what is pose don't look at me

In case you don't know what to draw

- Your favorite character with clothes they would never wear.
- A crack ship.
- Dance poses. Breakdance poses are always better.
- Backgrounds!!!!
- Think about a feeling/emotion, try drawing something that would make you feel that way.
- A magical/mythical creature.
- Modern day AUs are always fun.
- What would your fave’s room look like?
- Expressions! Extra points for making them exaggerated.
- Flying objects. Any kind of objects. Put some wings on a refrigerator.
- Your outfit!
- Design a mermaid. Or a sprite.

  • Draco: *poses in front of the mirror for hours*
  • Harry, texts: wHERE R U??
  • Draco, texts: I don't think I'm coming.
  • Harry, texts: WHAT WHYY??
  • Draco, texts: All my clothes make me look fat.
  • Harry, texts: It's okay. I love you just the WEIGH you are 😊
  • Harry, texts after 15 minutes: Draco?
  • Draco, texts: What kind of love potion did u give me

HEY who wants shitty cell phone progress photos? Well here they are anyway. Mainly because I’m excited about it. >v>; I had’t put all the pieces together till today so I’m happy that it’s looking good! The knees (for now) work, but they’re annoying to put on so I didn’t bother for now. Photoshopped in the tattoo cause why not, and I’m not about to waste one of the real ones on a dress rehearsal. I’ll get better photos at the actual con and/or when the bow is done. This is probably 99% complete with time to spare to help my friend do his Mercy.

Also, yes, I added the D.Va selfie pose cause it occurred to me that maybe the first time I show my actual face around here I shouldn’t look like I want to murder the world. >_>;


back in school, back in place

back in school, back in chains

back in school, back in my cage

quicklyeclecticqueen  asked:

Palette 4, pose 2b with Leo please!!!

Sorry he looks so old - it just happened .w.’’’ and I went with it. The pose made him look really Master Splinter-ish, so lets imagine it’s older Leo >w>’’’’’

If you want to ask me a character, here’s the palette and poses!

Or you can send me a character here and I’ll see myself what kind of a palette and pose the faith will give me.

geenotrightnow  asked:

You know what I want ? A full body, mirror selfie from Phil. It just dawned on me that I don't think I've ever seen a full body picture of Phil alone where he was intentionally posing for the camera. Like not a "I was caught eating cereal that's not mine" but a "dang I look good" pose. Is there one I don't know of ? Is this too much to ask?

I want that too! I think he’s just very much the “I can’t take myself seriously like this” person, which I totally understand. I’m the same way. But with all the surprises we’ve gotten this year so far, who knows what might happen!

anonymous asked:

I take it you don't approve of Sarada's, how should I say, change of attire? (change of attire is probably the most... polite way to put it, me thinks.)

Apparently the heels were already in a promo image but it wasn’t quite so blatant so most people didn’t notice. This is such a “male gaze” shot, the implied running of the eyes all over her body. And the poses! The little hip tilt! The stare! The hand to the face, as if she’s about to, what… lick her thumb?!

I commented to @kujyou12​ back when they made a post about wondering about looking forward to Boruto:

Being hopeful for Boruto is like taking your paper cut covered hands to a lemon juice fountain and saying, “I hope this will be a good experience.


Now the only thing left to fear is how much further down the sexualizing route Studio Pierrot is going to go when they animate it, given what they did to Hinata:

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  • Washington was once the R&B’s wary ally that turned into their enemy
  • Was then forgiven for trying to kill them 
  • Locus once posed as Wash, Donut and Sarge’s ally and then betrayed them
  • Is currently working on that forgiveness deal
  • Washington has killed a lot of people and done bad things for the sake of his superiors/job
  • Locus has killed a lot of people and done bad things for the sake of his superiors/job
  • Washington had a friend that turned kinda evil and ended up flying off a cliff and dying
  • Locus had a partner that was probably always evil and ended up flying off a, like, temple or something and dying
  • Wash is the no.1 guide to Not Being A Murder Dick anymore, Locus can take notes from him
  • Wash is a reminder that you can get your life back after it goes to shit
  • Locus’s life is gone to shit, or it was always shit and he’s just seeing it now

elektrolites  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what do your construction lines usually look like? The hardest part of drawing for me is always the beginning because I find it very hard to get poses and anatomy to look right, so I was curious as to how you get your artwork to always look so flawless. :P (I love your art btw~! You're an idol <3)

Hello!!! Thank you so much! I got an ask like this some time ago but this is a great oportunity to update and share my digital art process with you! 

For the construction lines, poses and bases I suggest you to look up for references in google or other resource sites and redraw them a lot, until you are satisfied with such pose, then move on! Also try to keep your sketches clean, avoid using too many lines for the shape, It helps a lot in the lineart stage! Take your time and remember to have fun!

anonymous asked:

I wouldn't let the "reminds me of" comments get to you (if they are). It feels like, esp in digital art, that many works have a tendency of looking/behaving like something that's come before it. For instance, one of your Sailor works reminds me of a piece by Jason Chan because they both share a similar pose and design while other pieces have reoccurring/familiar themes that people can't help but be connected to. I don't mean any of what I say as a negative criticism, your work is wonderful.

Ooohhhh no, they don’t get to me that much! They (can be) annoying, granted, which is why I like to poke a little fun at them instead. I find it quite cathartic to do that instead of raging about it. 

You’ve literally pointed out the kind of ‘reminds me of’ comment that I have absolutely no problem with. If someone expands and tells me a little more about why something reminds them of something else, and gives me an actual opinion, and maybe suggests something I might like? Rad. 

A comment that is just ‘reminds me of X’ and nothing more… I just. Okay? Thanks? No idea what to say to that. It seems like a knee jerk comment rather than bringing anything thoughtful or constructive to the conversation? It doesn’t even tell me if someone loves or hates it. People are always 100% free to comment whatever they like, of course, but I have so much appreciation for people who bring a little more than the bare minimum. 

extravagant-trash  asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your page and you literally inspire me to want to create better sims!! I'm sort of new to screenshots, editing, and I've never done posing for my sims. Are there any tips you could give me to help? Also what graphics settings do you use in game? Because my sims don't look anywhere as crystal clear as yours do lol. Thanks! xx

topaz clean is my hero

my graphics aren’t even high but my bestie topaz clean makes my screenshots really crisp

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Honestly when I first saw Jensen and Ds OTT pics I was like Oh hell no! First off that saying isnt for you, D. But on 2nd look, there's this body language of J, that couldn't miss me. Then the pic with Ds family (taken last yr and released now lol) , I mean, he looked kinda separated from the others. I don't even know what this tv appearance will bring. And now we get Jay's staged pics and closed off body language too.. Oh and "love will win"? Wow Jar, what are you guys trying to tell us?

anon 2: jared and jensen posing in front of very popular lgbtq slogans (love is love/love will when) less than 24 hours from each other omg!!!

ok so there’s a lot of things to be said about what happened in the last 24 hours 

-first there’s danneel posting the love is love pic and yeah i agree that this sentence is for lgbt people who have to fight for their right to love so a straight couple appropriating that pic is gross, but where it gets complicated is that WE know jensens gay and danneel too knows it ofc so her posting that pic can also mean that she’s subtly saying that she supports jared and jensen’s relationship which would be great if that’s it


she could also just be insensitive and only wanted to recreate her instagram icon and in that case using that lgbt quote only to further a straight narrative is really fucked up

we just cant know what was the real intention behind it but in the end, hets just took that new pic as proof of how much j/d are in love by using a gay quote and that’s really OTT bearding ugh

and there’s also jensens obvious body language: he’s NOT into it at all, hand in the pocket, not smiling, his thumb doesn’t close on danneels hand just no. and not only on this pic but on the pics lana posted with danneel next to him he’s just fucking depressed and if you’ve seen steve’s insta story in the taxi, jensen is also closed off, looking outside the window

so this friday night was not great for jensen and we just learned that on saturday jensen was at JDM’s farm 

meanwhile what do we have? jared, saturday night posting a pic and what fucking pic!

have you seen that shit????

wow, where do i start?

7 hours after danneel posted it, jared posts his own pro lgbt wall pic but… he’s alone!!! ALONE!!! that changes everything!!!!

like i mean, do you guys realise how huge this is ???? 

jared can’t stand when jensen is bearding, that’s why he’s always been the one to do the most heavy and OTT bearding of the 2, he physically cannot stand it and that pic is the most blatant proof of that, it’s an obvious direct answer to what danneel posted  and the inscription is so accurate for j2′s situation!!!!! this is a gay man missing his lover and showing it the only way he can!! it’s so meaningful!  i cant believe this shit!! jared is literally saying that his love will win! it may be a sad and unfair and frustrating situation right now, but j2 will win!

it’s beautiful and again it’s so fucking obvious!!! 

and i love that jared reacted like that to j/d’s OTT bearding it’s awesome and he is still following his line of “im done pretending im happy im done trying” you know? so obviously after that pic, gen kept doing her thing of erasing j2 things, first with the date night and now with a kaleo gig date night which btw the kaleo j2 selfie was the last thing j2 did before it all went to shit with the new kids and gens instagram but here jared was visibly not happy, as always when with gen, he cannot pretend anymore, he’s done and you can see that obvious difference with the pics fans got where jared is really smiling and with gen he looks dead inside, it’s  crazy, so there’s that at least

i dont know where im going anymore but, j2 couldn’t be more obvious that they’re unhappy with their “wives” and don’t like being separated at all and that pic jared posted in response to danneel was insane, all im saying is if we were in a dramatic movie, this live with kelly show can be a perfect opportunity to do the best coming out of all time lol, honestly that sad jared pic saying love will win everytime is that meaningful

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Not that I don't love the EW pics but some seem...overly posed? Idk I'm gonna say it's the photographer bc in comparison to other shoots I've never seen this w/ SC. Almost too romance-novel-cover-esque where she's looking up at him & he's towering down over her w/ the dramatic looks. SC are so naturally good that these just look like they were given too much direction in some. You can tell it's what they were going for so maybe it's just me who finds it a bit much compared to other shoots.

nah I can see what you mean. My reaction in person was pretty mellow BUT I will say. Even if these pictures are posed, and some of them seem a bit more posed to me than others, the way they’re able to exude chemistry makes them so much hotter. like the Emmy pics were posed too but it’s the same kind of sex vibe. just…straight up sex. like look at their faces

I don’t give a fuck if that’s posed or not tbh it’s fucking hot. 


Elesh Norn Sprite!

Here, have some Yovel Gang selfie~