiful you were when your eyes were dripping wet from your near tears, breast so perky and brown nipples hard rubbing against the sheets. He took it all in. His hands gripped at your hair tightly so that he could push your mouth down onto his dick making you deep throat him as he rolled his hips up thrusting into your mouth. Jackson would hold your head down on the base of his dick making you take it all before he pulled back letting you breathe every now and then. He kept it up repeating it until you were crying because your throat was being fucked into roughly and the slapping of your ass didn’t help it. Mark was making it hard for you not to come pressing his fingers against your spot rolling them and fucking with the entrance to your asshole. 

Your body was on fire and you tried to concentrate on something other then the spit dripping down your chin onto Jackson’s thighs and balls. The wet sound of your liquids rushing out of your pussy as Mark fingered you. Your stomach tightened up and you wanted to cum you wanted to so much and you think Mark knew it as well. Pulling back from you Mark watched as your body reacted to the orgasm denial squirming and almost falling onto the bed as Jackson kept a steady pace of thrusting in and out of your mouth. You were whining around Jackson’s large shaft causing him to groan out more and curse.

“Bad girls don’t get cummies. Are you sorry?” Mark asked bending down over the bed to look you in the face as he eyed your tears falling onto your brown puffed cheeks. You nodded your head as Jackson pulled back to let you talk but no words came out you just gave nods. “I don’t think she is.” Mark commented. 

“Me neither.” Jackson agreed before he pushed your head back down onto his dick. Mark reached a hand down to pinch your nose shut cutting of your air both ways and you cocked and gagged on Jackson’s shaft. Your eyes getting wide as you let more tears stream down your face. As soon as you were looking light headed Jackson pulled you back up by your hair as Mark let your nose go. Swallowing air you breathed harshly your chest heaving. 

“Are you sorry?” Mark asked again.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Mark please forgive me it won’t happen again please!” You shouted feeling your arms tremble as you looked up at him. He thought for a quick second and honestly you thought he would tease you more but he didn’t. Grinning he nodded his head looking up at Jackson. 

“Switch?” He asked and Jackson let your hair grow, your scalp screaming in protest but the sexually frustrated side took over wanting more. Jackson got up to move behind you getting your legs spread open more so that he could rub his thumb against your dripping puffy folds slapping your ass to let the sound resonate through the room and jiggle in front of him. Mark stripped off his clothes before he was getting on his knees in front of you tapping his dick against your lips. “Open up for me?” He asked you sweetly. 

Jackson was the first to push inside of you, his dick was wet from your spit and from the juices you dripped against him as he waited for you to get ready. He gripped at your hips starting a slow pace thrusting in and out of you. Rolling his hips from time to time he focused on filling you up. Grazing his dick against your walls and angling different way so that he could find your spot quickly. Mark on the other hand was thrusting in and out of your mouth. His hand gripping the back of your head to keep you in pace so that he could face fuck you. Enjoying how your tongue mapped out his veins and the slit of his head he encouraged more from you the wrapping of your tongue around his shaft and the shaky hands playing with his balls. He felt his stomach tighten up but he held out looking at Jackson slam into your body to make you shake was just too much for him. 

Mark groaned rolling his head back shutting his eyes so that he could breathe through his nose playing in your hair. Jackson was slapping your ass kneading the flesh and leaning down he bit into one of your ass cheeks reaching a hand around to rub at your wet clit. It was almost an instant reaction. More moans leaving your lips to give Mark more pleasure as your hips fought back against Jackson’s your stomach tightening up quickly because of the orgasm you had lost previously. In a few more thrusts Jackson had you cumming on his dick, his hand not stopping on your clit roughly pulling you out of your orgasm he kissed up your back and whispered sweet words against your ear getting you turned on again as he spilled his cum inside of you. Pulling out of you after a while Jackson leaned down to clean up his mess as Mark held himself still in your mouth waiting for the male to get done eating you out. 

“Lay on your side.” Mark breathed out softly before he pulled his hardened dick out of your mouth. He moved behind you as you laid on your side. Mark lifted up your right leg gently a great contrast compared to how hard and rough Jackson fucked you not that you minded at all. 

Jackson lay against the headboard watching as Mark slide inside you from behind holding your leg with his arm under your knee causing your leg to bend. Mark used his free hand to wrap around your head and turning your head towards his, he kissed you again one hand gripping on your breast as you made out. He pushed in and out of you at a gentle slow pace. Slowly fucking you and building up your orgasm. For some reason this made you even more turned on despite what you had just went through. Mark’s tongue slipping in your mouth to suck on your tongue as his hand cupped your pussy he made sure he was always entering inside of you and pulling out. He groaned softly breaking the kiss sometime later to ask if you liked it and how it felt. He was making your body melt against the sheets, your hand tangling into them so that you could hold onto something.

Jackson enjoying the show but not wanting to be left out moved to crawl towards you taking you into one of his own kisses that were passionate and made you dizzy. Your hands gripped at his hair as you kissed him back for the longest time. Your chest rising and falling fast while they both treated you like a goddess. Mark sped up his hips a bit still trying to take it slow he angled his hips to make his dick press against your spot time and time again. The soft wet noises of hips slapping against each other could be heard through the room. 

Jackson broke the kiss leaning down to suck on your hardened breast taking his time with each one, circling his pink tongue around your dark brown perky nipples. He played with them sucking on them until you were throwing your head back from that stimulation and the stimulation on your clit by Mark’s fingers begging him to cum again. He pushed you into your second orgasm of the day, cumming with you because it was hard to hold it inside of him after waiting so long to release. 

Mark didn’t pull out of you, he just laid behind you holding onto you caressing your sides gently. Jackson laid down in front of you kissing you sweetly until you fell asleep from exhaustion between the both of them.


Honestly I’m so sorry I couldn’t write this sooner BUT DAMN GIRL I TRIED TO MAKE UP FOR IT<3 


Art trade with Rail-poot

Chase is showing Jack how to do Yoga and junk.


C: Spicer, you keep dropping your pose (you have surprisingly nice thigh muscles though)

J: H-hey! Your hand is abit high up don’t ya think?? (Stop feeling up my leg!!)

C: Oh! I almost forgot!

J: W-what?? (please don’t be more exercises)

C: *smooch* J: *being smooched*

J: WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!?! >////////<

C: Payback for that other time ^///^”

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how do you think gray would react if he saw the newest cover?

“J-Juvia, what is this?”

“Oh, that’s Juvia’s cover for the new chapters, Gray-sama! Does Juvia look okay?”




“G-Gray-sama, it’s not -!”


“But Juvia is already on tumblr…”


“Damn it, Gray-sama, you have a CELL PHONE!”